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Chat log from R13 of 2019: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R13 of 2019

Yelse: had to keep balta one more week. hopefully no soldo good score
Chelskiman: I have zero expectations tonight. We barely have half a side at the moment.
Sixty656: Thursday night game during a bye round…. whyyyy.
Yelse: VC and C this week?
dipstick: does BT think majak daws playin tonight?
Chelskiman: Went with Houli as VC. Kelly C in AF and I probably Cripps in RDT if Houli fails.
dipstick: @chelks you havent got a better option than Houli for RDT? im going Cripps VC in RDT
tiltraise: cmon ROB need a big one from ya m8
Breezey: Tigers are normally at their best when their backs are against the wall
Juzzo: Sloane VC
Juzzo: Is Sloane meant to be sore?
Hadouken: i ended up going b.crouch VC
Yelse: doing cripsd into kelly
Sixty656: Laird, Brouch, Houli, Naish, Stack, Baker
Zambo: Laird VC
th3rio: god damn it brodie lol
frenzy: traded Baker, now watch what happens, lol
duckky: Ouch – No Solo. Would have been tempted by O’Brein as VC
dipstick: ROB already is half of Baltas final SC score in less than 2 mins
DrSeuss: How is that a free on Balta?
th3rio: wow chol wouldve been paying like $50 for first gaol LOL
Breezey: Well well. Who had Chol first goal
Chelskiman: Haha, was thinking the same thing, th3rio.
duckky: Smith for an early cleaver
th3rio: what a lad Chelski, good old Chol
Hadouken: naish, stack all chipping in D. keep it up!
original: HOLD THE PHONES. BCrouch running at 100 efficiency. im dreaming
duckky: BCrouch running at a touch a minute… pity I have the benched brother
Raspel31: Glad I kept Balta- a ton by qtr time?
Bennyherb: Sloane is killing it
Chelskiman: That was great from Stack.
original: cmon tigers!
Oddsy5: went balta to boak this week. should pay off
duckky: Well this is unexpected. The ACG is scary when its silent
cmperrfect: Sloane saving himself for the 2nd half
Bennyherb: What where tigers paying fuk
StuL: Come on Smith you donkey. Don’t make me punch your throat!
Drak: Don Pyke is a terrible coach…. One of the best on ballers in the league and doesnt play him in the middle
Nuffman: @Oddsy5: I was sitting here bemoaning that io kept Balta, only to realise I went Balta – Boak also lol
Bennyherb: Really need slaone to get 106+ last leg
StuL: I assume Smith efficiency is rubbish? Only just put it on.
original: BSmith inherited whatever Bcrouch use to have
Raspel31: Boak out injured. Joking of course.
th3rio: omg smith you potato
duckky: Balta>Smith
Yelse: wtf i got rid of Brouch 3 weeks ago and look at him since geez
StuL: FFS. Would have shipped Smith but have injuries to cover.
original: hey Matt Crouch..come on fella
Breezey: BT must have stayed at home for Ess and Hawks on Friday night footy
Nuffman: Houli hurting me man… that DT > SC ratio is horrendous
Oddsy5: hahah lucky nuffman. i was thinking the same seen balta on 2 and was like ffs
Chelskiman: Good start from both the Tiges and my fantasy team.
zoomba23: Anytime Mrouch
cmperrfect: Nice qtr SS
Tig-Train: I don’t think Houli has been that bad, what’s with the difference
Raspel31: So far Naish looking good to replace Whitfield- and $11.37 cheaper.
hinsch: got Houli in a few weeks ago best thing I ever did Balta to get 20 SC points
duckky: SS killing me. On my bench but not e /’-`
duckky: Ah.. ‘ is that how you make that ‘ ”’
BRAZZERS: smith looks more involved, clangers hurt tho
th3rio: yay smith
Struda: Crouch is flying fuck
Stu7: Go SLoaney and Naishy
LMartos: 8 points for Smith’s contested intercept mark and effective kick i50 which was a SA πŸ™
LMartos: Hurts watching O’Brien play against no one after trading him last week
DrSeuss: Time to get back on the field Houli
BRAZZERS: jesus b.crouch, anyone have the nuts to make him vc?
BRAZZERS: in supercoach i mean
Raspel31: Dear Mr Balta, I have to wait one more week before saying farewell. It has not been happy.
duckky: M Crouch spudding it up for his 100th
Chelskiman: Here come Adelaide. That good start is slowly fading. πŸ™
PowerBug: ROB’s SC wowee. He’s hitting all those hitouts to Crows players it’s incredible
StuL: Opp has B Crouch. Of course.
Gelly: ROB is playing against our backup backup ruckman
Chelskiman: These frees are starting to get annoying.
