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Chat log from R13 of 2019: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R13 of 2019

thiccgucci: got Boak, Duursma, Fyfe, Bewley in this one
PlungeMe: exact same gucci with Fyfe VC
Umpirespet: Fyfe VC boak and Ryan h we re
Zambo: Bewley, Duursma, Fyfe, Gray, Mundy for mine
thiccgucci: Fyfe VC for me too!
thiccgucci: into cripps
PlungeMe: great minds think alike I guess
Gelly: fyfe into cripps for me
thiccgucci: Got an eye on walters, gray and ryan too!
PlungeMe: into cripps here as well
Struda: fyfe vc, boak, duursma and bewley
thiccgucci: what was that from freo?
frenzy: welcome back heartless
OhSoRozee: weird my opp had fyfe vc and cripps c but he swapped them lol so he cant use vc
Ash777: my vc is cripps. It’s make or bust for him or I’d have to try Goldy or ziebell as C.
BRAZZERS: thought about vc fyfe but went cripps and Josh Kelly C instead
Ash777: I’m unsure how he’s going to go with dunkley, libba and bont as the main mid team this time.
thiccgucci: cripps into kelly would have been ideal if i had kelly haha
OhSoRozee: same here brazzers
Gelly: was very tempted to get blakely this week
OhSoRozee: dont forget deboer might go to ziebell that or cunnington
Umpirespet: Freo doin their best Gold Coast atm
DrSeuss: Bought in Logue and Fyfe this week. Not going how I thought it would so far lol
thiccgucci: ryan looking very very good
OhSoRozee: hartlett looks even more nimble after knee reco than b4
PlungeMe: I missed Hammer
Struda: went sicily over ryan lolll fml
jbjimmyjb: i got sicily and ryan this week lol
thiccgucci: good bewley. not sure why they playing u fwd pocket but
jbjimmyjb: yay bewley
Struda: hartlett 8 touches already shit me
J_Herer: kick a bag Bewley
wadaramus: Bloody bewdy bubble boy Bewley!
OhSoRozee: kick up boak
thiccgucci: come on boak dont do this
Ash777: wtf is boak doing at the bottom!
thiccgucci: nice goal
V@lks: Traded in Boak over Dunkley. Slow start eek.
OhSoRozee: conca might b running with boak
jbjimmyjb: speak up: who broke boak? i started with him and he’s gotten progressively worse as time’s passed
Umpirespet: Nicer goal
Pokerface: sorry jimmy
original: bewley kick deemed ineffective but leads to a goal lol?
Ash777: do smothers count in sc?
thiccgucci: conca on gray apparantly
Pokerface: yes ash
OhSoRozee: marshall scaled down and billings up
OhSoRozee: yes ash big 1 percenters
penguins00: Boak next to Mundy at the last stoppage. Mundy didn’t even look at him.
original: brought wilson in in raft for bye coverage smh
thiccgucci: imaGINE fyfe liked to kick it!
OhSoRozee: not bothering to consider hartlett injury plagued career
jbjimmyjb: its very hard to kick the ball when you’re an inside mid which 10 guys tackling you (fyfe, cripps, cunners)
PlungeMe: Farrell is apparently 182cm – always thought he was a little fella
thiccgucci: i understand that jimmy, but u cant deny he likes the hands more than the foot
StuL: Last minute decision to get
OhSoRozee: uncharted territory for port dont normally start well
StuL: Sorry, I broke Boak.
PlungeMe: Houston playing predominatly mid not defense
PlungeMe: Duursma’s decision making can be horrid at times
OhSoRozee: @plunge yeh 2 many back flankers at port
jbjimmyjb: that wasn’t duursma’s fault plunge
hinsch: J Hogan not to sure he is going to be the great saviour for Freo not done much
PlungeMe: reckon we might have found one in farrell
Stu7: What’s with Boak? Just bought him in 😩
Ash777: I’d like Farrell at dogs. Need some good set shot players lol.
Drak: yeh motlop called for it
OhSoRozee: farrell come through lower ranks best kick at every test aswell
J_Herer: Dockers drifted for 2 days in betting, punter knew they would be flat some how
Drak: Agreed Plunge, great speed and kicking accuracy
Donzoes: had blakley all week then decided to go w/ Hurley
PlungeMe: not even that, kicked straight to an opponent like 2 mins earlier
Raspel31: Haven’t seen Switoski since the 2nd Alien movie and obviously still in shock.
wadaramus: Fair Dinkum Mundy, what is wrong with you?!
wolfheart: Farrell is a player. Port’s drafting has been top notch.
