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Chat log from R11 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R11 of 2019

Yelse: Good evening everyone!!!
Apachecats: evening yelse. Bought in OBaker and bought back (v cheaply )Danger
Apachecats: Traded out Scrimshaw and Considine.
Umpirespet: How long will this stay interesting b4 we turn on we r till the cricket
Apachecats: Got VC on Whitfield and C on Maxy at this stage.
Yelse: ross for baker for me atm, thinking Zwilliams to whitfield or crouch to Jelly
Umpirespet: Left baker crap for byes and took Gardiner
Apachecats: A few people are sick of waiting for MCrouch or ZW.
BigChief: I am guessing you mean Constable @Apache?
frenzy: danger is a bargain at $471K Apache
megawatts: brought in dan menzel and captaining him
Umpirespet: Danger not as good as years gone by tho
Ash777: I bet the nth board wanted to sack scott so shaw can take over
Umpirespet: Lol Mega
Yelse: how many trades everyone got left
Apachecats: yeah I did mean Constable.
megawatts: @umpire watch him kick a bag against us
BigChief: I have Grundy as VC and Whitfield as C atm.
Yelse: to start stack or atkins?
Chelskiman: 15 trades. Been going hard.
Ash777: I bought in Gardiner and Gawn this week.
Umpirespet: 16 yelse been a crap year
Apachecats: yeah Frenzy ,at the moment he has a recent very low SC in his last 3 ,he will go up quickly in the next 2 games.
Umpirespet: Grundy /Gawn here
circle52: 2Yelse having worst year ever dopwn to 12 trades
Apachecats: Got 17 left yelse.
BigChief: Just realise can’t loophope Whitfield. Gone Neale as C now.
Umpirespet: Ouch Circle
Apachecats: wasted one on Fort too.
Yelse: i got 17 to go and my team still way off from what i want
circle52: So just set new goals for me to achieve umpir to keep interest
Umpirespet: I still have petrol and Parker on field
Apachecats: Thanks BC just allerted me ,have same problem with Whitfield.
circle52: Looping Corbett and Young to give an idea
Apachecats: 2nd thought ,I have the vc on him so OK.
BRAZZERS: houli tombstone
megawatts: guys anywhere to stream this match
Apachecats: Houli Dooli!
megawatts: guys anywhere to stream this match?
twinpeaks: Where is Ziebell starting gang? Is he full time mid tonight?
Apachecats: try the TV mega.
BRAZZERS: houli seems ok
Pokerface: does your caravan park have a communal tv room you could use?
Chelskiman: Houli looks fine.
megawatts: @apache don’t have a working tv, any other suggestions?
Chelskiman: North always seem to turn up against us.
original: wish baker got points for being near the ball lol
StuL: Nothing wrong with Houli. BT just being a pork chop.
BRAZZERS: no they dont, haven’t won since 2016 lol, good effort tho
Chelskiman: Houli back on field. Thank fuck
BigChief: Prison probably doesn’t have the footy on @ poker 😛
Chelskiman: They’ve won 7 of their past 10 against us.
Pokerface: lol fair enough BC
Gotigres: Balta back to his early season form
Lawls: i’m fucked and have no idea what trades to make
TheLegend6: haha doesn’t win a free kick then does that, I love Dusty
BigChief: How was that not HTB free to Dusty?
Lawls: have both williams and scrimshaw down back so will be 1 short unless i fix that
Apachecats: Dusty going to have a big night by the looks ,was due.
BRAZZERS: so? havent wom since 2016, my point still stands
Chelskiman: Razor saved a deliberate oob for us, lmao.
Danstar: Did Larkey give a free away? How’s he only on 10 points with mark/ goal
Gotigres: Razor Ray knackered
dipstick: TAB app streams every NBA match. Another site does every AFL game
TheLegend6: @dan dropped uncontested mark
DrSeuss: Traded in JKelly over Dusty this week – hope I don’t regret that
Chelskiman: So 7 out of 10 games would suggest that they play well against us more times than not.
Chelskiman: Nice effort though.
Danstar: KAYO is $5 for first month in sure
twinpeaks: Picked Ziebell over Dusty a few weeks ago – decision killed me. Might try rectify first bye week
dipstick: put $100 in your verified accoutnand watch EVERY AFL match free….and theyre AFL partner 😉
BRAZZERS: before 2016 i would agree, but in recent times no you’re wrong.
StuL: kelly will get 300 this week.
Umpirespet: Is BT barracking for the tigers tonight?
Breezey: Good boy Balta From the Blue
Ash777: I have Kayo because I didn’t realise AFL does desktop now. Could of saved money
Yelse: why did i go stack over atkins. coz he played today 🙁
DrSeuss: Haha I hope so Stu
TheLegend6: Can you guys stop complaining about North being good against us sometimes lol
original: classic butler
Ash777: still waiting for a kayo playstation app.
BigChief: Zurhaar started well.
cmperrfect: 1 week too many for Stack i think…
TheLegend6: Why didn’t you loophole? @Yelse
dipstick: ouch.. i just brought Houli in… is he done?
