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Chat log from R13 of 2019: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for Gold Coast vs St Kilda, R13 of 2019

BigChief: Afternoon all. Can the Suns win this 1?
Nigma97: Pretty sure I tipped the suns this week
Pokerface: i reckon they can BC.. teams don’t usually do well back from china, even after break, and big outs for saints
Nigma97: I mean, I kind of hope they don’t so we can try and leapfrog them, but I just don’t like Saints
frenzy: coach killer these games
BigChief: Only Billings in this 1
Umpirespet: Let’s go GC keep Carltanking on the bottom
BigChief: That makes no sense Ump as you have their pick. Why would they tank?
Umpirespet: We all know Carlton want 22 1st round picks in their side BC
m0nty: you have to be good to tank
Umpirespet: Lol true mOnty
PowerBug: Tipped the Suns, only got Billings in SC. Quiet game for me
BigChief: I hope Ellis does well. Deserves a good run.
Umpirespet: Hope hind goes well we need decent rookies
Natopotato: Cmon MacPherson! Show me that it was worth bringing you in as a 1% POD
Pokerface: Marshall here and still holding parker with his draw over the next couple of weeks
circle52: Can clear the fence thogh must be worth a few points,
Natopotato: ffs as soon as i said it i watch him fly over the fence! ahahah
Umpirespet: Thanks poker forgot I had Parker in this
Raspel31: Yep, haven’t managed to offload Parker yet.
BigChief: Very scrappy game. Hoping it gets better to watch.
Grimes Jr: Parker is a spud, it is painful having to hold him every week
Pokerface: my opp has a couple though. Burgess and Young πŸ˜€
Umpirespet: Lol BC you didn’t expect a goal fest did you?
BigChief: And yet he has more talent in his little toe than you have in your whole body Grimes.
pcaman2003: Keep going Marshall.Expect a ton from you
BigChief: No Ump, but not a snorefest either.
Umpirespet: Most games early are snorefests these days sadly
Nigma97: You guys think I should throw the C on Cripps or Fyfe tonight?
BigChief: Oh so true Ump unfortunately.
Nigma97: I forgot to change my C from Ham last week so I can’t even loophole
Pokerface: fyfe
BigChief: VC Fyfe and C Cripps @ Nigma
Umpirespet: That’s a hard decision Nigma
Nigma97: I cant @BigChief
Grimes Jr: the amount of free kicks he gives away is deplorable
Umpirespet: Reckon Cripps will get more attention than fyfe
Umpirespet: Is libba still a tagger?
Nigma97: I haven’t watched Port all year, do they tag?
PowerBug: Yeah I can’t see us applying any major attention to Fyfe
Nigma97: Last time we versed WBD they had BOnt and Cripps play off each other
zoomba23: Haha Parker. Feels good to be finally rid of the shit stain
Pokerface: with no wines or rocky, fyfe should dominate contested ball.
BigChief: I would go with Fyfe over Cripps just.
Grimes Jr: versed isn’t a word…
NoneyaB: If the Aints lose this Alan’s Richardsons days will be numbered
Yelse: parker killing me!!!
BigChief: I actually is a word @Grimes
Umpirespet: No political correctness here Grimes
dipstick: @grimes jnr yes it is
BRAZZERS: lol can’t believe muppets still have parker wtf lmao
Umpirespet: Yelse we all have him
Pokerface: should have left danger and his blue dot on field rather than parker.
BigChief: versed means experienced or skilled in; knowledgeable about.
Yelse: options i got are fyfe cripps and jelly? thinking Jelly as C but Vc fyfe no taggers in port?
Pokerface: grammar/spelling nazism is not political correctness!
Grimes Jr: no verse is a noun in this sense not a verb champ
Pokerface: it is also a drug used to sedate kids
Tig-Train: Only idiots still have Parker…
Pokerface: the verse noun only refers to a part of a song. it has nothing to do with a sporting contest. champ.