StuL: I know other Stu. I know he doesn’t score well in Perth but thought I better get him in case he goes bang. Opp has him
zoomba23: Ok who killed Boak
StuL: Boak was only 50% TOG for much of the qtr. Come one Ken.
OhSoRozee: @stul yeh elite runner 2 so mustve started bench or a niggle
Jackwatt$: Mundy & Boak have been fantastic players but it’s a long season and they’re getting on. Don’t expect scores all year an
original: boak to average 80 for rest of the year
wadaramus: Boak feeling the extra weight after 12K traded him in this week.
OhSoRozee: bad signs when top 3 at freo are defenders
StuL: Probably Original
OhSoRozee: but yeh no rocky/wines so any tag would go boaks way if they do it
OhSoRozee: stratton straight to tribunal btw
original: gr8 boak
Raspel31: Just so nobody is stressing unduly as I care for you all- I don’t own Boak. But early days lads and ladies.
thiccgucci: atleast ive experienced boaks brilliance at the start of the year
StuL: They should count the number of pinches and that is the number of times players can punch Stratton
stuballs: So taking Boak over Dunkley or Ryan might have been a mistake..
Pokerface: that was not high by boak you bald headed umpire
Dead_Ned: yes walters!
Pokerface: he’s had a 2 week break Jack!
OhSoRozee: 670 only owned blakely b4 this round
nick2397: Good start Walters, Fyfe and Bewley!
pcaman2003: Third time I’ve seen Butters runs straight past the ball.
OhSoRozee: port lucky there over played
Schillaci: at least 671 now OhSoRozee I’ve got him
thiccgucci: good boak!!!!
Pokerface: boaky!!
pcaman2003: Boak finally did something at last.
OhSoRozee: didnt think gray been around it much but that score
thiccgucci: theres a bitta feeling in this one
PlungeMe: can’t imagine what its like to get home ground advantage from the umpires. seems to be lost for port at AO
zoomba23: Lol wtf was that free for
pcaman2003: Fyfe everywhere as usual.
frenzy: stinky mundy, nice
LeFtBehinD: Who dat goal umpire?
Ash777: that’s the 2nd time I’ve seen she’s been knocked in a game.
LuvIt74: Boak lift ffs
OhSoRozee: port did this a few yrs back against freo lost their heads and freo scored 3 goals and ended up losing
pcaman2003: Where r u Butters? Stop disappearing on me
J_Herer: dirty port
thiccgucci: wtf was that from westhoff?
OhSoRozee: well my opp not using a vc and c on fyfe has paid off
cmperrfect: Fyfe loving the VC this week
OhSoRozee: 40 goal game by looks of this
original: logue looking good
original: spok too soon
wadaramus: Brought Lycett in this week as R/F cover for the rest of the season.
Raspel31: Who is this Gold Logue?
cmperrfect: Lycett having a field day
OhSoRozee: nice work wada i woulda gone lobb if he didnt get injured
Stu7: Trust me to have Motlop and Rozee duds
wadaramus: That was my plan Rozee, but had to change tack when he got injured.
Yelse: guys relax fife still a long way off… till he hits 130+ not sold yet
pcaman2003: Boak starting to lift.
Drak: Boak has had a decent qtr
thiccgucci: boak absolutely lifted this qtr
Raspel31: Chose to sit out rucks for trades sake wada- but good call. He’s ether 100 or 40.
wadaramus: Wasn’t super confident, but having the R/F is part of the plan.
Dead_Ned: wow ryan hasn’t got any points in like 7 mins
J_Herer: Cant wait to get rid of Rozee this week, in a FWD pocket now always
jbjimmyjb: ryan’s been on the bench for the last 7 mins ned
OhSoRozee: yeh gonna b a yoyo season from him but i think ill do the same and hope for pod top score week
Raspel31: I don’t think anyone has told Rozee the game has started Stu- not so bright over there.
JRedden: rozee is struggling out there today
Dead_Ned: that explains it
thiccgucci: whats the point of having a ruck/forward dpp? use on bench as loophole?
