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Chat log from R13 of 2019: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R13 of 2019

vaficarra: I hope Clarke has a big one tonight!
Apachecats: I like Clarke but waiting till next week to buy him.
Umpirespet: Evening all hope the windies go bang in the cricket tonight
wadaramus: Me too Apache, only got O’Meara in DT tonight!
wadaramus: Roger that Umpirespet!
Hadouken: not sure on the job security with clarke
Chelskiman: Sicily, Worpel and Clarke in this one.
wadaramus: Oh crap, forgot about Worpel, go the Worpedo!
Hadouken: only worpel and zerret
Hadouken: thoughts on worpel to dusty round 15? asking for a friend *cough*
Umpirespet: Don’t think Dusty is a top 8 midfielder Had
wadaramus: I brought Dusty in DT a few weeks ago, been OK.
frenzy: loopin clarke, thats all
Stu7: Worpel, Sicily and Clarke too 🙂
Apachecats: Dusty running a bit hot/cold quarter to quarter.
J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
Apachecats: McGrath ,Cousins ans Sicily for me tonight.
Breezey: Hawks tonight I reckon
Umpirespet: Couple of PODS there Apache
Apachecats: Great having stringer back for this bombers.spud
Bevo11: still flag favs
NugzNiggle: Can’t deal with BT. Moron.
twinpeaks: Got Sic in this week; he starting deep forward? That’s a concern
Apachecats: yeah umpires none of them have had a touch.
DrSeuss: Zerrett, Clarke and Worpel for me. Nice slow start
OhSoRozee: neither me or opp have any in this so just here for potential pods
jbjimmyjb: of course sicily plays fwd the week that heaps get him including me
Umpirespet: Terrible deliberate decision
Ash777: I bought in clarke this week
Chelskiman: Worps has started like a house on fire. Sicily and Clarke not so much.
OhSoRozee: second reason i dont touch sicily swingman
wadaramus: Worps does this every week!
Umpirespet: Hawks 1-Bombers1
pcaman2003: Surprised Worpel only on 25.
Hadouken: stay down clarke ! get dropped next week !
Apachecats: Clarke doing the job on JOM but not getting much ball himself ,glad I held off.
mattmac24: Worpel heading for another 80?
Torz: By half time hopefully mattmac
Breezey: I have taken a punt on Parish. Here’s hoping
Chelskiman: Why would you want him to be dropped?
NugzNiggle: Go the Worpedo. Risky punt there Breeze dog.
Yelse: clarke where is thy clasrkeeee
Breezey: I have a feeling about him Niggler.
wadaramus: With #5 on his back, he’s channeling Sam Mitchell, go Worpedo!
NugzNiggle: I don’t do supercoach but why is Worpel’s SC so low???
PlungeMe: usually i can understand the discrepancy between DT and SC but I dont see why for worpel right now
NugzNiggle: Nice Breezey. Always been a risk taker mate. Against the grain. Having a drink???
Breezey: Because he is poo Niggler
DrSeuss: Any time now Zerrett – maybe you too Clarke
stuballs: *pokes McGrath with stick* Cummon, do something
OhSoRozee: henderson been massive pod minus 2 games
wadaramus: Not obvious from the stats in front of us, it’s usually pretty obvious?
mattmac24: Only 3 contested possessions by Worpel. Equates to a low score
Breezey: Nice strong brew of coffee.
NugzNiggle: Worp goes good. Not sure why either Plunge. Relatively efficient, No clangers.
NthsFinest: How did Sicily only get 3 points for a mark and a *hard* effective kick
PlungeMe: plenty of hawks players with low contested and no difference in DT and SC
wadaramus: Err…please explain Breezey?!
Ash777: worpel has only tonned up 3 times so far tho
pcaman2003: Comparing Siciliy and Worps stats and scores. Doesn’t seem right,but then,what do I know?
mattmac24: Uncontested possies only award minimal points. So cheap outside possessions always cause a low score.
