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Chat log from R12 of 2019: Richmond vs Geelong

Chat log for Richmond vs Geelong, R12 of 2019

Umpirespet: Hmm who will the sniper hit tonight
Apachecats: Elbows Ablett?
Umpirespet: Yup
Apachecats: Greene out Hately in ,has anyone heard that and can confirm.
Umpirespet: Oh never traded this week but this interests me Apache
DrSeuss: 7 players in this game
Apachecats: Yeah umpires holding trades to last minute this week ,hoping to see my rivals strength before I use my trades.
Apachecats: Got 20 players without trading.
hinsch: traded two this week Loyld and Houli in hopefully it works
J_Herer: got 17 if Yeo is out
Umpirespet: Hinsch Lloyd has the bye next week
Umpirespet: Have 19 is Hore plays
hinsch: Yes got 22 this week, 10 next week and 16 week after 18 trades left
Apachecats: If you cancelled trades don,t forget to reset your captains ,I nearly forgot.
BestCoast: My opponent has 10 starters
Umpirespet: Time to smoke the pipe best coast
BestCoast: You can tin ass the blues and win three or lose three regardless of trades
BestCoast: Byes
BestCoast: Pack me up Umpires smoke our way
Umpirespet: Tigs in trouble cats all over them already
BestCoast: To victory flowering keyboard
Oddsy5: anyone else vc danger?
BestCoast: How are all you legends tonight gearing up for a big weekend
circle52: I did apache timed out. Hope Kelly does not go beserk now as he was the VC choice.
Umpirespet: No oddsy… Quiet one here BC
BestCoast: Where are you colours Umpires
Apachecats: yes oddsy vc Danger and maybe c on Pendles.
Raspel31: Evening all- how did we cope cope with Whitfield loss-keep, trade? I went very downmarket for a big war chest.
Apachecats: Looking a bit ominous circle.
Umpirespet: Gone green and gold for cricket and women’s world cups BC. Colours be back after
BigChief: VC Kelly and C Neale
Gotigres: yes Oddsy. Danger vc. Constable out, Cogs in
Juzzo: VC Dusty tonight, first time no Gawn or Grundy VC.
Apachecats: Tomorrow I will go Whitfield to HAndrews,just reckon 4 weeks could drift on to 6.
BestCoast: Greetings Raspel I flicked Whitfield
Umpirespet: Raspel ur back I nearly filled in a missing persons report after CL final lol
upweydons: Who was your choice as captain ?
Raspel31: Have Kelly but vc Danger and c Neale- much of a muchness umpire.
twinpeaks: Went Whit-> Cogs, Lockhart-> Naish and Ross-> Dusty. Got $150k next week
frenzy: another soccer match
Umpirespet: Naish ur game twinpeaks
Dondeal: Anyone watching on the foxtel stream online? Mine is glitching out
Raspel31: Richmond United 0- Geelong City 2.
Umpirespet: Just watch c7 done deal?
BestCoast: Loved that tail that jump the fence in Champions League
Breezey: Same score as Liverpool and Spurs @ Raspel. Hahaha
Dondeal: Kids have the telly Raspel31…
Pokerface: dondeal yep its cactus yet again
Kaalia: I wasted constable in the end… misses another 2 weeks guaranteed – it’s a no from me.
Dondeal: Sorry, Umpirespet I mena
Pokerface: at least once or twice a week now. they r useless
Pokerface: lol breezey
Umpirespet: Raspel I go for Crystal Palace so I never get disappointed
DrSeuss: 4 of my 7 players in this game on 0 still
Dondeal: Did it last round as well Poker. Useless
Bennyherb: Is houli playing or preying in the prey room
Pokerface: really think its time to pack fox in
Umpirespet: Isn’t Kayo better?
BigChief: My foxtel working perfectly.
original: poker fox down?
Pokerface: fox go chief?