YoungGun: ryan hasn’t been on field for ages, TOG still dropping
OhSoRozee: @thicc yeh and injury
YoungGun: ryan back on now
jbjimmyjb: ryan finally back on the ground
wadaramus: Bines at R3 means if Gawn or Grundy miss a week I can swing Lycett into ruck.
zoomba23: Bewley’s a player, just needs the opportunity to prove himself. Over to you Ross
Tig-Train: Where are all the boak haters gone? Haha
OhSoRozee: just worried wat the tall affect will have when dixon comes back next fortnight
StacksOn: Go on lycett you star
thiccgucci: that was almost beautiful from bewley. shows so much promise
OhSoRozee: @tig lost all hope so no care factor i spoze lol
beerent11: If only we could trust gray to stay midfield he’d be in my team
Raspel31: Just think a lot to spend for a one game- hopefully- player wada- and a trade gone.
pcaman2003: Butters stinking it up for me.Not good!
OhSoRozee: i fell into the vc trap of not vcing cripps lastweek but my opp did so i vced him this week when opp has fyfe c
Pokerface: raspel i assume he also fills in for a forward line injury/out
BigChief: @Rozee what’s your boy doing today? He is killing me.
original: walters is having some year! would love a player like that at carlton
Stu7: Rozee any idea why doing so bad?
pcaman2003: Motlop you giant spud.
Pokerface: swinging f7/r3, not pure r3
cobrakai00: Sooo glad we flicked Motflop
OhSoRozee: he felt no love from me coz i chopped him b4 at his bye
Vogesy69: walters and fyfe, enjoying this
StuL: Bloody Walters. Still on my never again list. Will no doubt miss 6 weeks with injury or suspension soon
Raspel31: And the eternal question as I head out. A fyfe in the hand or a Cripps in the bush? Leaning Cripps.
Stu7: Motslop
zoomba23: Jesus Walters is impressive
OhSoRozee: rozee should still get a 50 pt 2nd half
Umpirespet: That was Burton not motlop who was caught in the centre
beerent11: But think libba May play tight on him
OhSoRozee: @umpire yeh motlop gave it to him but burton probz called it
NugzNiggle: Onya Bewley. Keep goin’ ya Nugget.
Umpirespet: That’s why Lyon is a crap commentator never gets players right rozee
Raspel31: Hmm- definitely possible beer- hmm?
penguins00: It never stops Lyon from ripping into a bloke he wants to. Even if it was a different player who made the mistake.
Shihan7: Shouldn’t Walters have the purple superman cape??? It’s wharfie time!
beerent11: Blakely a very good value d5 or d6 I reckon
noobcoach: do i keep mundy?
beerent11: Page refreshed mid comment raspel.
OhSoRozee: think ill get walters in at f6-7 mid 8-9 dpp switch cover if he misses
OhSoRozee: not gonna pick up blakely no game continuity throughout career to date
Schillaci: Blakely could score like a D2 even beerent, pricetag is tempory I feel
cmperrfect: Go Logue
OhSoRozee: especially at end of season he hasnt played many games i think fatigue on his body causes a break down
Raspel31: No- I meant the Libba tag- beer. All good.
frenzy: keep him noob
thiccgucci: stratton is an embarrassment as a captain. hope he gets weeks
OhSoRozee: 74 be on lycett so gonna b expensive pick up think ill go walters who had be of 58
beerent11: Don’t think it’ll be a tag on Cripps raspel just think after last week they’ll be all over him tonight
Gelly: need a lobster symbol for stratton ‘Mr Pinchy’
OhSoRozee: although an even lower proj to lycett vs geelong
OhSoRozee: b/e not proj*
dipstick: Ya need ta lyft captain fyfe
OhSoRozee: jonas koed
Raspel31: Tend to agree beer- heading out the door and cap back on Fyfe- fingers crossed.
Stu7: Motlop and Burgess – dumb & dumber!!!
Gandhi: Jonas looks ok
Stu7: Only Motlop could pull off 14 possessions, 1 goal 1 and only get 30 points!
