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Chat log from R12 of 2019: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R12 of 2019

jbjimmyjb: New recruit Ben Cunnington should go large today, doubt Holman tags him
thiccgucci: match of the year here
Apachecats: Higgins done.
Hadouken: picked the coast 1-39
Apachecats: Got no one in this.
jbjimmyjb: great start corbett
GobChuck: Captain Cunners the only one today, hopefully makes up for robinson and answerth from the last game
OhSoRozee: Was that McDonald’s 1st ever goal?
DrSeuss: New recruit Ziebell and Larkey in
DrSeuss: New recruit Ziebell and Larkey in this one. Go large Ziebs
GobChuck: Nope @ohSo, he’s kicked about 15 in 8 years
beerent11: Burgess nearly beaten last weeks score already
Hadouken: so glad i brought in ziebell. stroke of genius…..
Hadouken: lol, ziebell off blood rule
feralmong: damn i forgot to loop Tkelly VC. have to stick with cripps as C.
jbjimmyjb: damn feral bad luck
jbjimmyjb: burgess looking like he could actually reach 50 today
StuL: Ton for Burgess
GobChuck: sucks feral, he was garbage on field first half so doubt he beat 80sc for the game
GobChuck: sarcasm*
duckky: Burgess has almost socred his age in the first quarter.
Umpirespet: Stul will Fort get many more games this year?
jbjimmyjb: hadou ziebell on fire for you
Struda: If you picked up ziebell, i salute you
poolboybob: Burgo is off to a blinder!!!
feralmong: This game already starting to look like the last one.
original: cripps 140 sc second half was crazy ay
Breezey: What’s the go with Higgins
OhSoRozee: Glad my opp v on cripps compounded by hurn hately on field
feralmong: u gotta be relieved original. At long last light at end of the tunnel.
Hadouken: opp has corbett and burgess. im stuffed.
zoomba23: Go you good thing Burgo
StuL: Ton for Burgess for the whole season. When you add all his scores together
original: feral its amazing wat happens when carlton tag oppo best player..first time we tried
duckky: Sad to say … I fielded Answorth instead of Burgess today … poor judgement!
StuL: I wouldn’t get in Fort in I think. scott loves ratagolea and he is finally looking the goods
StuL: Only if Rats hammy is a long one
Umpirespet: OK cheers
StuL: Isn’t Tarryn a bit of a girls name?
OhSoRozee: Second yr*
feralmong: irish for Tara and Erin Stu.
beerent11: You might be playing me hadouken
feralmong: but gender doesn’t mean much these days.
Patty19: Ben brown copping the wrath of the BURG in the early going
jbjimmyjb: original curnow tagged zerrett last week, id argue that he’s essendon’s best player
Hadouken: @stul calm down rampe 🙂 hehe
feralmong: Crows thinking maybe we don’t get pick 1 now. Blues win a few more and get off the bottom.
Hadouken: this is getting ugly real quick
Stu7: Burgess is nearly beating his average 😂
Stu7: So true StuL
original: love it when theyquote the tats on who covers the most ground, and its brown due to his run up
Breezey: Guess who brought in Higgins this week
BigChief: Yeo officially out.
Struda: ben brown should be pinged for running too far
Hadouken: ziebell keep these tackles going !
OhSoRozee: Surprised tog by cunnington
masterhc2: Corbett’s my 18th this week, excellent…
beerent11: Baby John on fire almost making up for Ronny corbett
jbjimmyjb: burgess making up for corbett and answerth :))
beerent11: I’ve got the vc on baby John this week keep going burgess!
beerent11: What’s wrong with yeo bigchief?
nick2397: Chris (John) Burgess scoring too well, he needs to spin up a bankrupt.
zoomba23: The North of old on show here
duckky: Baby John doing well for someone who hasn’t got a kick
Hadouken: @nick2397 “i’d like an N for Nelly please”
nick2397: Come on Corbett, stop hitting lose a turn!
