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Chat log from R11 of 2019: Collingwood vs Fremantle

Chat log for Collingwood vs Fremantle, R11 of 2019

TheLegend6: Walters copped a knock already!
OhSoRozee: p plater for bewley
Raspel31: Atta boy Gooey thingy.
BestCoast: Greetings Gentlemen
noobcoach: cmon treloar
OhSoRozee: bloody pendles is becoming must have at this rate
Stu7: Slow start for thise who have VC on Grundy!!!
Raspel31: Greetings for a short time Best- have to drag my ageing bod on the soccer field.
OhSoRozee: yeh i didnt go vc on grundy 90% of every1 else would have
Yeehaw: Was about to ask who else was ballsy enough to not VC Grundy
TheLegend6: Grundy will be fine
SwaggyP: Traded out Moore and brought Ryan in. watch this blow up
Raspel31: One of those 90% Rozee- but early days.
BestCoast: Good luck Raspel and go Liverpool
Oddsy5: im going grundy into gawn
noobcoach: up liverpool you guns
TheLegend6: Treloar, Walters and Grundy (VC) in this one, hoping a few big scores
noobcoach: treloar get going
Raspel31: Too early to call Oddsy- but, yep, that’s my option.- and go Spurs!
noobcoach: Treloar, Grundy, Fyfe and Mundy – all should 100+, getting worried for trelaor atm
noobcoach: Raspel fuck spurs dont deserve shit.
dipstick: more stupid than ballsy not VCing Grundy. different for different sake is childish like dying your hair bright pink
PowerBug: Put VC on Kelly as there’s a higher ceiling on Kelly than Grundy.
PowerBug: Grundy obviously a great VC pick and who I would’ve gone with otherwise. Fully expect him to go 130 today
noobcoach: Power thats a big call.
Wends: Grundy for mine.
Oddsy5: oppo has bewley surely he starts going backwards hes turning it over heaps
Ash777: Good start by freo
noobcoach: dissapointing SC quarter, anyone wtching the game has treloar been involved or near the footy?
OhSoRozee: grundy would get constant 200s if they had good centre clearance mids hitouts to advantage
Yeehaw: Suppose you’re living up to your name dipstick
Ash777: Grundy is getting worked on hard
OhSoRozee: 42 de and lobbs on fire
noobcoach: Is treloar amongst it and not getting the ball or nowhere to be seen?
Chelskiman: Opponent has Pendles. God damn it.
dipstick: your bright pink hair looks awesome yeehar
OhSoRozee: treloar plays fwd alot in 1st halves this yr then comes home to ton in the 2nd
Kaalia: treloar has been doing his best work late most of the season.
OhSoRozee: took bakers 85 and left moore on bench
Yeehaw: ? There’s legitimate very viable VC options at the same time as Grundy plays? Grow up
OhSoRozee: was gambling on his return from injury to reoccur like the past
dipstick: @yeehaw and yet you havent mentioned who you went. you pullin’ a GOD on us?
noobcoach: pendle is a machine, 11kicks first quarter fuck me
Raspel31: Who is this Pedalberry?
Yeehaw: Went coniglio why is that relevant anyway
OhSoRozee: 11k owners of pendles probz double by rd 12
Ash777: legitimate vc options other than grundy? Fyfe, pendles
Apachecats: Holman crunched now ,karma.
Apachecats: Sorry wrong game.
dipstick: pedal berry is what m0nty eats whilst inputting all these scores
Raspel31: Grundy grunted up to all ye doubters.
dipstick: @yeehaw why do you think? so if Kelly ended up on 190 you would have said him. now we know its cogs
Raspel31: Lol dipstick- my thoughts exactly.
Umpirespet: Dipstick hope u r playing nice
Wends: Snaps to whoever has Pedals
Chelskiman: Slow down, Fyfe!
StuL: Shaky ground early Bewley buyers. Ross the boss is a hard man
OhSoRozee: might bring in hogan after bye take a gamble and him and freo jelling back half season
noobcoach: Chelsk he better not
Yeehaw: Doesn’t matter if my VC option ends lower it’s the fact there’s plenty of VC options at this time
OhSoRozee: and only 300k
Wends: Attaboy Fyfe 😀
noobcoach: Rozee thats a big gamble
OhSoRozee: bench looper noob
Gotigres: keep going Pendles. I need you to make up for Whitfield
circle52: Lobb really drawing my interest after his bye with the DPP
jbjimmyjb: Jack Crisp… what is wrong with you this year
Raspel31: I’ve got his number if you’re really attracted circle?
original: Flower off AT
Wends: He seemed to start OK @jbjimmy
DrSeuss: Agreed StuL – Ross is tough on Rooks – even when they show quality
Raspel31: Atta boy Grunty- slowly grinding away.
