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Chat log from R12 of 2019: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, R12 of 2019

Yelse: G day everyone
Yelse: Who between Gawn Grundy and oliver for C? need at least 138
JackRipper: Not Oliver. Had a back issue
Yelse: gawn struggled last year against pies didn’t he?
Apachecats: hi yelse
Umpirespet: I’m taking Grundy as I missed Cripps
Apachecats: question mark on all three yelse ,but Gawn as a guess.
BigChief: Neither for me. I think they will both be -100
BigChief: Fight MND the big winner today.
Yelse: took grundy in the end
Umpirespet: No one asked you Chief 🙂
BigChief: No one asked you Umpire 🙂
Raspel31: Afternoon ladies. Phew-Oliver made it on the ground. My cook was goosed on a bye without him.
Ash777: woah lever is back
Raspel31: Thought everyone would have avoided the C on big Max and Grunty in the clash of the titans.
th3rio: gawn and grundy must have each other in their teas.
OhSoRozee: Turnover Central for all my players =(
Umpirespet: So glad we sold Lever
BigChief: Terrible advantage call.
Gandhi: Lever looks a few VFL games short already
OhSoRozee: Best odds on stepho 1st goal scorer almost every game
th3rio: get big oskar on
Apachecats: did Frosty start off in that head bandage.
th3rio: no
BigChief: Head clash with Salem Apache. Both were off with blood rule
Gandhi: Frost and Salem headclash split them both open early
Umpirespet: He was 10-1 rozee nearly took him but cashed out instead
m0nty: that Hore, can’t touch him
Yelse: come grundy lift
OhSoRozee: Hm of u held hore
Umpirespet: You have been waiting 2 weeks to say that haven’t you mOnty
Apachecats: thanks mahatma ,missed the first 2 min of play.
Raspel31: Oh, it is to larff m0nty.
OhSoRozee: Sier a gun just spewen he’s stuck behind players at pies
Umpirespet: Yelse think we took the wrong C lol
dipstick: Ya got ma cap ma?
BigChief: Garlett on De Goey? Surely not.
Raspel31: Hey- we’ve all got 80% same teams- people didn’t cap Danger or Cripps and saved it for this?
Yelse: @ umpirespet looks like it but too early still
Ash777: was Sier 1 of those at pies that signed on last year? would be a good target for blues.
jbjimmyjb: gawn showing grundy how its done
BigChief: WTF is that call?
Apachecats: Absolute rubbish taking that great mark off Howe ,they’re killing this once great game.
teddyt: LMAO delusional collingwood fans that bias they think you’re allowed to kick someone in the back while marking
Yelse: no hands in back no boots in back what game turning to
Umpirespet: Where is Grundy?
bushranger: Horrible decision
Patty19: Bad rule, should be able to do it in the back, not the front
circle52: horrible decision agree
jbjimmyjb: oliver and crisp… please do something (not give away 50m penalties clayton)
Umpirespet: Lol think afl want Melbourne to win a game
thiccgucci: Stay low please grundy. Need you after the byes!
BigChief: OMG yet another pathetic call. What was Moore meant to do? Let McDonald get it and run away?
Pokerface: keep grundy under 75 thanks maxy
jbjimmyjb: agreed poker
OhSoRozee: Hate this dee’s jumper it’s dogs colours
Zee94: Bad decision or otherwise, it’s ironic how robbed collingwood supports feel for umpire calls rofl
thiccgucci: cant believe i chose to captain cogs over gawn hahaha goodbye top 200 rank
Vich: umps destroying this game
BigChief: I love it Rozee. Traditional Dees jumper.
Raspel31: Little Max- luvs ya. Stuck with Danger but my main op gone Grunty.
Oddsy5: cogs trapped @thicc
jbjimmyjb: gucci that is the definition of chasing points
thiccgucci: definitely @jimmy something i pride myself on NOT doing. but i succumbed. thought the old cogs was back
noobcoach: How is thhat a clanger from treloar – wtf
thiccgucci: atleast i had cogs from start and didnt trade him in
BigChief: This really looks like 3rd v 16th.
