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Chat log from R12 of 2019: Carlton vs Brisbane

Chat log for Carlton vs Brisbane, R12 of 2019

dipstick: 😭 if the carlton board select brad scott then i am officially out of AFL until those clowns are fired
frenzy: he’s ten times better than Bolts
BigChief: James Hird is the next Carkton coach dipstick
Yelse: J kelly or neal as Vise captain both paid leagues opponents have one each
BigChief: @Yelse Neale v Carlton would be a solid choice.
circle52: I have gone Neale but am biased of course. Will Curnow go to him
Yelse: hardest questions is gawn vs grundy for the big C
BestCoast: VC on Neale touch wood top of the day to you gents
circle52: Hopefully not needed Yelse as their ppg drop around 15 when they play each other
Apachecats: Bought in HAndrews for this ,Whitfeller out
Apachecats: circle ,is that Lions badge new?
BigChief: Let’s go Fitzroy 🙂
Raspel31: Hmm- half a million in the bank fornext week after trading Whitfield- hope I don’t miss a primo.
Pokerface: did same as you apache. thought about holding then i saw one quote saying 6-8 weeks
Gotigres: i took Danger’s score for vc.
Pokerface: setterfield!
Pokerface: who did you trade for raspel?
circle52: @apache Fitzroy retro journal for Hall of Fame weekend.
original: no free for face slap and elbow to the back this week
Raspel31: I know Poker- can he finally earn us some money.
original: how good is watching with this sun.
circle52: FGee camera work not the best with roof open
Apachecats: Showing age but I can remember a Golden Fleece sticker of Fitzroy when they were the Gorillas.
Raspel31: Went Rotham Poker so I can bring in Kelly and another goodie next week.
BestCoast: Apache you must be 80
Pokerface: bring in kelly this week!
Raspel31: Carlton Athletic 1, Brisbane Town 0
original: ad blocker stopped working for a while there
original: isnt umpire meant to make carlton player go further back on the mark there? to give bris player more space??
duckky: Answorth having a shocker
Pokerface: hmm scary stuff original.
BigChief: Commentators no clue. Saying it is Answerths 1st game this year
Apachecats: Note quite BC but working on it.
duckky: But early to start on the umpiring or@original
BestCoast: Apache lol the years are flying
zoomba23: Original it’s a match thread not an ump abuse thread. Feel free to put a lid on it some time soon
BestCoast: duckky original will lose his blues icon if he doesn’t rag the umpires at least 5 times a match
original: orrite fellas, was just saying brisbane were disadvantaged, thought a non biased view would be appreciated
thiccgucci: that was crafty from neale
duckky: Yeah – but ragging them on behalf of the opposition? The Blues aren’t Melb
BestCoast: Original all good Cob will get GOD to have a pep talk to you
Gandhi: Eddy doesn’t even know who half the players are
wadaramus: Setterfieeld’s DE will thwart any chance of a decent SC score.
teddyt: who gives a fuck if he complains about umpires? They CLEARLY suffer from severe brain damage
original: no worries, will stick to my biased view from now all g
zoomba23: Cripps needed to kick that
Raspel31: What- a goal? That’s rather unsporting.
jbjimmyjb: answerth mate… what are you doing
th3rio: is setters high
original: won’t say anything about that free, but agree with lions great JBrown
BigChief: I see a 10 + goal flogging on the cards.
original: wat a kick on the run from zorks
StuL: Don’t come Monday umpire girl
duckky: love it when the players umpire the game themselves
thiccgucci: Neale been dangerous early
Stuart88: Change the coach all u want can’t help crap skills
BestCoast: Blues in for another rogering
Stuart88: Stu L I thought she was gone can’t umpire
BigChief: Really Blues? You have 3 – 4 tall forwards and you kick to short ass Gibbons. SMh
original: boys who was it from bris that had a shot at goal but wnt OOTF?
Apachecats: Sorry to those who have Andrews ,just bought him in.
BestCoast: Stuart88 skill well down through the whole comp
circle52: Neale original
BigChief: @original both Lyons and Neale kicked OOTF
th3rio: thought i was safe with my danger VC. Oppt has neale vc ugh
BestCoast: Nursing category 5 hangover today
original: thanks. do blues play like U8s and just all follow the ball or just what i see/think?
Raspel31: Same th3rio- hmm. Carn Walsh.