Breezey: Because the people in the know still have Worpel in their team and not Sicily
PlungeMe: also tracking for 12 CPs is alright, i wouldnt call it low
NugzNiggle: Guatemalan beans???
Jackwatt$: Who did we all tip fellas, should be a cracker! m0ntys most loved team vs his 2nd most hated team
Breezey: Explain what Wada
mattmac24: The difference between DT and SC is that DT just look at the stats sheet and generate a score from that
Breezey: Macro blend actually
mattmac24: While sc is based on how the player achieves those stats and what the player does with those stats
wadaramus: Nice strong brew of coffee, just seemed a statement without cause!
PlungeMe: his score got bumped up by 6 so I guess CD agreed with us
NugzNiggle: I tipped Bombers Jacko. Haha Wada, I asked him what he’s drinking.
NugzNiggle: I was wondering what follows Gin and Tonic Thursday Breezedog.
Breezey: NugzNiggle asked if I was having a drink tonight that’s all
mattmac24: Just because he has 3 CP’s at quarter time doesn’t mean he’ll end with that. Worpel starts strong and finishes poorly
dipstick: SC is basically decided upon a personal opinion and has ZERO algorithm involved. Abit like diving and iceskating voting
mrpotato: In SC kicks/hbs that go backwards score almost nothing even though they’re effective
OhSoRozee: still under 5k with hender
wadaramus: Ahh, missed that 🙂
PlungeMe: yeah but what im saying is 3 CPs in a quarter isnt low
PlungeMe: im talking his quarter score not what he’ll end on
Umpirespet: Don’t be a dipstick Dipstick
tiltraise: lift zerret
BigChief: so you are still a SC expert I see dipstick
ozziekev: Keep going Worpel, chose you over Parish and RGray for Petro upgrade
Migz: id still trust SC scores over DT
wadaramus: Enos you Dipstick!!
Nigma97: Man Worpel gets done dirty by CD
wadaramus: Worpel and B.Crouch get no SC love!
pcaman2003: 2 bad turnovers costing us goals.
OhSoRozee: no tackles from worpel is odd
dipstick: SC is so flawed it is insane and the fact the company running it is called Champion Data is ironic
OhSoRozee: but is only 8 to 10 tackles
Nigma97: I swear he had more than 3 CP too, Hardwick had like 3 intercept marks and was only mid 30
Nigma97: Where as Neale could’ve done exactly what Worpel did and been on 50
vamos77: What a week to bring in Sicily, Clarko decides to play him forward
jbjimmyjb: wada crouch tonned up at ht last night what are you on about
Migz: as opposed to the flat stat tracking that is DT. im surprised the crouch brothers dont break DT every week
PlungeMe: im fine with sc scores but his first quarter score was weird, seems to have sorted itself out
wadaramus: 43 possessions for 129?
pcaman2003: Hawks kicking to fwd line is atrocious.
Breezey: Brad Crouch was good on SC last night but not normally
Tig-Train: B.Crouch was 99 from 24 disposals yesterday at half time like 70Dt then went to his normal self
jbjimmyjb: brad crouch’s use of the ball is terrible, he finally had a 0 clanger half and scored 100…
Ash777: brad sc has been good because he’s been dangerous the last few weeks
Tig-Train: Ended up with 43 and only 130 odd
OhSoRozee: and coz he has been cleaner early on his sc score has impact factor
wadaramus: How is it that you’re good enough to win the ball under pressure
OhSoRozee: he just ends up with many clangers by end of games
Umpirespet: Hawks score well for the amount of uncontested possies they have
wadaramus: But disposal isn’t perfect
OhSoRozee: b.crouch that is over the last month
wadaramus: That you’re penalised for being ineffective?
shang0: Go Merrett!
ConVoid: why on earth is sicily playing down forward the bloke is a all australian defender and he’s in the forward line
pcaman2003: Hawks playing rubbish. Dysfunctional fwd line and loose defence.
wadaramus: Coaches prerogative ConVoid!
pcaman2003: BS! Dropped it like a hot spud.
