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Chat log from R11 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R11 of 2019

Wends: Do Boer has gone to Swallow
LMartos: Coniglio looks uncomfortable
Umpirespet: Hopefully King goes alright we need forward rookies
duckky: Yes – Coniglo suffering from leather poisoning
Wends: Any rooks will do at this point @ Umpires!
Stu7: Coniglio what a bazooka!!!
Stu7: Glad a decided on bringing Coniglio in this round trade
Umpirespet: Sorry guys bought in Whitfield this week
Wends: Could’ve gone Ridley to Lloyd, but nooo, went ZWill to Whitfield 😐 Sorry Whitfield owners.
Stu7: Come on Kelly lift – VC!!!
Apachecats: All right ,which one of you bought whitfield in.Admit it.
duckky: Whitfield is my VC… *sigh*
Apachecats: Wends!
Raspel31: Wends and Umpire- you carry a heavy burden.
Apachecats: and umpires pet!
LMartos: @Stu Coniglio is running at 30%, if he plays the game out I’ll be surprised
Apachecats: Are you two buying anyone NEXT week.
Umpirespet: OK off to the naughty corner for me
Stu7: LMartos – damn 🙁
circle52: I brought in Whitfield as well Apache so blame me.
Apachecats: Mind you Whitfield racks up quickly once he gets going.Got the VC on him.
Wends: Mea culpa 🙁
noobcoach: who brought in Jelly 🙁
SwaggyP: Kelly. Pls.
circle52: I went Wilkie to Whitfield
Wends: Is he being tagged?
Apachecats: Circle as well ,what hope have I got.
Chelskiman: That was me, noob.
PowerBug: Bowes is putting some time into Kelly
Umpirespet: Sounds like we are all shite SC players
Apachecats: Got Taranto in this as well ,ffs
noobcoach: Chelsk 🙁 i expected big things against GC but now…
circle52: After 4 straight now 4 behinds
Wends: Here’s hoping Apache… In my case @Umpires, shizen at RDT.
PowerBug: And now Bowes is off the field with a quad injury
circle52: Bowes coming off the ground with quad so will be done
Chelskiman: Thought Lockhart to Kelly was a genius move. Clearly not. 🙁
BRAZZERS: GCS will get streamrolled in the 2nd half
circle52: and Holman running with Whiutfield who was just crunched and off field.
LMartos: Whitfield crunched – winded
Raspel31: Only trade was to bring in Hopper- cheap- complaints so far- none.
duckky: Burgess outscoring Whitfield …
Gotigres: Burgers higher score than Whitfield. Now i’ve seen it all
Stu7: Does anyone have any intel on what the go is with Kelly’s poor performance???
noobcoach: Can the steamrolling start now? Kelly needs the ball, of course whitfield tagged 🙁
Wends: Will Whitfield make his BE now?
Stu7: Burgess outscoring Whitfield who would have thought 🙂
Raspel31: Wends, Umpire and Circle- feel your guilt- deeply.
Wends: Think Suns have been significantly underestimated a few times this year and this may be one of them.
Stu7: Go Kelly you good thang!!!
zoomba23: As if you’d tag Whitfield before Jelly. Flogs
Wends: De Boer should go to Holman. And Raspel, v sorry, I owe you one 🙂
PowerBug: @zoomba23 Stuart Dew saw that you had Whitfield and not Kelly and wanted to hurt your SC team directly
noobcoach: I shouldn’t have to scroll to see whitfield’s score 🙁
Stu7: zoomba23 – yes I’m suprosed at that move too!!
Umpirespet: De Boer has improved outta sight since going to giants
Raspel31: i’m still picking Whitfield to get at least 28- below his BE?
Wends: Correction Powerbug, Dew saw I brought him in with 2 mins to lockout, clearly.
wadaramus: I hope Cogs can play four quarters today!
noobcoach: what is whitfield’s BE
Umpirespet: 46 I think noob
Apachecats: According to SEN Whitfield got crunched earlier in the quarter.
BRAZZERS: whitfield is 46sc
Catatafish: It’s the red oval shaped thing, Whitfield. Go find it!
zoomba23: Someone take out Holman plz
Donzoes: Have conigs or whitfield ever played well at the same time
circle52: Yep Whifield crunched between 2 Suns one of which was Holman
noobcoach: He got it!
Apachecats: Holman crunched now .karma.
Stu7: Nothing like being crunched in the Sun!!
Umpirespet: A sun sanga
Stu7: Come on Mummy ya dudd!!!
BOMBRBLITZ: Sorry I broke Whitfield
Umpirespet: Apache may bring in Cameron next week as a heads up
OhSoRozee: was sittin here smiling and forgot i grabbed whitfield last week
Apachecats: Appreciate that Umpires
Apachecats: Join the queue bomberblitz.
