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Chat log from R11 of 2019: West Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Bulldogs, R11 of 2019

Gelly: finally a game worth watching
Gelly: hopefully
Chelskiman: Hutchings better go to The Bont and not Macrae. Also have C on Gaff in RDT after I wasn’t content with Grundy’s 112.
Gelly: if gardner goes well will be a good pick up in round 13
thiccgucci: macrae, dunkley, bont, hurn here. big game for me
beerent11: We’ll all be on gardener watch i’d Say
beerent11: McRae,dunk,yeo,hurn, here thicc. Good luck.
thiccgucci: good luck beerent 🙂
feralmong: i’m probably only one of the few who still say. carn libba.
DrSeuss: Is Libba back in the middle again?
beerent11: Dunks is awesome when they play him in the guts
jbjimmyjb: dunkley is everywhere
Chelskiman: I need Libba to stay low, so you’re not the only one, feral.
thiccgucci: regret getting bont. he needs goals to get firing
LMartos: Dunkley should be 45 points
jbjimmyjb: gardner very impressive start for a 1st gamer
Chelskiman: I wish Macrae would kick more.
Oddsy5: great start dunks
jbjimmyjb: dunkley handballing to himself now
beerent11: From hurn
feralmong: get the cape out of the cupboard. Dunkley will need it.
Stu7: Come on Danile , today is not a day to stuff around!!
greshprinc: keep it up dunks
Vogesy69: bont and hurn starting real slow for me
wadaramus: Keep it up Libba 🙂
OhSoRozee: Bloody goal it dogs
Chelskiman: Gaff started well but hasn’t touched it in like 9 minutes.
jbjimmyjb: fancy seeing Rozee in a FF game chat
tdarian: hurn u spud, reverting back to your spud scoring like ways i see
wadaramus: I think most of us are here every game jbjimmyjb!
tdarian: seagull is the true D1 not you hurn u pretender
beerent11: Very rarely get big scores from dunk and McRae in the same game
OhSoRozee: Can’t watch most games so I stay involved
DrSeuss: What TF is Hurn doing? And is Libba back in the middle?
beerent11: Surely you joke tdarian
Sixty656: Hurn, you’re Hurnting me
beerent11: At least wait till half time on the hurn bagging
masterhc2: Have libba and dunkley in this one, love your work boys
tdarian: hurn is just a spud on a hot run. feel for those who traded him in at 599k lol
Ash777: looks like hurn is being forced to defend
wadaramus: 7 behinds from the Dogs should have resulted in 7 kicks for Hurn?
OhSoRozee: Renamed Western behinds
OhSoRozee: Got mac. Dunk. Libb and a pod wce
beerent11: Jetta takes them too wadaramus
jbjimmyjb: pretty sure hutchings is tagging hunter
wadaramus: Dunks misses out on the cape!
original: Hurn y u do dis
feralmong: long time on the bench wada. killed it.
DrSeuss: Ok not watching. Is Libba back in the guts?
shang0: Libba is
noobcoach: Looks like it
duckky: Dang – left Libba on the bench.
hinsch: flicking between Houli and Hurn glad I took Hurn WTF
DrSeuss: Thanks Shang and Noob. Traded him two weeks ago – just before he was moved back into the guts. Thanks Bevo
beerent11: He’ll be 40 by half time hinsch
hinsch: Ye have faith beerent LOL
Struda: Oh no my skipper isn’t playing?! What am I gonna do with patty bines out
Chelskiman: Come on, Macrae! Get involved son!
thiccgucci: bont macrae and hurn please dont do this to me
OhSoRozee: Opp has c on gaff but 400 pts down
Danstar: Umps being persuaded to pay free kicks cos of crowd noise as usual
Stu7: @Struda Ohhh nnooooooo, who was your VC 🙂
Phasir: Yeah, the WB fans shouldn’t bully the umps like that. 7-6 isn’t too bad though. @ Danstar
OhSoRozee: My pod is working out well so far
thiccgucci: dogs butchering inside 50s. nothing new
Danstar: if we played at home it would probably be 13-4 in our favour.
beerent11: You want someone to ask don’t you rozee
Danstar: 2 trucks contending a ball in and free against. Dreaming
OhSoRozee: Nah keeping it secret
DrSeuss: Ok Hurn, nice comeback. Just need you to catch Gaff now.
Yeehaw: Hurn come out of the square!!!!
thiccgucci: Hurn was always gonna come good.
beerent11: Initials jd?