OhSoRozee: i still think jonas will b done once he comes off
Umpirespet: Thanks Brownie for calling out Gaarry
heppelitis: piss off Lycett. score big so I trade you In,,,stink it up so trade out, now big
OhSoRozee: hm of u still got duursma
noobcoach: mundy gotta go
Pokerface: walters probably has a few brownlow votes actually
Dead_Ned: @ rozee i still have him, still got a low BE
Tig-Train: Some of the early jumping port rookies have hit massive walls
ConVoid: i still got duursma
jbjimmyjb: rozee i do, holding him till rnd 15
V@lks: wharfie time
pcaman2003: Killing me Butters. FFS do something
noobcoach: durrsma still strong
Raspel31: How is Rozee back to 8- aaarrrggghhh!
jbjimmyjb: i don’t understand mundy’s inconsistency, no reason for it
OhSoRozee: yeh mundy has 198 be gonna drop 37k with 115 score so expect a 60k dro
Gandhi: I’m surprised drew isn’t getting games right now
noobcoach: i kind of hhave to keep him then
Pokerface: giving away a 50 didnt help raspel
OhSoRozee: yeh drew is doin 30 dispoals 10 clearance games in sanfl i think just lacking pressure
Raspel31: Cheers Poker- missed it, was putting on my make up.
OhSoRozee: wines will be back next week so cant see drew in right away
OhSoRozee: bs play shoulda been atleast 1 hball call to port
Pokerface: i hope you didnt go ruby red again.. it makes you look cheap
Raspel31: Lol Poker- ha ha.
penguins00: Still can’t believe Melbourne traded Hogan
DrSeuss: Bewley and Fyfe have gone quiet this qtr
jbjimmyjb: come on fyfe, havent touched it for 10 minutes
OhSoRozee: hogan pick up in 1 league looks handy
Pokerface: are you talking draft Rozee?
beerent11: Boak and Fyfe on each other splitting their points not good if you own them both
Dead_Ned: fyfe has gone very quite this qtr
thiccgucci: darcy is shit. i wonder how much that impacts fyfe mundy and walters scoring
noobcoach: beer 🙁
OhSoRozee: sorry sites breaking when i chat
Pokerface: otherwise how do you trade hogan in ‘1 league’?
OhSoRozee: i handle family league
Pokerface: so you have 5 teams then?
Pokerface: sorry.. ‘handle’ 5 teams
zoomba23: Lol how feral are Freo fans. Nothing to complain about with that call yet they carry on like no ones business
OhSoRozee: just the 2
PlungeMe: tbf thats any home fans zoomba
JRedden: massive quarter by rozee, props to him
OhSoRozee: fantasy and supercoach
DrSeuss: Cheers Beer, I certainly have both. Traded in Fyfe this week
thiccgucci: get involved again bewley and duursma
zoomba23: I notice it with Freo and Port fans in particular Plunge. Most other groups of home fans are reasonable
StuL: Port and Freo fans are feral. No doubt.
Nigma97: Adelaide just as bad too
Umpirespet: lol Zoomba norf fans can be feral when they turn up which is rarely
zoomba23: As a North fan, you
thiccgucci: wow boak has absolutely launched
StuL: Never tear my flanny apart
Umpirespet: And geelong in geelong is like visiting Tasmania
jbjimmyjb: boak been huge since quarter time
PlungeMe: geelong fans at great either – my point, all fans at home are feral
zoomba23: Umpirespet: As a North fan, you’re not wrong, but usually we’re ok. Defs not on the level of Freo and Port fans
Pokerface: hows that family league then rozee? your story has very much changed tack now ..
Nigma97: also, speaking of Feral
Dead_Ned: essendon can be shocking, the umpires lost us the game.. wah wah
OhSoRozee: every1 has those fans just more fans for some dependant on club based
StuL: Especially playing a vic team. They’re proud by have an inferiority complex
mattmac24: Every club has feral fans.
OhSoRozee: my mum makes a team and i handle it
Umpirespet: So ur not zoomba23 on bigfooty?
StuL: VC Fyfe looking awkward
thiccgucci: boak got the better of fyfe that qtr
OhSoRozee: both in fantasy and sc
Umpirespet: Sorry Zoomba forget my last comment
Pokerface: so you don’t have your own dt team then if its 1 dt and 1 sc
Dead_Ned: big finish fyfe!
cmperrfect: Put down the glasses on Logue now, all 4th qtr points a bonus
jbjimmyjb: cripps is likely to go crazy again tonight i reckon, excited for his break next week
OhSoRozee: brought hogan into her team i only have 1 of them
mattmac24: It’s dumb not to take Zerrett at VC yeah? Projected to lose by 20 and both opp and I have Cripps C for now
PlungeMe: might just match oppo with C Cripps
OhSoRozee: she sets and forgets about it normally
Umpirespet: So stuff up her team and not yours rozee?