Umpirespet: Raspel don’t embarrass yourself again remember you saying Sloane couldn’t handle a tag
jbjimmyjb: oliver 8 CPs already wow
OhSoRozee: Surprised no1 has targeted gawn like Port did not even one team attempted since
Raspel31: Resisted the Conigs-phew. Put$600,000 in the war chest for next week .
masterhc2: Surely Dees on track to set record for most goalless qtrs in a season lol
Pokerface: not like teams aren’t beating melbourne anyway rozee
thiccgucci: Atleast with the 200 cogs will get back up to 550k for a nice sideways swap to sloane
noobcoach: Harmes fucken tagging Treloar – 🙁
Raspel31: Do I know you umpire? Please address me as Mr Raspel31.
Apachecats: went conigs rasp and blew all my cash.
masterhc2: Just as I post that lol
Umpirespet: Never call a pom mr
Breezey: What sort of umpiring.
OhSoRozee: @umpire tag was off Sloane when he ran riot gws tried winning ball mids instead
jbjimmyjb: have a small feeling that gawn may break his record score vs Grundy
thiccgucci: as long as hore stays in the team, he is staying in mine.
Raspel31: Apache- came so close. Feel your pain.
nbartos: Grundy only trailing Gawn by 5 – looked like Gawny had way more
Ash777: bet gawn wears a cape at home
heppelitis: Bombers may have OhSo with ZClarke and TBC
jbjimmyjb: gawn is the only reason melbourne are not 18th
Umpirespet: Watching Gilmore girls does it for Maxy
OhSoRozee: Gucci yeh worried about lever being back they play the same intercept role so lever may take his scores when game is bac
Raspel31: nbartos-think it’s all SC here.
jbjimmyjb: I’m trading out Hore next week for probably Ryan, Lever will hurt him too much
Umpirespet: Can Ryan keep it up tho Jimmy?
thiccgucci: Im trading brodie smith before hore. but i agree rozee will see how lever impacts
nbartos: cheers Rasp
BigChief: Luke Ryan is a gun.
OhSoRozee: Opp has proj 64 on brayshaw so I bet he will go big
Ash777: I don’t know if Lever will be intercepting marks so soon after a knee reco. Might have a different role for him.
jbjimmyjb: i dont understand why people are trading smith this week, he got tagged for his 48
OhSoRozee: I’ll dump smith in 2
jbjimmyjb: umpire well what other def options are there? lloyd, williams, sicily, hurn…
cmperrfect: Treloar could have the worst DE of any Mid..
Umpirespet: Same rozee
Raspel31: Oh no- looks like Oliver gawn.
Gandhi: Looks like Frost is done
BigChief: That’s a soft free to Grundy.
thiccgucci: wow. ump has grundy as captain thats for sure. fuck off
Umpirespet: Depends who u have but Lloyd before Ryan for me
circle52: Gee love how the umps can find holding frees (Both ways) from ruck contests.
Apachecats: 50/50 ruck tussle there and they pluck a free out of it.
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing this week?
jbjimmyjb: gift to grundy -_-
Raspel31: My mistake- whoops- apologies.
th3rio: spargos errors so costly
Apachecats: Oliver ,amazed he played at all actually.
BigChief: Frost done for day.
jbjimmyjb: umpire my def is lloyd, williams, crisp, sicily, hore, smith
Umpirespet: Yes thicc I have him C
Breezey: I think the umps went down the slide. Their brains are frozen
Umpirespet: Then go for it Jimmy sadly I have crisp as well
Apachecats: Reckon OBaker would beat anyone over 50 metres,
jbjimmyjb: BT thinks that legs can be decapitated
BigChief: Hunt is quicker Apache.
Pokerface: lol jimmy
Umpirespet: Galluci is quick to
jbjimmyjb: Balta is quicker Big Chief
BigChief: BT is a grey headed flog.
OhSoRozee: I’d say rankine at gc is quicker
Pokerface: Blic would take him over 1500 though.
Umpirespet: If Balta is quick Sauce Jacob’s is a Jet
Apachecats: That got a discussion going ,luv to see a race between them all.
jbjimmyjb: I get so happy seeing oliver, gawn and grundy at the top, and then i look for Crisp…
Apachecats: I hear ROB is pretty good at 2000m
Umpirespet: Only takes him 50 steps to do 2km Apache
jbjimmyjb: Balta is the equal fastest in the AFL with Rohan, look it up
cmperrfect: Cmon Pendles, find the pill son
Apachecats: Tipping 120 SC for both ruckmen.