Umpirespet: I took Stack to yelse
Chelskiman: How is that holding the arm?
Danstar: Houli back on
circle52: Back on Dipstick
Chelskiman: No, dipstick. He went off but came back on.
BigChief: no dipstick, just hit high by team mate early.
cmperrfect: AFL does desktop now @Ash? How?
DrSeuss: Come on Stack get amongst it
dipstick: cheers all
BRAZZERS: stacks plays in burst still capable of getting a 70 plus
Ash777: new coach new team
Pokerface: looping baker with setterfield. Think Baker has just about hit the threshold to sub on.
Danstar: Stack plays between the arcs. Always gets touches late
BigChief: @ Poker Setterfield has been named.
original: lol poker
original: cotch back less rotation in guts for baker?
Apachecats: Any luck yet Mega ,you could try your tranny.Its on 774.
TheLegend6: These umps are having a mare tonight
heppelitis: Heart for Houli. Great effort Bachar.
Chelskiman: Houli such a good pick up. Had him for a few weeks now.
Apachecats: they’ve had a mare all season legend.
ajconodie: Does anybody have Cunnington?
cmperrfect: Stack running in circles
Pokerface: @BC yes, hence why i am looping he and baker..
heppelitis: Do muppets have a heart?
happytimes: Muppet for houli
Chelskiman: As I say that he gifts North a goal.
TheLegend6: True Apache, I wouldn’t mind as much if they were just consistent haha
Carlo: Yeah got Cunnington balta stack and houli
Breezey: Come on Dusty. 4 qtrs like that
DrSeuss: Stack is always near the ball – just seems to miss everything by 50cm or 1 second
Umpirespet: Shut up Bt
Apachecats: Well they’re consistant in one way legend.
Yeehaw: Reckon my Houli 20 disposals leg gets up? 😉
circle52: I think umpiring consistency is what we all want as fans.
Carlo: Satisfied with that from stack he’ll pick up next quarter
DrSeuss: Someone man up on should ffs – just loose getting whatever he wants
dipstick: Lucky Chol was left out otherwise BT would be thinking Majak Daw was back
cmperrfect: Rhys Shaw a chance to get the gig next year lads?
hinsch: tossed up between Houli and Hurn took Hurn ???????
BigChief: I only have Dusty as C in my draft league.
Torz: At least Ziebell is back in the midfield. Thank god.
original: umpires been ok from a neutral imo
Kaalia: C’mon Baker!
dipstick: @yeehaw what odds did you get for that?
Nuffman: Just saw the concussion icon next to Houli. He ok?
Tig-Train: Play on for walking backwards after a mark? Yeh good umpiring
JockMcPie: Went JKelly over Houli this round…yeah nice
cmperrfect: Bachar starting on the bench
original: tig-train it was nathan broad walking off line
Umpirespet: You on 10min delay tig?
Tig-Train: Responding to originals comment Umpirespet
J_Herer: come on Baker flower
Nuffman: Dang @cmperrfect. Just brought him in this week…
Stu7: Lift Baker
original: wheres tigers fans complaining about the umpire call on Cotchin then? lol
Umpirespet: Lol making an attempt to kick WTF is that
BigChief: Not HTB against Cotchin?
Chelskiman: Yeah, that was htb against Cotch. Not sure what these umps are doing tonight.
cmperrfect: Still non Houli, maybe he is concussed
Raspel31: This game rather reminds me of Talking Heads- We’re on A road to Nowhere.
Ash777: The Ray show. Making rules up for the sake of himself.
TheLegend6: @original I’ve been calling it all game? Umpires been shocking
Moona: Made and attempt to kick. My a55 Razor. that ball in the knackers affected u real bad
Chelskiman: I saw Houli on, I’m pretty sure he’s good.
BigChief: There has been some great tackles tonight that not rewarded.
BRAZZERS: yeah i think he not right, houli was flexing his neck and chatting the the doc
original: baker ffs
BRAZZERS: oh yea back on my bad
BigChief: Houli is out there.
J_Herer: flower worked, go Baker, get involved son!
Breezey: That’s the way Mr.Baker
DrSeuss: Ok Balta get involved again big fella
TheLegend6: I cbf tonight with these umps haha
Chelskiman: Brown gets free kicks for absolutely anything. How is Razor still getting games?
circle52: Bit soft that one from Neutral
Stu7: Baker heard me from the iPad he’s lifting 😂
BigChief: WTF are you on about BT you flog.
Chelskiman: It’s been one of those nights. Super frustrating.
Ash777: LDU is going to be a gun if not already
Nuffman: Thanks for the Houli updates guys!
Raspel31: I refuse to bring Brown into my team- he’s simply too ugly. We must have standards.
J_Herer: Tigers look average, sympathy win for new coach
Pokerface: didn’t go clarry then raspel?
