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Chat log from R13 of 2019: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Bulldogs, R13 of 2019

Nigma97: Who’s taking Cripps over Fyfe?
upweydons: Me cripps as C
Umpirespet: Chickened out and took fyfes score
thiccgucci: you dont risk 130 as captain, atleast in my eyes. you will be losing 20 points max aand thats if cripps plays amazing
Struda: Fyfe scaled to ~135
Yelse: waiting to see what cripps does and then ill chose jelly if i need to over opponents
wadaramus: Fyfe locked in 🙂
Nigma97: I’m chasing and I don’t think Fyfe wins it for me, so I need to risk it
iamkelly: I am taking Cripps C
Struda: yeah gucci exactly, if cripps gets a 160 thats only 30 points
Nigma97: It’s actually 60 points Struda
thiccgucci: Its not nigma, its 30. because u still get cripps score
frenzy: fyfe locked
wadaramus: Safety first for me 🙂 If you need to take the risk, roll the dice.
Ash777: you better win this 2nd game dogs!
Umpirespet: Ooh simmo has long sleeves due for a big one
StuL: Oh well. Banked Fyfe, Only way to let my opp in is to C cripps and he flops.
wadaramus: There’s a thread somewhere for the C argument.
Gelly: i took a punt on jj instead of l ryan this week. hope it pays off
thiccgucci: hope it works @gelly. im gonna hop on jj soon too
duckky: IS Cripps being tagged or is he knackered from last week?
beerent11: Dunks is a fucking gun
Breezey: Anyone English for first goal. No not me
jbjimmyjb: ducky theres been like 5 mins of play, give him a chance
Umpirespet: Cripps always starts slow
J_Herer: double body blocks on Cripps to stop his run at the ball
original: how many sc points for a throw?
Umpirespet: Hits the padding
Chelskiman: Got Dunks in this week so happy with this start!
Ash777: looks like the player moved the padding a mm to avoid it.
jbjimmyjb: dunkley always has 50 points 1st quarters
BRAZZERS: cool story bro
duckky: Depends if it’s a long thrrow or a short throw
dipstick: Nike must be making long sleeve jumpers again
Umpirespet: Or a 2016 dogs throw
J_Herer: Hope dunks goes big, Houli VC failed, so did a risky Dunks C
Chelskiman: Oh great, flog is here.
Ash777: knew it they’re working hard on cripps.
thiccgucci: i swear gibbons has touched it?
Dead_Ned: or a 2018 goal of the year throw
duckky: Gardner in ruck???
StuL: Dunk is taking about 3 teamates points. Pig!
jbjimmyjb: gibbons touched it when he ran straight into dunkley’s arms
original: how soft are 50s these days ffs
Nigma97: had no need to do it tho original
Dead_Ned: glad i had fyfe over cripps.. so far, still a long way to go
Drak: what a pile of rubbish that 50 was
mattmac24: Higgins goal was still a goal. Stop sooking about it
hinsch: Cripps starting the same as last week
Burnsy03: soft but there
Nigma97: This is what I expected the first time we versed WBD
thiccgucci: keep going bont, i deserve it
BigChief: Unless Carlton improve this will be 10+ goals. No answer to Dogs speed.
LuvIt74: do dogs have a few players rotating the role on cripps?
duckky: McLean back from the fantisy dead
greshprinc: dunks on track for 88 touches and 280 points
J_Herer: Dogs clearances massive
Nigma97: We just never run back hard enough, so when we don’t get first hands on the footy, it’s game over
Pinkman: Blues getting smashed out of the middle. Blokes need to step up if Cripps held
Nigma97: like why the fuck is no one tackling him there
Dead_Ned: good start so far, Dunkley, Macrae, Bont, Daniel, Setterfield and Cripps!!
BigChief: No Cripps, no Carlton.
jbjimmyjb: everytime the dogs get it they look for dunkley
Yelse: had to wait one more week for dunkley gonna cost me 🙁
J_Herer: No Murphy in middle to help?
OhSoRozee: wonder hm ud get dunkley for brownlow odds
Umpirespet: Swear setters must have bought those bamboo jocks he is moving more freely
Breezey: Bont needs to start sharking some of them off Dunks
Dead_Ned: cripps looks like he has injured his back and shoulders for a phat carry last week
OhSoRozee: $251 on ladbrokes
dipstick: When was the last time the dogs beat us?
Nigma97: Murphy in the middle is no help, he shouldn’t have come straight back in
Nigma97: tonight @dipstick
thiccgucci: give gibbons a run thru the middle ffs
BigChief: Umm last year @dipstick.