Seiya: Tall people always look slow when they sprint, watch Usain Bolt run. Balta is quick
Yelse: whats moore doing get some disposals
original: Is gawn still alive
Gandhi: Usain Bolt has never looked slow sprinting…
nbartos: wondering same original lol
Seiya: I mean compared to the other runners, his legs aren’t moving as fast
OhSoRozee: Yoyo ruck contest both probz barely ton
BigChief: And Coll picked Cox over Reid?
original: Me thinking I’d be trading Hore now lever and May are back..AS IF
Umpirespet: Raise your legs Hore up to half a ton
original: Nbartos oh there he is
noobcoach: Harmes is tagging Treloar
jbjimmyjb: wtf happened to you crisp you were so good last year 🙁
OhSoRozee: Original 2 early to tell coz both aren’t up to afl speed yet
Raspel31: Cox was all over Hore there. We all have Grunty and Max-it’s the side show. Carn Oliver.
Pokerface: @raspel i fielded reilly over grundy this week
BigChief: How does Sier not get a game until now?
original: Pies does sier get to Carlton next year? On the outer and only 57% game time so far..
cmperrfect: Harmed, to Hore, to Hibberd, to Hannan… Haha
Raspel31: Um Poker- really???
masterhc2: You would not expect Gawn to have double grundys possies at HT
AuroraBore: @bigchief He was injured for the start of the season (foot i think), and then he had some poor form in the vfl
Zee94: Why was Hoskin-Elliot on bench for so long?
Pokerface: yes. grundy with ankle concern. bad record against max. and i had to open up pods as my h2h was shot
jbjimmyjb: Jack Crisp that’s it you’re out next week sick of your crap
OhSoRozee: That hore needs to start at premo rates
Raspel31: Brave gamble- but a gamble alas Poker.
Pokerface: well it gave me a faint chance. if i didn’t i had zero chance.
Pokerface: not like i had a bench anywhere else i could rotate!
Pinkman: @original I like the Sier idea
Umpirespet: O’Brien did well tho did ton up
Raspel31: Oh Poker- I held $600,000 as a war chest for next week and when I heard Oliver was unlikely to play I felt fear.
Pokerface: yes he gave me a faint chance UP.
Pokerface: 600k! money in the bank doesn’t score you points.
Pokerface: and that’s Mr. Pokerface to you raspel.
Apachecats: BT -“are they the 2 dominant ruckman in the competition” -der!
Umpirespet: Ouch lol
Pokerface: lol Apache
Raspel31: Ha ha Poker- but it does on a bye when you’re not covered. Was covered this week.
Yelse: out of grundy gawn and oliver i did choose the wrong one so far 🙁
Raspel31: Too cowardly to choose either Yelse.
thiccgucci: do we reckon its worth to upgrade goldstein to grundy? considering team almost complete with premos
Umpirespet: I would thicc aslong as Grundy’s ankle is better after his bye
Pokerface: not sure of a universe in which no is a valid answer gucci
Vogesy69: thiccgucci if you have trades then yessir
Raspel31: No-makes no sense to upgrade to the best ruck in the comp thicc- hmm?
Yelse: how many trades everyone left
thiccgucci: hahah alright convinced.
Oddsy5: how many trades does everyone have left?
Umpirespet: 15 still not sure that is enough
BigChief: 14 tgrades left for me.
Apachecats: 14 left oddsy
jbjimmyjb: 13, and using 6 in the next 2 weeks
dipstick: That’s a great win vodka. My best has been a 198/1 multi
Oddsy5: i have 18 but i spose im a few premos behind everyone
circle52: try 10 left so am stuffed.
masterhc2: Anyone else on the ladbrokes promo – Grundy/Gawn 70 hitouts 1 goal?
Raspel31: That’s a very personal question Oddsy but we seem united on 14- yep 14.
Pokerface: some people are still allowed on ladbrokes promos?
Umpirespet: Na Master but had money on Josh Jenkins first goal sat night
dipstick: 19 trades left
Pusti: Goodwin should put Hore on Cox.
Apachecats: GOD has 28 trades left.
jbjimmyjb: GOD probably has 30 trades left
m0nty: Jaidyn riding Hore like a…
masterhc2: Yeah lost enough on random tennis multis I’ve only on the email warning stage haha pokerface
Yelse: cmonnn grundy get to 80 3QT
Gandhi: This would be a flogging if Stephenson kicked straight
Pokerface: no, Cox would destroy Hore with the size difference
Raspel31: If you’re a contender dipstick I simply don’t believe that.