Breezey: Agree Pcaman. Dropped it.
Migz: stratton deserved it
Ash777: why are friday’s the worse umpired of the round
Umpirespet: How does Guelfi get a game
wadaramus: Hendo starring again,he was a spud at the Crows!
Nigma97: “dived on the ball” fuck off razor
Oddsy5: thats the worst call ive ever seen. maybe im being one eyed but fuck me ray
Breezey: Ray talking the talk again. Explaining to the world what happened there
BigChief: How does Ridley not get a game?
duckky: Shocking decision by Ray. The footy gods were just
Vogesy69: Sicily breaking my heart, traded him in today ffs
Apachecats: 2 crazy free kicks ,one each
pcaman2003: Bring back Roughy Clarko.
BigChief: @oddsy5 free to Fisher last week was worse.
Ash777: must be evening up the bad call the hawks got earlier
zoomba23: Apparently you’re not allowed to pick the ball up anymore
Breezey: If only Clarko told the Fantasy world he was playing Sicily forward @ Vogesy
spudaroos: Sicily at fwd has been useless lol, no i50 marks and generally no impact while his opp Hurley been damaging.
Umpirespet: That was as bout 10m to poppy then
StuL: I hope Sicily goes back for the rest of the season, after dropping to 400k
pcaman2003: Hahaha! How did the Bombers let that go? Lol!
Breezey: Give them Bombers defenders a Kermit
BRAZZERS: lol what muppets
StuL: Worpedo looking good for a usual 80 something
Ash777: sicily needs points for making the space for the ball to go through
wadaramus: O’Meara insipid. Luckily in DT only.
Foursuits: Sicily just had a goal assist
MercAm: That should not be a goal, bounced before the line
Oddsy5: cant even believe i had to watch that replayed like 5 times. so bad from us
wadaramus: We need a half time activity m0nty, like at the footy!
shang0: LOL @ Sicily owners
Hadouken: we can get meatloaf for half time entertainment wadaramus ?
BestCoast: Greetings punters all the best for the weekend
frenzy: lol MercAm
Apachecats: my 3 got 19 sc between them that 1/4.
wadaramus: Noooooooooooooooooo Hadouken..
duckky: Ball is live untill stopped MercAm… years ago, a 70m dribbler from McVeigh wennt through for a goal cos nobody knew th
MercAm: Wait so guys, the ball bounced before the line and the siren went, shouldn’t that not be a goal?
Apachecats: *they should be fresh for the second half having done nothing so far.
MercAm: @frenzy r u agreeing with me?
Apachecats: Hi BC ,got one open tonight.
circle52: @umpirespet Glad I am not the only one who queried the kick to Poppy.
duckky: years ago, a 70m dribbler from McVeigh wennt through for a goal cos nobody knew the rule and didn’t bother to touch t
MercAm: @duckky ah, cheers, didn’t know
Sixty656: its a goal.
frenzy: um, nup ball needs to be touched before its deadball
wadaramus: I hope Worps goes 120 from here.
OhSoRozee: clarke been a gun stopper so far can see good js
BestCoast: Apache a bottle of crystal skull vodka nothing to crazy
pcaman2003: @Wadaramus. I hope so too,but seriously doubt he’ll make 100.
Apachecats: mixer?Try it with prune juice ,they call it a piledriver.
mattmac24: Would love a rare 100+ from Worps
BestCoast: Lean week only predicted to hit 1500 what’s everybody else looking at
wadaramus: Yeah I know pcaman, but I live on in foolish hope!
Umpirespet: Keeps you regular Apache?
BestCoast: Apache prune juice makes me nervous
Apachecats: works everytime umpires.
wadaramus: Carn the Cowboys, lift!
Apachecats: Well bestcoast just keep the runway clear.
Umpirespet: Haha good to hear
BestCoast: Apache through the eye of a needle lol
Apachecats: BC I’m looking at 1588/17 and winning 9 out of 10 leagues with that.Didn’t bother with trades.