OhSoRozee: opp has bont/setters and i got mac/lib/mac/gardner
OhSoRozee: need p plate on gardner
Umpirespet: 🌍 Calling Gardner u still alive
Pinkman: Fwd line working well again Blues?
Drak: Bit hard for him to score from defence when the ball has spent 90% of the game up the other end
OhSoRozee: dunkley 13 disposals then gets pushed fwd ya flower bev
jbjimmyjb: gibbons, gardner and walsh with 12 points between them woo
original: gardner owners cant be expecting 80s
BigChief: @Rozee didn’t Gardner play for Cats before?
hinsch: Lions at the same last week and Carlton run over them can they do it again
GobChuck: Curnow go to Bont or Dunks here? Tough pick
OhSoRozee: bev doesnt let things get stale i bet he changes his undies 4times a day
original: dunkley gets all the contested ball now, meaning macrae has to get even cheaper ones
Drak: these 50s are disgusting
OhSoRozee: didnt play but was on their list
Ash777: Dunks!
GobChuck: Cape time for Dunks
jbjimmyjb: josh dunkley take a bow
Ash777: he’s almost going to ton up in the qtr lol
V@lks: What’s the highest score in a qtr for sc?
OhSoRozee: who captained dunkley well done
StuL: What a pick! OK. I don’t want to jinx it but knew I needed Dunk!
original: not deliberate cmon!
V@lks: for one player that is?
OhSoRozee: ty curnow to bont not dunk
StuL: I vaguely recall GAJ getting in the 90s in a qtr.
thiccgucci: ahhh ffs curnow on bont now. curnows idea of tagging is just being a flog
Chelskiman: Who ever put the cheeky C on Dunks must be having a laugh right now.
jbjimmyjb: dunkley going for the top score of the season
wadaramus: Dunks you fukn gun!
OhSoRozee: lipinski could b a cheap pod with fwd/mid dpp
upweydons: Bought Dunkley in this week 👍
cmperrfect: Where BT when you need him? WOWEE Dunkley
original: thiccgucci rich from a team with stratton as capt lol
wadaramus: Is there a platinum cape?
Breezey: Curnow will not stop the Bont.
BigChief: BT is a grey headed flog
jbjimmyjb: curnow’s tagging technique is to not let go of their arm
OhSoRozee: owner of my league sadly got rank 17th opp with billings/rob/dunk
OhSoRozee: -6 for 1 kermie to weitering umm?
LuvIt74: Dunkly on fire
Drak: jeez ohsorozee thats rough
zoomba23: Dunkley might just manage a ton at this rate
original: OhSo reckon a 50m pen counts as worse than a regular clanger
Drak: Lift Dunkley
cmperrfect: Geez, what a fall from SC grace Simpson has had…
iamkelly: TAG: Ed Curnow on Dunks
OhSoRozee: true forgot he gave that 50
OhSoRozee: convert plz gardner
thiccgucci: curnow is a flog. just holds and shoves. win the ball u little shit
Danstar: Gardener unlikely to get a 3rd game this year lol
Dead_Ned: haha thiccgucci FA for a hold
Danstar: Schach attack to come back in next week
Danstar: Spot on I amkelly
hinsch: Walsh keeps this up he will end up at -50 SC point
jbjimmyjb: lol curnow’s ‘tagging’ getting found out by the umpires within minutes
Danstar: Spot on Gucci I meant to say
Drak: Teague might get the sack this week
dipstick: Had to forego dunks for the midget for dble upgrade next week
OhSoRozee: massive scores from fwd line this week
Ash777: what a great response after last game from dogs
cmperrfect: Tyrion doesn’t like being called a midget, he’s a dwarf @dipstick lol
duckky: Teague has had a week longer to instill his method
thiccgucci: gibbons projected is almost 80. will sting if he only manages 40
Sillybugga: dont chase last weeks scores
jbjimmyjb: gucci at least his BE is low
original: hows running the foxtel cameras tonight? deserves a bye week
Dead_Ned: dogs scores look like its HT and carlton look like its barely QT
thiccgucci: libba down into the rooms
OhSoRozee: dang kept libba to make a lil more coin for 2 weeks over bye
dipstick: @perrfect but he is in proportion so a midget 🙉
Gelly: hammy libba?
StuL: Looks more like a string than a knee on replay for libba
OhSoRozee: i suspect its a calf
duckky: I thought he was a tripod, not a midget
wadaramus: Bugger about Libba 🙁
OhSoRozee: selfish lloyd thats twice now
Nigma97: wtf was that kick by Cripps?
duckky: Cripps: Superman to Clown in a week
dipstick: Either way he must be a watermelon farmer coz he’s got big aggits. AFL is a tough sport
StuL: Walsh and Gibbo will both be shown the door next week at this rate.