Pokerface: they do warnings now? well i guess that’s something
BigChief: Big Cox destroys Hore.
Apachecats: mindreader jimmyjb
Pokerface: i choose my words BC
thiccgucci: grundy looking sore and lethargic. have a sit on the pine mate, take the qtr off
Raspel31: Cox is simply down Hores throat. Too big for him to handle.
dipstick: Couldn’t give a fat rats what you believe raspel. I made zero trades for the first five rounds
Yeehaw: That hunt goal has all but basically secured my multi
Pokerface: agree gucci. the game is won. rest him up Bucks
jbjimmyjb: come on dees
Raspel31: Thank you for your positive and always uplifting words dipstick. I still don’t believe you.
Umpirespet: CD must have gawn
thiccgucci: get involved hore
BigChief: No chance you are a contender dipstick if you have 19 trades left.
jbjimmyjb: UP gawn has been huge, so many HOTA
nbartos: Hore Levers Cox inside, its a tight Fritsch but its all Gawn in!
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing today? Back on the ball?
dipstick: @rsspel then you’re pretty shit at maths then einstein
jbjimmyjb: oliver still thinks it’s half time
Pokerface: is top 50k still a contender?
cmperrfect: Pendlebury Pendle Poo today
Raspel31: My point exactly BigChief.
Breezey: @ NBartos. They didn’t have a go at the Sidebottom hey
Umpirespet: Jimmy was baiting poker for a bit of fun
zoomba23: Hore the 3rd quarter has started my friend
Umpirespet: If it is I’m in with a small chance poker
feralmong: Some interesting pornhub commentary today.
dipstick: @bgchef what’s a contender? I’m only 6000th odd. Hardly a chance but I’ll do fine from now til the end 😯
Pokerface: einstein was actually pretty good at maths.
nbartos: Breezeyyyy..
Pokerface: UP i just figured it was now…
Raspel31: Dipstick- take your anger elsewhere. All pals here.
Umpirespet: Dipstick you have me covered m8
PlungeMe: forgot who asked but Brayshaw has been at centre bounces a bit
Yelse: whats wrong with grundy not even getting possessions
Pokerface: run as far as you like Hunt
dipstick: Yeh raspel all mates when you accuse people of lying. Lol. Top mate
Umpirespet: Sorry Mr Poker am a bit bored
jbjimmyjb: yelse grundy’s carrying an injury
m0nty: back on the game please
Umpirespet: We picked as C yelse sure death note
Breezey: Sidey
nbartos: Surely Mayne is on Bucks dropping radar?
jbjimmyjb: oliver 5 points for the quarter
DrSeuss: Thanks Plunge – traded him a few weeks ago waiting for his return to the centre ugh
OhSoRozee: Pre bad scores today
NugzNiggle: Onya Treloar.
Raspel31: Sorry m0nty. Not my intention.. Gawny is a god.
GobChuck: not a bad end to the week having top 4 dees, treloar and grundy for sc
Yelse: they have missed a few hit outs to Adv for grundy
Pokerface: no they haven’t, melb mids have gotten so many of his hits
PlungeMe: Ive held because im committed now, he’ll be traded out over my dead body
Pinkman: Salem having a mare of a game
jbjimmyjb: game over, melbourne look exhaustedd
TheLegend6: Whats everyone on track for in SC?
mattmac24: Marty Hore pushing for a permanent D6 spot in supercoach
thiccgucci: Ump looks stupid with that gopro vest
OhSoRozee: 2k with under performer in this
jbjimmyjb: 2100 if grundy and crisp lift a bit
cmperrfect: So glad I took Dangers VC
Pokerface: the pet pig banned from walking the streets in wangaratta?! well i’ll be!
Raspel31: I really want to know about the pet pig banned from walking the streets of Wangaratta?g
SilverLion: Sier>Beams
Pokerface: lol raspel!
exatekk: 2150 hopefully!
Oddsy5: proj 2000 with a 0 as captain so 2150 if all proj goes well
OhSoRozee: Adams probz take sier spot
Umpirespet: Why are they walking Sam Powell pepper in wangaratta
Sixty656: Just needed grundy to hit 120 to get the win, pretty pissed tbh
Breezey: I think Adams takes Browns spot
thiccgucci: playing only 16 with cogs C, will get 1850 if lucky
Hadouken: anyone else hold brayshaw for one more week ?