BestCoast: I would be as nervous as a cat in a hall of rocking chairs
BestCoast: Apache I am playing a bit hitter and going to get the bacon pretty stocked
BestCoast: Never worried about the byes it’s just all tin ass luck
Oddsy5: me and oppo projected like 1600 and he has moore….what are the chances
Umpirespet: Whole season is tin ass luck BC
BestCoast: Oddsy5 Captain choice is critical
BestCoast: Only finalised my team halfway through round 1 undefeated totally agree
Apachecats: vc on Cripps ,C on Taranto ,hope i don’t need taranto.
BestCoast: We should have a fanfooty end of year meet and greet with some suds
BigChief: That’s not a mark. He fumbled it and the ball hit the ground.
Oddsy5: for sure. im going vc cripps into captain cunnington. what about u
BestCoast: Umpires first season I didn’t change my team 40x before season start
Umpirespet: Yeah at Monty’s house
Apachecats: Jeez ,they need Sicily down back.
BestCoast: Going to VC Fyfe into Josh Kelly
Nuffman: You’re joking right Chief?
vartic: @oddsy5 not concerned about De Boer on Cunnington?
pcaman2003: Here we go again. Worps going in reverse already
BigChief: Watch it again Nuffman without the Bomber glasses on.
Umpirespet: Fyfe into Cripps
Ash777: de boer will go to ziebell surely
BestCoast: Still got that Cripps option once I commit I crab it if I change
Nuffman: Lol. Ball was clear inches off the ground. Don’t need bomber glasses on to see daylight
Breezey: Definite mark.
BigChief: !st touch was off the ground, but when his elbow hit the ball came out.
Oddsy5: bankin on cripps @vartic but got nobody else if cripps fails unfortunately…its his 200th surely he can break a tag 😅
pcaman2003: Hawks playing like school kids.Woeful disposal.
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Worpel doing well – Clarke is owning O’Meara but not the scoring I hoped for
Nuffman: The Begley one hit the ground. The stringer one, nupo
BigChief: Now that was more a mark.
shang0: Merrett 😀
Apachecats: Sicily is killing me.
The39Steps: Normally bye rounds I plan to have one shocker and two OK. This year – 3 shockers likely.
Breezey: Is Sicily even out there
vartic: @oddsy5 I hope so, brought him in recently but haven’t got the balls for that gamble. Going Fyfe into Cripps myself
Breezey: Yes he is as I post
duckky: The 50/50s seem to be flowing one way
BigChief: Sicily gone back now after that goal.
Apachecats: Sicily gone down back ,about time Clarkson.
gingjok: Failed experiment. Don’t u every do that again Clarkson
BigChief: Has Stringer rolled ankle?
Breezey: Strong ne’er down the race. Looks gone
Stu7: Yep Kankle roll
pcaman2003: Oh BS! Afree for that,but not for Hawks a moment ago when Guelfi on Hawks back.
Ash777: it looks worse than a rolled ankle
wadaramus: Worps having his regular siesta 🙁
Breezey: Stringer
StuL: Stay down Sicily you flog
OhSoRozee: yeh looks like fractured lower leg
Pokerface: leave the square if you are going to kick in sicily!
Oddsy5: cant go wrong fyfe into cripps @vartic
pcaman2003: @Wada. Worps has put his lead boots back on for 2nd half.
BestCoast: What happened to the parcel
pcaman2003: Opponent has Sicily and me Worps. Not happy Jan!
Breezey: Not 15, play on. That’s because it was 20 ump
Dead_Ned: come on sicily. should have been in back the whole game
beerent11: You know what you’re getting with worpel 75- 90 every week can’t complain
StuL: It’s not like the Bombers season is going to amount to anything. Take the year off parcel
Breezey: Meanwhile Henderson killing it again
tiltraise: agreed Ned i trade him in and Clarko pushes him forward 🙁
pcaman2003: Hawks worse game for the year so far. Playing like juniors.