Lawls: Brought in Whitfield as well before what looked like a big price rise
Apachecats: Obviously Whitfield ,as good as he is can’t carry the entire Fan Footy forum.
Wends: This game bizarro world… Whitfield down, Conigs up…
noobcoach: The number of whitfield trades has had a multiplying negative effect on hihs score 🙁
Raspel31: Calling it now- Whitfield on a charge- at least 40.
Lawls: Can’t wait for cogs to be on 65 at half time
Wends: No surer result from that equation @noob
Stu7: Lawls – too late he’s already 66
original: Conigs I’m sorry for every bad thing I said the last few weeks. Keep it up
original: @lawls 100% likely lol
Lawls: He’ll go backwards Stu haha
DrSeuss: Come on JKelly – this is supposed to be your HUGE week
Hadouken: someone please poke a stick at kelly
OhSoRozee: mumford looking to lose me money b4 the offload bye
jbjimmyjb: how can you complain about kelly, he’s on track for 120
Umpirespet: Lol welcome to fanfooty jimmy
OhSoRozee: think he has the vc on him jimmy
OhSoRozee: he is threaten with how grundy is goin
dipstick: cogs nice price rise coming before i get rid off him after bye
PowerBug: Wouldn’t want to get rid of Conigs if he’s in this form!
Stu7: dipstick – why would you get rid of him?
Migz: yeh cogs will disappear in the 2nd half and score 15 points
dipstick: cogs not even a top 40 midfilder. been waiting weeks to trade him. he barely outscores rookie walsh
DrSeuss: Get Jelly off the bench
Raspel31: Yep dipstick- losing Neale, Fyfe, Cripps, Graundy and big Max over the byes.
original: Hoping Jkelly doesn’t kill it
OhSoRozee: wats with the flag for deboer tag on swallow?
StuL: David Swallow Dutch or is he getting the De Boer treatment?
jbjimmyjb: jeremy cameron has not been seen this quarter
Umpirespet: Swallow getting a Dutch oven
Vogesy69: Come on kelly my boy
dipstick: Isnt Deboer Sth Efriken for farmer?
Umpirespet: De Boer war
Apachecats: Mummy JS not good after this and last 2 weeks.Dawson Simpson would do better than this rubbish.
StuL: Boer – an Afrikaner farmer.
StuL: Go Burgess. You can do it. Get to 40 that is!
Stu7: Lawls: He’ll go backwards Stu haha – Coniglio 90 🙂
circle52: Some info for you all St Kilda: Up to 6 players & coach Alan Richardson ill, 2 extra Emergencies to fly out tonight
circle52: So we await news on who
Stu7: Dim Sims were off !!!
greshprinc: where’d u here that circle
Hadouken: so how many people bringing in coniglio after this round ?
circle52: Update St Kilda; Ben Paton & Nick Hind heading to China, Jack Billings, Shane Savage & Daniel McKenzie
Ash777: I just put on some spring rolls oh dear
Ash777: damn Ballard is my E and have savage
Donzoes: coniglio putting to bed the idea of trading him out
circle52: on afl ratingstwitter feed gresh
Carlo: Uh oh coniglio 200 pointer coming up
dipstick: @donzoes no… after 10 rounds he cant even avergae 100… gone at first chance
beerent11: Who’s doing the job on Whitfield?
Apachecats: Reckon someone must’ve teased mummy again ,don’t poke the bear.
StuL: The Phantom reckoned VC Whitfield.
Apachecats: Holmans got him beerent.
Donzoes: burgess any chance of BE?
StuL: Donzoes, no
duckky: Burgess BE is 34
beerent11: Cheers Apache
BigChief: Cmon Timmy my man. Time to lift.
StuL: Still no Burgess BE
Stu7: Come on Kelly!
Hadouken: come kelly faaaaaaaaaaaark
Nigma97: Come on Whitfield, get at least 60 by 3QT
original: Cogs is back baby. Stay low kelly
Stu7: Remember this Migz: yeh cogs will disappear in the 2nd half and score 15 points – Migz???
Donzoes: at least everyone has whitfield now, so it doesnt hurt as much
DrSeuss: Any time now JKelly
circle52: Whitfield just got his B/e
Stu7: I don’t have Whitfield 🙂
DrSeuss: Whitfield tagged – what is Kelly’s excuse??
Apachecats: Can’t wait for Monday.Get up early and trade Mumford out.Biggest mistake of the season.
OhSoRozee: gws mids are doin shit other than coniglio look at taranto/kelly and my god look at cumming
OhSoRozee: right b4 price rise cumming is on
SwaggyP: yes kel
Torz: Where is Taranto?
vbdl: jelly on track for a solid 120 – not sure what you are all complaining about
Stu7: Goooo Kelly!!
