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Chat log from R11 of 2019: Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for Melbourne vs Adelaide, R11 of 2019

frenzy: yuck, hore and salem
Umpirespet: Sadly no Hore jokes tonight
frenzy: hores out with sore groin
Yelse: need a 150 + from oliver to cover hore
JockMcPie: Oliver going at 100% efficiency, take a picture now guys it won’t last
Wends: C on Gawn over Oliver, so will surely spud up, given my run so far this round.
dipstick: Who are the outs?
Umpirespet: Lol wends so did I
Yelse: oliver getting stooged
ajconodie: Well and truly not alone there Wends. 2/9 of mine have hit their BE. Nightmare round.
JockMcPie: Hore and Salem, and Hartigan
Wends: Cheers @Umpires, here’s to the big fella!
dipstick: From Oliver you want some more???
DrSeuss: WTF is Brouch doing on the bench already?
Wends: It’s a painful round @aj, to be sure.
Hadouken: brayshaw is putrid
Wends: All we ever get is gruel!
JRedden: people still have brayshaw?
original: Brad crouch has normally had 5 possessions for 1sc
Apachecats: Redden ,sold Brayshaw 4 weeks ago while he was still worth a few $$ ,bought in Pendles with that trade.
Wends: Anyone watching – what’s the story with Baker?
thedees09: what do u mean whats the story
Apachecats: Hope Baker rises to the occasion ,don’t need another dud at the moment.
OhSoRozee: on the bench to start wends
original: Gawn sc not moving
Ash777: go vc gawn
Wends: Thx Rozee
DrSeuss: Damnit just remembered – I had to field Baker this week
Wends: Agreed Apache, was hoping all the positive press last week weren’t just puff pieces.
original: Don’t tel me that clearing kick into 50 from gawn was considered ineffective despite melb first hands to it
OhSoRozee: 3 missed frees in that play
DrSeuss: And Crouch is serving up some rubbish so far
OhSoRozee: @original it was he went down de from 66 to 33
ConVoid: crouch is having a ripper definitely calling the 3 votes now
Raspel31: Pooh- got home too late to take the cap off Gawny- ergo -go Gawny.
JRedden: brayshaw has gone backwards this year big time
original: Ohsorozee what a joke!
OhSoRozee: @jredden yeh needs another head knock to reset himself
Migz: this must be a crouchs best posession/SC ratio of his career?
wadaramus: Far too many references to Winnie the POOH Raspel, what’s the go there?!
BigChief: He is playing wing @JR and that’s not his game.
thommoae: How can Brayshaw go from on fire 2018 to extinguished 2019?
JRedden: bigchief, im watching, hes attended all centre bounces hes been on so far
Manowar: T. Walker killing it so far tonight!! inspirational captain
Raspel31: Gawn’s playing right wing BigChief?
OhSoRozee: this smells like last yrs game up here demons to slick for crows again
OhSoRozee: no prior bs htb
Donzoes: I don’t think Demons have an 80 point victory in them
BigChief: Walker is a dud. Modra could do better than him.
Wends: Yr welcome to join @Umpires and mine ‘backed into a Gawn C corner’ support group then, Raspel.
BigChief: What are you on about Raspel?
Wends: Baker warming up.
DrSeuss: Keep going Brouch and Baker
Catatafish: There must be a glitch, Crouch has a higher SC score than DT.
JRedden: brayshaw actually did something
Oddsy5: ill join Wends. He was my safest option and probably most reliable
Donzoes: need Baker to come close to J Clark
Ash777: oh dear brayshawl lol
Raspel31: No choice really Wends- sobeit- I am a member of yout group. Let’s send postcards.
OhSoRozee: 2 lazy by jenkins dud
JRedden: LOL brayshaw is the worst player in the comp
Hadouken: @donzoes i need baker to outscore coniglio
original: So glad gawn snuck another hitout to advantage in
Wends: Cheers Oddsy, at this point thinking we may need to sacrifice a goat.