Stu7: How many of you gave up Fyfe for Cripps for C?’
Breezey: Cripps will still ton up.
Stu7: Cripps is playing Crapps!!
thiccgucci: smart from bont hahaha sucked him in
OhSoRozee: can push people to ground but not throw/drag them
BigChief: Thomas you fucking spud. LOL
duckky: Took Fyfe
dipstick: What did the zero say to the SC 8? I like your belt. Now LIFT Walsh
Struda: Dunkley holy god
cmperrfect: Took Fyfe
Tig-Train: Can I change my captain from cripps to Setterfield please?
OhSoRozee: cripps fustrated there
Struda: Daniel 10 kicks 5 handballs for 32 tf
cmperrfect: Cripps getting frustrated 😤
thiccgucci: bont stopped. curnow being a flog working
Burnsy03: i ended up going macrae ofver cripps and vc fyfe see how it goes…
StuL: No one is going to admit taking Cripps now. Took Fyfe. Phew
Tig-Train: Dunks 100 already
Dead_Ned: how is dunkley keeping this up this is CRAZY
Umpirespet: Suffer in your tiger print jocks Tig
BigChief: Pot calling the kettle black gucci after what your flog captain did.
cmperrfect: Dunkley raises the bat
LuvIt74: glad i took fyfes vc score and wasn’t greedy so far
bones351: Daniel made some bad errors early Starda.
StuL: God has the C on Dunk, right?
dipstick: Slow down dunks fa fucksake
Tig-Train: Hahah 🙁
OhSoRozee: knowing my luck now cripps vc into kelly c wont work probz get injured
mace485: Guys, should I take Fyfe vice C or go for J Kelly C?
jbjimmyjb: there have been a lot of 100 points halves lately – conigs cripps crouch dunks
BigChief: GOD has 9 captains every week (6 in bye rounds)
ConVoid: take fyfe
OhSoRozee: yeh daniel 2 turnover goals
Umpirespet: Kelly mace
wadaramus: Dunks tons up 18mins into the 2nd Qtr, what the?!
Nigma97: Kreuzer easily top tier ruckman if he’s healthy
bones351: Wash your mouth out Rozee!
BigChief: Take Fyfe’s guaranteed score
OhSoRozee: take the vc
dipstick: That pinching was a disgrace. He should a turned around and laid punches into him
Stu7: mace485 Fyfe
amigaman: VC on Boak. Moved C from Cripps to Gawn 🙂
Doc_: Brought Dunkley into the side this week. Looking like an ok move 🙂
wadaramus: Lock in Fyfe VC!
Breezey: That’s what Stratton is hoping for. He did the same to Charlie Cameron 2 weeks ago
hinsch: GOD would have gone C Dunkley who else
Umpirespet: I did worse back in the day dipstick
OhSoRozee: mcgovern looks so slow in navy
jbjimmyjb: libba surely done for the day, hasn’t gone back on since
tiltraise: Dunks raising the bat in the 2Q :O
J_Herer: missed a dunkley tackle from last centre bounce
BigChief: nice moves amiga and doc
J_Herer: I have C on Dunkley, go son!
mattmac24: GOD would have straight captained RoB
original: left c on cripps as oppo does too. smh at myself
OhSoRozee: was expecting 150 half from dunks the way dogs were dominant
Breezey: English doing well thus far
original: GOD vc on ROB but decided to C dunkley
dipstick: GOD has literally got the highest SC C score each each week except rnd 7 when he was resting
jbjimmyjb: walsh’s score is a joke he’s been their best player
hinsch: Carlton will come back second half and smack the dogs
BigChief: Surely they can’t win.
Umpirespet: Ramadan dipstick?
Nigma97: Who was it telling me someone’s impact on the game helps their SC score?
cmperrfect: Any1 watching Aus vs SL?
BRAZZERS: settle down, walsh score is accurate. butchered it and no contested footy
wadaramus: GOD has GOD powers, just switches the C to whomever scores the most at the end of the round!
Nigma97: Walsh is by far the most impactful for Carlton atm and he’s scored bugger all
Umpirespet: Me and poker
mattmac24: Walsh was butchering it to start with. 59% DE and 3 clangers in the first quarter
jbjimmyjb: good news guys: gibbons has reached his breakeven :))
OhSoRozee: sc scores lagging dunkley should b 115 minimum
jbjimmyjb: walsh is the only blue actually getting the ball forward bc he kicks it
BigChief: 66% DE and 3 clangers Nigma. Please think before speaking.
wadaramus: Not watching the game, what the fuck is Cripps doing?