Drak: They are there Chelskiman
OhSoRozee: adios baker smith next week baker been pushed off wing with naish slotin in
StuL: Scores stopped updating. Must be Australian internet yet again.
Bennyherb: Frozen?
Raspel31: Hmm- no record breaking scores tonight.
clay007: Why is it not updating?
Oddsy5: scores frozen?
TheLegend6: Pat Naish after the bye looks tasty
Stu7: Time stopped
Apachecats: Frozen again mOnty
Stu7: Sloane pull your finger out!!
Raspel31: Was it frozen- Balta didn’t do anything?
duckky: B Crouch @Raspel?
DrSeuss: Houli with a 5 point qtr – WTF
Oddsy5: b crouch. star on him already 😉
Chelskiman: Houli was looking like a great VC until that 5 point quarter. Meanwhile I also have Laird, Brouch and Martin.
OhSoRozee: glad my opp doesnt got b.crouch
Tig-Train: Seriously most of the year B.Crouch 30+ disposals for 90’s and now this… pfft lol
Stu7: Thats Balta for you πŸ™‚
Raspel31: Posted before the scores froze- yep duckky.
Stu7: Big last half SLoane
OhSoRozee: lol some1 from crowd threw a lollie at stuart dew in the open box window and he got surprised ate it straight away
OhSoRozee: without even knowing where it come from
BRAZZERS: no one cares who you have mate
frenzy: looks like CD jumped on the Brouch train
duckky: Smith had an OK Quarter. 2 more of those and I won’t be complaining
OhSoRozee: @frenzy yeh his last month scores are on fire
noobcoach: brouchh no clangers is a first
frenzy: had him all season
cobrakai00: caddy has checked out career wise
OhSoRozee: who at richmond looks likely to push out naish from wing?
Chelskiman: Shut up brazzers, you flog.
duckky: In really sad news. After his forst decent game, Burgess has been dropped. Shame!
Pezza28: Possibly Edwards?
OhSoRozee: edwards been playing half back
zoomba23: Feel free to start trying at some point in the next 2 quarters Mrouch you pretender
original: mCrouch can score 40 a qtr easy. just needs to find it
OhSoRozee: o didnt know dislocated knee cap to j.steele
boofjb57: Naish and chol ty for my bye team
clay007: Is M Crouch being tagged by Graham?
clay007: Don’t overload me with responses lads.
jbjimmyjb: rozee naish will get pushed out by lambert/cotchin/short/ross as everyone will be reshuffled
OhSoRozee: jake stein named on field for giants surprises me
jbjimmyjb: clay graham never hard tags, i imagine at most its a run with role but havent noticed it
hinsch: hopefully Houli has a good rest at half time and get his arse moving
clay007: Well Jim, he has no excuse for annoying me tonight
OhSoRozee: @jimmy thanks short and ross still out for around a month anyway
clay007: Thanks Jimmy
gIMX7: @rozee yeah man, I just need Haely to get some games now
OhSoRozee: maybe 6 weeks with vfl runs
OhSoRozee: well rob got his be covered more coin ty
Oddsy5: man i reckon brouch is gunna just keep climbing. doesnt look like stopping
OhSoRozee: cant see Rob being dropped after his bye might upgrade elsewhere b4 rucks
Raspel31: No room in my mid for Brouch but hey- if you got him. rather nice.
OhSoRozee: 160 game from rob likely
tiltraise: luv ya work ROB but gunna hafta chop you for big maxy next week
circle52: anyone have the gonads to vc ROB
OhSoRozee: ROB and carltons 1st round pick to collingwood for grundy looks likely offer
TheLegend6: Schoolboy defending -.-
Oddsy5: fk me biggest regret not getting ROB
BRAZZERS: jayden short will be available after the bye, but will play a few games at vfl first
Raspel31: Who is ROB and Choi- I really have to get out more?
J_Herer: Agree, not getting ROB and dropping Brouch early have been season enders
OhSoRozee: ill hold rob till not named now
original: have a mate that plays SC and only tries to win a bye round, he traded ROB 2 weeks ago lol
Apachecats: biggest regret giving Balta one more chance.
th3rio: give naish some more TOG dimmaaaaa
th3rio: apache i spent 3 hrs this arvo deciding what to do with him. Thankfully i traded him
Raspel31: No choice Apache- the bye. We all losing next week.
OhSoRozee: yeh byes are overrated to me i dont care hm i field i just get players i want
original: not having stack or gryan miers my biggest regret
Apachecats: yeah rasp he goes next week minus about $30000.