Dondeal: Foxtel back now, but feed is about 2 mins behind actual game
shang0: Might have to VC Cripps into J Kelly… Not many other options with the two BIG men playing on one another
BigChief: Normal foxtel
StuL: Too bad if you paid a premium for Houli. No way is he worth 541k
Pokerface: original fox go stream.. back now
Pokerface: normal foxtel fine.. its fox go stream that craps out week after week
frenzy: pedal harder Pokerface
Umpirespet: Dondeal kayo is only $5 for first month of u are desperate
Pokerface: lol frenzy
original: StuL agree. watch him score 130 still tho smh
Dondeal: Foxtel is free when I use my brothers account lol
DrSeuss: Haha Naish on my bench about to score 100 lol
SilverLion: Balta just walked that over
Bennyherb: Yeap I was a spastic an brought houki in for Whitfield .
Umpirespet: Houli has burnt me previous years
BRAZZERS: Only 6 tons in 8 games lmao, salty muppets. worth every cent. will ton up
original: poker surely internet is the issue?
Umpirespet: Haha no
Stu7: Round 12 Battle of the sh1test teams 🙂
Umpirespet: Haha np dondeal
BigChief: Houli only averaging 110, so yeah 541k is too high.
StuL: Original, feels like a mistake not jumping on at 399 but historically he’s not very consistent.
Pokerface: no original, its fox go. it happens semi-regularly with them now
Stu7: Supercoach Teams that is
Apachecats: Dangers SC forecast is 88 pftt!
Pokerface: there was uproar when it went down 15 mins before aleague grand final
Pokerface: what does he average with Short there.. he is listed only 3-4 weeks away …
SilverLion: And he just handballed that straight out
Gotigres: What is the umpire wearing around his chest?
Raspel31: Every pundit said Houli would flag- and I for one believed them.
Sillybugga: why would you have anyone on the bench during byes
Breezey: Nice start from Soldo. I didn’t have the guts to grab him
original: naish vc paying off
Umpirespet: Martin is just teasing us surely
Pokerface: sillybugga outside reilly anyway
benzammit: Naish on the bench good luck in the coming weeks
BigChief: GOD has hacked originals account.
Bennyherb: Is any else over this low scoring crap
StuL: Martin will barely ton up
Monfries96: Should’ve put Naish on my field – not that uncommon to have more than 6 playing defenders I’d imagine
Umpirespet: Lol Chief
benzammit: Martin will get 35 plus
Pokerface: 666 will fix that benny
DrSeuss: Sillybugga I have 6 backs playing and Naish on the bench.
GOD: GOD does not need the VC
Pokerface: Ash fights back!
twinpeaks: Seuss let’s pray Hore a late out
Sillybugga: oh fair enough
benzammit: Flog does not need too as his too the eyes with bog.
circle52: have you got a DPP Dr that you can use.
Umpirespet: God has $hite the bed this week
DrSeuss: Haha that could work Twinpeaks.
Bennyherb: Haha 666 only makes a difference if they score and they don’t even score these days . 666 should be played in final q on
StuL: 100% of Supercoaches will have Naish in 2 weeks.
Patty19: Soldo on track for a genuine blue moon
benzammit: If you have a non player switch him to get him on
StuL: God has nothing because he isn’t real.
Umpirespet: He Wont be playing in 2weeks stul
StuL: 3 then
Yelse: shouldn’t be top 18 score. Should be your playing players and average of non playing score of player
DrSeuss: Circle all my dpps already moved to mids 🙁
GOD: StuLpid comment! again
Sunharp: Duncan’s efficiency must be putrid
dipstick: i already have naish.. got him today 😎
thiccgucci: told myself i would never touch houli. kept true to my word until 15 mins before the game when i brought him in
Gelly: likewise
J_Herer: Houli quiet and a few coaches went captain
circle52: Fair enough
Pokerface: Yelse that proposal to use average is ridiculous. you can trade in someone already know what youll get. top 18 far bette
Bennyherb: Watching Barty now .. better than this piss crap
dipstick: pretty sure Houli is Ramadaming so could be a little hungry
original: clark smh
J_Herer: Ah yeah the fasting diet will slow him down
Pokerface: its ended dipstick.. his gut is too full for running around now
StuL: It’s dark now so he can eat a goat at quarter time right?
teddyt: lmao auskick mark
cmperrfect: CD love Jelwood 2nite
teddyt: and what poker said
BigChief: 30% DE for Duncan @Sunharp
dipstick: @poker ohh yeh, youre probably more spot on with that then
BestCoast: Will GOD maybe coach the blues next year
Gotigres: am i the only one with Clark?