StuL: O’Brien to Murphy!
wadaramus: Is Libba a band aid or a red cross?
OhSoRozee: @wada gettin tagged both sides
Drak: Red Cross I think
duckky: Also, walsh is not geting contested ball – low scores for that
jbjimmyjb: Libba has been off all quarter, he’ll be ruled out at half time i imagine
OhSoRozee: atm band aid but looks done wada
GobChuck: Curnow to Bonts not worked. Send him to Dunkley Teague.
Breezey: Good stuff Captain Bont
HappyDEZ: It looked like the ump paid a decision the wrong way earlier.
wadaramus: Cheers for the info peeps.
ConVoid: no please don’t send flog cur now to dunks
stuballs: I had Dunkley in my team all week and switched him to Boak last minute. Woops
nick2397: I suppose Dunkley will only get 30 pts in second half, when Curnow tags him.
jbjimmyjb: none of that gob
J_Herer: Bont will tear them apart if not tagged, go bigger Dunks!
JockMcPie: Curnow goes to Macrae when Bont goes forward
wadaramus: Can Dunks go the double SC ton?!
HappyDEZ: Walsh laid a tackle & Bulldogs threw it away but the Bullies played on to adv.
HappyDEZ: Walsh got the tackle but 2 mins later that tackle was taken away a free against added.
jbjimmyjb: curnow’s tagging is a farce, watch what he does at stoppages
thiccgucci: curnow on bont. bont having a bigger impact if not tagged tbh
J_Herer: Great tackle Dunks, missed one earlier, but that must have been noticed!
BigChief: It is no different to any other tagger @jimmy.
zoomba23: Doggies shutting Cripps out of the game superbly. Hard to watch as an owner but geez, they’ve done a good job on him
BRAZZERS: dunks should get atleast 155sc from here.
original: jbjimmy if he was dirty tagger there would be media outcry. he got applauded last week..
HappyDEZ: Wouldn’t mind seeing it again actually. Pretty sure ump paid throw which looked to be against the Bullies. Anyway….
OhSoRozee: was a few missed on dunks so i expect scale to 120
jbjimmyjb: lol that tackle from dunkley wasn’t paid jesus CD are blind
GobChuck: @Breezey carn captain bont
thiccgucci: ive said it five times already and ill say it again. hate curnow. flog. just grabs and shoves
jbjimmyjb: original no there wouldn’t bc #vicbias
HappyDEZ: So far it has looked like Macrae & Dunk sharing duties on Cripps.
J_Herer: lol Dunkley tackle given to Lipinski
Danstar: Umps have been ok this game. But paying soft frees to blues late
StuL: only 36 that qtr for Dunk. Should only get 180-200
cmperrfect: Can’t say I’ve seen Cripps at the bottom of a FF table for a while
HappyDEZ: At least at centre bounces that is.
StuL: He got nothing for the tackle on Simo
zoomba23: CD you blind flogs hurry up and give Dunkley his pts. Should be on 120 at least
PlungeMe: macrae, bont and jj pretty good so far, regretting not taking fyfe vc
OhSoRozee: once they do review cd should get a few more
J_Herer: 2 dunkley tackles missed, one paid to Lipinski, muppets
original: been using fan footy for 10 years. only now discovered you can sort by SC. muppet icon plz
HappyDEZ: The definition of a tackle is very dodgy. Macrae ripped off a leat one tackle too.
HappyDEZ: lol original. I didn’t know that either.
Stu7: Original – I would have kept that one quiet 😂😂
J_Herer: Dunkley should be on 95 DT, time for a beer as flogs missing stats
OhSoRozee: 1 of his marks was contested when he got smacked in the head 2
original: haha boys what do we have if we can’t be honest
Stu7: Dunkley won’t get 180
HappyDEZ: Jezz Sam Walsh drops a lot. Might leave it on SC.
J_Herer: lol P-Seton more impact than Walsh on SC points
original: good doco on espn for the HT break fellas – 30 for 30 buffalo 4 straight super bowl losses
OhSoRozee: most in my league have hately trying to cover byes he played neafl today 25 touchs 1 goal
BigChief: Gardner should have 150 SC by now.
wadaramus: I’ll be happy if Dunks gets 175 🙂
BigChief: Cricket on @original
Crowls: my opponent in thoroughbreds had fyfe vc and has played Cripps C. ouch!!