Stu7: Go Shuey you good thing 🙂
Ash777: oh jj you muppet 🙁
Drak: muppet Johannisen
beerent11: Blokes wanna bag players 10 mins into the game.
thiccgucci: JJ is an interesting prospect
Stu7: Keep it low Macrae
Yeehaw: Please Lloyd
Yeehaw: Geez multi is gonna get up in the 3rd qtr
Danstar: Just missed those 2 frees for the dogs
OhSoRozee: They bag to give em kick in ass
Phasir: As a JD POD owner, I’m devastated that this is the one week I play a team that also has the chap
Crave: yeah gl getting frees @ a WC home game
OhSoRozee: Dunkley could win a brown low if perm mid
Danstar: Only
Danstar: All I ever rmember from darling is when he ducked in the EF in 2016 against no opponent lol
Oddsy5: hurn coming good =)
TigerKid_A: Need a 150+ from daniel to beat opponent
Phasir: Why does everyone jump on the WA hate? You even look at the free kick counts? Muppets
Danstar: Free kick count means fuck all. What needs to be paid and what doesn’t is what counts. And in wa
Danstar: The feral crowd sways what umps do and don’t pay. And it’s always bias to the he team
Danstar: Home^* team
HappyDEZ: Was hoping Gardner would get some chop ruck time. Doesn’t look like it.
Phasir: Just WA ferals though, right @Danstar?
Danstar: Adelaide are pretty bad too 😉 @Phasir
Searly34: Come on Macrae, need 112sc from you for the big 2500
Ash777: Gardner is the ruck when english is resting
DrSeuss: Ok Hurn, need you to catch Gaff now please
thiccgucci: bitter sweet when bont gets a clearance then kicks it to hurn
HappyDEZ: Oh. Cheers Ash. Just no good at it then?
Danstar: Pushes Libba clearly
Danstar: Libba clearly
Danstar: No free. Lucky it advantages him
Yelse: Who wins 287 vs Dunkley Gardner and darling
Stu7: Come on Gardner ya first gamer dud
Ash777: looks like either another chase and fade out or a blow out.
thiccgucci: id hope dunkley gardner and darling wins
Danstar: @Ash. Dogs will kick 1.6. Eagles will kick 6.1
Stu7: Don’t count on Gardner
Stu7: Ya might as well say Dunkley and Darling @ Yelse
thiccgucci: ffs bevo put dunkley bont libba and macrae in the centre. lose the clearance whenever its someone else in there
OhSoRozee: Gonna get 287 from dunkley darling alone
Danstar: Dogs always play duds like darling into form
Yelse: Looks like darling alone gonna make me loose
thiccgucci: Hurn on fire here
OhSoRozee: Gonna have to consider Daniel Rd 13
th3rio: brought in big dog hurn this week 🙂
Danstar: Caleb only plays well at marvel/dry games like today
OhSoRozee: Yeh look at dogs games most probz at marvel
Stu7: Shuey please this week I need you to lift buddy
OhSoRozee: 7 in fact
Chelskiman: That goal ump was clearly going to call touched then changed his mind.
Danstar: Lol Bont touched that goal before hand anyway
DrSeuss: Dunkley and Libba have stopped after HT 🙁
Ash777: score review useless
Chelskiman: Macrae has stopped as well. 🙁
Oddsy5: stiff darling robbed
OhSoRozee: And wonka bev probz took libba. Dunk out mids and look wat happened to score
Danstar: Darling didn’t even mark that lol
thiccgucci: bont never even got started 🙁
Hawks_13: hate to tell you all but so have bulldogs. they stopped at half time
StacksOn: lol caleb daniel trying to fly over flyin ryan
NugzNiggle: Macrae is doing my head in this year. None of those real big scores.
thiccgucci: please kick this bont. gifted to you
zoomba23: Feel free to get involved some time Dunkley
LMartos: you taking the piss?? @Nugz
thiccgucci: that kick gave me a heart attack fucking bont
Yeehaw: Love how Dermott Brereton said that the touched miss yesterday was a one off and the same thing happens next game 😀
Danstar: Just should change the rules. If it’s kicked and goes thru the sticks. It’s a goal
zoomba23: Yeo you fucking chip scab. Stop giving away free kicks
Danstar: Hahah get him gowers
beerent11: mcraes in my side but i dont know if i’d be getting him in if i didnt have him
beerent11: chip scab
StacksOn: good mcgovern get angry and in the game
thiccgucci: shit from the dogs. looking at you bont and macrae
Danstar: Bont gone back to not being able
Donzoes: dunkley having himself a month
Danstar: Bont cantbend down. His hip probably f’d again
Oddsy5: keep goin dunkz and hurn
Danstar: Bulldogs too many “play maker” defenders. Not
NugzNiggle: @Martos. I know he’s averaging over 100 but I paid a premium for him and there are better options now.
Sloan4Pres: typical sunday night flat track performance by the eagles
OhSoRozee: Yeh other priorities first
Danstar: Should’ve put naughton down back about a qtr and a half ago
DrSeuss: Hurn and Dunk – don’t stop now lads
thiccgucci: how is that not 50 metres? tackled him 5 seconds after the whistle
beerent11: if mcrae gets to 75 by 3qtr time ill
beerent11: if mcrae gets to 75 by 3qtr time ill be on track for 4/4 tons for the match
Chelskiman: A cracking 3 point quarter from Macrae. Money well spent on him this year.
NugzNiggle: The muppet only has 3 points in this quarter.