Umpirespet: Lol the way me and wends are goin don’t get to excited
Oddsy5: haha sacrificial lamb to pray to the gawn gods
original: Gawn got +1 for hitout to advantage/clearance possession before QT cmon!!!
OhSoRozee: can rob get to 60 be lol
Apachecats: Baker is hot.
OhSoRozee: sloane down the race
cmperrfect: Sloane down the race…
Apachecats: yeah original ,make that 2 clear ho to advantage for 2 lousy sc.
BigChief: How good is Jenkins 😛
Raspel31: Please don’t express your sexual attractions on this site Apache.
Apachecats: The only footballer I think is hot in that way is Daisy.
J_Herer: nice Baker nice
Wends: Sloane still in the rooms
OhSoRozee: @apache thomas? lol
Oddsy5: i have oscar baker on the bench non scoring but oppo has him on field but i need him to score to make money…fuck sake
Wends: Who knew, Baker better C option than Gawn?
Wends: Where’s Heiz these days, we need a “LIFT Gawn!”
J_Herer: Sloane gone
BigChief: Surely it’s Pearce @ Rozee.
Apachecats: Good one ohso,definitely Pearce.
OhSoRozee: @chief yeh i was just stringing lol
cmperrfect: ROb back to the 2’s next week
BigChief: Rather Daisy Duke from the 80’s 😛
OhSoRozee: @cmp yeh jacobs kicked 5 aswell so defs out
cmperrfect: Sloane hammy
Oddsy5: thank god for that gawn tackle and also my oppo has sloane so fingers crossed 😂
wadaramus: Good work on the outer wing umpire!
Ash777: daisy johnson in marvel’s agents of shield
Apachecats: Bet Gawn still gets 120+
cmperrfect: I ditched ROb for Grundy this week. yay
BigChief: Ohhh good call @Ash
OhSoRozee: daisy ridley hands down
Raspel31: Having by default Gawn as my captain- I rather hope so Apache.
ajconodie: Nice goal Clarence.
LMartos: I swear Baker went on the field for one minute then went off again
Oddsy5: sloane out and back into the rooms lol
cmperrfect: Kiss goodnight to your captaincy next year Tex..
OhSoRozee: gogo oliver
Ash777: gross sweaty footy
OhSoRozee: need u to cover the donut from hore
original: Oh Tex is still playing AFL
BigChief: OMG Walker is on ther ground.
runt: I expected Walker to spin away from that mark
OhSoRozee: bloody rob gonna lose money on 60 be him and mummy losing cash b4 the bye upgrade nuggets!
Raspel31: Oliver already more than his score last week- go you good thing.
cmperrfect: Really need Maxy to be 70odd at HT.
greshprinc: lift gawn
cmperrfect: No way they’ll risk Sloane doing more damage… Surely he’s done.
J_Herer: yep Sloane done for the night
Yeehaw: What’s up with Sloane?
OhSoRozee: yeh sloane done
OhSoRozee: on ice
Yeehaw: Done for the night? Iced up
Donzoes: gawn as C isnt panning out as I hoped
wadaramus: Gawn’s SC is going nowhere.
V@lks: Red cross for Game of Sloanes. Iced up
BRAZZERS: sloane red cross, pinged a string
OhSoRozee: hammy cooked him and he had bad shoulder in the same play
original: Sloane Hammy iced
J_Herer: O’Brien meets ruck
Oddsy5: cmon gawny. ill buy a fkn google home mini if ya get me a decent captain score
original: Sc might be a little behind, hoping for gawn in any case
V@lks: Yes Clayton!
Apachecats: Oliver should engage a lawyer about that haircut.
jbjimmyjb: hopefully ROB can still get his BE
Raspel31: It’s a five dollar haircut Apache- and, with a head like that, why spend more? Go Oliver.
Nigma97: Went from Grundy VC to Gawn C, not looking the greatest so far
Oddsy5: apparently oliver used to be a massive bong lord and his coach would go pick him up from parties on gameday
Ash777: super gawn! playing like he’s a mid.