Breezey: In the bye rounds, Has anyone ever had their C not in the Top 18 scorers. That’s me
Pokerface: he never scores well against gawn 656
Oddsy5: who breezey? cogs?
Pokerface: are you serious Breezey? who?
feralmong: does he then get excluded breezey?
Raspel31: That’s harsh Breezy- and nup. Who?
shang0: Cripps 😀
Gandhi: Brown isn’t a straight swap for Adams. Seems highly unlikely given past teams.
Breezey: I tried something different and went Higgins against the Suns.
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake “Dependlebury” get a fucking kick
Breezey: I am assuming he gets excluded from the 18 best scorers
thiccgucci: come on hore get to the ton
Umpirespet: Better than a donut breezey
Stu7: Fatbar5stad Pendlebury is injured
jbjimmyjb: melbourne 33% scoring efficiency, they’re trying to lose
Oddsy5: gotta love marty hore. what a pickup
Umpirespet: Thicc I would wait a few weeks on Grundy will lose some cash here
Stu7: @jbjimmyjb when aren’t Melbourne trying to,lose
feralmong: 10 more points gawny and i hit 2100.
Stu7: Nothing like a cheap Hore
Raspel31: Are we rather grateful Oliver made it on the ground and Gawn has conquered Grunty,
OhSoRozee: Gawns score is shit for all his disposals
PlungeMe: of course when i need gawn to go low he has a career high in touches
jbjimmyjb: rozee his efficiency has killed a potential 200
Oddsy5: cant believe some traded hore out when he was injured
OhSoRozee: Borrowed tablet so can’t c that
dipstick: Crisp is more like craps. Get to 80 at least
OhSoRozee: Probz lose with brayshaw and if gawn gets 180
Raspel31: Does anyone have better hands than Oliver. Not that I know him personally.
SydneyRox: hey, did anyone see the eagles game?? 🙂
jbjimmyjb: dipstick you got him with that one
OhSoRozee: Butters raspel
PlungeMe: tom mcdonald might be the worst kick in the game
Pokerface: george costanza
jbjimmyjb: BT just called Crisp a beautiful kick ahaha
cmperrfect: Pendles worst game of the season so far
Struda: grundy trash fuck
Struda: heaps of points still too
dipstick: Absolutely loving arty hore
thiccgucci: bucks silly to be risking grundy. game won. take a seat big fella
OhSoRozee: I broke him cmpand worse was Walsh I traded
happytimes: Finally Brayshaw
Oddsy5: gawn makin the dees look good
Raspel31: OhSoRozee- quel desastre. Think I’m keeping him now like Kelly last year.
nick2397: Gawn = either star or atlas
zoomba23: Gawn has carried the Dees this year
cmperrfect: Nice work Hore
OhSoRozee: Think I’ll lose with opp 17 fielded
Breezey: He hasn’t carried them very far Zoomba.
Breezey: Their all on his back and he can’t walk.
Struda: hore is my biggest regret
Yelse: why doesn’t moore take the kick in any more
PlungeMe: needed grundy high and gawn low, you know what happened next
Oddsy5: ROB is my biggest regret didnt take him
thiccgucci: tom mcdonald is the worst player on the field
Raspel31: Metoo Struda- still on antibiotics.
DrSeuss: 1 or 2 more weeks of this and Brayshaw might be worth a trade back in
Umpirespet: Ouch Oddsy best cash cow of the year
Drak: Hore’s always are Struda
Breezey: BT not talking up the contest anymore
Oddsy5: yeah but to be fair ROB wasnt scoring points on ground for many, whereas hore was so maybe id rather hore
BestCoast: GAWNY greeting all
Breezey: How is that HTB
thiccgucci: safe to say gawn won the matchup?
Breezey: Gawn and CD in love with each other
Drak: Coz he was holding the ball
TheLegend6: Breezey you’re up by 40 relax lmao
Oddsy5: poor gawn
Crave: Lol how? Fawn dominated, deserved score
obione05: Now do we trade Hore next week?
Struda: gawn 34 touches wowweeee
Gandhi: A lazy 34 disposals and 33 taps. What a beast Gawn is.
supervery: did you watch Gawn today Breezey? obviously not. Absolutely torched Grundy. Shameful the rest of the team can be so bad
Bennyherb: Melbourne by far worst forward line in the comp . Every week they handball untill it gets turned over in there 50 shit
Pokerface: scale down brodie!
The0Grrr: Worst team in the comp more like it

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