Hadouken: kinda glad i jumped on Ziebell now.
hinsch: Captain Grundy or Coniglo this week
Beast_Mode: lmaoo
OhSoRozee: Trust burgess to go big when my opp has him rank 1 VS 2 in league
Breezey: Ziebell might give Cogs score from last week a run at this rate
Oddsy5: Breezey thats so unlucky mate
Hadouken: ouch. ziebell cannoned into
Breezey: Until now when looks like he just got KOd
Hadouken: and off. possibly concussed…
noobcoach: Rozee surpised TOG cunnington? Too high or too low by his standards
Breezey: What is Oddsy
J_Herer: Ziebell eyes wonky after that head hit
Gelly: zielble is cooked, looks dazed and wobbly
nick2397: What % of coaches have Ziebell? Not too high I would’ve thought.
OhSoRozee: Had 5th lowest tog that included higgins
NugzNiggle: Go you good thing Corbett…
Breezey: Martin on report apparently as well.
Gelly: well new coach running him in mids so some got him as a pod
jbjimmyjb: cunnington will reach 110+ easily im not worried
nick2397: Great half Corbett, enjoy your half time break you’ve earned it!
Breezey: Hey Niggler go on our league page and check out my captain
shang0: Burgess 😀
Gelly: capt fyfe for me, thanks cripps
NugzNiggle: Oh dear @Breezey. I was hoping for your sake it was Ziebell until the KO. 3 x 130+ Scores and Higgo screws ya.
obione05: Burgess score is BS, no kicks, no tackles and if he has a clanger it cant be 100% de
OhSoRozee: clangers dont just count as disposals
Gelly: ziebell is too brave for his own good, might have to retire early from all the head knocks hes had
The39Steps: Has Burgess lost his foot?
jbjimmyjb: burgess’ clanger was his FA
Breezey: There is no way Martin can be suspended for that against Ziebell.
OhSoRozee: good to see dixon back in sanfl kicked 5
OhSoRozee: wines 32 disposals aswell
Breezey: Went low, turned the body and got the ball
DrSeuss: Not watching, will Ziebell be coming back? Any word?
J_Herer: Ziebell will be gone
Gelly: he nearly fell over getting off the ground, so i would think not likely, but you never know
DrSeuss: Noooo – only brought him in this week.
Gelly: i think rechless high or or medium impact wo what ever that gets you at the mrp
DrSeuss: Hope he is ok though. Head clash?
Gelly: spelling =(
Nuffman: @Obione05: his clanger is the FA he has
Donzoes: wow burgess is scoring a bit
Breezey: Ziebell back on
obione05: Zibell-poor technique, Martin-correct technique
DrSeuss: Sounds like heart for Ziebell already?
Breezey: Spot on @Obione05
BigChief: Really obione? Both had their head over the ball.
beerent11: Corbett back to 0
beerent11: Was going to win my leagues easy but now with Corbett and yeo will be close.
Stu7: Come on Burgess – don’t slip back into useless mode!!
Breezey: Ziebell didn’t turn his body. So incorrect technique. Didn’t go low either
shang0: Watch Goldstein fall short of 100 😀
Beast_Mode: hopefully gets rubbed out
Oddsy5: carn cunnington. got ya in this week go big
masterhc2: may as well have played 17 lol corbett, sigh was going so well till this game
Donzoes: cunnington pls
The39Steps: Green out but Daniel Lloyd in, not Hately.
Schillaci: Fire up Captain Cunnington.
GOOD: anyone else going with jelly C
frenzy: hately will never get picked
Hadouken: lol push and shove, ben brown so soft
beerent11: SuperCoach giveth and SuperCoach taketh away. Cripps vc/ Corbett
DrSeuss: Come on Larkey – at least get to 60
beerent11: Had the c on jelly good, but might take crippa vc
shang0: high 5 beerent11 😀
Stu7: Might???? @beerent11
GOOD: beer, jelly to get 200+
Stu7: I’ve got VC on Jelly
beerent11: Thinking about it stu
jbjimmyjb: corbett been put on the wing, still can’t score
shang0: I also have the same problem as beerent11, serisouly considering taking Cripps score, but unsure..
circle52: @masterhc try only having 17 on field including Corbett
PowerBug: Cripps scored 97 doubled to 194 right? 😀
Stu7: You’d be mad not to @beerent11
BigChief: Tough call Beerent.
beerent11: Might be joking stu
GOOD: man love for burgess (insert eggplant emoji)
Stu7: Burgess on track to beat his highest score – 61
Struda: Nah bug was 194 doubles to 388 ahaha
Breezey: Burgess in trouble now. Injury
Hadouken: burgess injured
jbjimmyjb: the goat has gone down
Stu7: Burgess has done it 62
Oddsy5: good cunnington
Hadouken: hopefully ziebell ends on a cool 130
Pokerface: those who were on hately watch, its lloyd replacing toby
jbjimmyjb: corbett in positive figures
Patty19: Scaling
Stu7: What’s wrong with Burgess?
