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Chat log from R11 of 2019: Geelong vs Sydney

Chat log for Geelong vs Sydney, R11 of 2019

Chelskiman: Need huge ones from Danger and Lloyd after my opp had Pendles, Cogs and Witts. ><
Yeehaw: In trouble Chels 😀
original: Wow not giving that to heeney
Yelse: heeney loyd kelly and danger need huge scores
Apachecats: same chelks ,got smashed in the GWS game ,got Danger ,Kelly and Dahl.
Gotigres: Just got Lloyd in so don’t expect much from him
OhSoRozee: other games scaled
circle52: Not alone Chels and one of my opponents balsily vcd Nigs.
Oddsy5: wow chels thats so stiff
OhSoRozee: fyfe jumped to 145 scaling lol
Stu7: Lloyd will kill it!!!!
Stu7: @Gotigres – Lloyd will kill it!!!
Umpirespet: To scared to look at my opp chel lol
dipstick: @yehaw look at you with ya fancy pink hair & 206sc VC! Well done 🙋
original: Playing Heeney as an actual forward is killing him (and me)
Gotigres: hope i’m wrong Stu
Umpirespet: This could be upset round
BRAZZERS: fyfe scaling was hilarious, jumped 21 points after scaling lmaoo
Crave: Fyfe was massive last 10 minutes tho
jbjimmyjb: brazzers they missed a heap of his scores, didnt give him any points for his kick to walters
jbjimmyjb: original you spoke too soon
PowerBug: He got the match winning assist and game sealing clearance what did you expect to happen?
cmperrfect: Need 4+ from Heeney if he stays fwd
cmperrfect: Beaker owning the outer side flank
OhSoRozee: swans play at cattery well
DrSeuss: Lol – Jordan Clark is my highest scoring Cat
Yeehaw: @dipstick no pink hair just a big pair 🙂
Chelskiman: Fucking Danger. 🙁
Stu7: Lanced Boyle struggling
Apachecats: Don’t think that was scaling Brazzers ,Fyfe up 23 ,Grundy went up 2 ,Pendles up 1.Think they were just catching up on fy
original: Do something heeeny ffs
Apachecats: *Fyfes stats.Otherwise all players would have got a rise if it was scaling.
PowerBug: Atkins solid start lad!
heppelitis: I wish i had kelly instead of heeney
original: Do something Heeney ffs I’m not ok with 10 touches and 80
PlungeMe: Jordan Clark kicking well going at 16%
Wends: Need Lloyd to stay down; too Whitfield over him.
OhSoRozee: yeh not scaling if technical but just referred to that post siren pt additions
OhSoRozee: was 2k short of double upgrade that included parfitt =(
Yeehaw: Can’t say I’m regretting my Heeney and Walsh to Kelly and Macrae about 4 weeks ago
OhSoRozee: blakey scores on roids 2day
MONEY TALK: lets go lloyd, heeney, danger, telly, clark and dahlhaus
original: Would have preferred Clark to score 28 all game given oppo has him starting
BRAZZERS: clark is frustrating tho, gives you 40’s or 80’s most games lol
Wends: Apparently a new rule intro’d this wk: Danger can stand 5m to side of goal kicker?
Yeehaw: Gonna hurt me keeping mummy till rnd 14 I think
OhSoRozee: same yeehaw honestly think he will get dropped 2
Yeehaw: Surely not
OhSoRozee: he played 2 shower games in a row
Apachecats: Mummy goes on Monday yeehaw.
OhSoRozee: @apache who u gonna ruck cover over byes then
Apachecats: Agree OhSo ,he’ll get dropped 20 f/a in last 3 games.
Chelskiman: Get involved, Lloyd!
Apachecats: If I can scrape up the money its grundy otherwise considering Lobb ,but mummy must go.-completely over him.
Wends: Welcome back ducky
bushranger: Menzel and Rohan having an impact against their old clubs.
jbjimmyjb: opponent’s miers + clark outscoring my lloyd + heeney, SC is predominantly luck
dipstick: Heeney you fucken tip rat
original: Anyone else with nsfw lingerie ads on fanfooty today?
OhSoRozee: 38 ho to simpson and 24 to flynn so pressure on mummy
Apachecats: Nothing from Dahl and Kelly this 1/4
th3rio: lloyd 🙁
OhSoRozee: flynn had 21 disposals aswell
Yeehaw: If he’s out him and rob into Gawn I guess, already gonna lose rnd 13 by a mile
Apachecats: Just updated Kelly going OK
ConVoid: yep original i do
Wends: As a fm, I get lingerie ads but possibly for different cookie related reasons.
Manowar: Has J. Lloyd retired?
PlungeMe: kelly danger and j clark, not too bad so far
original: Clark almost double Heeney. Foad
DrSeuss: What’s up with Lloyd? Swans not looking for him? Rushing too much?
Yeehaw: Kelly on track for a nice score
MONEY TALK: no one going to talkabout parsons having the ruck symbol lmaooo
Manowar: Heeney failing again!
Wends: Watching Heeney is like one of those bad dreams where you’re trying to run, but getting nowhere.
original: Given Sydney don’t bother using Heeney can they trade him to Carlton?
th3rio: gary rohan on annual leave
amigaman: Oh no! @Manowar, he’s a star 🙂
OhSoRozee: kelly goin well with 46 de
OhSoRozee: normally clean and he would b pushinh 80 already
dipstick: Heeney needs a little Unity or one upside the head
Wends: No thr3io, just having swans flashbacks with all the red.
Apachecats: Don’t worry Seuss ,he’ll get his 450 worth of chips in the last quarter.
Apachecats: *$50 worth
th3rio: haha wends
Wends: Heh, that was co-old blooded dipstick 🙂
Stu7: Blakey playing in concrete boots!!
Apachecats: Think Danger is just a 85-95 SC player these days.
amigaman: Trading out Heeney, the gift that just keeps giving