DrSeuss: Stack and Naish taking this quarter off?
duckky: Crouch Brothers looking like ying/yang
Oddsy5: just as u say it @seuss they both go up
th3rio: Naish has literally taken it off Seuss, been on the pine for most
OhSoRozee: 55 be for next game rob on his proj so still got big money to make
Apachecats: BCrouch in the yang phase th3rio ,doing nothing this 1/4
noobcoach: brouchh :(((((
Bennyherb: Good stuff Riley
DrSeuss: Haha I know Stack came alive and Naish back on the ground…shall type it more often
iamkelly: Hello everyone, new to this page
J_Herer: Chose Houli as captain over Martin dam it
Apachecats: welcome iam.
Yelse: whats wrong with balta not watching it u would expect more game time
OhSoRozee: richmond have the system based game play like dogs did back in 2016 done well with lots of injuries
Raspel31: How could you choose Houli or Martin- who else you got?
Patty19: ROB challenging Hore for best rookie of the year
th3rio: hi kelly
heppelitis: hi kelly
original: butler lol
duckky: Hi Kelly
BRAZZERS: jesus smith stop butchering the pill
V@lks: Truth or dare Kelly?
iamkelly: How are you guys? I have been playing Supercoach for so long and I just discovered this page. Lol
OhSoRozee: welcome kelly
dipstick: @iamkelly go fuck yaself? Nah just joking chierf, you’ll learn the words on here sooner or later 😁
Nuffman: V@lks!!! He’s new!!! Don’t do this to him!
heppelitis: mcrouch on the move
Grimes Jr: is umpiring ever fair in SA??
pcaman2003: Get going Sloane.Don’t stop now.
Bennyherb: Houli score is froZen .hasn’t changed hole quarter
Nuffman: Houli my only downer tonight.. ROB, Brouch and Laird all $$$
Karlpov: How was that holding the ball ffs?
TheLegend6: Ellis having a mare tonight
th3rio: houli always on the pine at crucial times. This week and last fml
PlungeMe: theres no HGA for port, only adelaide in my experience
Gotigres: Welcome Kelly
Sixty656: Baker is getting screwed by his team mates, so many bad disposals coming his way
Apachecats: Well Kelly as you can see there is a fair spread of intellects on the forum.
rabp1es: Houli lift and then this game has gone amazing for me
OhSoRozee: rob didnt get pts b4 walker got his kick to walker
noobcoach: now brouch clangers come rolling
Raspel31: And, er um. I’m top yeah Apache?
J_Herer: Baker goes next week for me, on the drop now
PlungeMe: laird v crouch was looking like a big loss for me but its sorting itself out for now
Gotigres: Balta tap to advantage was good
TheLegend6: Brouch 6 point qtr
Stu7: Can somoene wake up Mrs SLoane
pcaman2003: Brouch and Sloane slowly going backwards.
rabp1es: oh this is my first time in the chat so hello everyone
Apachecats: How about Laird -26 disposals at 96%.Must have stuffed up once.
Patty19: ROB 150 would be a great way to start the weekend
th3rio: good houli unk it up
OhSoRozee: have a feeling sc is laggin
PowerBug: Brad Crouch 5 clangers in the qtr. no surprises he hasn’t moved that’s like -20 right there
Raspel31: Welcome to the ratbags rabp
masterhc2: damn traded stack in AF looks like wrong call
Struda: Naish done fuck all this quarter
tiltraise: hi rab
duckky: Naish did that last week too Struda
Stu7: rabp1es – welcome πŸ™‚
Gotigres: Hi Rab
J_Herer: Nice work this week from Bsmith after the tag last week
Oddsy5: sorry guys i jinxed brouch. said he doesnt look like slowing down 😂
Stu7: Nasih will finish okay !
duckky: Hi Rap
Gotigres: Great 2 point qtr Brouch
Bennyherb: Can’t bag the rookie .
Raspel31: If someone has a name synonymous with checking oil levels in your car- simply ignore new fellah.
Gotigres: Murphy -3 pts lol
masterhc2: Naish won’t hit 60 I suspect stu
heppelitis: i seen murphy go up 3 dt points in that qtr lol
Sixty656: Thanks for your money Baker but bye bye next week, THX Fella!
Tig-Train: That’s more like it B.Crouch
thommoae: That’s quite possibly the first time the word ‘synonymous’ has been used on this site …
Raspel31: Sorry thommoae- had to spell check.
Stu7: Put a fiver on it Masterhc2????
th3rio: get naish onnn
LuvIt74: Holding O’brien was a godsend
Gotigres: Hey Balta, it’s called football
pcaman2003: FFS Smith! 8 clangers you useless sod.
StuL: 8 clangers smith! Must be close to a record. Clangers are a stupid stat too!
Yelse: surprised by low game time for a few riichmond players
OhSoRozee: only 20k people have Rob still
masterhc2: Sure haha Stu
OhSoRozee: talia done
circle52: Talia done for the game
masterhc2: I’m talking DT for the record
Struda: brodie smith fuck off
Bennyherb: 7 tackles to from the big rob
Raspel31: Stack will be a gun in a year or 2
OhSoRozee: 180 pls rob
pcaman2003: Try getting the ball Sloane. You’re so lazy.