Patty19: Can burgess hold on
DrSeuss: Larkey – want to get a touch?
Stu7: Burgess noooooooooooo
Donzoes: commentators saying cramp or cork idk
jbjimmyjb: stu looked like he hyperextended his leg
shang0: Burgess leg injury
Stu7: Thanks Donzoes and jbjimmyjb
jbjimmyjb: if burgess can come back on and get another 10-15 points, and cunners hits 130, i wont be mad at corbett
poolboybob: Cleaver for Anthony Miles
OhSoRozee: cmon cunners 40+ qtr pls
jbjimmyjb: rozee you never seem to be satisfied with your players
OhSoRozee: nah only 2nd time ive said something like that
OhSoRozee: im always content with an 80
Yelse: need ben brown and sexton one more goal each to win multi
Stu7: Is Burgers back on?
Donzoes: yeah
Stu7: Cheers Donzoes
OhSoRozee: just my opp had vc on cripps/walsh and burgess and i only had cripps alone
OhSoRozee: 95 game time for goldstein ruck is elit
OhSoRozee: 95 game time for goldstein ruck is elite
OhSoRozee: good contest mark cunnington but not even 1 mark
Breezey: Yep
OhSoRozee: man got ejected from carlton-brisbane for calling umpire balled headed flog wat a joke
zoomba23: That is not fucking downfield
Breezey: I just wanted to spoil your run of comments in succession Rozee
Stu7: Furburger 68
Yelse: cmonnn sexton you have 12 mins pleaseeee one goalll
Breezey: Now for Sexton @Yelse
Stu7: No sex for Sexton tonight!!!
poolboybob: Miles going at a solid 22% efficiency on 22 touches
duckky: Come on Goldy … just 13 more
thiccgucci: cant wait till i reach the point where i can flick goldstein to grundy
Breezey: Quiet night for Touk
m0nty: if I had an icon for worst on ground (and maybe I should) then Ballard would be a monty this evening
StuL: Come on Larkey you donkey!
heppelitis: @Stu7 and definitely no ton either
obione05: Goldstein: promises 100+ at half time and ends up with 90 again
Breezey: What’s wrong with Ballard. Miles has been terrible
NugzNiggle: Right on cue Corbett mark. Wowzer.
Gotigres: well done Burgess
Struda: lachie weller hasnt scored below 87 since round 1
Stu7: The crowd is stunned by Burgess’s 71
OhSoRozee: sloane is fit
Gotigres: Lloyd in for Greene. Pity it wasn’t Hately in
Yelse: why sexton whyyy
Struda: Will seriously be considering next year honestly
shang0: Burgess you go
Yelse: why isn’t lately getting a run
Stu7: Come on Burgess squeeze out another 10 points please buddy
GOOD: hately must be rooting mrs cameron
OhSoRozee: thought hately would b a lock back home in sa
Yelse: sexton was right there damn
Stu7: Hatley seems hated!!!
BigChief: You can’t really have Sexton Yelse?
jbjimmyjb: yelse why do you have sexton?
OhSoRozee: glad my opp has him and hurn fielded
faisca7: Cheers Corbett ya koont
OhSoRozee: he did on multi
Yelse: he is on my multi not in SC was my last leg. missed on 850
vamos77: Someone at CD needs a Burgess score. Geez
OhSoRozee: hmm 122 vc on cunners do i take it
jbjimmyjb: well this was a terrible game to watch, was expecting game of the year
jbjimmyjb: rozee take it
pharace: Exactly Vamos – CD is so flower at times
shang0: Burgess baby
2xxRinga: Burgess didnt play last qtr, couldve burgered

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