Apachecats: Red wine /beer or a mixture of both BC?
Stuart88: Ffs put Ed on Neale on of the best shut down players
duckky: Weren’t you drinking some 60 proof stuff last night @Bestcoast?
original: wish a team would actually tag neale smh. before game said hed only been tagged once
thiccgucci: what does answerth even look like?
BestCoast: duckky correct the three bottles of red at the end sealed the deal
Apachecats: Get the ball Andrews you dirty rat cow.
GOOD: keep on scoring big vc neale
Umpirespet: Lovin ya game Nealey
Gotigres: Setterfield on fire lol
StuL: Red wine is the worst hangover juice
BestCoast: Apache a bottle of Whistlepig and red wine
th3rio: hopefully slows down rasp
StuL: Come on Fitzroy.
Woosha 73: Has Witho got a new role this season which require him to not touch the ball?
original: mcgovern def worth what we pay him. good job carlton list mgmt team
Umpirespet: Apache I remember Golden Fleece as well
BigChief: If Carlton could hit a target they might be dangerous.
circle52: as do I umpirepet and Apache
BestCoast: Going to the bottle o anyone want anything
Apachecats: How old was your Whistlepig?
thiccgucci: Agree BigChief, carlton looking like they could kick a goal or two this half
original: last week carlton had a shot 3/10 entries into 50. so far going the same SMH teague = fwd coach
Apachecats: Thanks umpires ,feel better knowing I’ve got company.
Lawls: answerth what the hell lol
BestCoast: Apache 15 year boss hog edition nearly 1 k
original: @bestcoast, when u empty the bottle can u plz hit me over the head with it. thanks in adv
Apachecats: circle your badge has gone.?
Umpirespet: Np m8 these whippersnappers have no idea
Apachecats: When only the best will do BC
BestCoast: Got it sent by my brother for my birthday
BestCoast: Not everyday we kick the heels up
circle52: To be honest original carlton just lack a little poise and look dangerous at times.
StuL: BC drinking from the locked cabinet, not the top shelf.
BestCoast: Original just lay on the couch the white coats will be there soon
BestCoast: StuL very very flimsy lock on that cabinet
original: hows Barker still at carlton. coulda done with fresh ideas over last few ideas
BestCoast: StuL about the fourth poor in nearly dropped the bottle
Umpirespet: Thought blues would be up and about
dipstick: if you were a pro Bestcoast you would just put a straw in the bottle
BigChief: My 10 goal prediction might be a little short.
duckky: Carlton sacked the wrong person last week.
zoomba23: Alright that was a shit 50
BOMBRBLITZ: CARLTANK LOL – clearly nothing to do with your past coaches!
BestCoast: Seasoned veterans like to roll the glass around with those big nuggets of ice
th3rio: sorry for bagging you setters! covering for my spud balta score
StuL: I expected a bit of a fight at least. Thus VC Cripps
frenzy: come back Bolts, all’s forgiven
Yelse: answerth lift and blues ffs lift
BestCoast: The whole board at Carlton need to be axed to much finger pointing
BigChief: Any chance of Carlton hitting a team mate?
StuL: Whoever the next Brian Cook is, they need to get.
NugzNiggle: Seriously, I feel for the bluebaggers but where do their goals come from?
thiccgucci: neale absolutely everywhere
original: how bad is carlton president
Umpirespet: Just keep SOSS love his trades
StuL: setters “kicks to a 1 on 2.” Muppets
duckky: Carlton’s goals are probably some management gobbldy gook @Nugz
th3rio: to make matters worse neale will hit his BE. kill me
BigChief: name 1 good board member @original
thiccgucci: why am i watching this game
pcaman2003: Gibbons should’ve stayed in the AVFL where he gets the ball at least.
Bennyherb: Grips has given up on catlton
noobcoach: I have to field one of Gibbons/Answerth/J.Clark – 🙁
NugzNiggle: There we go. Good work from Silvagni.
Pokerface: teague needs to be sacked, and then the next coach has to go. Only then will carlton progress!
Apachecats: Has carlton got a girls team?
th3rio: yeah nice pca lol
original: noobcoach get off answerths back, has gone up 9x his Qt score lol
StuL: Yea. Ed had to take his time to see who number 40 is in the footy record
Bennyherb: Commenters are talking up silvani his a dud
BigChief: They are playing at Marvel stadium now @Apache
Umpirespet: Not over yet the umps haven’t stamped their influence yet
Pokerface: carlton99 told us otherwise UP
Schillaci: Neale you beautiful beast.