Patty19: Commentators seem surprised by dangers kicking, he always kicks like this
BigChief: Even Carlton won’t deal with GOD @BestCoast
Bennyherb: Gary gets booed more than Goode’s. Big sook
Pokerface: no Gotigres 🙁
Pokerface: how on earth do you get an apostrophe into that.
Umpirespet: Just realised Rozee isn’t on has someone upset him
Raspel31: GOD does not exist BestCoast- except on this site sadly.
OhSoRozee: im on just bigger priorities
jocka: @Bennyherb How is he a sook? I’ve never even seen him show that he hears the boos
Umpirespet: Lol u lurker
GOD: GOD is going to appoint Brett Ratten to coach Carlton in 20202
Pokerface: you knew better than that UP
OhSoRozee: was stuffing my face
duckky: @Raspel – proof that GOD doesn’t exist… He supports Carlton
BestCoast: Raspel please tell me unicorns do exist
thiccgucci: houli pathetic
DrSeuss: I have Clark Tigres – has been decent for the last few
original: good boy GOD
BigChief: So ratten will be the oldest man ever?
Umpirespet: Yes I apologise poker
Umpirespet: Why would Ratten go back?
frenzy: so they can treat him like shower again
StuL: Dusty stopped
OhSoRozee: who would jump at any senior gig
OhSoRozee: he*
BestCoast: Rumours are Carlton will merge with Norfs
Raspel31: Natural order seems to be returning to the universe- act of GOD?
frenzy: camporeale will be blues mini bus
OhSoRozee: ratten to roo’s and scott to carlton
BigChief: Ratten will coach Saints, Scott to join Cats as assistant.
StuL: Carlton will merge with Preston Bullants and be the weaker team.
hinsch: whitfiels to Houli this week looks good at the moment
J_Herer: Can Sydney keep their record up with WC outs, good odds
Bennyherb: Houli really hurts .. only brang him in a hour ago instead of Ryan
StuL: Go cats!
OhSoRozee: martin so selfish fwd
BestCoast: Frenzy that’s my nickname for Bucks
Umpirespet: West coast took 2 extra over today so expect more outs
Dondeal: Foxtel stream is off its tits. Just crashed now is streaming from the 15min mark of 2nd quarter. wtf
OhSoRozee: held whitfield should only miss 1 post his bye save the trade only need to field 18
Gelly: yeh its flowered
BestCoast: BigChief Ratten to Saints you think might be right there
Pokerface: they are such a horrible company Don
BigChief: I think most teams take 2 travelling emerg.
Sixty656: Fox giving me Error PE1001 – again
hinsch: whitfield was going to get a donut at least Houli might get 40
Pokerface: cutting output, service crappier yet they want to up prices
BestCoast: StuL Carlton will merge with Preston Bullants and be know as the Preston bullants
original: Foxtel stream working fine on iphone lads
Breezey: Cats have gone bang bang bang
SilverLion: Hes lucky he kicked that
OhSoRozee: @hinsch yeh donut doesnt really matter 2 much over bye got 18 and trades upsleeve
DrSeuss: Get involved Stewart – you too Clark
Raspel31: The North Carlton Roos Blues- I’m a supporter BestCoast.
J_Herer: Need 20 touches from martin, prestia and duncan to start a big multi, go boys!
Umpirespet: Camera angles at the mcg are a joke
StuL: BestCoast LOL. I hope so.
twinpeaks: Hey gang, if you are keen for a good AFL yarn Podcast, get around us at The Ruck Rover
BigChief: That is a BS review. Daylight between ball and post.
Gotigres: Tigers robbed
OhSoRozee: another goal review system joker
Breezey: Goal review is no better this week. Terrible
SUPER*: Boy oh boy
BestCoast: Raspel I would support that team if they gave me free beer all day
Umpirespet: Twinpeaks don’t even know what a podcast is
Foursuits: Wow wee
Umpirespet: Best coast would they relocate them to China?
J_Herer: Naish looking great, very happy, go son!
BestCoast: What chances of West Coast going back to back
Apachecats: they need to scrap this review system ,its broken.