dipstick: 🙄 whale oil beef hooked if grundy doesnt get 140 😎
zoomba23: Ross…. how tf is a rook supposed to show you what he’s got if you don’t give him game time
Ash777: bandaid on grundy
jbjimmyjb: zoomba head coaches aren’t in charge of rotations, its usually the sport science guys
zoomba23: Jimmy: Don’t care, I’m blaming Ross cos he’s a flog
cmperrfect: Get back on Grundy ffs
PowerBug: zoomba: I don’t want to know the truth, I want to live my fairytale land
DrSeuss: Agreed Zoomba – Ross has a history of sitting on rooks – not sure about the science is his case
Raspel31: The perils of playing the loop- move it from Grunty but what if Clarke or Young play tomorrow- aargh.
PowerBug: If you’re talking about Robbie Young from St. Kilda, he’s in the 22
noobcoach: mundy very dissapointing
OhSoRozee: young backed against old mates at port
zoomba23: PowerBug: You’re telling me the coach doesn’t have a say in the rotations? What a fucking pisstake
Yeehaw: Don’t mind seeing Cogs at 90 great VC choice
zoomba23: Why act like a flog about it PowerBug? This problem is specific to Freo. Every other team gives their rooks game time
dipstick: @yeehaw you must be only ever Mensa pies fan. I cant wait to trade cogs out at his bye
PowerBug: Freo are allowed to be different to other clubs, they do what they believe is best for them
cmperrfect: Ross did the same thing at the Saints, that’s why they went no where too
BestCoast: zoomba23 sounds like everyone is a flog lol
Yeehaw: Don’t have the trades to get rid of him and his draw isn’t that bad
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, why are your SC scores always out by 1 point?
Apachecats: Billings ,Savage and McKenzie ill in China and the coach -SEN
circle52: @cmperfect goes back to a copyrighht issue from a couple of years and +1 gets him around it.
preki1: Apachecats, is that true. I just put a biggish bet on Port without knowing this.
cmperrfect: Thought is may have been something like that @circle
dipstick: @zoomba just ask best coast if Ross is a Zempliss type flog
circle52: bit late preki as out there for all St Kilda; Ben Paton & Nick Hind heading to China, Jack Billings, Shane Savage & Dani
Apachecats: True prekki.
OhSoRozee: if 3 players ill thats cuttin emergencies thin think they need to fly 26 over to china
preki1: that’s a lucky break then. hahaha
cmperrfect: Jason Dunstall developing a fair roof over the tool shed, geez.
beerent11: Hi champs. Just flicked the footy on is blakeley in the midfield or def?
shang0: Is Grundy okay?
cmperrfect: Grundy is loping around, not 100%
BigChief: Playing 1/2 back @ Beerent
beerent11: Cheers bigchief
BigChief: That was clearly touched by Mayne.
Yelse: why wouldntthey check that when everyone called it touched
Ash777: umps seem to be decent atm
Oddsy5: fyfe is my bane…goes huge every week but i just cant squeeze him in got other priorities
BigChief: Looks like they checked goal line only Yelse
StuL: It’s not like Grundy is going bad. Anything less than 145 and we complain.
arbel: Yeah don’t get that. Claiming touched off hand and they only check goal line??
Oddsy5: afls goal review technology is so bad compared to other sports
dipstick: do they still have the MCG goal review cameras mounted on Richmond Station?
Migz: to be fair most other sports have very concentrated areas they need to review. We need the whole field. But it needs to
Migz: be better
StuL: I don’t like the Dockers but guess I should be going for them
wadaramus: Do something Mundy you fucking hack!
OhSoRozee: jacobs kicked 4 goals already in sanfl looks like obriens last game
jbjimmyjb: ross has given mundy no mid time today
DrSeuss: Treloar do something ffs – taking this qtr off?
OhSoRozee: and only 15 mins into 2nd
Umpirespet: Crisp you gotta go soon
beerent11: Geez bewleys a big bastard.
BigChief: Alex Pearce really has no luck.
Migz: bewly reminds me of venables
original: Mundy back to his round 1-2 form
beerent11: They may still get up but are the pies a little overrated?
Nigma97: Has Walters been on the bench for the last 10 minutes?
noobcoach: mundy 🙁
Oddsy5: idk i reckon the pies are pretty decent. them and geelong can normally grind it out and get it done
jbjimmyjb: crisp going backwards ofc
cmperrfect: No 150 from Grundy today
th3rio: christ i can feel grundy giving us an awkward take or no take this week. Mundy gonna be cheap in a couple 🙂
original: That just ain’t dunno do for vc Grundy
Yelse: pies will play 10 mins and finish free simple with grundy 50 + points
th3rio: surely he’ll have a 65 pt qtr lads
beerent11: He heard you
Lawls: Mundy is fucking me good
StuL: I was going VC Kelly all week then listened to stupid Phantom.
th3rio: lol what a start
Manowar: Grundy ya given up? need more from you! Lift
BestCoast: What’s going on with Grundy injuries
jbjimmyjb: crisp do something you spud you’re a liability every week
wadaramus: Carn Grundy, get to 125 please.