Umpirespet: Lol poker he’ll be on soon no doubt
hinsch: I would take a guess there will be a lot of SC captains not playing this week Danger and Neale VC in most teams
Pokerface: this is not funny Harris. not funny at all.
hjd1: tag neale!!
Schillaci: Don’t tag neale!
original: why would they tag neale. tell me about it!!
Pokerface: with grundy’s ankle issue and up against gawn, is it actually a viable option to field reilly over him?
Umpirespet: Go setters
Pokerface: another goal! can you smell what’s cooking?
BigChief: See what happens when you hit targets Carlton.
StuL: Grundy and Gawn both went under 100 v eachother last year
dipstick: @hinsch i have Boak suiting up as captain on his week off, pulling up just shy of a 1 fitty
Apachecats: same here PF ,just bought him and decides to play his worst game of the year.
StuL: Twice Gibbons the deepest fwd. Smart
Pokerface: exactly stu. given im starting 1 less player than opp its a move im thinking about.
Gotigres: Zorko down in the rooms
PlungeMe: considering giving macrae the c. reckon he has a big week
original: even those BS kicks go to neale ffs
Pokerface: setterfield gets a spot in my best 18 over harris. good grief
NugzNiggle: Walsh works extremely hard. Gun.
Yelse: playing a guy with no grundy and gawn trust it to be this week lol
Zee94: Looking like im keeping Neale as C this week.. but I’m down a player so probs won’t win either way
Pokerface: don’t think i’ll keep neale C.. conigs has a 1 round rolling average over 200.
original: no tag on neale. genius by carlton smh
Lawls: if neale makes his BE of 169 I s2g
BigChief: Can Setterfield learn to kick?
StuL: setterspud. Not the player to kick to
Nigma97: How does Setterfield miss that goal?
pharace: Neale no tackles yet, suppose it’s hard to tackle when he has the ball!
Beast_Mode: how does he miss? well have you seen his disposal effiency for like every game lol
original: answerth multiplied his score by 22 that qtr. try top that neale
Patty19: Sticking with Bines skipper this week never change a winning formula
dipstick: that GOD fella had gawn VC 158 last week but chose to risk it for conigs 207
zoomba23: Carlton are not a bad side. They just let themselves down with their finishing. Frustrating to watch as an opp supp
Pokerface: zero marks, zero contested possessions. this is clearly not harris andrews. who is this imposter?!
Pokerface: incorrect zoomba. carlton are a bad side. a very bad side.
sMiles: Pull your finger out Cripps – need 130 for VC
dipstick: if these full screen ads dont stop im going over to dream-stats site for good
Pokerface: why aren’t you using a blocker?
zoomba23: Pokerface this ‘very bad side’ led last year’s runners up by 2 goals in the last. They’re not bad, just inexperienced
penguins00: I’d rather be the coach of the Suns than Carlton
Umpirespet: Just been inexperienced for 20 years zoomba
Apachecats: Any one got any mail on Hately for tonight.?
Pokerface: lol picking out one game at one time frame does not prove a point. could find any such moment for any bad athlete.
StuL: so much for getting Neale cheaper after the bye
zoomba23: I could pick out a handful of other games that they would’ve won this year had they been composed mate
Pokerface: could bring up their 4 goal game against essendon just last week if you want to cherry pick individual games?
Pokerface: or 10 goal defeat against the roos. ridiculous way of trying to prove a point
BigChief: Muppet for McCluggage?
Natopotato: Neale to make a 50 disposal game?
zoomba23: Mate I could pick out GWS’ 5 goal game against a team that isn’t gonna even make the finals this year mate
Pokerface: if they aren’t bad why did they sack a coach less than a week ago?
zoomba23: I’m not saying they’re a great side, I’m saying they’re not as bad as everyone makes out
Umpirespet: Muppet for your mcluggage mOnty
dipstick: 😎 brought neale in this week
Apachecats: Blues sneaking up here.
StuL: Cripps has come out firing!