J_Herer: zero
OhSoRozee: any of u stuck with rotham?
Sixty656: Not Stack! (Lenny)
BestCoast: Umpires I am hearing relocation to Pakistan
StuL: None I hope.
hinsch: Great idea Umpirespet WCE located in China make my life easier
BigChief: Don’t see it BestCoast, but if they make finals they are a chance I guess.
Pokerface: Ash is a star
Umpirespet: 1 in 8 chance Best Coast
thiccgucci: can houli and baker get 100 between them
cmperrfect: Goodness me
hinsch: Great idea Umpirespet WCE located in China make my life easier haha
jocka: Barty on verge
original: held jselwood all year in draft. shuld have VC him
StuL: Giants are the danger team this year. Ridiculous depth. Better than us.
DrSeuss: Hoult get off the bench ffs
Apachecats: not yet ohso ,why do u say stuck?
Umpirespet: Wow afl is going global
BestCoast: StuL don’t be
DrSeuss: Why is Clark’s TOG so low?
BigChief: Who is Ash Poker?
OhSoRozee: some people went early downgrade on him in his 2nd game he finally gets a price rise game
thiccgucci: cause he is shit @seuss
LMartos: Good to see Houli change role the week I bring him in >:(
BestCoast: StuL don’t be like that we have already smacked Giants be a good finals series
OhSoRozee: naish has stolen bakers role
Rilian: Mare icon for Lynch?
Sixty656: Gremlins in the systems tonight
Pokerface: Ash Barty BC
Umpirespet: Ash Barty Chief
BestCoast: I am enjoying a nice bottle of Whistlepig 15 years Boss jog edition very yummy
cmperrfect: When’s the last time a 1st gamer tonned up?
Raspel31: Just wondering if now a good time to bring in Lynch now we all know he is useless?
Pokerface: those of us on Fox Go just saw that score review Rozee!
BigChief: Oh a sport that’s not AFL.
Catatafish: At least get your BE Clark you flog.
OhSoRozee: gws will host a qualifiier against westcoast so dont think westcoast will get home game till 2nd weeek
Umpirespet: Poker so tempted to give you spoilers lol
StuL: Do you like smoky whiskey BestCoast?
Monfries96: Balta wasting away down back, wish they’d put him in the ruck
BestCoast: OhSoRozee we will finish top two that’s a certainty
Gotigres: Well done Ashley
nick2397: Good half vc Danger!
StuL: Whiskey Live is on about now
J_Herer: Houli charity heaps then, go son!
J_Herer: WC the new Richmond for mine, no heart
BestCoast: Nic Nat back in the next month West Coast will go to another level
Raspel31: That was a thing of beauty Gablett.
PlungeMe: Danger VC looking alright
Bennyherb: Dangerfield +125 $3.25 easy money
OhSoRozee: nah i say itll b cats,gws,eagles/pies top 4
Apachecats: Tiges getting smashed by umps.
beerent11: Sydney stack 108 on debut cmperrfect
StuL: Should have VC’d Danger.
BestCoast: StuL love all Whiskeys I have had the privilege to swig on some of the best
Umpirespet: Richmond to finish 9th
Donzoes: VC Danger doesnt look so back right about now
StuL: Tigers getting smashed Apache
casey22: Best Cats tean I’ve seen for quite some time!
BigChief: Not unhappy with Kelly atm.
wadaramus: Taking the legs out rule is gone?! Can’t keep up with AFL rules!
SUPER*: Hopefully baker gets up and about in the second half
BestCoast: J_Herer no heart no quiet sure about that
StuL: I’m going to have a Laphroig 10yo. Safe, go to fave
Umpirespet: Cats always good in minor rounds
original: lol rat going for a mark and people want a sliding free come off it
cmperrfect: Naish is a chance! Thanks @beerent11
BestCoast: Cats breeze into finals and then become Deer in the headlights
jbjimmyjb: I still dont understand why HTB is not a rule any more this year
OhSoRozee: o wow naish is a defender on sc lol
StuL: Only since Chris Scott. He’s poisoning them somehow.