Umpirespet: Only idiots still barrack for the tigers
dipstick: @grimes ahh versed is a word. someone can be well versed in a certain field.
Tig-Train: September 2017 Unpirespet… I have a copy if you would like to watch
Umpirespet: You guys are too knowledgeable for me. Monty can us dummies have a separate chat?
Pokerface: tig-train and his usual premium input. which rookies do you have in the forward line?
scrappers: only flogs call other people champ
StuL: Another slow burner to add to the pile
Grimes Jr: hahaha
Umpirespet: First for 30years tig we have 2 in 25 years m8
PowerBug: Personally I’m surprised that people do own Parker
dipstick: i think tony greig pronounced his surname ‘porker’
Struda: look forward to not seeing another tigers flag for 40 years
Tig-Train: listen buddy your team sucks, you beat half a Richmond team, congratulations…
Umpirespet: Powerbug haven’t had anyone to replace him with
Manowar: Trade Parker for Parker!
Pokerface: bench warmer for non-bye rounds for me powerbug. same reason i still have scott. get nothing for trading him out
Grimes Jr: lol i look forward to the dons never losing the label as drug cheats
Umpirespet: Tig we beat your full strength team here last year.. You have Alzheimer’s?
Tig-Train: Umpirespet it matters 0… we embarrassed you when it counted on Grand Final day…
BRAZZERS: calm down lads
circle52: Gee how long does it take to see touched
Tig-Train: More or less the losing team will bounce back and win after losing a big IMPORTANT game
Umpirespet: All good banter Brazzers
Struda: AS much as I hate collingwood, the 2018 prelim final will always be one of my favourites to watch
Struda: Close 3rd to seeing them then get beaten by shuey and Germany v Brazil in 2014
m0nty: back on the game please
NoneyaB: geez calm down kids lol if u wanna whinge whinge about these stinking bye rounds
BRAZZERS: just checking lol
Tig-Train: Haha that’s something we agree on Umpirespet… just having some fun :p
Umpirespet: Tig least u guys will finish in your world famous 9th again this year
Grimes Jr: still waiting for a point parker ….
circle52: Nice gioal Dunstan from 55 metres
Umpirespet: Yeah soz Mont’s was typing last comment
Gelly: nice parker
Struda: Sorry Monty haha
Tig-Train: My opponent has Hind, Gresham and Billings… of course Billings will have best game of the year
Yelse: parker you gonna cost me my paid league games only got 16 players
Pokerface: why has sam day nearly matched Witts for hitouts??
Pokerface: i guess cos the ball was always locked in gc forward line first q
berch: Gresham playing inside mid. Hind playing forward pocket.
Umpirespet: Day doing forward ruck poker?
zoomba23: Richo
zoomba23: Richo gone if Suns win this
Pokerface: would guess so UP.. even that surprises me that its not 2m pete
Pokerface: actually the comms just talked about him and his ‘reasonable time in the ruck’ today
circle52: Wright is playing more up the ground as well.
Struda: Marshall looking to be a deadset top 6
Pokerface: parker in the positives. i screenshotted it
pcaman2003: Marshall will be a star.
Umpirespet: Geez some of this kicking is shocking
PowerBug: Bilbo!
pcaman2003: @Umpirespet. Not as bad as the Hawks last night. They were atrocious.
circle52: Bot used to the Townsville sea breeze UP.
Natopotato: Do these Saints fwds know how to mark?
circle52: Muppett for Membrey No excuse that one.
BigChief: Also muppet for Ballard.
Pokerface: why are the GC reserves playing at the same time as the seniors? makes it tough for coaches and fringe players. And fans
Struda: lachie weller hasnt scored below 87 since round 1
m0nty: Not sure the Saints are going to get the 27 shots they’re going to need to kick 10 goals.
Beast_Mode: should i vc fyfe or cripps? can’t decide
BigChief: Well he will not @Struda. That a big moz LOL
circle52: Both theams tanking?