StuL: Sicily will probably get his BE now so no need to fret
mattmac24: Vc on Merrett is going okay so far
Breezey: Mastercoach Clarko seriously playing Sicily forward. Why would ya
Ash777: put a fork in the hawks
BigChief: Fat lady up and about.
Nuffman: Merrett equalling his second best SC season so far. Good be a decent upgrade
TheLegend6: Clarke should get more SC for keeping his opponent quiet
pcaman2003: This one is well and truly over. Night everyone,can’t watch this crap
StuL: Great goal Saad. Goes bang!
Umpirespet: Hawks need their Power Rangers Guernsey back
Ash777: Chelsea is probably the best goal umpire in the comp
jbjimmyjb: sicily on fire playing where he should be
StuL: That was an amazing call. Not normally praising umps but spot on.
Pusti: Ash, definitely the nicest a-r-s-e.
beerent11: How many for sic that qtr 35ish?
Dead_Ned: haha poppy getting into the biggest player
Nuffman: No need for that Pusti. Come on mate
jamesh1290: 40+ beer
Nuffman: Gee Poppy has a serious case of small dog syndrome. Haven’t seen that since boomer
thommoae: Get real, Pusti. Time for bed for you.
OhSoRozee: nah roden has the nicest =)
Ash777: If only there is a good field umpire
Breezey: I think Bellchambers said something to Poppy. Very angry there. We might hear more I reckon
BOMBRBLITZ: O’Meara copping the Clarke tag hard!!!
BRAZZERS: sicily had 46sc that 1/4, thanks to 3 intercept marks
LMartos: Sicily went 30 to 73
StuL: Not sure anyone has a bigger case of little man syndrome than Razor Ray.
Pusti: I just call it as I see it.
Pokerface: i think TBC called him Paul, not Poppy. Didn’t go well.
Umpirespet: Clarke’s js should be good much better than Langford or guelfi
shang0: Zack Merrett 😀
BOMBRBLITZ: probably called poppy a little freaking chimpanzee
BigChief: Clarke doing ok now.
Pokerface: gtfo bombrblitz. not acceptable
Breezey: And that’s what gets people in trouble Bombrblitz.
OhSoRozee: weird run at goal by gunston there
Pokerface: surely that’s bannable.
beerent11: Dam it I just bought in razor Ray this week
BOMBRBLITZ: fair enough…love to know what he said
Ash777: looks like whoever dons are playing now to avoid captaining against clarke
StuL: Razor is on the bench now too!
BigChief: I agree Poker. No need for that.
TheLegend6: Close but no Ceglar hahahah
OhSoRozee: B.crouch had the same stats across the board as merrett in a half and was 22 pts lower
Umpirespet: Wish Hawks would play this badly when they play us lol
BigChief: Stringer looks done m0nty
DrSeuss: Worpedo running out of propulsion
Pokerface: lol Legend. cute
OhSoRozee: shiel is lucky he has the best ligament trained body in the game with that hyper knee
Apachecats: haha legend
Umpirespet: Susan Boyle has started singing
Grimes Jr: druggggggs
Pokerface: think you are on the wrong browser tab Grimey.
mattmac24: Rozee. Merrett is running at a much better DE% and crouch had more handballs than kicks
V@lks: Lol pokerface
OhSoRozee: @matt yeh probz the hballs b.crouch actually had 92 de to ht
duckky: Begley’s first gol for the year
Apachecats: Susan can start singing now.
Breezey: He’s just replying to his mate about what he’s bringing to the BBQ tomorrow night
BOMBRBLITZ: lots of angry little Hawks tonight
StuL: Chivas extra Best Coast. Entry level decent Scotch.
Apachecats: Fantasia cover in pinch marks you girl Stratten .
Umpirespet: Bomber nice spud m8
Pokerface: great cross there for the strike
BigChief: Lucky to only get the spud I think.