DrSeuss: Naish still on the bench – give him a run Dimma
OhSoRozee: on cue pca
Raspel31: That worked pcaman
th3rio: naish has been waiting to come on for like 10 mins ffs
heppelitis: lol pcaman
pcaman2003: And right on cue!
OhSoRozee: m.crouch is painful to watch glad he got injured and i jumped off
Gotigres: nice jump in points Balta, but kick the ball
DrSeuss: Houli gone missing again ffs
StuL: Naish left at HT for a pint did he?
JockMcPie: Rozee honestly same he’s the most frustrating player
heppelitis: keep rising baker lol
TheLegend6: keep going baker
dipstick: Why is vinegar tits SC score so low?
th3rio: hehe naish πŸ˜€
th3rio: no TOG StUL. he was roaring to go
Gotigres: insane score by ROB
Bennyherb: Houli just got a touch well done houli first one in 40mins
Stu7: Full blown SLoane….. go full gas!!!!
th3rio: houli gone from 68 to 62 christ
Gotigres: Murphy was at 10sc
Raspel31: At least none of us have got him Gotigres.
Bennyherb: Cya big sauce jacobs look for another club
Oddsy5: if anyone feels bad i traded in rotham instead of ROB and didnt see rotham got dropped for his 3rd game
casey22: Tiges SC scores are crazy low!
Nuffman: Is ROBs score the highest SC for someone who has played under 20 games??
th3rio: naish scores great when hes actually on
tiltraise: had a feeling ROB was going large but didnt have the sack to vc him
Stu7: Masterhc2 that fiver is looking good:)
pcaman2003: ROB is winning them the game. Unbelievable effort
OhSoRozee: i didnt have time to even think about rob vc was out didnt know his opp
DrSeuss: Houli has gone to sleep since the 1st quarter
TheLegend6: We bottled it
Gotigres: Game Over
OhSoRozee: cmon rob a goal to top it off
Oddsy5: highest score this round will have ROB captain i daresay
J_Herer: Houli 44 in the first to this, had the ball kicked over his head all night
Stu7: You hoooooo Masterhc2 where art thou???
J_Herer: Dusty VC loop hole the winner this week
TheLegend6: We played dumb footy, effort is there but execution and smarts have been so poor.
pcaman2003: Another 20 pts Sloane you lazy sod.
Raspel31: Why on earth would you captain Houli- I still fail to understand?
OhSoRozee: opp has stack,naish,houli,balta vs smith,rob for me
BestCoast: GOD had the C straight out on ROB
willywalks: ROB star, Brouch gun, Jenkins Xfactor, Dusty atlas
gIMX7: wait what happened to crouch?
pcaman2003: Good game Stack.
Breezey: Big night for young Stack again
duckky: Which Crouch?
OhSoRozee: he put on the kermie mask gim
gIMX7: 99 at half time for 25 in the second half? Dammit, you where the chosen one!
TheLegend6: We definitely don’t deserve to lose by this much either ffs
pcaman2003: How does Betts keep doing that? Unreal!
dipstick: Time to trade you out vinegar tits. . . I’m done with you
Stu7: B Crouch stopped!!
DrSeuss: Stack needs to show Houli how to get involved
Gotigres: another great goal from Eddie
Gandhi: Walker a bit of a vulture tonight
Nuffman: Oh Eddie! Absolute star
OhSoRozee: cmon a goal to rob for the double ton
Gotigres: get a kick Balta
Raspel31: We all love Eddie but I bet no one has him in their team.
GOD: GOD has the C on R. O’Brien tonight!
StuL: Would hate to be playing someone with ROB on the ground. game over
OhSoRozee: chol to kick out balta with soldo back
TheLegend6: Cya jenkins
duckky: I had Eddie about 5 yeaars ago
Oddsy5: jenkins done far out
StuL: Missed out not getting Stack or ROB. Should be a fatal fail really.
willywalks: ouch for jenkins…
Raspel31: Oh dear-Jenkins.
Nuffman: Lol Raspal. SC is a different beast. I don’t have any Bombers in my team either!
OhSoRozee: that hyper was walker like
LuvIt74: keeping O’brian was like having 2 premium Rucks in.. he made up for Grundy & gawn having their bye
Struda: ill take it, rob, laird, naish and smith
Nuffman: Watch the headlines this week dominated by Sydney Stack high fiving Betts after kicking his goal during the game
Catatafish: That’s a tombstone for Jenkins
iamkelly: Regret bringing Houli in, what a trap
duckky: They think Jenkins hyperextension
LuvIt74: 7 of my on field 17 played in this game Laird, Smith, Sloane, O’Brien, Houli, Stack, Balta

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