Pokerface: exactly that’s my whole point! picking out individual games proves nothing
zoomba23: Sounds like I’ve struck a chord mate. The problem they have goes deeper than just the coach
thiccgucci: walsh had an impressive first half, interested to see if the young gun can back it up
Raspel31: Golly- my op stuck with Neale rather than Danger- who’d have thunk. Wish I had.
jbjimmyjb: brisbane are choking so badly
zoomba23: Don’t know why you have to attack them so mercilessly when they’ve shown clear signs this year
Pokerface: lol, no chord struck – just calling out the ridiculous way you are trying to prove your point
dipstick: @raspel some people are born in mildura, balls as big as oranges
original: my oppo overseas vc macrae, c on neale ffs
Struda: Come on answerth. get a move on
StuL: God has the C on Cripps all of a sudden I bet.
Umpirespet: Lol dipstick
Pokerface: harris the ball is up your end now. take advantage!
BigChief: Good to see Carlton having a crack.
Raspel31: Paid dipstick.
Umpirespet: This is the game I expected from the start
dipstick: cripps 31 points i 7 mins deserves a cape or at least a🤙
shang0: VC on Cripps,opponent has VC on Neale, Both have J Kelly for the C… Let’s hope it doesnt come to that.
Apachecats: Poker ,he’s coming good.
Pokerface: he is indeed Apache – ball up there!
Crave: 3 intercept marks in a short span that a boy Andrews
zoomba23: Andrews score on steroids
faisca7: I swear Andrews was on about 20sc a minute ago
Raspel31: Phew, that’s a tight one Shang0- I stuck with the Dsnger.
BigChief: Cripps carrying Blues again.
Struda: howd everyone go last night?
faisca7: oh that explains it Crave
Pokerface: and throw in a couple of spoils Crave
Nigma97: the ball movement and run has always been there with us, we’re just finally hitting targets
The39Steps: On Hately watch.Can someone please remind when final teams are announced before a game. Is it 90 mins?
Struda: gibbons flying
thiccgucci: neale needs a few tackles to go 150 plus
Apachecats: yes 90 mins ,yell out if you hear anything.
Pokerface: yep 90 minutes 39
BigChief: Should be about 5.40pm AEST
cmperrfect: Its the Crippa V Neale show today
thiccgucci: not sure if i should trade b. scott to hately. have 30 mins to decide
original: cripps and neale 0 tackles lol
jbjimmyjb: gibbons been put in the guts and he’s everywhere
Pokerface: don’t do it gucc. even if greene doesnt pull up hately will be out next week
Beast_Mode: of course not, he’ll only play this week only before being droipped regardless anywayy lol
BigChief: Ed gone to Neale finally.
original: curnow on neale now. explains the slow down
Raspel31: I did Scott to Baker- sure to play.
The39Steps: Thanks.
Patty19: Neale getting tagged heavily by Curnow for those not watching
zoomba23: Thiccgucci don’t bother. Will get dropped as soon as Greene comes back in
Struda: gibbons played 1 game in the guts before this week and tonned up
frenzy: curnow has put the stops on neale
thiccgucci: been thinking that too but idk if scott will get any games and hately needs only 2 games to make 100k
Vogesy69: yeah curnow is tearing him up
pcaman2003: Gibbo added 43 pts this qtr already
original: KCornes – Walsh is an average 300 game type player. carlton would regret picking him
OhSoRozee: Bloody Walsh week I upgrade probz outscore my unique
original: thicc i’m holding scott
jbjimmyjb: i have neale, cripps, walsh and gibbons… not bad
teddyt: wow what a difference it makes putting someone on neale. Must take a rocket surgeon to come up with that!
Pokerface: shaw has indicated the kids will get a go.
jbjimmyjb: m0nty get the cape out of the cupboard for cripps, 50 SC already this quarter
zoomba23: Hately is a gun, just no room for him at GWS rn. As a North fan I reckon Scott gets a few more games this year
Apachecats: Neales been put out of business ,happened quite suddenly.
thiccgucci: piss off curnow you pest. let neale go massive
frenzy: when poker
Struda: Cripps is everywhere
zoomba23: Someone give Answerth a kick up the ass plz
Pokerface: he said it within a week after taking over
original: lyons wow. have u done anything since QT?
Gandhi: That is the worst free i’
Pokerface: or if you meant when do they get a go – i’d love to know myself!
Raspel31: Well said teddyt
BigChief: @original what was the free to Fisher for?