OhSoRozee: yeh i feel i jinxed the cricket wicket right as after i put it on
Raspel31: Ah, just home and cap pick looking good. Go Crippsy- only another 130 to go.
original: draft opponent has ROB so im already struggling. just checked. also has Dunkley fml
frenzy: is Libba cooked, or will come back on
OhSoRozee: knee for libba
OhSoRozee: iced knee just jarring
OhSoRozee: need macrae/bont to get the xtra 50 pts libba wont
wadaramus: Get back out there Libba, it’s not all about you!
OhSoRozee: and xtra 100 pts cripps wont hehe
OhSoRozee: my rival has c on cripps should keep me at rank 1
Ash777: cross on libba
thiccgucci: ffs put gibbons in the middle. he was amazing last week
original: libba coke and burger/roll, loving life
Sloan4Pres: dow’s a terrible player
OhSoRozee: ump called play on when crozier was hball to the free kick trengrove idiot
thiccgucci: ump letting bont get grabbed and tossled
tiltraise: Crippa needs to get a move on if hes to equal last weeks score
original: cripps captain might not be in my top 18 ffs
Raspel31: Couldn’t give a monkey’s for Gibbons- freak game- but Cripps, alas. Go Dunkley.
Nuffman: really libba? i mean.. you were gone this week anyway.. but couldn’t have finished one more game for me?
OhSoRozee: @original projected score b4 this?
Breezey: Yes Patrick. Press the GO button champ
wadaramus: Only got 19 this week, gonna be tough!
duckky: If that’s the case origonal – does your VC score get doubled?
StuL: Cripps to get a ton from here. I hope.
original: duckky that would be interesting! unlikley ay lol. its ok he will be in my top, more a figure of speech lol
Gotigres: one of my opponents has Dunkley Capt 🙁
Dead_Ned: cripps will ton up
Breezey: My captain last week wasn’t in my Top 18 (Higgins). VC wasn’t doubled.
OhSoRozee: gotigres u might have herer as ur opp he c dunkley
Pokerface: no your vc doesnt get doubled. your C gets doubled then drops out of your top 18 if the doubled score doesnt make it
Breezey: Exactly what happen to me @Poker last week
Yelse: omg what happened to libba geez hate SC this year so many injuries
thiccgucci: bont starting to go backwards
Gotigres: thanks Rozee, doesn’t make me feel any better about it though lol
Raspel31: Hang in there lads- 150 last qtr coming from Cripps.
GobChuck: bont……not the time to imitate cripps mate.
dipstick: If dogs focus OK much on Cvipps then blues will win 😂
Struda: libba jarred knee
Sunharp: I haven’t been able to watch the game – whats happening with Cripps?
duckky: Do the coaches agree for one side to play dead in the 1st half to get better odds?
Gotigres: that’s unfortunate Poker and Breezy.
J_Herer: Dogs, stopped, dead in the water, lift Dunks, or is Magneto stuffing it all again
Breezey: This one is starting to look like a game.
OhSoRozee: without libba in mids seems to changed momentum to carlton
Ash777: charlie curnow is auditioning for dogs next forward.
jbjimmyjb: another missed dunkley tackle
thiccgucci: missed like 3 dunkley tackles this game
jbjimmyjb: i swear daniel has 2-3 shocking back half turnovers every week, already cost 2 goals tonight
OhSoRozee: if i was dogs id throw kitchen sink at cripps and have cripps/bont swap mid/fwd roles
BigChief: LOL you wish @Ash
JockMcPie: @thiccgucci glad its not just me noticing
original: surely libba suits up and just snots someone lol
Burnsy03: jimmy more like 4-5
Yelse: libba out coincides with dunkley score slowing
jocka: I’ve heard that if enough people complain that CD missed a tackle, that they will put the points on later tonight…
Gelly: carltons dominance coincides with dunkleys score slowing
OhSoRozee: trengrove was the worst pick up him and motlop
jbjimmyjb: yelse no real corelation there, dunkley’s just been unlucky
hinsch: I picked Carlton to win this who would have thought
dipstick: SC is a nonsensical joke but I still play it
jamesh1290: i believe another dunkley tackle was missed
original: they need a time out
Raspel31: Enormously unlucky jbjimmy- hardly touched the ball?
duckky: The half time water for both teams should be tested
jbjimmyjb: CD, who tackled Cripps at the centre bounce? it was dunkley again
hinsch: dipstick with SC just shut your eyes and hope for the best
jbjimmyjb: raspel i mean he gets within 30cm of it and it bounces away
cmperrfect: Order placed with Crippa for 50+pt last qtr
OhSoRozee: @raspel he is meaning dunkley has a few missed stats 2night at cd given elsewhere aswell
J_Herer: poor dogs supporters, they owned this
Raspel31: I know jbjimmy
Yelse: who’s taggimg cripps
OhSoRozee: good signs to carlton tho most of this play is without cripps
Raspel31: When Setterfield is outscoring your captain you know you’re in a world of problems.