Yelse: you seeing lob constantly ramming into grundy
Manowar: Why would anyone listen to Phantom, this idiot has no idea!
Raspel31: Hmm- think time to look at other captain options.
Yeehaw: Massive qtr from Pendles already
Oddsy5: i think grundy must be carrying a niggle. just hasnt looked himself
Yelse: how is cox gonna find his way back in
Ash777: He landed awkwardly in a marking contest in the 2nd qtr
SwaggyP: lyft ryan
Yeehaw: Neale probably next best option for people not taking their VC’s
cmperrfect: Gonna have to C Cripps now I think
Chelskiman: I’ve come up against Pendles twice this year and twice he’s gone nuts.
BestCoast: Cheers Ash777
Manowar: Walters why go backwards now?
th3rio: 40 more grundy lad
beerent11: Max Gawn?
StuL: Come on Grundles. 140 and bank
th3rio: dont stress too much yet. Grundy looking good
beerent11: Seems obvious v crows rucks
Manowar: Take that band aid off Walters there is nothing wrong with him
shang0: Grundy looking fine 😀
DrSeuss: Treloar doing nothing in this 2nd half
Yeehaw: Yeah Gawn, if no Gawn Neale id say
cmperrfect: Gawn, Cripps, Neale… Decisions, Decisions
Zee94: V except without Cripps for me too
cmperrfect: Star for Pendlebury m0nty
bushranger: What about Boak?
Nigma97: What happened to Walters?
ConVoid: gawn cripps or neale for c who do you reckon
Oddsy5: ROB hasnt been holding his opp rucks to low scores. gawn or cripps for me
Nigma97: I went Gawn
a1trader: Pies seems to find a way, weren’t too impressive last week either
Yelse: there is still half a quarter to go grundy will get to 130+
OhSoRozee: yeh i cant c rob in team next week against gawn will get demolished and jacobs kicked 4 goals in 1st half sanfl
cmperrfect: Dons don’t tag… Hmm. Maybe Cripps, he’s due.
Oddsy5: hurn could be a decent POD captain. scores well vs dogs.
Chelskiman: Nice +12 from Grundog!
Ash777: I have gawn vc and hurn c
th3rio: lock in grundy vc
Oddsy5: keep going grundy kick a snag and end this confusion
original: Grundy building
Chelskiman: And another mark!
Hadouken: what is treloar doing !!!
original: Wow how easy was that
Oddsy5: haha grundy looked absolutely cooked trying to chase there
DrSeuss: Treloar has been lazy AF this half
Apachecats: R.Stanley out for Geelong.
shang0: Grundy 😀
Ash777: Mundy wont score anything more now because cd wont be able to find his number :p
cmperrfect: Coniglio about to crack 200!
Pokerface: no spoilers from other games cm.
original: Moore could have scored 100 this game. Has nearly taken 4 intercept marks this qtr but dropped all
OhSoRozee: cmon freo
cmperrfect: A double ton from anyone is worthy of a mention
Ash777: Walters!
beerent11: Great value def blakley
BRAZZERS: anyone taking grundys VC yay or nah?
Oddsy5: wow walters 2 weeks in a row
Pokerface: dont be an idiot, cm, if people want to know they look at the other game.
arbel: If Collingwood lose by less than 5 they’ve been robbed from that touched one
th3rio: i am braz
shang0: Might just leave Gawn on C
original: Lol
Ash777: pies rob teams all the time
DrSeuss: Treloar you useless POS
MercAm: WE got robbed, that was clearly touched, stupid flowering umperies
Pokerface: probably still think they were robbed in the gf too
Pokerface: 1 decision does not make a game
noobcoach: SC lagging or not?
JockMcPie: I think this is the most relevant game to say the umps cost us, literally a 5 point swing, well done umps you fucks
Nigma97: Does Walters get a bonus for winning the game with that goal?
Nigma97: Or did he only get that last week because it was after the siren
Tig-Train: Love the result lol
BRAZZERS: great umpiring lads!! couldnt have done a better job myself
Tig-Train: Let the waaaing begin
Yelse: maybe this was the wakeup the pies needed to stop mucking around and finish teams
zoomba23: Jock McPie: Karma mate. Umps got you over the line against Bombers and Blues. Swings and roundabouts
Migz: they had the rest of the game to win it. . dont be a bad sook
kano: cry more fags
kano: cry more gronks
intergaze: Collingwood’s had a blessed run with umpires for a long time. Painfully so.

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