Gotigres: keep going Cripps, Gibbo and Walsh
faisca7: Great free kick that one. How dare Neale get in the way of Fishers elbow like that..
thiccgucci: Gibbons is everywhere!
original: lol BigChief, last time i mentioend the umpires (10m in to 1Qt) i was saying it should be a bris free
Stu7: Come on Setterfield
OhSoRozee: Was gonna bring neale in but had big be so was holding few
Pokerface: lol original
StuL: Gibbon been a gun this qtr. Just keep him on the ball
beerent11: Love it when you’ve got a
Pokerface: wow McCarthy to think early in the season you were actually in my team
BigChief: @original I was not bagging you, I was trying to get a Blues opinion on it.
beerent11: Vc score by 3 qtr time nearly. Go crippa!
thiccgucci: I think andrews has gone 50+ this qtr. dont rembr what he was at half tho
jbjimmyjb: the carlton midfielders look like they’ve been freed up, never seen them so good
original: what a qtr from curnow on neale
Pokerface: he was on 20 sc gucc
original: known ducker gets paid one (BigCheif heres my most recent umpire comment for next time)
Apachecats: he was 20sc at 1/2 time gucci
Beast_Mode: cool story bro
Stu7: Is Cripps on Neale?
original: @Bigchief, tbh didnt see the fisher free but given fisher didnt know it was his i can deduce it was a shocker lol
beerent11: E curnow stu
shang0: indeed beerent11 Go CRIPPS!
jbjimmyjb: wonder how many have VC on cripps after his last disappointing month
thiccgucci: neale going to put me in a sticky situation with C decision
zoomba23: Jesus. Walsh lost 6 for that last free kick against. CD hate the bloke
OhSoRozee: Gonna b interesting to c demons defence with may lever hore think hore and lever play the same sadly probz turn into a
original: waiting for the free against neale to clock on when he bashed Fisher hehe just rewound it. eleni no idea lol
OhSoRozee: A cheap hore in no time
original: there it is!
Struda: answerth killing me, but in my top 18
Hooks: think you should take anything over 120 for C this week
Struda: eleni had some questionable calls ahah always will
BigChief: LMAO original. Not sure what she saw.
Struda: umpiring department probs told her to pay every 50/50 she sees t oestablish authority
original: Bigchief honestly no idea. real stinker of a call. how can they get it so wrong so often
NugzNiggle: Absolutely belted in the midfield that quarter. Spanked.
circle52: Just admit umpiring is inconsisitent in general this year and leave it at that
Struda: only 710 points this quarter, lots of scaling to happen especially if it stays close
OhSoRozee: Opp has v on cripps should’ve followed suit he got setters Walsh also
original: why doesnt KCornes get stuck into rayner instead of cripps?
jbjimmyjb: cripps must be filthy, no cape from 68 points in a quarter
thiccgucci: Neale not in the centre bounce
original: trying to break curnow tag Thicc
OhSoRozee: Coz no1 would listen rayner over cripps
Crave: I think the cape only goes by DT points, not sure why
original: another free against neale oh no going backwards hehe
thiccgucci: fuck off that is not high
original: can we make cripps captain coach
GobChuck: surely robbos been sent to cripps by now?
beerent11: Crippa!
StuL: Go Cripper! What a goal!
zoomba23: Cripps you sexy man
Struda: Cripps is an absolute gun
shang0: Cripps 😀
thiccgucci: Cripps to get to 200
cmperrfect: I took Danger’s VC… still happy
StuL: -10 for Neale since HT. Thanks Curnow
StuL: Nice ton Walsh!
Struda: @m0nty give cripps the cape
Beast_Mode: last time i looked neale was on 108sc lol
original: good boy curnow
BigChief: Neale had 88 at 1/2 time StuL
beerent11: Vc score locked in
jbjimmyjb: curnow’s tagging technique is to just jumper grab, same as last week on zerrett
sfenda1: cripps is a god wtf
thiccgucci: please get to 120 neale. have no other good C option
Skyarm.: Was Cripps on 120 at 3qt wtf
jbjimmyjb: Eleni with another terrible decision, how was that not a mark
Zee94: these umps lol
Drak: Cripps was on 55 at HT… lol
StuL: The PC ‘chick ump’ experiment could be over.
J_Herer: Great work Walsh!