Umpirespet: Jimmy the game has gone to the dogs don’t worry
J_Herer: @BC why would they be quiet? WC not playing good footy, slow structured play, most teams have them figured out
Gotigres: just like the Tigers of old umpirespet
cmperrfect: 15m kick length rule never gets paid either @jbjimmyjb
OhSoRozee: and 7 kermies already for danger and 73 pts hehe
thiccgucci: will naish get to 3 games tho?
Umpirespet: Next year afl players will wear padding and helmets
BigChief: Hird to coach Carlton. Perfect fit LOL
Umpirespet: Haha gotigres
BestCoast: StuL Pappy Van Winkles family reserve
jbjimmyjb: Lambert, Ellis, Short all will be back by Round 15 (hopefully), which will kick Naish out
Ash777: Pretty sure not everyone wears mouth guards in footy
Umpirespet: I like Jamieson so I’m boring
Apachecats: Did you mean hard to coach or hird to coach BC
Pokerface: and will stop houli in his tracks…
BestCoast: J_Herer when team think they got the answers we will change the questions
BigChief: James Hird Apache.
beerent11: Clark’s be is 13 might not get there
Raspel31: I just had a dream that the Tigers were going to win this- but then the doctor woke me up.
jbjimmyjb: Im just hoping it’s not a blow out like all the other losses this year
Umpirespet: Think u were being molested raspel
BestCoast: By Doctor Joffa
frenzy: how do you spell gyno
BestCoast: Biggest fear for a dildo farmer ?? Squatters
Gotigres: Doing well Clark and Balta
Pokerface: what is a dildo farmer
Umpirespet: Gotigres what’s ur rank m8?
J_Herer: lol best coast, good luck
BestCoast: J_Herer cheers Cob time will tell
BestCoast: Poker a French cucumber grower
Umpirespet: Lol well said
Ash777: houli manages to get htb against the un-tackleble
Gotigres: about 21,00 umpirespet. How about you?
Umpirespet: Think 19k lol we are doing well
J_Herer: yep time will tell, look forward to finals this year
Catatafish: Just relax on the pine, Clark, that’s alright.
original: cats doing their best to get houli into the game smh
Raspel31: How does a French woman hold her lover BestCoast? Onya Gablett- not that I have you.
circle52: Yep we are all doing well I’m 18,700
BestCoast: Raspel do tell
poolboybob: Has Hawkins ever had a free kick against without acting completely stunned by the decision?
Gotigres: we are all going as well as each other lol
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Apachecats: HI dirty.
Umpirespet: Hey Dawn
V@lks: Balta has get got to be omitted. Had a couple of shockers now. Just jogs around disinterested
Raspel31: Evening Dirty- and by the ears.
wadaramus: Evening DD.
BestCoast: DirtyDawn with the new colours god bless your cotton socks
Umpirespet: Socceroos looking more interesting every minute
Daics35: Toast
BestCoast: Raspel so he doesn’t muffacate
OhSoRozee: cmon baker 1 40 pt qtr will do uve done it a few times already
DrSeuss: They need to play Balta in the ruck more, he gets disinterested playing back or away from the contest
Monfries96: Went Laird over Houli, doubting it now
DirtyDawn: First time on FF this season, West Coast indirectly causing me some grief but all good
DrSeuss: Anytime now Stewart – you can start to get involved
OhSoRozee: rats on track for b2b tons
Daics35: Tigers are cooked.
Raspel31: Kidding me Monfries? Laird 10 times better investment than Houli.
beerent11: Gee it’s a bit easy now
Catatafish: Clark you shit cunt, you make a bloke with the name Gryan look like a Brownlow medallist.
BestCoast: DirtyDawn you look ravishing in those colours
Monfries96: Hope so Raspel, although I’m talking exclusively about fantasy
DirtyDawn: DD likes the colours BC
Umpirespet: You smooth mover Bc
Gotigres: I will say it again (from previous weeks). I don’t know how Castanga gets a game
OhSoRozee: baker should jump 8 pts there cp and 2 hballs
Sixty656: Earth to Kelly, hello???
Breezey: The Selwood duck from Duncan there.
DrSeuss: Balta, Stack, Stewart, Clark and Kelly – the 3rd quarter has started….