Pokerface: lol didn’t notice the spud
BOMBRBLITZ: haha clearly a Hawks supporter gave me the spud Lol
V@lks: Very good m0nty! Spudded him
Oddsy5: do u reckon stratton will get a warning for pinching
mattmac24: Did he really Rozee? He ended on 60% probably explains why he scored nothing for the second half
jbjimmyjb: merrett is pigging up tonight before copping hutching, de boer and hewitt the next 3
Umpirespet: Chicken salt or normal salt. Both
Pokerface: BC yes
jbjimmyjb: oddsy he should be fined imo, its intentional harm, but knowing the afl its nothing
The39Steps: Clarke at 60 SC. Enough to hop on next week.
Dead_Ned: sicily playing a 1 qtr game
OhSoRozee: bloody oath both
OhSoRozee: clarke should get bigger scores away from marvel less contested in tight
OhSoRozee: under the roof
Apachecats: Can anyone remember Cousins last touch.
BOMBRBLITZ: why has McEvoy always got a bandage on his head?
Oddsy5: to keep his brain from falling out of his ears @BOMBR
OhSoRozee: he probz avg 6 tackles a game outside of marvel push him up 20ish pts
Umpirespet: Is he playing Apache?
OhSoRozee: merrett only had 1 in the last
Pusti: Hawthorn and melbourne should consider merging again.
Pokerface: what are you talking about rozee? how does a roof make it less contested??
DrSeuss: Clarke with the highest number of Handballs and contested possessions amongst all players.
The39Steps: Yes @apache – under the dining table at the 1986 Xmas lunch. Then again, we are Tasmanians.
V@lks: Go to bed Bombr you crumb.
Apachecats: Aparantly not umpires
Umpirespet: #freekickhawforn
OhSoRozee: wow 10 marks to hooker he would normally b 120 with that amount
Oddsy5: that is the softest free ive ever seen. overtook the one from earlier
Hadouken: every week the umpires go out of their way to make this game almost unwatchable
Hadouken: every week without fail. Horrible calls.
MONEY TALK: worst free kick ive ever seen
Nuffman: Who implied that 50/50s were going Essendons way?
OhSoRozee: @poker usually when theres no roof its wet or dewey lots of ground ball more contested more tackles
BigChief: @oddsy5 free to Fisher last week was still worse.
Stu7: Clarke finishing strong
Jackwatt$: #freekickhawthorn
Oddsy5: is there a clip on youtube @bigchief? very interested
BigChief: Surely Hawks can’t win this.
Stu7: Come on Worpel ton up bud
Pokerface: ah the winter weather factor?
beerent11: Cmon wees and poos!
OhSoRozee: baker to clarke for me next week
DrSeuss: Worpel and Merrett want to finish off with a few touches
jbjimmyjb: #freekickhawthorn
nick2397: Worpel to be out in the 90s again!
Oddsy5: just found it @bigchief n i remember i seen that but forgot about it. fishers def worse
gingjok: Where has Merrett disappeared to ?
BigChief: If you google fisher free kick it comes up @Oddsy
beerent11: The Michael slater of supercoach
Umpirespet: Play the Benny hill music please
DrSeuss: Is Zerrett resting on the bench for the last half of this quarter?
Nuffman: Hurley looking to be a good pickup soonish
gingjok: I’m listening on the radio . I haven’t heard his name at all!?
duckky: Tippa doesn’t have a neck?
Dead_Ned: @ DrSeuss he must be. only 77% TOG
OhSoRozee: i think cousins tagged out merrett in the last
nick2397: @duckky Must be the Gladstone Small of their team!
zoomba23: Zerrett could’ve been on 150 if he didn’t rest literally the entire last quarter
zoomba23: Still, can’t complain as VC
DrSeuss: Yep Dead Ned – saw his TOG dropped from about 84% to 76% – must have been there for 10+ minutes. Back on now
Nigma97: yeah CD really hates Worpel
jbjimmyjb: worpel is allergic to tonning up
jamesh1290: standard from worpel
bones351: Did you guys see Orazios arm? That pinching is out of control. Ridiculous!
duckky: Thought McKenna was BOG
bones351: Worpels consistency is amazing. 10.6 rating.

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