OhSoRozee: Lions don’t deserve this one player above 20
Pokerface: because it went about 5m jimmy
Gotigres: ton up please Gibbo
original: gunna need answerthto multiply his score by 22 again this qtr pls
jbjimmyjb: poker it was the kick in from mccluggage off the ground that went about 40m
original: neale going to be lucky to get to 100 hehe
Apachecats: This must be warming Boltons heart.
Raspel31: Wow- Neale going backwards- good work Walshy.
Pokerface: surely curnow played on!!
NugzNiggle: We dead set don’t deserve to win this. Carlton want this a whole lot more. Pathetic effort.
Crave: X factor to ECurnow if Carlton get up
NugzNiggle: This female umpire is useless but it’s had no impact on the game whatsoever.
shang0: ROFL @ Neale Captains
original: crave good call
beerent11: Was just hoping Walsh would get me through the byes what a bonus
J_Herer: Go Archie Smith you bench crab go!
Apachecats: Roll Over Fall about Laughing ,is that ROFL shang?
circle52: Agree Nugz Posted when our team was announced we would get done by Carlton Talls when Walker not recalled.
BestCoast: Brisbane got teabaged
shang0: yes indeed apa
original: wow miss
Hadouken: ffs AFL live app died….
jbjimmyjb: hadouken mine’s still up
zoomba23: Soft frees being paid here
BigChief: Nice professional free there Plowman
Struda: Cripps (Y) Neale ~ Answerth Ew
Hadouken: @jbjimmyjb giggity!
Hadouken: working again now. go sportsteam!
jbjimmyjb: plowman did well there, he knew cameron would burn him if he lost contact
original: lol plowman arm bar so dumb
shang0: Cripps 😀
BestCoast: GODS disciples turned the game on it’s head
Apachecats: This ain’t over yet.
shang0: Cripps to 170 will seal the deal for me 😀
jbjimmyjb: Lachie Neale 6 disposals since half time, curnow’s holding has suppressed him
GobChuck: bye neale vc, carn cunners
zoomba23: Neale the cherry picker. 20 uncontested possies and no tackles
original: he’s too big
Raspel31: You’re not happy with 160 shang0-sheesh!
Apachecats: will be 180 at this rate shang.
lwillo: Lol Brisbane bears pretenders
Zee94: I think Brisbane should of asked Essendon about how to stop Cripps
GobChuck: Mitch Robinson surely wondering how hes not been sent to cripps at all today
Donzoes: took danger vc over C on cripps, rip
Apachecats: make that 200
Struda: cripps 200 surely
zoomba23: Cripps holy fuck
StuL: Some SC days suck. Some are magnificent. !
StuL: This was looking sick at HT too
Struda: @donzoes not sure why you wouldve gambled 149 tbh
dipstick: Blues top 4 in the bag . . .
Raspel31: Walsh holy flower.
boofjb57: Woohoo. Ty vc cripps
Stuart88: VC Cripps legend
Apachecats: lol at people who traded walsh cos his BE was 89.
original: cripps 300sc?
PlungeMe: wasnt expecting to lose walsh v neale
thiccgucci: who was the bloke that said cripps 200? ah yes me
Apachecats: muppet Cripps ,out on the full ,just kidding
Struda: @apache traded him about 4 weeks ago to josh kelly
Zee94: Pretty typical Carlton, being carried by Cripps and Walsh but see how good they do if they actually hit targets
J_Herer: Walsh helping to cover Yeo out lol, go son!
beerent11: Seems a few of us backed in crippa .you beauty!
Apachecats: Well Andrews 83SC after being on 20 at half time ,I’ll take that.
OhSoRozee: Flower me time to retire offloaded Walsh and didn’t vc cripps opp did
zoomba23: Pokerface: Terrible side aren’t they
beerent11: Game of luck rozee
Stuart88: Ed destroyed Nealde that 2nd half
Pokerface: good grief zoomba, the old one game to prove a point? again?
original: CKornes. Walsh was the wrong pick. ok buddy
beerent11: Won’t be any
Pokerface: beat brisbane by 15, ergo they aren’t a bad side. such horrible logic
thiccgucci: proud of gibbons
Beast_Mode: brissy are rubbish
Pokerface: players, comms etc saying now Bolton did a great job for the team. If that’s the case, why did he go?
frenzy: opponent scored 596, bugger off
zoomba23: Just thought I’d throw it in there. But I feel like all these ‘one games’ are actually adding up to multiple games
shang0: Cripps 😀
Pokerface: 39 of the last 43 games add up too.

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