Umpirespet: Nice coat hanger castagne
original: OhSoRoz one of the handballs was a clanger/turnover tho unfortunately
Yelse: wats wrong with balta
Torz: Playing key back
OhSoRozee: yeh its weird he lost 1 pt for 1 clean hball/cp and 1 clanger weird
original: he’s balta
Yelse: the ball is constantly there u expect more
Raspel31: Quietly confident Balta will still ton up Yelse- groan.
StuL: This is like the good old days when we always raped the tigers
Breezey: Does not matter. I think the horse has Baltad anyway
Apachecats: I’ve seen shorter kicks than that Dahl mark get paid.
Oddsy5: Balta is great when he’s in the ruck, just doesn’t get enough time there
Donzoes: keep going danger
Monfries96: Don’t listen to the dumb commentators Apache, umpire said it was touched
BigChief: Lynch is a dud.
cmperrfect: Cmon Danger, junk it up till 3QT..
Breezey: Thats better Stewart. A few little chip arounds at the back
Oddsy5: love danger racking up 2 marks and 2 kicks easy as 😂
OhSoRozee: rat down race hammy according to ling
Monfries96: Ratagolea hammy, bah gawd is that Darcy Fort’s music?!
duckky: Richmond would have byers remorse over Lynch
Apachecats: Nice early ton VC Dangerman.
OhSoRozee: kolodjashnij off injured aswell
Raspel31: Lynch will be very cheap to ignore from now on.
DrSeuss: That kick to the crackers for Stack has completely stopped him – 61 TOG is a joke
beerent11: Nice telly
Sixty656: Cheers Telly
OhSoRozee: @ducky nah he had no preseason and the only tall in richmonds fwds
boofjb57: Awesome goal assist there
cmperrfect: Is there a market for Richmond finishing 9th? 😂
J_Herer: Stack get a busted nut?
OhSoRozee: the ratatouille is cooked
circle52: Rat finished for the game.
Breezey: Getting ugly now. Well uglier than it already was
circle52: Could be 9th after these Rds cm as % taking a hammering.
Oddsy5: far out the cats can kick a big score quickly
Foursuits: Too essy
Gotigres: lol cm perrfect
Beast_Mode: dons supporters dussing richmond lol, ive heard it all now
beerent11: Will be trading a Geelong number 6 for a hawks number 6 next week I think
V@lks: Lol Rozee
DrSeuss: Stack getting his sack iced up on the bench?
Raspel31: Just a hunch- but tink Cats might just have this.
Yelse: is stack injured?
OhSoRozee: nah he was at the centre bounces last few
Oddsy5: townsend muppet
original: clark woof
Apachecats: Townsens double muppett award.
BigChief: That was dumb from Townsend
OhSoRozee: @monty didnt get my ratatouille joke the rat is done
beerent11: 100 points is in play
cmperrfect: Enjoy the 2’s next week Townsend
Beast_Mode: townsend is a spud
Raspel31: Richmond- 1 goal since early 1st quarter-hmm?
BigChief: Enjoy your last game for Rich you muppet
Breezey: Clark must be soft if that put him down
J_Herer: Bitchmond are an absolute mess
Apachecats: yelse ,copped a tough one in the niagara falls.
Umpirespet: Lol mInty
Sixty656: Does Dusty have DPP in Fantasy?
Umpirespet: Selwood is teaching the kids well breezey
J_Herer: yep Sixty
OhSoRozee: sixty yes mid/fwd
jocka: If someone sucker punched you, UmpiresPet & Breezy, you would go down as well.
Gotigres: Richmond were 2 goals up!
Umpirespet: Jocks I played in the 80s happened every week
Apachecats: Nearest the pin on Danger .I’ll go 152.
Pokerface: lol at everyone who just outed themselves as fantasy players
BestCoast: Went down like tinnies in a dust storm
Breezey: It was a half a whack in the chest. This blokes a professional footballer.
Bennyherb: Geelong worth the $3.50 to win the flag
clay007: Hi-the adverts are blocking some of the players stats. The small ads. Anyone know how I can get rid of them?
Sixty656: Do both 🙂
jocka: Umpirespet Seems you deserve to be hit if it was every week.