BigChief: not now I meant
NugzNiggle: Anyone else having issues with these videos popping up?
PlungeMe: lachie weller = james worpel
Umpirespet: Seriously Carlton should thrash both these sides
pcaman2003: Marshall no points for the kick to team mate from free kick.Score didn’t move.WTF!
Manowar: Wouldn’t take any SC advise from anyone here! try making up your own mind.
Umpirespet: Especially manowar
PlungeMe: everyone shouldve listened when i said go danger to billings back in round 4 or 5
Raspel31: Parker should be cheap next week and a must have. Oh, I’ve got her.
Umpirespet: Lol even the crowd boos
lukefield9: @PlungeMe why weller = worpel?
Umpirespet: Parker went up 1400% that qtr
PlungeMe: both consistently get 85-100 but never much more
HappyDEZ: Agreed pca. Marshall owed 1 x free for.
Raspel31: Lol umpire.
pcaman2003: @HappyDez. Too right. Maeshall’s score should be at least 55.
HappyDEZ: Yep cos free for is also counted as a contested possie I believe?
Struda: @plungeme Danger 6 scores over 115, 5 125 plus. billings 3 over 100, 1 over 110
Raspel31: To swap Danger for Billings would be like cutting off your head as you’re hungry.
Struda: Does anyone else calculate their own averages by taking of the highest and lowest scores?
BigChief: @Struda nope I avergae using all scores. LOL
PlungeMe: @Struda let me inform you of a concept you may not understand called making a joke
Pokerface: struda i tend to do mine by taking my best score and adding 200 to it
Struda: Fair call, can take a joke until false facts are introduced
Pokerface: when was this so-called Marshall free? I just watched the last 6 minutes and i saw no free.
PlungeMe: you might not have seen when I made the joke about trading way back and then billings outscored danger for one week
Ash777: Billings has a high be atm from what I recall.
PlungeMe: R4: Billings 126 Danger 66 the week after I mentioned it
PowerBug: Marshall free was middle of the 2nd qtr. Saints took advantage from it
Umpirespet: Good to see the standard has improved in the 2nd half
HappyDEZ: @poker It was at CHB for a push in the back. Saints played on to adavantage.
Ash777: feels like I’m watching a VFL match because of the combination of poor cameras and a C list commentators.
Pokerface: ah i do remember that, he didnt get the kick afterwards. looks like he’s been credited now.
Umpirespet: Without drugs dermie is boring
PlungeMe: i was hesitant to bring in marshall a few weeks back but its working a treat
circle52: Is this game though VFL standard.
The39Steps: You are too kind #ash777. Think country seconds given standard, cameras, comms etc.
Gelly: its definitely the game with the least interest this round
Umpirespet: Port Freo should be a cracker
thiccgucci: cant wait for port freo
Drak: Do they play games in places like Townsville to encourage AFL interest?
PlungeMe: last years game between was potentially the worst of all time
PowerBug: Don’t have high hopes for the next game, we aren’t too flash either
Umpirespet: Plungeme can’t be worse than this
Ash777: Pretty sure that’s why Drak. Also money.
Gelly: atleast port freo has more SC interest
PlungeMe: its already infinitely better than last years match up
Drak: They always have potato sides doing it. I know you dont wana lose marquee teams to low crowd numbers….
Drak: but its a boring entry into AFL
Raspel31: Yep, this as exciting as my great gran’s funeral Drak- and there was free food and booze there.
circle52: Crowd figures may be interesting as it is a Suns home game and their crowd figures not the best
dipstick: every player in a soccer team is valuable. there are just too many AFL players in each game that are useless.
Umpirespet: Agree dipstick too many teams not enough talent
PlungeMe: harry kane was pretty useless back half of the season
dipstick: need to reduce numbers to 16 a side or something. theres a dozen players in this game that have done nothing in 90 mins
PowerBug: Hit targets Bilbo that DE is shocking
Drak: How do you get your team colors next to your name in this chat?