OhSoRozee: she needed a cheap pod so went hogan
Pokerface: @mattmac do you have kelly tomorrow to see how tonight pans out?
OhSoRozee: loop him off the bench
Umpirespet: Matt 138 I would take
mattmac24: Williams is the only Sunday player I’ve got
OhSoRozee: just on the fact he should b jelling with game plan and team mates to back end high end avg
penguins00: I’d roll the dice on zerrett and hope cripps has a small influence. that’s if you’re behind in the matchup
OhSoRozee: i got cunners/williams/kelly
OhSoRozee: it take 115 vc during a bye round never know wat could happen
Umpirespet: Cripps could do a hammy (hoping not the)
Sillybugga: Does Cripps still go big in a loss?
Drak: God our game is so over umpired, the Lycett FA was so not necessary
thiccgucci: Cripps is not going small tonight.
OhSoRozee: 1st and only draw of the season here to mix up the top 8
mattmac24: It’s Boak, William’s, Garnder & Walsh + 120 against butters, fyfe, duurs, Daniel and Gibbons
Pokerface: he’s had plenty of big scores last year and this year silly.. and not many wins..
Sillybugga: its no longer our game 🙁
Nigma97: I hope you’re right thicc
BestCoast: Risking 138 madness in this climate
zoomba23: Get Bewley on field Ross you flog. How is he supposed to demonstrate his talent if he doesn’t get game time
Sillybugga: still time for Fyfe to get a match winner 😉
zoomba23: Silly….. remember his 187 last year against the Pies? Yeah that was in a loss
thiccgucci: fyfe looks sore
Patty19: Fyfe just kicked his leg into the smother, looked sore :/
StuL: Anyone at the dogs likely to try and clamp Cripps?
PlungeMe: havent watched the full game so i might be wrong but 30-15 free kicks seems ridiculous
Umpirespet: Thought libba used to tag
thiccgucci: True story: friend met cripps at a cafe on thursday, asked if he should put money on him getting more than 35 touches
thiccgucci: crippa responds, “do it, its only the dogs”
Sillybugga: very good points but gonna roll with Kelly prefer to be on the winning team
OhSoRozee: libba/dunk only likely opp
stuballs: Bewley stopped a while ago. What’s going on?
zoomba23: StuL pretty sure they usually just go h2h. Libba tagged like three years ago but not anymore
BestCoast: Fyfe after the siren goal for victory would be nice cherry
zoomba23: Fucking put Bewley on Ross you wank stain
OhSoRozee: motlop worst recruit
Stu7: Ffs Motslop do something
OhSoRozee: rozee always put 50+ 2nd half
StuL: Ok getting Boak was right. P cheers zoomba
Umpirespet: Who would have motlop in their side
beerent11: Looks like the c goes on jelly tomorrow
nick2397: Bewley = definitely yin yang
th3rio: boys we captaining cripps or macrae if fyfe doesnt get the job done?
original: StuL i know right
Umpirespet: Boak has done well since 1st qtr
colin wood: How does Westhoff get plus 7 for 2 clangers in the space of 30 seconds
Stu7: Me!! Cheap as chips and short on cash😫
StuL: C Cripps at this stage. It’s only the dogs. Right?
Yelse: fyfe lift please
OhSoRozee: sadly port has motlop =)
original: ill take a 118 vc today
Umpirespet: Cripps here thr3io
Tig-Train: Yehh having motlop is worse than having m.Parker from saints haha
StuL: Fyfe on the pine currently.
Struda: bewley trash
duckky: Who has Walters?
thiccgucci: not really bewleys fault, being played fwd pocket and being sat down for ages
OhSoRozee: 37 pts since qtr time to ryan =(
Stu7: Boak is a superstar
th3rio: im down by 50 and feel oppt might go cripps so I might go macca 🙁
Umpirespet: Think we have to withdrawal your application to the Parker club Tig
StacksOn: Leave the C on Cripps or take Fyfe’s score??