Catatafish: 400m gained, 3 inside 50s and a clearance. Is Clark’s fucking disposal efficiency -300?
nick2397: How the fuck did Townsend play in a premiership team?
J_Herer: my league went fantasy this year, lots not happy, app crap, site crap etc
V@lks: @clay adblocker?
Apachecats: x at the far right lower of screen clay.
Gotigres: Clark no points for a free which led to a goal?
Daics35: Clarke couldn’t bruise a grape
frenzy: i’ll go danger 146
StuL: In 2007 a night game v the Tigers where we destroyed them was the turning point to be favs.
Natopotato: 40% DE and 4 Clangers reason for Clark’s score
Pokerface: most importantly game crap
Monfries96: Didn’t realise fantasy was looked down upon in here…
Catatafish: Clark’s softness is irrelevant. Look at Lloyd.
OhSoRozee: @got he kicked it out on the fall from the 1st free then some1 else got the kick downfield
clay007: thanks nick
BestCoast: Danger 158
OhSoRozee: i do fantasy coz its another prize could win doesnt matter if its shower
Pokerface: i just assumed its looked down upon everywhere monfries?
Raspel31: Lynch must rank as the best trade of all time.
Oddsy5: hopefully danger kicks a couple goals this quarter. 160 🤥
original: lol castagna playing selfish
Beast_Mode: get some junk clark
Catatafish: I’ve seen 2 clangers that weren’t free kick related. Love the chicken bones approach to disposal efficiency.
original: flower off houli
cmperrfect: Who to C Gents? Grundy, Gawn, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Neale, JKelly..?
LuvIt74: Got Danger VC, Kelly, Dahlhaus & Stack in this if Danger scores 130+ which he should I’ll take it
LuvIt74: Oh and Houli
Monfries96: Poker fantasy is easier for simple minds like mine
StuL: Picked it like a dirty nose in q1. Dusty will barely ton up.
Pokerface: lol monfries
J_Herer: multi legs up, nice work boys, bring on the free cash!
Bennyherb: Houli done well considering not touching it for 40mins in the first half
BestCoast: Cmperrfect
BestCoast: Cmperrfect Fyfe has the bye
StuL: Cockatoo can retire from football I think Lingy.
Oddsy5: lynch been atrocious
Apachecats: I’ve got the c on Pendles at the moment perrfect
dipstick: At least with AF its more competitive. Over 70% of SC teams are inactive buy July
OhSoRozee: @benny yeh he had a long spell after headknock last week and still got like 120 or somef
Bennyherb: What does MB mean in the stats
Monfries96: Kelly and Danger being absolute pigs here and I love it
cmperrfect: Sorry, not Fyfe.
Umpirespet: Dipstick mine has been inactive since round 3
Apachecats: But I wont need a captain now.
BestCoast: Dipstick SuperCoach all the way son
OhSoRozee: moneyball
Raspel31: That’s crap dipstick- Supercoach infinitely better comp and 4 times the players.
Umpirespet: In Fantasy that is
Pokerface: you can’t tell by the ads everywhere? moneyball benny
DrSeuss: Clark and Stewart need some kick to kick action
BestCoast: VC Neale then Josh Kelly
Oddsy5: what’s everyone here do? i’m supercoach
J_Herer: Hats off to Naish, well done son!
Apachecats: Just SC for me.
V@lks: Same Best Coast
Pokerface: isn’t moneyball considered gambling m0nty?
Umpirespet: SC oddsy
dipstick: Fantasy sport is dead in australia
OhSoRozee: wonder if neale can break curnow tag
BestCoast: On the add with Billy Brownless holding up two fingers is that for his inches
Raspel31: We had a bad day in the office dipstick?
SilverLion: Nice consistency umps
OhSoRozee: @best nah couldnt have been that small with this misses he had although she went to lyon lol
Rockafella: Sea Cats, you won’t win a game after the byes
BestCoast: OhSoRozee his wife recons he looked like a button on a fur coat
StuL: History says were are in the GF. I still don’t dare to dream though.
OhSoRozee: cats shouldn’t drop 1 rest season and gws/west coast should get 8 minimum each
BestCoast: StuL dare
Rockafella: Chris Scott will be sacked after this year too
DrSeuss: Clark and Stack get a touch please
DirtyDawn: Hey Roackafella, long time no speak!! First time on for ages and your still polluting the airwaves?