Danstar: McRae will be lucky
Danstar: McRae lucky
Danstar: McRae lucky to get 90
thiccgucci: Problem with dogs midfielders is english is dog shit. they have to rove the opposition ruckman
Catatafish: Ffs Bont
NugzNiggle: By the way lads, What google ads are we seeing on this site at the moment?
FlyinRyan2: As much as i love having dunkley in my team he is kind of hurting bont at the same time
beerent11: and mcrae flyinryan2
shang0: J Mac averaging 116 this year and you people complain? LOL
Chelskiman: Macrae gonna cost me a score of 2,300+. Round was looking good until he decided to spud up.
Chelskiman: Not everyone plats SuperCoach, mate.
beerent11: tim english looks so english
Danstar: English timing is just off. He’ll be a top 5 ruckman in a year or two
Chelskiman: A 105 average for what was essentially the most expensive mid is cause to bitch about him I’d say.
Danstar: English pushed in back. No free
zoomba23: Macrae. Yeo. Dunkley. Hurn. Pull your fucking fingers out campaigners
NugzNiggle: Agree Chelskiman. I’m also stuck with Heeney.
Danstar: Bont. Get a haircut. Might help your kicking
Kaalia: Well, glad I didn’t go with Gardner early.
LMartos: Assume Hurn isn’t 100% when he only has 70% game time, usually has 90+
Fizzy343: anyone know why hurn has been off for about 20 mins
Yelse: Darling anyone on him ffs
zoomba23: Hurn must be carrying something
Danstar: Gardener was never gonna do much at afl level in his first game after not
Donzoes: can macrae please junk it up
BRAZZERS: maccrae put the cue in the rack
pcaman2003: Libba only 35pts since qtr time. Youch!!
thiccgucci: Hurn has been off a lot, i agree. hoping its only due to the blowout
thiccgucci: Hurn still off
DrSeuss: Hurn in a tracksuit yet on the bench? Or just resting his old legs?
noobcoach: whhy hhurn off?
italz: devo i’m gonna miss 2500, was hoping hurn would get it done for me ;-;
Danstar: How is that holding g the ball. Tackled straight away
Danstar: No kicking
Schillaci: The week I bring Hurn in.
thiccgucci: Was projected over 2500 at the start of this game too, now will be lucky to scrape 2400
Danstar: No kicking in danger. Clearly
beerent11: Is hurn off?;)
Danstar: Clearly kicked naughtons hands. Play on…
zoomba23: Danstar give it a break mate. Dogs are dead. What I’m pissed off about is the shitness of my SC players
beerent11: Give the old boy a qtr off
DrSeuss: If Hurn stayed with Gaff I could have one all my leagues. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad I guess
beerent11: Put the dressing gown on
stuballs: Is this the start of Darlings annual purple patch? Might pick him up after the bye
thiccgucci: Looks like Hurn is done. been off 30 minutes
Schillaci: Hurn resting according to MMM.
Danstar: Resting hurn legs. Hard ground
zoomba23: Some junk would be nice Yeo
pcaman2003: That’s better Libba. A couple more would be good.
Danstar: @zoomba; we were done 2 qtrs. Ago. Umps just shut themselves at interstate games
Catatafish: You’re a disappointment Bontempelli
J_Herer: dam Hurn rest costing me my match
Danstar: Shit*
BestCoast: Danstar umpires get ya hand off it you got flogged
beerent11: Me too herer
Schillaci: Keep creeping Hurn haha…84
Pokerface: yeah umpires probably cost you the game…
BestCoast: Just scrapped in for 2300
italz: i don’t think the umps are the reason you’re 12 goals down..
beerent11: Gonna make it close at least
Oddsy5: rumour is boltons got the sack!
jbjimmyjb: oddsy says who?
BestCoast: Oddsy5 Centrelink app for Bolton
Raspel31: Just home with 2 minutes to go- hello and goodnight chaps.
pcaman2003: Hurn scoring better off the ground.
OhSoRozee: Had mummy whit and don’t so just avg for me
coldog: @danstar your kidding yourself! And I’m a dogs supporter. We ain’t up to it
BestCoast: Liverpool Raspel YNWA
italz: looks like hurn has scored better than bont this quarter lmao
zoomba23: It’s ingame scaling for Hurn, not kotd. Played well when the game was up for grabs. Stop complaining. Goddamn
TigerKid_A: fucking hell doggies. Had to let the margin blowout to ruin my multi
Raspel31: Macrae, Cripps and Zerrett hardly set the world on fire.
Pokerface: raspel
Pokerface: raspel do not go
Pokerface: how did your game go this morning?
Pokerface: You’ll never walk alone.
bones351: Need another 14 points from Sheed, Macrae and Hurn to hit 2500. Scaling up would be great!
OhSoRozee: Weird to c dt to Sc on bont usually reversed
Oddsy5: @jb an afl memes page that does take stuff seriously and another page on fb
bones351: They all just dropped so it’s 18 points needed. SC scores underwhelming from this game.
Raspel31: Don’t be rude Poker-lol.
megawatts: need to scale up 6 pts to reach 1600
Gelly: they were over 3300, so id say some scaling down
beerent11: Nice bones you have conigs?

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