V@lks: Wow Walters…huge score coming
Tig-Train: Fuck of Westhoff you spud
Gandhi: Walters has been priceless for Freo this season
PlungeMe: freo players better give the umpires a guard of honour on their way off the field
Catatafish: Fuck off Walters you shit cunt
Nigma97: Walters was the best pick up ever, got him round 4/5 and been great
thiccgucci: go bont captain as a wildcard
Sillybugga: dogs will be rolling in points
Tig-Train: Hahah umpirespet
Nuffman: Looks like taking Cripps from here on.. fyfey struggling?
nick2397: Went Corbett to Walters this week, 10 pts to 130+, thank you very much
colin wood: Westhoff picking up pts for ineffective disposals.. just dumb
OhSoRozee: hball or out on fall flowering umps
The39Steps: If anyone denies the western bogans influence umpiring in Perth just look at the free kick count.
Umpirespet: That was a hard decision Nick
OhSoRozee: some1 gonna have massive score this week billings/walters/marshall fwd
Tig-Train: It’s because there is a lot of SC points available still :/
Struda: whats duursma doing ffs
thiccgucci: give me 125 please fyfe
ConVoid: @rozee and if they had rob or zerrett
Stu7: OhSoRozee you’re Rozee 50 prediction is not developing!!!
Umpirespet: You forgot O’Brien rozee
Rockafella: The only bloke you would have out of free is Walters, classy player
Grimes Jr: macrame or cripps?
Gandhi: Umps definitely go the way of the WA teams, but they also have to travel way more away so it seems fair to me
nick2397: Come on Fyfe, go ape$hit these last few minutes!
OhSoRozee: i think rob wont b in top round score
thiccgucci: duursma 70 please
PlungeMe: hobart to china to perth says otherwise gandhi
OhSoRozee: macrae will get curnow tag go cripps
BestCoast: Walters for Heeney Heeney has been a flog this year
Umpirespet: Enough frequent flyer points for another trip Plungeme
Sillybugga: just put on a second gamer in Cripps if you have one Bevo ez
mattmac24: RoB will absolutely be in the top round score, more than likely their captain.
BestCoast: PlungeMe poor port
Tig-Train: How Hoff has gotten like 50 points this 1/4 is beyond me
OhSoRozee: boak/walters/billings/marshall nnice combo
Fatbar5tad: Pfft. Ports choice to go to China. Rollout the excuses.
original: hoff wow huge joke
lwillo: Vc on fyfe I think
OhSoRozee: all cp work down back for westhoff
colin wood: Tig Train yep total joke.. Sc scoring system need to be fixed
thiccgucci: fyfe will get 130 and ill take that as C
wadaramus: Ryan underwhelming 🙁
Umpirespet: Agree Mattmac he Was cover for Gawn /Grundy during byes
PlungeMe: perth teams choice to be in perth
Fatbar5tad: Sonny don’t share
OhSoRozee: 58 be on walters just went up 50k
nick2397: Fyfe score almost high enough to take for loophole now!
Stu7: OhSoRozee you’re Rozee 50 prediction is not developing!!!
Umpirespet: Sorry Wada I bought him in this week
Tig-Train: If I lose my matchup because of hoff I’m deleting the SC app lol
mattmac24: Cats vs Port next week.. cats haven’t won an after bye round game for 8 years…
Fatbar5tad: Plunger sinking to new lows
BestCoast: PlungeMe comeback of the day
Schillaci: Captain Fyfe taking it to the bank
Burnsy03: Take Fyfe or go Macrae or Cripps
colin wood: Westhoff 7 possessions, 3 clangers for 58sc this quarter… dumb
OhSoRozee: @stu7 he will scale 10 pts
Grimes Jr: jeez cripps or fyfe
Ash777: I wish I had walters in SC
colin wood: 48 sorry’
wadaramus: I’ll be taking Fyfe.
OhSoRozee: fyfe
dipstick: I’m going Cripps if fyfe doesn’t get 135
thiccgucci: called it. fyfe 130 ATLEAST with scaling
original: i have walters in draft. does that count
jbjimmyjb: taking fyfe
Ash777: I’d go Fyfe over cripps. Cripps could get held down
Grimes Jr: fyfe cap for me
LuvIt74: think I’ll take Fyfe’s score coz when im greedy it bites me on the arse
Sillybugga: big F bomb lol
duckky: Walters so tempting … but has burned me too often
Pusti: Good to get the f……. Oops!
BigJovo: You don’t turn down a guaranteed 130 captain score.
beerent11: Oskar baker, congratulations skipper
Struda: fyfe should get +6 scaling for 135]
Nigma97: Good luck getting Walters in after this round, had a BE of 58
beerent11: Not much to scale already at 3305
Yelse: setters libba and cripps and walsh big scores please

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