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Chat log from R11 of 2019: St Kilda vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for St Kilda vs Port Adelaide, R11 of 2019

Yelse: Settlefield or Parker to start with no loophole
Umpirespet: Flip a coin Yelse lol
noobcoach: setter
Umpirespet: Good to see the chinese have stayed away looks empty
frenzy: parker, setters is trash
noobcoach: dont understand why China, not working obviously.
wadaramus: I heard it was sold out.
noobcoach: doesn’t look it
Yelse: Or young
Umpirespet: The afl will say that to save face. Wada
JockMcPie: I looped MLewis instead of playing Setters but I’m stuck with parker. hope he goes well
frenzy: try young
Tig-Train: To be fair still be a bigger crowd than a GWS or Gold Coast game… or any NRL game lol
wadaramus: Koch and Port will push the sellout to justify being there.
Oddsy5: Duursma and Young in this one. hoping for 100 combined but idk if that will happen 😂
duckky: China is working for “Koche’s” business contacts and networking
Yeehaw: Duursma and Parker :))))
Gelly: afl betetr off trying the usa market, think they may have better luck with a game over there
Tig-Train: Time difference won’t allow for US to work for us… that’s why they trying Asian market
duckky: That’s what AFLX is aimed at Gelly.
Umpirespet: They used to play exhibition matches in USA and England
Bennyherb: Fuk where is rockcliff ?
Chelskiman: Watch Newnes, Billings and Lycett have blinders today as my opp has them.
LMartos: Rockliff was ruled out 3 days ago lol
zoomba23: Parker mark, effective kick, behind: 3 pts. Fucking cheats
Breezey: Rocky was out days ago.
Yeehaw: Injured? Lol
megawatts: cmon broady get into it
Umpirespet: Leave the herbs alone Benny
Bennyherb: Really . Afl app Fri said he was playing aswell as saying HORE was playing to
woodduck: I saw Ess v Hawks in Yokohama in 1988
BigChief: Hore was out 3-4 hours before the game. Keep up Benny.
BRAZZERS: who cares, hinkley said he was out like 4 days ago lmao
Breezey: Hore was a late out. Rocky not so
Chelskiman: Stop kicking it to Lycett, fucking hell!
Catatafish: Young was a waste of a trade and rookie spot, the spud is about as useful as a witches hat.
Stu7: come on Billings & Newnes
duckky: Rocky just went for the boat trip on the Bund
beerent11: I fear for young’s spot in the side if he shows nothing in this game might be another dud rook
Schillaci: Young straight to the bottom of the page.
zoomba23: Get involved Young
BRAZZERS: dont have you but go massive lycett
Pusti: The trouble with having a game in China is that half an hour later, you feel like having another one.
BigChief: Only 3 marks for Lycett? I thought he had more than that
shang0: Butters in for Rocky, Boak and Parker.. Already have the win but want the points.
noobcoach: cmon Joyce
Breezey: That’s right Pusti. It will be Essendon and Carlton
BigChief: Kochie trying to suck up to the Boss LOL
Schillaci: Young is on the move now with a tackle. Cash cow!
noobcoach: Young looked so good first game….
Chelskiman: I knew Lycett and Newnes would smash it today. Typical.
m0nty: new/old icon
zoomba23: What’s the icon on Boak mean
wadaramus: The Pink Pig?!
Oddsy5: what icon is on boak? a pig?
m0nty: turns out Jack Steele’s nickname is Pig because he eats a lot
noobcoach: Monty what was the icon on Swallow yesterday? Dutch for De Boer?
MONEY TALK: young is lazy i watched him live he doest chase
m0nty: that is corret noob, his nickname is Dutchy
Umpirespet: We gunna see more icons every player has a nickname
hinsch: I have 2300 with Duursma and still behind by 100+
noobcoach: bs 50 metre
Chelskiman: Nice one, Boak! Need a huge one from you today.
zoomba23: Noob username checks out. Clear 50
Stu7: @hinsch – thats harsh!!
Catatafish: I sure hope Young enjoyed his 3 game career.
DrSeuss: Is Boak playing Forward? Or just getting goals today?
zoomba23: Miracle of miracles, Young got a touch
Yeehaw: Crumbled one inside 50 then given a very weak 50 for a free goal
DrSeuss: Cheers Yeehaw
beerent11: I guess for all of us who went early on young it’s our fault not his
Oddsy5: chose dunkley over boak to trade in this weak. such a muppet
Catatafish: True, but he could help himself and us by touching the fucking ball.
DrSeuss: Let’s Go Duursma
Stu7: Come on dud Billings!!!
Stu7: Intersetd in getting a touch this quarter Billings and Newnes??????
Donzoes: every week i regret not having boak
pommyinaus: guy im playing has seriously stuck C button on Lienert
Lawls: What’s the icon for Boak?