DrSeuss: There you go JK
Vogesy69: finally kelly doing a bit <3
jono71501: Please tell me who on earth I can trade Burgess for… His BE is 46 so his price is going down from an already low 220k
shang0: I’m afraid you are stuck with Burges… He’s like a curse
PowerBug: @jono I’d hold him and pray he gets dropped after the byes so you can have a flexible loophole option.
beerent11: I’m in that boat with you Jono half my rookies are like that too
BigChief: @ jono a can of coke and packet of chips?
Donzoes: loophole is his best option atm, yeah
beerent11: I’m stuck with burgess, McKay, Hayes and Scott. All useless.
jono71501: Can someone explain this loophole strategy? Keep him as an emergency?
wadaramus: Burgess value is in his DPP, right??!!
wadaramus: Oh wait, I traded D.Moore..
Gelly: that new wb player is same as burgess, fwd/def
beerent11: Works like the vc loophole only must be on the same line
jono71501: Yeh Gelly, saw him earlier, Gardner 170k
wadaramus: He’s only useful for looping if he’s not playing!
MONEY TALK: lets go jelly, jezza and whitfield
Gelly: hes 102k in sc
Lawls: Cogs definitely not getting 65 like I predicted
zoomba23: Ew who does Fantasy
Stu7: @Lawls ha ha 🙂
Apachecats: No fantasy here zoom
Stu7: Migz: yeh cogs will disappear in the 2nd half and score 15 points
Gloryhound: @ Lawls still may – just with a silent 1 in front of the 65
original: Time to give kelly a rest on the pine. Don’t risk him leon
MONEY TALK: why does jelly need a rest
Apachecats: I need a rest from Kelly.
StuL: Junk it up Lachie. Late ton will do
Gelly: cogs gona get 200
BigChief: Obviously originals opponent has Kelly
Apachecats: I need a rest from Coniglio as well.
Stu7: No rest Kelly 140 please
Apachecats: Time for a couple more f/a Mumford you clown.
MONEY TALK: go jezzzza
bushranger: Toby G, why do I do it to myself?
Apachecats: Whit field off with shoulder.Goodnight,
Umpirespet: Hope Whitfield wasn’t a wasted trade
beerent11: 140 for vc would be good stu
Gelly: collarbone
Hadouken: wow coniglio another goal
BRAZZERS: what is exactly wrong with greene?
OhSoRozee: brought in greene and reversed it 100 times
OhSoRozee: just didnt feel right
Yeehaw: Where’s dipstick? 😉
MONEY TALK: calmdown cogs lmao, everone is going to get him
Chelskiman: Jesus, Cogs. Have him in RDT but not in AF where my opp does. I’m torn.
beerent11: 200 in play
Stu7: VC for Kelly has paid off!!!
Oddsy5: cogs 200 surely. unreal game
OhSoRozee: 29k owners of cogs is laughing
MONEY TALK: havnet seen a 200 since hheath shaw
Apachecats: mOnty can you get the linl to the next game going ,Stanley late out apparently.
MONEY TALK: i brought in kelly and vc him so keep going son
ConVoid: what’s wrong with whitfield’s?
OhSoRozee: yeh smith in for stanley
Yeehaw: VC Cogs going down a treat
Lawls: Lol bloody Whitfield
Stu7: Dumb a55 Mumford has cast a shadow on my Cogs and Jelly performance
Apachecats: *link
Donzoes: holy coniglio, repaying the faith
Gelly: swallow wacked him and hurt his collarbone
Apachecats: Whitfield to Houli or Hurn
Donzoes: cmon burgess almost there
Carlo: Cogs first to get to 200 this year
th3rio: because of one bad game apache? serious?
arbel: How bad was Whitfield?
beerent11: Take that thank you Joshua
Gelly: depends if his collarbone is fractured
Pokerface: i think more the collarbone rio?
original: Yeehaw lol
Apachecats: no injury th3rio if its a bad collar bone.
SwaggyP: kelly, neale or cripps for C?
BigChief: Yes Apache Stanley out Zac Smith in.
th3rio: oh crap my bad i didnt even see!
Stu7: Kelly
shang0: Neale
Yeehaw: He didn’t look that sore when they were testing his collarbone area
Hadouken: ty kelly !
OhSoRozee: woo goal on kelly
GOD: GOD has the C on S. Coniglio today!
Apachecats: hopefully ok yeehaw.thanks
original: Whitfield doesn’t have sling on, good sign?
broski: my opponent has C on coniglio
Vogesy69: kelly went down in value after he kicked that last goal wtf
Vogesy69: sorry points* not value

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