ConVoid: @oddsy up the clarry loves the billy
Oddsy5: haha what a weapon
stemy1243: Did the same @Nigma97 Big max will beat Grundys score
dipstick: What happened to Sloane? I just brought that punce in
jbjimmyjb: hammy dipstick
heppelitis: geez m0nty got a bare bum in my adds
Fatbar5tad: Brayshaw <3
Zee94: I just want to hear Tex being roasted again, another useless performance it seems
cmperrfect: Me too @Nigma
wadaramus: Sloane got landed on making a tackle, looked like shoulder, ends up being hammy 🙁
runt: Walker needs a spin doctor He cant take a trick at the moment
cmperrfect: Watch CD start to trim back Sloanes score now…
OhSoRozee: walker needs to stand at fb and lead from there
dipstick: Oliver smokes pipes? Someone also said hear that Munson used to smoke the meat pipe. Just rumours I think
OhSoRozee: crows need to blood youth they are so slow
Ash777: LOL that kick and falcon
wadaramus: Gawn getting zero CD favour?
Sloan4Pres: Cringe celebration by Jones
Apachecats: agree wada ,no love for Max.
OhSoRozee: bloody donuts for oliver in 10 mins
Zee94: Yeah there’s a lot of missed points for sc this qtr
Raspel31: Everyone seems very selfish and just want to talk about their team- let’s talk about my team.
DrSeuss: Ok Baker – keep rising – at least stay in front of Brayshaw
Apachecats: Tex has a bit of Freddie Mercury about him.
original: Gawn gone to bed
V@lks: @apache yes but his skinfolds would suggest he has guzzled far more semen then Fred
jbjimmyjb: come on maxy
OhSoRozee: oliver shoulda been on 120 by now dud
cmperrfect: Hit the scoreboard plz Maxy
jbjimmyjb: rozee gibbs is tagging clayton
Oddsy5: shoulda taken grundys score… carn gawny
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing this week? Just knew he would ton up this week as soon as I traded him out
wadaramus: Gawn’s SC has been shyte all night.
cmperrfect: What did Carlton get 4 the Gibbs trade? Any1 know?
OhSoRozee: yeh oliver only hballs cp so tag shouldnt affect him
OhSoRozee: 2 1st rounders
GobChuck: Carn Gus, been caught up in rookie/injury issues i haven’t been able to drop him.
wadaramus: Scheit all night.
Ash777: Carlton ran out like bandits with that trade
OhSoRozee: nah ash they didnt pick 2 well so far
GobChuck: @DrSeuss gus is back in the guts a lot more this week, last week goody finally caght on where he should be played i thin
OhSoRozee: they picked o’brien and traded pick 16 to dogs who picked richards
wadaramus: Picks 10 & 16, who did they get?
OhSoRozee: adelaide lost tho coz they got the pick 10 for lever so immediate loss no matter the outcome
OhSoRozee: carlton didnt win the trade either
Ash777: they got lochie O’brien and traded 16 to dogs.
Apachecats: Baker will get more games ,so quick.
Oddsy5: keep goin gawny
cmperrfect: Cmon dee’s, 5 more goals involving Gawny
Nigma97: jesus Gawn, how are you dropping that
Oddsy5: droppin chestmarks which lead to oppositiom goals doesnt help gawns scoring
Ash777: can dees choke this away?
OhSoRozee: opp has laird =(
Manowar: piss off Adelaide!
Yelse: oliver please do another Q2 effort
cmperrfect: My word they can @Ash777
OhSoRozee: karma that was free to mackay arm chop
Apachecats: Maxy resting up for a big last 10 minutes.
jayshi: traded brayshaw for whitfield, SC karma
cmperrfect: Do spoils score CD points?
jbjimmyjb: C on Gawn looking fine now
Danstar: Both teams both trying to not win this game lol
DrSeuss: traded Brayshaw this week – knew he would perform
OhSoRozee: sneaky betts
Raspel31: Cap on Gawn by default looking a lot better jbjimmy.
Apachecats: The big choke is on.