Drak: Cripps is tagging himself
Pokerface: the entirety of CDs stat takers at the game all thought the wrong player had the ball. wow, that is terribly unlucky
Breezey: Cripps to cape it up in the last qtr and ton up. Easy as that
cmperrfect: m0nty gone the early gun…
jbjimmyjb: yelse all the dogs mids are just surrounding him at stoppages
J_Herer: look a like comp Dunkley/Lipinski
cmperrfect: What’s the go with Carltons socks lads?
OhSoRozee: well worked dogs
OhSoRozee: equality support cmperfectt
jbjimmyjb: poker if you read what we’re saying, its 4 missed tackles, nothing to do with possession
Umpirespet: Pretending to be GWS
OhSoRozee: something to do with abuse against women
JockMcPie: raising awareness for domestic violence @cmperrfect
Pokerface: going early on heritage round to remind them of the GWS roots
Raspel31: Well, the Dunks ratheroffsets a bad cap choice if your opp don’t have him.
Ash777: domestic violence against women
duckky: CArlton’s socks are for “Respect” – anti violence against women
Pokerface: so replace possessions with tackles in what i said jimmy, it hardly changes the concept
LuvIt74: the orange socks I think its about violence against women !
J_Herer: Dunks should be 150 Sc easy, so many tackles missed and given to Lipinski
Ash777: not really a equality thing at all
Gandhi: CD mark when they aren’t 100% sure and review later
Drak: the only thing that will resurrect cpt Cripps choice is a winning goal to seal it and a sneaky +50
PlungeMe: massive quarter for JJ
Pokerface: lipinksi is only credited with 2 tackles for the game?
original: lipinski only has 2 tackles though
thiccgucci: ed curnow was for sure neglected as a child. clinging to bont like a long lost mother now
Ash777: Wish I had suckling. He’s been consistent every game.
Pokerface: gandhi or if only one single stat taker has a different result they review
duckky: No score if the tackle doesn’t stop the ball I think.
OhSoRozee: yeh lip hasnt tackled any1 lol
OhSoRozee: i think tackles dont count if ball doesnt get thrown up
J_Herer: Just making a point, wine time now to drown these stat pains, dunks go 200!
jbjimmyjb: in the match replay look at the tackle with 0:01 left in Q2, most obvious example of what we’re talking about
dipstick: Violence against woman is shocking but it should be about against violence full stop
Ash777: yep. There’s a huge amount of suicides for men being the victim of DV
Pokerface: but i have no idea what your point is herer? that you don’t know the definition of a tackle, or that stats are reviewed?
J_Herer: @jbjimmyjb correct, and the one given to Lipinski was in the 2nd quarter early
dipstick: More men get raped daily than women when including prison populations
J_Herer: lol Lipinski just got a +4 after the siren hahaha
Pokerface: jimmy how at the current point in time do you know which tackle is attributed to lipinksi
OhSoRozee: @dipstick yeh i think its a lost cause lots of wonkas out there and some grow up 2 be
Pokerface: dipstick be quiet
Pokerface: go back to your incel forums
Raspel31: Hey- we all abhor violebce against women I hope- I truly hope- but that’s for another forum.
jbjimmyjb: wow DS didn’t know that, pretty amazing
thiccgucci: bont full forward now. curnow on dunkley
Umpirespet: It’s all that slippery soap
hinsch: Cripps BE 60 going to be close
jbjimmyjb: poker i never mentioned lipinski, my point is that dunkley causes a stoppage, and does not get a tackle
thiccgucci: nvm dont think curnow on dunkley
dipstick: Surely Cripps score gets rounded up to a ton
Pokerface: how do you know it wasnt attributed
Pokerface: he has 8 tackles attributed
duckky: Don’t care about the score too much – just need Gardner and Walsh to kick to each.