OhSoRozee: parker massive pod
Yeehaw: Blakey worst player that gets a game in the comp, and that’s coming from someone who owns Mummy
OhSoRozee: 2k owners and avg 108.4
MercAm: Who to trade Heeney for though?
Apachecats: Maybe getting the swanettes flashbacks Wends
th3rio: yay llord
OhSoRozee: 140 avg last 2 games b4 2day
Yeehaw: Kelly, Boak, Mundy once he drops a little
Apachecats: Big statement yeehaw.Reckon its a draw.
obione05: Parker is so tempting but just cant trust sydney players anymore
original: Mundy going to drop again. Dunno if I can trust
OhSoRozee: no1 really tags sydney players now kennedy and parker done well all year
Yeehaw: Lacking on trades big time, tempting going straight swap of Baker to R.Gray, see how he plays I think
th3rio: mundy going to be a snack in about 3 weeks
amigaman: For an ordinary performance, Lloyd is scoring OK
MercAm: Yeah think Kelly is a go to
Yeehaw: If you don’t have Kelly you’d almost have to do that @Merc
OhSoRozee: seems atkins needed that injury been rookie beast since
Gloryhound: wow – 17 HO’s to Z. Smith and only 15 SC points. Bet Scott is stoked he borught him in over Stanley
cmperrfect: Parker luving JPK being out
Gloryhound: Round 13 bye hurts bringing Parker in
obione05: Franklin has just fallen off the cliff this yr
OhSoRozee: @glory not really for me coz have fall field of mids in 13 anyway
MercAm: At least Danger is playing alright, kinda making up for Heeney
Yeehaw: Miss the first 2 and a half minutes of 3rd qtr and I missed 3 goals?
Gloryhound: @ OhSoRozee envious. Looked at bringing Parker in but it killed my bye structure. You are loving it.
original: Heeney you sure do stink
MONEY TALK: no matter what happens when heeneys bye comes up hes gone
LMartos: well now I need Clark to lift with Hore out lol
MONEY TALK: @monty surely take the ruck symbol of parsons
seanfc99: Hore late out tonight
heppelitis: Thanks for the doughnut old horebag
OhSoRozee: well shit no cover for hore donut for me
Apachecats: Thanks for Hore info folks ,allows me to get Rozee on to the ground.
jono71501: What happened to Clark? Hasn’t got a point all quarter..
OhSoRozee: holding williams hurt me twice over now
Pusti: C. Guthrie: Doing jobs in midfield. Also doing jobs all over my draft teams!
Breezey: No Hore. It looks like Wilkie gets a run
Chelskiman: Got Answerth to cover Hore at least.
MONEY TALK: thats if wilkie doesnt get sick
amigaman: Glad I kept trades. Hore > Newman
Breezey: Why would he get sick @Money
original: Hore Newman gross
Haydo: Why is hore out?
ConVoid: calf @haydo
MONEY TALK: majority of the saints team is getting sick
Apachecats: Nice Danger ,ton up before 3/4 time.
heppelitis: @Breezey bug going through Snts camp
Chelskiman: Three Saints plus the coach got sick, Breezey.
Breezey: Righto then. He better go to bed early then
zoomba23: Danger ton overdue
shang0: Which Saints are sick?
Haydo: How long will he be out convoid
Stu7: Off dim sims
circle52: Billings sSavage and one other
heppelitis: Heard billings not sure of others.but maybe still might play
DrSeuss: Stewart and Clark – a little more in this quarter please. Did nothing in the 3rd
ConVoid: it’s billings savage and mckenzie i believe aswell as the coach
Breezey: Billings,Savage and McKenzie are the ill ones
pants42: Billings savage mckenzie sick
Breezey: Sent over Paton and Hind as possible replacements
OhSoRozee: sydney should b owning this game
th3rio: good lloyd! doing your job lad
original: Hawkins loves a slap
original: Hawkins could be in trouble? Or not enough force
OhSoRozee: massive score by the rat
original: So glad I had to trade Atkins before he scored 100+ and I’ll miss out on $50k increases
Migz: 1400 people have ratu.. no words
OhSoRozee: just glad my opp is 18th dont have to worry this round
Yelse: who’s taking grundys score? worried if i should risk it with Gawn
original: Yelse tell me bout
Nuffman: heeney making a late charge for a half respectable score
wadaramus: I am normally conservative, but today I am rolling the dice on Gawn!
ConVoid: i’m taking grundys
Apachecats: Depends if your oposition is breathing down your neck yelse ,if they aren’t take the 123 and bank it.
wadaramus: Surely Gawny can give ROB a touch up!
DrSeuss: A few kick to kicks to finish off Stewart
OhSoRozee: took kelly vc
Hadouken: kelly danger 100 plz. thanks.
Yeehaw: Danger with the big ol nail lined up then misses with the hammer
Migz: i brought lloyd in this round… feels disgusting. Such a nothing game.
Apachecats: Seagull is getting his chips.
Umpirespet: Hore is out
Umpirespet: So the afl site says
Chelskiman: Nice Danger! Goal with a second to go.
heppelitis: camera man flipped the bird
BRAZZERS: im a man down in my blackline in sc if so
Hadouken: theres the tonne !!!
Yelse: you serious both my opponents don’t have him and don’t have cover
pharace: Watched last qtr trying see what’swrong with Heeney – he went well that qtr
Chelskiman: Hore definitely out.
BRAZZERS: of course he’s out muppet
ConVoid: man those nsfw lingerie ads
GobChuck: anyone elses page got that “xml file” error for both of tonights games?

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