Stu7: My opponent has balta and Clark, yeah baby 😀
Gotigres: you know you’re team is crap when Prestia is your best player
Breezey: Does anyone think that Carlton can win going by the new coach theory.
BestCoast: Dare to dream StuL dare to dream son
Oddsy5: i reckon carlton are a decent chance
cmperrfect: Junk it up Danger, keep the VC.
Raspel31: Guess you lock in Danger as cap from here- no complaints.
Oddsy5: fk i love dangerfield getting stuck into townsend not even a geelong supporter
Gotigres: It might be me Stul
Rockafella: Yeah Dawn, finals time the cats will be pineapples… once again as usual,
Stu7: It’s only round 12 StuL
Bennyherb: Yes or no ..Gary is better than, Voss,buckley,Harvey,black,hird,acca
OhSoRozee: didnt go the predictable vc on danger =(
BestCoast: Blues will get slapped like a red headed step child again
DirtyDawn: Dunno Breezey, but gotta say that Brendal Bolton was a knob-jockey. You cant treat adults like they are in year 9
StuL: dangerpig is back
Stuart88: How good is Townsend had as many frees against as touches
J_Herer: some scared eagles supporters in the house tonight it seems
Raspel31: Balta for a star- and Clark?
BestCoast: Benny yes
DirtyDawn: I think this is our first back to back Rocka!!
Breezey: Yeah well have tipped Brisbane and hope they kill them
Monfries96: Stewart Seagull
V@lks: Star for Danger, cherry for gablett, magnet for Kelly plz m0nty
V@lks: mare for Lynch too
jbjimmyjb: Well I’ll just ignore Richmond’s performance and enjoy Danger VC
circle52: @Breezy am concerned for this game. We should win but Carlton will be firing early so we have to match.
BestCoast: Benny Buckley should never be mentioned in that company
LuvIt74: Brought Houli in this week shocked he hasn’t tonned up
original: great stat-line danger. needs more sc
LuvIt74: Keep is going Danger you sexy SOB
DirtyDawn: full weekend on FF next week Rocka?
OhSoRozee: low de been dewey livit
Rockafella: it should beDawn, I think Collingwood will sort everyone else out the we will coast to another flag
Oddsy5: dangers avg in last3 games vs next 3 teams. 125,140,145. in for a good run
Pokerface: well his free kick count wasnt 4-0 this week luvit.. don’t be so shocked
Pokerface: you’re drunk rozee
cmperrfect: Scale up Danger….!
Rilian: Mare icon for Lynch? Rock for Stewart?
StuL: See you in 40 years Richo. It’s all over
Apachecats: Don’t want to be greedy but Danger only got 5sc in that last passage ,free kick ,contested mark handpass and 2 kicks to
LuvIt74: Houli nice
Gotigres: Great week to go 140-150 vc Danger
Apachecats: *to advantage.
Raspel31: As BC so wisely said-it’s back to 67 points. Anything on.
beerent11: All Houlis tons have been against poor sides luvit74
OhSoRozee: poker no commentary said it was very wet for a dry game
DirtyDawn: Looking like the eagles will need to skin the cats for a third time in the big dance this year
Apachecats: That was a short 1/4. Not many goals I suppose.
original: houli score should be 70
Daics35: Houli better during Ramadan
frenzy: how’d I go, Lol
Apachecats: NTP Danger was Apache 152.
Monfries96: Dangerdid all of that in 78% TOG holy shit
StuL: Geelong v Collingwood GF. Cats by a record margin
Rockafella: Hawkins should ply for Collingwood, he would get better ball from guys who aren’t up them selves
Beast_Mode: happy with houli only a muppet wouldnt have him! 🙂
LuvIt74: i only chose danger as my VC because im going away this weekend and wont have signal… Paid off thankfully
frenzy: lol, apache going to the video
Beast_Mode: lol no chance stumuppet, you need to win a final first!!! lmao. your record is trash!! lmao
Rockafella: StuL…. u are dreaming tiger, more chance of Bangladesh winning the world cup

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