Sillybugga: lol people use the word incel unironically
jbjimmyjb: because he had 4 tackles at QT time and 4 tackles at HT
duckky: two
jbjimmyjb: each of his tackles since then have been given in live play
Gotigres: my team is so strong with Gibbons and Gardner
tiltraise: looks like it maybe time to chop Walsh this week
OhSoRozee: never seen some1s score go up and down as much as dunkley
thiccgucci: gardner gibbons walsh get involved please
cmperrfect: Very happy with McCrae just quietly
dipstick: @sillybugger you’re too smart for your namesake. I agree
Pokerface: and what did he have at the start of 3/4 or 4/4 when the half time reviews were done? stats get added later
duckky: Only in this forum can you get an argument about soap in prison – and how many times 2 young men have grabbed others
Drak: I wouldnt be quiet about it, be loud
jbjimmyjb: gibbons and gardner felt sorry for corbett and burgess so they scored as they would
Raspel31: Hate to agree with you Poker about Dipstick- I couldn’t possibly comment- but nasty , small minded and disruptive.
Umpirespet: Haha chill duckky
BigChief: Blues are cooked.
OhSoRozee: losing my interest in afl policing 2 much
Umpirespet: I actually like dipstick
Breezey: A goal or two would be handy right now from you Mr.Bont
original: the crowd police is an awful look
dipstick: @raspel facts and stats seem to be above your paygrade boss. Keep that head in the sand. Ignorance is bliss boss
Umpirespet: May have to stop going to games soon
jbjimmyjb: the security guards are walking around for exercise bc they’re all overweight
OhSoRozee: going 2 much overboard setting the wrong precident
Drak: Agreed Rozee, PC social justice avocado warriors have infiltrated my fav sport
Struda: gardner ffs feel for libba tho
Pokerface: dipstick talkiing about facts and stats. lol. makes up stuff every week to suit what he says!
OhSoRozee: for every 4 pts dunkley goes up he scales down 2-3
BigChief: Back on the game please
Burnsy03: bont turns it on when it matters
thiccgucci: bontempelli starting to move, looking good
Gandhi: The walking up and down every now and then isn’t anything new. They’ve done it at every game i’ve been at for years
original: jeeeez
Umpirespet: It’s all you Victorians fault
Ash777: lol time for some more ejections in the crowd.
OhSoRozee: @bigchief it is the game
Breezey: Seriously if I wasn’t the CEO of my SC team my job as Coach would come under severe scrutiny
Drak: This umpiring iis aweful
OhSoRozee: turned a nanny state into a nanny sport
duckky: Macrae tracking to overtake Dunkley
Struda: gonna be some big scores this week with Dunks, Marshall, Billings and Walters
Raspel31: Good call- back to game- all pals.
Struda: and reilly o brien
jbjimmyjb: weitering is getting pummelled by the umps tonight, his early 50m pen, and the last 2 FAs
Drak: AFL can go to hell, umpires are their own force now.
Pokerface: lol breezey
Umpirespet: Lol Breezey
OhSoRozee: @gandhi coz u live in wa lol nah kidding
jbjimmyjb: Gil’s vision is for the crowd to be full of silent corporate robots
BigChief: @Rozee what dipstick, Raspel and Poker are doing is not.
OhSoRozee: they are just doin it 4 times as regularly now
Raspel31: Lol Breezey.
dipstick: @breezey that’s hilarious
StuL: Vic was the original nanny state but NSW is now worse. It’s a nanny country. Nanny/Wowser.
Gotigres: invisibility cloak for Gardner. I can’t see him anywhere
original: newsflash: blues can only play one QTR of football (still)
Danstar: Timmy the next Grundy/gawn
tiltraise: still nearly 500 pts up for grabs here
thiccgucci: macrae flying under the radar but putting up a very nice score too
Sloan4Pres: god carlton are frustrating. why just stop in the last quarter…
cmperrfect: Does OOTF count as a FF for the player kicking it back into play?
Danstar: Gardener playing his last game of afl tonight
LetItBe: Wow these umpires are hilarious. Weitering must have done something before the game to deserve this
duckky: It could be an important 23 points though GoTiges
StuL: that was Jackson and Oakley jb. Not sure Gill cares. The nanny state is bigger than just hime.
original: hows that not HTB?
OhSoRozee: 350 from mac/dunkley to make up cripps/libba/gardner pls and ty
LetItBe: hahaha dogs throw it then Daniel gets a free for that lol
Umpirespet: Gill only cares about his resume not the game
duckky: Breakout game from English
dipstick: Carlton play 3 periods and fail in the last qtr. Same story for 6 years
jbjimmyjb: every free paid against carlton, 3 supporters are escorted out
Danstar: Weitiering coukdve kept it in. Decided to hit it out
OhSoRozee: @cmpp no it doesnt unless they score
Pies20: How many people jump off cripps now? To inconsistent
Raspel31: Dunkley is having my children.. Take them- please?