Gelly: nah dont chnage the game, thats what pre season is for
Umpirespet: Is he on ports list plunge?
Gandhi: Check your account options @Drak
Gelly: click on your name drak, its under options
Drak: yeh i have Gandhi, doesnt seem to do anything.
PlungeMe: no but todd marshall is who is equally as useless
pcaman2003: Is Parker practising for a comedy routine? Interesting kick forward.
Umpirespet: Lol
Tig-Train: Our population isn’t big enough… so not enough elite players for 18 teams
Umpirespet: Drak click on ya name at top and open options
Gelly: might have to log in again drak
Gelly: parkers muppet to disposal ratio is pretty solid
PlungeMe: drop port to the sanfl so I can pick a team that doesnt constantly disppoint me
Drak: relog test
PowerBug: Yep, it’s not 22 per team that need to change, the number of teams needs to be 16 again for increased quality
Drak: sick
Umpirespet: Na plunge get rid of Ken stinky
Raspel31: Solid call Drak.
Umpirespet: But as a crows sup I want him to get an extension
PlungeMe: i wish i could but i dont have that sort of power unforunately
PlungeMe: unfortunately
Umpirespet: Feel sorry for ya Drak
Nigma97: lmao CD is silly, Billings 23 touches at 56% with 4 clangers is on 96
Drak: Thanks lads, been a potato without colors for about 5 years now. So lazy.
Nigma97: Worpel had more touches with a much higher % and was on the same score
Drak: I feel sorry for me too, but we are all tragics for our teams
pcaman2003: Stop giving away frees Marshall.
Umpirespet: mOnty has lots of spare spuds if ya want one
Ash777: lol armitage
Pokerface: you do realise there are more stats than simply kicks and handballs nig? both ones here like his 5 tackles, and ones not
Ash777: do they count kicks into the 50? because players like billings and bont kick into the 50 alot.
Nigma97: Same CP, more CL, more efficient disposals
PlungeMe: for example 5 more clearances?
Nigma97: I just feel like if Neale/Fyfe had the same game as Worpel they’d have tonned up easy
HappyDEZ: Did marshall start with that calf strapping? Doesn’t look to be running & jumping as freely as he did in the 1st half.
Pokerface: c;earances don’t give you sc points on their own
Drak: They score effective and contested as extra points on top of the disposal. Also entries in to 50, shepards, ….
Drak: Its on the supercoach info section
Umpirespet: Neale and fyfe break lines tho worpel doesn’t
zoomba23: Marshall: Quit it with the frees against already
Pokerface: being part of scoring chains.. influence on the game
Nigma97: So linebreaking gives you +4? there’s no SC points for that
Pokerface: neale and fyfe do not have games like worpel. they influence
Pokerface: and sc is relative to other players on the ground. If all 44 players had 40 possession identical games they all score 75
Umpirespet: What poker said its the influence they have
Foursuits: Suns will choke
penguins00: Supercoach is also weighted. If a team breaks away the players playing well get scaled up.
Ash777: anyone know what billings be is?
pcaman2003: No one anywhere near Kent then. Poor defence.
circle52: Billings B/e 133
Ash777: oh good he’s still dropping. Thanks
stuballs: Oh no, was Young dropped this week?
Raspel31: 133- not good Ash.
Gelly: also scaling, only 3300 points per game to give out so high stat games players tend to score less
Raspel31: There go 11 pints stuballs.
circle52: Assuming SC Ash
pcaman2003: Kent 2 kicks and a goal =22 pts. Nice reward for his owners.
Ash777: I had to trade him out last week. Bought in Dahlhaus
Nigma97: So what do you gain for being in the goal chain? +?
Pokerface: depends on the state of the game nigma, whether its clutch or junk time.
pcaman2003: C’mon Marshall and hit the ton man.
