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Chat log from R11 of 2019: Essendon vs Carlton

Chat log for Essendon vs Carlton, R11 of 2019

pommyinaus: Lets get it Blues
italz: Big one from Cripps today i rekon
Yeehaw: Cripps 1 tough for 13? Hahaha
softwhitee: both my players getting tagged in this one, hopefully I dont get to depressed
Stu7: Get back in your box Setterfield!!
Stu7: Keep it LOW cripps!!
AuroraBore: @Yeehaw, one FK for, 2 CP’s 1 tackle. His score seems right
Drak: Heppell 3 for 39!
DrSeuss: Let’s go Zerrett – someone take out Curnow
Stu7: Who’s tagging “tales from the Cripps”???
italz: would be nice if that 22 for gibbons was sc 🙁
zoomba23: Course I have Zerrett and Cripps and they both get tagged
Chelskiman: Stay low, Newman.
noobcoach: You own cripps/merret you have to expect a tag – no one has sympathy for you
Pokerface: great.. im playing the only guy with heppell
Tig-Train: Cripps can’t handle a tag…
zoomba23: Noob: Why should I expect a tag when neither of these teams have tagged at all this season…
jamesh1290: same @poker
Catatafish: @noobcoach In his defense, how much tagging has Curnow been doing this year?
zoomba23: Yeehaw: 2 tackles, 1 free which counts as a contested possie, 100% efficiency. It’s the quality that matters mate
scrappers: if our coach was smart he would put cripps forward
Tig-Train: Carlton rookies absolutely butchering this ball…
Gelly: pretty sure he is forward
DrSeuss: Don’t think Curnow has tagged at all this year. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come for Zerrett
Tig-Train: Your coach should stick to
Tig-Train: Your coach should stick to jockeying…
Catatafish: Any chance of a permanent cleaver icon for Dow the butcher?
Pokerface: tig-train you serious?? cripps breaks tags all the time.
OhSoRozee: Some1 went hore to Newman they are laughing
duckky: This game is shocking
blonde0na: i don’t think tig-train has ever been serious tbh
Umpirespet: 22 Zac Dawson’s could beat both these sides
Tig-Train: Look at his possessions when he gets tagged… mid to high 20’s not his normal 40 when he is on all I’m saying
Tig-Train: He will still be effective and get a good sc score…
amigaman: Hore > Newman, looking good so far
Pokerface: normal 40? he hasnt got 40 all year tig. in fact outside the de boer shutdown his possessions are on par
Pokerface: look at the stats before spouting drivel
Umpirespet: Raspel must still be in the fetal position hasn’t come on yet lol
Pokerface: lol UP
Pokerface: raspel. come out come out wherever you are
Umpirespet: Poor Spurs
DrSeuss: Hate when Zerrett gets tagged – team mates do nothing for him
wadaramus: Wasn’t much of a game, but glad Liverpool won 🙂
Tig-Train: Exactly he isn’t getting 40’s because he is getting attention this year compared to last year
Umpirespet: Agree DR been happening for a while Now
original: How’s that not 50
colin wood: Wtf is Begley doing with the pill? Ffs
Pokerface: anyones foxtel go just die?
Umpirespet: To be expected tho Tig
Pokerface: he did not reach 40 possessions once last year either tig. try again.
zoomba23: Tig Train: Mate I don’t know if Cripps has ever gotten 40 in his career. He’s never gotten huge possie numbers
Umpirespet: Na poker I use BT sport feed
Pokerface: was pretty much always high 20s low 30s last year too.
Tig-Train: High 30’s whatever
Pokerface: he topped 35 only 4 times?
Pokerface: facts matter.
zoomba23: Rarely gets high 30s Tig. You’re really barking up the wrong tree here mate
BigChief: Tig-train owned by Poker lol.
DrSeuss: Does Bolton still have a job if Carlton lose this?
duckky: Cripps stats must be wrong, only 5 possessions?
Umpirespet: Judd keeps saying so DR
Yeehaw: 5 possies for 43 lol
Umpirespet: Chief is raspel hiding at your house?
zoomba23: Ed Curnow can get fucked
Pokerface: haha UP!
Tig-Train: 5 possession but he always does good against the tag apparently
circle52: Do not forget tackles are worth an additional 4 points per tackle in SC and Cripps has 4
DrSeuss: Agreed Zoomba – Bellchambers needs to clean him up
Pokerface: no, your statement was ‘he can’t handle a tag’. if he doesn’t have the ball he tackles, chases, does the hard stuff
Pokerface: and its not uncommon this year for him to get a big chunk of his points when he goes bang in a single quarter