OhSoRozee: a disposal from ootf works as if a kick from the goal square from a behind
Grimes Jr: macrae gun
Pokerface: haha raspel
dipstick: @raspel you think he’ll take you with ya ruby red lippy?
Ash777: about time lippy stood up
jamesh1290: macrae has to be one of the best kicks in the comp
thiccgucci: that ad that cripps is in made me lose some respect for him
thiccgucci: that was disgusting
V@lks: Might want to upgrade Dunkley to the star m0nty python
duckky: I’ll loan you a red feather boa Raspel
Ash777: lol put that tape back on. those teeth!
Raspel31: Good call dipstick- all pals x
OhSoRozee: can see a walk to afl house in the works from supporters
MONEY TALK: none of cripps team mates help him when hes tagged
Pokerface: lol dipstick
V@lks: LOL gucci
original: i woulda gone X factor for lipinski personally
Pokerface: first time ive seen it gucci. lynny’s respect has nosedived too
Danstar: Potato on gardener
jbjimmyjb: this is 2018 macrae, hes everywhere in junk time
The39Steps: Gardner has dug himself a grave.
dipstick: Yes ndeed. Nothing a couple of few drinks couldn’t sort out
thiccgucci: get to 115 please bont. havent had a nice score in a while
BigChief: x factor should have been English.
Pokerface: ease up danstar, it’s only his 2nd game!
Umpirespet: Cmon Caleb ton up
Pokerface: blue moon english
Gotigres: At least Gardner has had 1 more kick than Balta
duckky: Gardner deep in fertilizer
OhSoRozee: dunkey/macrae carry cripps/gardner/libba
Danstar: How about that specky attempt and no free Carlton supporter from b4
Struda: ton up daniel fuck
Raspel31: So ya got Dunkley, Macrae and Cripps but you cap Cripps-hmm. Interesting but stupid.
OhSoRozee: gonna b interesting to see who had billings/dunkley/walters/marshall in the fwds
OhSoRozee: o and boak
Danstar: 2nd and last. Like playing with 21 players
LetItBe: Yep @Danstar you’ve been robbed today. Sorry mate
thiccgucci: how is dunkley not on 200? tackling like a machine and effective
BRAZZERS: anyone have an idea how much dunks will go up in value in sc?
Danstar: Just supporting my team mate. You did the same b4 😉
OhSoRozee: about 25-30k rise
thiccgucci: with a 126, dunkley projected to rise 20k. so maybe 40k rise?
TheLegend6: what a game this is
mattmac24: At least 30k
TheLegend6: Curnow deserves the star
BigChief: That’s great roving from Cuningham.
Gandhi: Game back on!
original: dunkley up 27k if he scores 170
Gotigres: wowee
OhSoRozee: good day of contests
Ash777: ewwwww what a choke
BRAZZERS: ok thanks for that lads
jbjimmyjb: holy moly
V@lks: Carlton CEO still gonna be the next Melb shooting victim
duckky: 3 minutes left
Dead_Ned: dogs easy win.. oh carlton back in it.. nup dogs easy win.. carlton back game on!
Grimes Jr: gardner to kick the winner
StuL: What a finish.
The39Steps: Last time someone kicked 7?
Gotigres: time to wake up Gardner
Breezey: How long Sports fans
tiltraise: thought i was in for a stinker with only 17 players but ROB.Billings,Zerret,Dunks + Macrae to the rescue
Zambo: How many people are evicted for cheering too loudly?
TheLegend6: Great work from Cripps to build a respectable score
OhSoRozee: last goal 20 pts alone
Pokerface: wow every touch is scoring massive points right now
J_Herer: nearly 200 Dunks, robbed 🙂
cmperrfect: Nice Macrae
Raspel31: Hope none of you who don’t have Dunkley can afford him next week- with all love x
LetItBe: hahahaa
original: booooooo
Ash777: phew thanks dunks
Grimes Jr: haha cop that baggers
amigaman: Well done Dogs!
BigChief: Cricket time.
Gandhi: What a game
StuL: Dunk finishes with the ball!
Danstar: Surprised half the crowd aren’t evicted. Blues are the biggest feral crowd ever. Lucky they’ve been shit for 20 years
thiccgucci: dunks should be 210+. i dont think anyone disagrees. superb.
original: so many frees NOT paid in the last 20 seconds and then that to end it is deflating
jbjimmyjb: lol 50% of the crowd deserved to be kicked out in gil’s opinion
dipstick: BS that wasn’t even high contact on a dwarf
BRAZZERS: i can afford him easily x
Z. Dawsome: V@lks that’s a disgusting thing to say mate
boofjb57: My bye team looking damn good for the dosh

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