Pokerface: and what other players have scored etc.. everyone just told you all this.
thiccgucci: surely robbie young gets some more games in this saints side?
Raspel31: Parker- 2 tackles in 5 mins- might ton up yet?
Pokerface: winning goal on offer raspel!
Umpirespet: Parker must be close to his be
Tig-Train: Argh this game is killing
Raspel31: Massacred it Umpire- only 23.
Umpirespet: Parker is a Cash cow now raspel
Pokerface: plenty of room on the parker bandwagon if you want in tig?
Drak: parker be 23
Umpirespet: Offer to good to refuse Tig
OhSoRozee: massive burst by wilkie 1 was looking good on 55 jumped to 80 in no time
Grimes Jr: come on parker. keep going brother
StuL: Parker should hit 300k by mid next season
Umpirespet: Your generous Stul lol
Raspel31: As President of the Mathew Parker fan club we welcome you with open arms Tig.
Yelse: parker to kick sealer
Yelse: who you think the top 6 fwds will be
pcaman2003: Where r u Marshall?
Tig-Train: Hahah
Umpirespet: No pick one for us this year sadly
OhSoRozee: cmon suns dont let this slip
PlungeMe: Has Ben King scored 0 since HT?
Raspel31: So Billings goes up- not down.
PlungeMe: 4FA and still on track for a ton is impressive from Marshall. Good signs for the rest of the season
DrSeuss: Come on Suns!!
Tig-Train: Billings is killing my game πŸ™
pcaman2003: Marshall another free against FFS.
zoomba23: Marshall for the sake of fuck
zoomba23: Be more fucking careful you fuckwit
Ash777: damn billings broke his be πŸ™
OhSoRozee: danger,boak,marshall,dunkley,cameron and ziebell for me
BigChief: Don’t blow a valve zoomba
Pokerface: give billings the star already
OhSoRozee: woops forgot kelly
zoomba23: Rozee: No love for Telly is very interesting
Struda: Danger, Boak, Kelly, Dunkley, Daniel and one of Marshall, Cameron, Walters Mundy etc
zoomba23: Too late BigChief
Struda: Billings 150! wtf
pcaman2003: Now get to 120+ Marshall you champ.
Ash777: why cant billings do this more often. oh right it’s GC
thiccgucci: Danger, Boak, Kelly, Dunkley, Mundy, Daniel
OhSoRozee: 2 people have billings just glad my opp doesnt
Raspel31: Now get to 45 Parker you champ.
m0nty: looking forward to the late winner by Karmichael Hunt
pcaman2003: Marshall scoring rapid fire points. Will have to rename him Gattling gun
OhSoRozee: @zoomba yeh i forgot him
Pokerface: parker been cheated by CD?
BigChief: Blue moon surely for Billings m0nty
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Hahaha! Good luck!
Drak: nah poker, he has 5 muppets
PlungeMe: turned out to be a decent game this
Pokerface: sorry drak, that was said tongue in cheek. there is no such thing as cheated by CD
OhSoRozee: 5 kermies is the 5fa
BigChief: You are kidding right Plunge? It’s been shocking.
Umpirespet: CD favourite is tho hey poker
Drak: Hahaha, true Poker. I reckon we need Champion Data team release for there own supercoach teams pre rnd 1
Gelly: suns love a close loss
PlungeMe: nah it wasnt too bad
zoomba23: Good man Marshall
Pokerface: lol UP. You knew i was tongue in cheek πŸ™‚
Umpirespet: Plunge is watching pornhub me thinks
Struda: weller tons up again πŸ˜‰
Pokerface: actually there isn’t Drak. It’s their own scoring system, not sure how others think they know the scoring system better.
Pokerface: as exciting as that last minute was, it just typified how terrible the game was
Pokerface: but if parker doesn’t scale to 75 there is something seriously wrong
BRAZZERS: lol at muppets sooking up a storm over CD every week

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