Oddsy5: Donzoes its Fyfe for me every week. kills me
DrSeuss: Keep going Marshall no need to stop this quarter big fella
Haydo: Gonna ask the same thing lawls
Pokerface: nice and low savage, good man
Gandhi: Pig icon on Boak. It’s the “tagged by Steele” icon
BRAZZERS: look at the icon list
wadaramus: The Pink Pig isn’t keeping Boak very quiet.
Lawls: Can’t see it in the icon list Brazzer
Lawls: Thanks Gandhi
noobcoach: Its a old/new icon.
Pokerface: a superman icon would be better.. man of steele
Pokerface: lingy is tagging boak??
Donzoes: would be great if marshall equals boak today, go on steele
noobcoach: Joyce very dissapointing
wadaramus: If Ling was tagging Boak, he’d be on 25.
Umpirespet: Thought the pink pig was peppa pig Powell pepper
megawatts: If Ling was commentating, I wouldnt be watching this game
OhSoRozee: Butters hands are elite in the contest always gets effective hball out any scenario
Schillaci: Get a move on Steele.
Stu7: Can someone wake up Duursma please???
Schillaci: Wake up Duursama. Need you again this week.
noobcoach: joyce 10 disposals, i get the 4 clangers and free against but a bit stiff with SC
DrSeuss: Boak to get a touch this quarter?
DrSeuss: Haha my comment aged well
beerent11: Was hoping gray would stay low and cheap for a few more weeks
Chelskiman: I was about to say the same thing a few minutes ago, Suess, so you weren’t alone, haha.
Schillaci: Duursma you beauty.
Schillaci: Saints on the bus to the airport.
thiccgucci: can young get to 8 touches and a goal? if he doesnt no chance he keeps his spot
BRAZZERS: lol 8 touche’s and a snag isnt enough anyway
Gloryhound: @ Schillaci wouldn’t want a seat near the toilet on that bus trip after Bejing
Schillaci: Steele’s tagging himself I’ve decided.
thiccgucci: not necessarily. not many looking great for the saints
noobcoach: Young 3FF carrying hihs score
Gloryhound: @ Schillaci wouldn’t want a seat near the toilet on that bus trip after Bejing (Shanghai) belly
Donzoes: marshall for atlas ?
OhSoRozee: Butters debut ton incoming
OhSoRozee: Been weird seeing Houston centre bounces alot
Schillaci: Will be a long trip home that’s for sure GH. No mile high clubs. Loos best avoided.
thiccgucci: Young doesnt look interested in the game
Oddsy5: when u have 2 touches a quarter its hard to be interested @thicc
thiccgucci: he could get involved more if he wanted to
thiccgucci: sometimes he just sits there
DrSeuss: Marshall is a beast – Duursma – time to finish strong
beerent11: What about Parker? Young getting all the hate
Umpirespet: I have young Parker and Joyce
zoomba23: Fuck me dead Parker, at least make your BE
Schillaci: Saints showing their true talent today. Marshall ashining light. Gresh too. Then sigh.
Schillaci: Richo is destined for the scrap heap. 6 wasted years.
thiccgucci: duursma been impressive recently- even butters has lifted
BigChief: Marshall proving to be a great cash cow.
Umpirespet: Agree schillaci something has to change
zoomba23: Parker… please please please get some junk
Haydo: Ffs billings
BigChief: How goes 1st, Bolton or Richo? I say Richo.
zoomba23: Holy fuck I just realised how accurate Port have been… Wowee
clay007: Billings was sick last night but he is not even getting near it
Umpirespet: Probably Chief Judd has said Bolton is safe
BigChief: Who*
Pokerface: more than a cash cow BC.. he’s a top 6 ‘forward’.
BigChief: B. Scott to Saints, Richo to Carl and Bolton to North? LOL
Stu7: Geary Gone!!!
Stu7: Has Billings soiled his shorts????
Stu7: Billngs 1 point in 15 minutes, nice work mate!!
thiccgucci: give it to young gresham ffs dont you care about my supercoach
noobcoach: joyce been very underwhelming
BestCoast: Richo Bolton tick tick tick tick tick tick booom
Pokerface: stu saints have black shorts.. not like zorko and his white shorts
m0nty: Not sure I have seen a coach stop coaching in-game to check on an injured player.
noobcoach: I think he gave up tbh.
BigChief: Result over so he checking on his Capt
zoomba23: Parker effective kick to a guy in a scoring position: 1 pt. Fucking fuck yourselves CD you cheats
Chelskiman: Keep going, Boak. Need 130 from you after Lycett’s score out of nowhere.
stemy1243: Boak brownow material this year
thiccgucci: Good boy duursma and boak
Schillaci: Duursma may end up my D7 keeper
BRAZZERS: no one cares what you need, you seem to tell us every game lol
Grimes Jr: what happened to geary

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