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Chat log from R11 of 2019: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, R11 of 2019

OhSoRozee: salem out aswell
OhSoRozee: weideman in
Chelskiman: Let’s go, Worps, Sicily and Answerth (filling in for Hore)
noobcoach: thihs SC week hahs been so bad for me rip – omeara pls clutch up
OhSoRozee: moved my def cover to mid/fwd over the last few weeks so stuck with a donut and def players in wrong pos lol
Hadouken: im relying on answerth for hore cover….
original: Neale please have a quiet one.
JockMcPie: I have Clark for Hore cover, don’t mind that too much
J_Herer: a warm up donut for the byes thanks to Hore
GobChuck: Neale, Answerth, Robbo, Andrews tonight, hopefully the lions have a good one tonight
Umpirespet: I have to play Gardiner so hope he’s good lol
Umpirespet: Sshhh Original
original: Dw umpirespet, he’s just running round getting a ton of it. Hawks don’t care ffs
amigaman: Worpel 1 clanger, no frees, 100% DE ?
OhSoRozee: dropped mark probz amiga
original: Umpirespet dw he’s running round doing whatever he wants. Hawks don’t care ffs
BRAZZERS: go massive neale
original: No brazzers!
BigChief: Lets go C Neale. 150+ please.
Umpirespet: Can’t see game but the hawks are on
GobChuck: Why would hawks bother tagging him when they’re steaming ahead? worry about that if he gets them back in the game
OhSoRozee: honestly surprised hinge got dropped
original: Ohsorozee so am I!
circle52: Gee umpires are inconsistent with ruling this game
dipstick: Unhinged not good at all
Breezey: Does Rayner ever do anything
runt: What time does the game start?
Hadouken: ffs answerth, a few kicks would be awesome….
circle52: Free kick hawthorn
Yelse: answerth where are you!!!
BRAZZERS: kicked the hawks here, my one upset for the round. almost every game has been an upset tho lol
GobChuck: answerth out to ruin everybodies week
DrSeuss: Wow these umps are terrible
Breezey: Umps are a little unsure what a mark is.
circle52: Not wring breezy
Ash777: is razor ray umpiring the game?
Donzoes: worpel doing his usual first half threat for a tonne
runt: 6 players combine for a nice team goal
circle52: Just want some consistency from umps DrSeuss. 3 gials paid one end but nothing the other for similar
circle52: Crap kicking not helping as weii
BRAZZERS: will sicily get rubbed out?
Breezey: Might get a week for it Brazzers.
runt: Lons peppering the goals Just getting warmed up
original: Donzoes lol agree
LMartos: Depends if it’s ruled as intentional or careless, I think it’s careless but off Sicily’s history it’s up in the air
Apachecats: Sicily wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone would he?
wadaramus: Worps taking the quarter off?
DrSeuss: Can Answerth get to 60 for all of us missing our Hore tonight
Raspel31: Sicily is a very nice man who would not harm a fly. The negativity, sigh?
Catatafish: @wadaramus It’s what he does. Starts to score well then goes for a beer and a pie.
DrSeuss: Worpel – off the bench would be nice
Sixty656: FFS Neale you short little fuckbag
nick2397: Fagan not giving Neale enough TOG
original: Dw 5 seconds later +9 for neale
runt: Lions pushing the buttplugs into the hawks
Ash777: woah look away for a few mins and now lions are 1pt behind
runt: whatever that means
Sixty656: Worpel and Neale done FA this qtr and ofcourse my opp has neither of them.
nick2397: @runt – Hawks would probably enjoy that
DrSeuss: Worpel not even near the ball at the moment – get involved
original: Neale ineffective kick, turnover handball +4, go home CD lol
Raspel31: Well, at least game on and carn Spurs!
heppelitis: Worpel got a message at qtr time that I traded him in.
Ash777: Worpel has been poor for awhile now.
Donzoes: sicily going to cop any weeks? didnt see what happened
dipstick: Sicily should get a week just for being a peanut
BRAZZERS: cousins better get more TOG in the second half ffs
jbjimmyjb: brazzers how do you still have cousins?
Apachecats: Sicily will get a few weeks ,just seen the vision.
Fatbar5tad: Come on Cneale get going son!
LMartos: There is no way Sicily gets more than 1, it wasn’t high impact
BRAZZERS: mate i have him in SC, still making me money so why not
DrSeuss: Worpel and Answerth deciding that the 3rd quarter is a little too much for them.
Seiya: Go you good thing Harris!
Apachecats: Off the ball Martos and very poor record -2 weeks.
runt: I agree Sicily only 1 week medium, low took the player by surprise that’s all
BRAZZERS: nah one week only
jbjimmyjb: apache poor record has no impact anymore in the new system
GobChuck: keep going harris you good thing
runt: Andrews dt/sc discrepancy is noteworthy
Oddsy5: anyone else hearing JB call Nathan Jones Nathan Brown? am i missing something
runt: He definitely said Nathe brown
Jackwatt$: Evan, Neales SC/DT ratio is absurd! If u don’t scale it down a bit I’m telling m0nty
Pokerface: @runt always is for harris. all his spoils and 1%ers which DT being an inferior product doesn’t consider.
runt: Pokerface lol. cannot argue with that
Pokerface: lol
Evan_Bryce: @Jackwatt$, not as much of a difference as the intercept machine Harris Andrews!
Breezey: Wingard done
DrSeuss: Damn Worpel needs more TOG – way too much time on the bench
Pokerface: dylan moore, in you come then.
beerent11: Heading for his usual 80points drseuss
boofjb57: I agree suess
GobChuck: Worpel TOG seems screwed so often, anyone know why?
V@lks: Cmon Neale 140+ please!
Donzoes: answorth done alright today
wadaramus: Ton up Worps!
benzammit: Couple of goals Neale n finish em off
beerent11: Tank can’t be there yet gobchuck only his second season
benzammit: Jinx him he’s going backwards
Nigma97: What a goal
pcaman2003: Hawks 5 goal start. Weak as pizz effort
Yeehaw: Zorko putting the boys on his shoulders
runt: Hawks prematurely ejaculated and had nothing left at the end
beerent11: Lions are good up there
Raspel31: Know I will be much hated as the world loves Liverpool- goodnight lads and go you mighty Spurs.
beerent11: Spot on donzoes will take 70 any day of the week from answorth
Yeehaw: Not a good feeling know oop Answerth beats my treloar
beerent11: Worpel is gonna tease the 100 again
beerent11: Thought the spurs got knocked out by the nuggets
Raspel31: Was that a joke beer? Sigh.

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