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Chat log from R12 of 2019: Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs West Coast, R12 of 2019

Apachecats: Can’t get this on Google crome platform ,only Internet explorer
PlungeMe: West Coast missing Josh Smith for me
Apachecats: up on Google Chrome now
Apachecats: In 10 SC leagues ,all 10 have Lloyd and 9 have Heeney.Both will play blinders no doubt.
noobcoach: just got on
missmagic: where the twitter feed?relying on afl website for final teams is nervy
Gandhi: Twitter feed is still there for me
circle52: I have Lloyd as C Apache so he will die later
circle52: with my sc this year for sure he will fade.
Apachecats: Worried circle .Usually his 2nd half is his best ,anyway will be good for you bad for me.
shang0: Cripps VS and my oppononent having Hurn on the field has gotten me the win by at least 300 points.
Dogs5416: Lloyd 10 touches, 2 tackles, going at 70%de, doesn’t deserve to be 16 behind his DT
thiccgucci: hope heeney can put together a 4 qtr performance
poolboybob: Might as well give Lloyd the seagull now
Apachecats: yeah poolboy ,no CL ,No CP ,just a receiver.
BigChief: Enjoy your holiday Rioli.
thiccgucci: how many did setterfield get for pretty much same thing? 2?
BigChief: I think so gucci
penguins00: I doubt O’Riordan will come back on which doesn’t help Rioli
thiccgucci: get back on the field heeney ffs
Gandhi: 2 weeks for willie seems about right
Woosha 73: You seriously think Vardy will get cited Monty?
penguins00: Thurlows already back out there so Vardy will be fine
SilverLion: If thurlow and riordan ar eboth concussed, rioli and vardy will both go. thats how the system works
SilverLion: **are both
Apachecats: Vardy a dirty bum.Gave poor old Gawny CPR the other day while He was winded helpless on the turf.
SilverLion: If theyre fine, then theyll get off.
J_Herer: Vardy will go for that
Apachecats: Heeney having a nice spell.
Woosha 73: He didn’t get anywhere near his head.
poolboybob: Vardy sucks so I’m okay with him getting several weeks
zoomba23: Lol Vardy and Rioli. Turned into WWE
thiccgucci: would that count as a goal assist from heeney?
Apachecats: Hope Rotham goes OK and can hold his spot ,2 out on suspension will help.
thiccgucci: why does parker have a great season the year i dont pick him? but when i do he is shit
PlungeMe: i assume rotham will go when hurn comes back
obione05: PPL thinking Vardy will get suspended lol
Beast_Mode: the muppets have no idea thats all lol
poolboybob: Eagles struggling to defend without Hurn and Barrass
thiccgucci: Heeney been useless this quarter
cmperrfect: 1 pos for almost a half, nice Beaker
amigaman: Hahahahaha heeney
BigChief: Heeney been useless most of the year.
Oddsy5: anyone else had rotham for 6 weeks or just me
penguins00: Heeney’s back in the midfield for the past 3 mins
wadaramus: Didn’t have the nuts to put the C on Lloyd, still got it on Grundy :/
Apachecats: just got him oddsy
thiccgucci: was tempted but didnt like his chances of getting another game post bye
Oddsy5: just cos he was in? @apache
Apachecats: yeah odds ,been waiting for him.
J_Herer: Eagles need space for their slow structured game plan, quick entry working well for swans
Apachecats: Swans down to one rotation ,this could get interesting.
poolboybob: You know it’s not your day when you’re making the Swans forwards look explosive and dangerous
obione05: Unfortunately we just know how to play Buddy into form
poolboybob: lol nice one Jetta, always a smart idea to kick a moon ball 30m out from your own goal
obione05: Lewis Jetta should be back to 0 SC points for that kick
Bevo11: Rotham won’t play when hurn is back
obione05: For Jetta he should
poolboybob: Potato for Vardy
J_Herer: Lots of spuds at WCE today
chinkas: lift florent… LIFFFT
Oddsy5: rotham -4 in the last 20 mins fuck. sake
Apachecats: Any chance of getting a touch Rotham ,its been 45 min since your last one.
shang0: Tom Hickey / Nathan Vardy are the worst ruck combo in the comp
thiccgucci: not sure if franklin playing magnificently or if wce are shit
poolboybob: Star for Spuddy, rock for Rampe, seagull Lloyd
Gandhi: How many more years before WCE win at SCG
zoomba23: Gaff the leading CP winner on the ground. Day to remember
BestCoast: J_Herer whole team of spuds at WCE today flower c$&ts
Apachecats: are we in a freeze?
pcaman2003: Has Petrol been anywhere near the play this qtr?
BestCoast: J_Herer whole team of spuds at WCE today flower c@&ts
Dogs5416: 20 years is a long time to not win at SCG.. Eagles look second rate
Sixty656: Been waiting for so long to get rid of Petrol…. first trade next week – BOOM!
thiccgucci: If heeney cracks the ton im gonna be a happy man
J_Herer: need 20 touches from Sheppard, Hurn is out, get the flowering ball
Apachecats: wasted 2 trades this year ,Fort and Rotham.
pcaman2003: Wasted my trade on useless Petrol.
Dogs5416: Aliir aliir has been great today, made to look good by a useless eagles though
noobcoach: Rotham very dissapointing….
Nuffman: cmon heeney, so close to that ton!
J_Herer: Gaff will be cheap soon
original: Had to bring someone in for cover in draft. Picked cripps over buddy and papley and mills ffs
Nuffman: seriously.. i thought my throat surgery was painful.. watching Heeney creep to 100 is moreso!
pcaman2003: Painfull watching Petrol play crap footy. Spud!
MONEY TALK: i have to keep u now heeney
noobcoach: GG up the swans.
J_Herer: shep gets 19, somes up those WCE spuds, horrible
obione05: This will be the only time Buddy gets a 100 and its a bye week in Draft lol
Gandhi: Shep was fine

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