Manowar: Lucky it’s snow season Dees supporters..
cmperrfect: Eddie Betts with a Steve Bradbury goal, haha.
Apachecats: Capt. Max should do 130 from here.
OhSoRozee: fritsch has bloody good vision
Apachecats: Make that 140 ,not wanting to be greedy though.
mrpotato: @jb yes they do, they’re counted in the 1%er stat I belive
Manowar: Gawn lucky to get 120, Melbourne have chocked!
TheLegend6: Smiths days are numbered
Oddsy5: either way im happy with gawns score. battled it out
J_Herer: well done Baker (AF), great game
Ash777: how is o’brien beating max in hit outs
wadaramus: Max goes past Grundy, punt vindicated!
OhSoRozee: yeh spoils are handy howard and andrews scored 160 odd with spoil records
Raspel31: You want 100 every week from Smith- the legengend- he’s good for the investment.
jbjimmyjb: O’Brien still gonna reach his BE woo
Raspel31: Punt for you wada- out partying for me. All good.
Yelse: i get rid of crouch and he finally tones lol
cmperrfect: Crouch tons up, finally
OhSoRozee: happy with rob after that 1st half
TheLegend6: I’ve had Smith since the start and he’s just not been getting enough tons. Too many 70s for me. A 90+ here would be nice
wadaramus: Tookthe gamble Raspel, normally would take 125 VC!
cmperrfect: Gawn to kick the match winner…
benzammit: Stop stacking Max …
wadaramus: Max’s SC finally reflecting reality!!
Tig-Train: Gawn has gone fucking bang!!!
jayshi: marty hore out could have been the difference
OhSoRozee: cd finally caught up for gawn
StuL: Should have not banked grundy
Zee94: Good cap
Breezey: Dees have showered themselves
Raspel31: As would I wada- but long lunch and no complaints.
Yeehaw: @ohso if Mummy costs me the win again this week won’t even matter if GWS name him, I’m not naming him
benzammit: Yawn point + 50
TheLegend6: Max has 64 this qtr
OhSoRozee: bloody 100 pts more for gawn owners than mumford owners lol
Oddsy5: gawn doesnt stop wow. imagine if he kicked the goal
The39Steps: Wouldn’t like Max outting from 3 feet to win the Masters.
Ash777: ok loopholing gawn as my vc
cmperrfect: What a choke Dee’s. Shocking
Chelskiman: Brad Crouch is the gift that keeps on giving.
TheLegend6: what a game this is
Oddsy5: wow what a game
Raspel31: How very perspicacious of you Ash.
Migz: lucky me i have gawn oliver and crouch with smith bringing up the tail
Ash777: what a choke
gIMX7: I chose gawn over Grundy for captain, they called me a madman
StuL: Its Melbourne. Of course he misses. How?
TheLegend6: Gawn going bang makes up for Sloane
Danstar: Boo Gawn went down 3 points
Ash777: Weideman better lock himself up for awhile.
NoneyaB: when ya gawn oli crouch and laird and killing 2nd place opp woo!!
cmperrfect: Scale up Maxy!
Lawls: Big boy Gawn as captain
Oddsy5: captain gawn, oliver, laird, b crouch and baker
StuL: Oh Melbourne. You’ve done it again.
GobChuck: Wow. When did Brodie ton up? And Captain Gawn wowee.
NoneyaB: same oddsy
OhSoRozee: good win without sloane 3 qtrs
Danstar: Gawn(c). Crouch. Laird. Smith. I was looking at a SC loss this week. Now back in it
bones351: Add in Laird for me Migz. Very happy with that. Plus Baker on the bench.
The39Steps: Gawn, Weeds can’t hack pressure.
benzammit: B Crouch will scale up match wining goal, hope Cripps beats 159…? Changed
bones351: Grawndy worked again. Thought Brodie was a little underwhelming so backed in Maxy!
gIMX7: My opponent had CONGILIO as captain, but cap Gawn, Brodie Smith, Liard and B Crouch all made up for that. Got the W now
wadaramus: Me too Bones, gold man!

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