Pokerface: everyone cursing him at half time against the suns!!
Yeehaw: Raining yet? Pretty wet here atm if it’s not probably about 10 mins off
thiccgucci: made the wrong choice with stocker over gibbons
Tig-Train: I also did say he does all the stuff, just his possessions are down
wadaramus: Carn Setterfield, you’ve just got to beat Balta’s 47 🙂
Pokerface: you did, but apart from the de boer match the stats don’t agree with you.
Donzoes: good stuff Clarke
BigChief: Carlton did the wrong thing trading 2019 1st round pick.
Umpirespet: Wash ur mouth out Bc
Pokerface: they thought they had improved BC… 😀
Drak: Dya think BigChief
Tig-Train: They made a good choice… we all get to laugh now
Pokerface: Raspel your side is winning!
BigChief: Maybe with a coach who had a game plan they might improve. Bolton doesn’t have 1 though.
Umpirespet: Lol poker
Pokerface: lol Tig
Umpirespet: Will be our first no.1 pick ever
Drak: Well if Essendon continue to suck, they could be handing GWS another top 5 pick too
Pokerface: stop it heppell.
Ash777: poor warne’s kids
Umpirespet: Ash wait till warnes kids do advanced hair ads
Zee94: This game is on track for the most out on the full geez
BigChief: I thought the rain would help Carlton, but it hasn’t
JockMcPie: Nothing can help carlton LUL
Tig-Train: Seriously cripps score just going up from be near the ball?
BestCoast: Could we be seeing three coaches get the ass in one year
Gotigres: Do something Gibbons
thiccgucci: Lift please stocker. get involved young fella
Tig-Train: A lot of sc points still to be given out… hmm
DrSeuss: Other than Cripps have any players consistently improved under Bolton?
Sunharp: Why is Walsh’s SC so low?
Stu7: So awesome seeign Crippss score 🙂
Pokerface: Dr they tell us that Charlie is the best half forward in the game?
Grimes Jr: what happened to geary
Stu7: suspected fracture leg
runt: geary possible fracture in his leg
StacksOn: VC on whitfield failed and captaincy on Cripps not looking much better -.-
Stu7: @StacksOn – not helpful 🙁
Bennyherb: Cripps is finished round 22 he be 500-550k
Ash777: blues could of been much closer
thiccgucci: gibbons always starts well then goes missing
jbjimmyjb: the comparison between walsh and stocker’s SC scores is a joke
feralmong: ur lucky stacks. I muppetted. vc grundy and c on whitfield.
Gelly: i mean he is still on track for a ton
circle52: @sunharp 3 clangers and 62% DE will cause a drop.
beerent11: Nice to have setters back in and going ok. Fire up Walsh.
BzBman8: i had vc grundy, went captain gawn 😉
feralmong: thanks to conigs though i’ll still push 2300.
thiccgucci: walsh been everywhere but just not too effective
Pokerface: muppet for feral.
beerent11: God had the c on conigs
LetItBe: Is there a reason why Lang couldn’t play on when the ball did not go out. Is it because he wears a Carlton jumper?
feralmong: its my new method poker. spend no more than 5mins a week on fantasy footy.
Pokerface: ‘news out of China. You won’t believe who it is’ -BT that’s the most horrible clickbait
tdarian: come on zerrett u useless potato
feralmong: but i even stuffed up the 5 mins lol
Pokerface: lol
StuL: Did Carlton not touch the ball all qtr or something?
feralmong: all taggers should be sterilised so they don’t breed. Problem solved.
Yeehaw: Cripps score for what he done is disgusting
Grimes Jr: Glad i traded in merrett this week. spud
duckky: No Sheil means that Merrett cops the hard tag.
shang0: Zerret to 85 would be awesome~
Grimes Jr: 90 plus pls zerret
wadaramus: Setters to 75 would be nice!
thiccgucci: lift stocker. 65please. 75 from walsh please
Grimes Jr: Setterfield is a genuine spud. he has cost me that many games this yr
Oddsy5: dyl clarke cash cow option? what do u guys reckon
Catatafish: Get on the field Zerrett you lazy fuck
BRAZZERS: whos the muppet that said start Parker over Setters? lmao
tdarian: setters going to make me some monay $$$
duckky: Clarke has poor JS despite being the first tagger for Ess in two years. Shiel back Rd 13
tdarian: zerrett u fine specimen. never doubted u
meziare: surely dons drop other guys before Clarke now though?
duckky: Woosha has some strange selection ideas.
Drak: Id play Clarke over Zaharakis now.

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