Stu7: Raspel31 pissa so true😂
heppelitis: Baker having a purple patch
Chelskiman: Who ever plays North next will flog them, guaranteed.
Breezey: BT just called Prestia the Human Meatball. WTF is that
Ash777: could of been another free to brown there.
BigChief: That would be the Suns @Chel
Chelskiman: Ok, I looked and it’s the Suns, so maybe not.
Pokerface: that’s been his nickname for years breezy, back in GC days
V@lks: Breezey. Human meatball = short, stocky, muscley. Cmon m8 another halfwit comment
BigChief: Rich will still win this by 5 goals
jbjimmyjb: Evening lads, what is Ray Chamberlain on tonight?
DrSeuss: Stack and Baker having huge 2nd quarters – keep going Stack
Oddsy5: stack baker balta. happy 🙂
Pokerface: baker on track for the cape
original: LDU aint setting world on fire but id take him over dow (then and now)
Breezey: Who you calling a halfwit Volks
Chelskiman: We haven’t even kicked 5 goals for the half, Chief. If we win by 5 we’ll need like 10 in the second half at least.
Yeehaw: Not surprised Stack is on track for a ton week after trading him, expect him to slow though
Moona: Tigers and Docklands never go well together
Chelskiman: That was better movement!
BigChief: They will kick 12 @Chel
original: lol umpires. dusty wasnt exactly holding his ground
Umpirespet: Yeehaw stack was good bye cover?
Apachecats: MacMillan done -3AW
Chelskiman: Dusty is back!
Tig-Train: Dusty!!!
Breezey: Dusty Boy. Yes mate
Danstar: Stack doesn’t slow. He gains as games go on (usually)
J_Herer: ok now the tigers can unleash, reece shaw can say they were competitive and things to work on etc
Tig-Train: No 50’s for kicking ball after a free kick? That’s the 2nd one now
intergaze: Moona Richmond are 4-1 at docklands in the last 2 years
BigChief: Great coaching Hardwick. Dusty kicks 2 quick goals and you bench him.
Yeehaw: Seen him 60 or 70 one game at half time and ended sub 100
Apachecats: Umpire complaints have dried up Tigers.
TheLegend6: @inter no we aren’t, we lost to dogs here a few weeks ago and saints in 2017
Jalapeno: Finally a decent start to the week. Cunnington, Dusty and Houli! up lads
Carlo: Stack appears balta goes missing
Moona: @intergaze – thats better than they normally are. It used to be their graveyard
TheLegend6: BT commentating like its late in the last wowee
circle52: 2.6 this quarter for North may cost in long run
Yelse: balta what happened to you?
Raspel31: Being beaten by Norff is like your gran beating you in an Indian Arm Wrestle?
spudaroos: lol Lynch, doesn’t go for marks, just tries for in the back frees the grub
BRAZZERS: good comeback baker, 43pt 1/4
DrSeuss: Balta went missing that quarter.
teddyt: lmfao raspel lacking brain cells you kill it
Breezey: Balta doing a lot of the ruck work
intergaze: True that Moona but a lot of things that used to apply to Richmond don’t any more
zoomba23: Piss off Raspel. No one needs to hear your flog opinions mate
BestCoast: Evening all wishing all well for the weekend ahead
BestCoast: Raspel upsetting people so early in the round. Expect nothing less son nice work
Pokerface: hi bestcoast
Pokerface: given history, i fear for the pakistan coach
BestCoast: Top of the evening to you Poker
cmperrfect: Anyone brought in Gardner this week?
Raspel31: Evening BestCoast- thought I was being quite circumspect, sigh.
Umpirespet: Yeah was gonna watch it poker but game will be over soon
Umpirespet: Yep I did was desperate
Pokerface: red cross macmillan m0nty.. 7 just reported he won’t be back with calf
circle52: I did as well thought he was better than Baker so went early.
Pokerface: hey no judgement UP.. we watch gold coast v freo games here.
Chelskiman: Windies are the real wild card of this year’s WC.
Raspel31: Yep- so many outs I brought him in too.- Gardner.
BestCoast: No explanation needed Raspel fair bumb play on . Evening champ
Umpirespet: Haha very true Poker
circle52: Macmillan possibly done for the game
BRAZZERS: macmillian gone for the game
Umpirespet: Wanted Windies to bat first
BestCoast: The Pakistan cricket umpire Blind Asabat
BestCoast: Is it true or false Rockie flew to China with team
Umpirespet: Even blinder with a bribe Best C
BigChief: He went for the holiday
BestCoast: Umpires true that scammers
BestCoast: Cheers BigChief you would think he would of stayed home with hammy flying at altitude
circle52: @bestcoast He did fly but has been ruled out.
MONEY TALK: rocky flew up but dint get through
Ash777: going to get him some secret Chinese medicine
BestCoast: Was just wondering I have the Brittle one though Port might be playing possum
BestCoast: Anyone think Houli is a lock
BestCoast: Ash777 some deer penis maybe
twinpeaks: I think so best coast. I will have Smith and Whitfield for that round of byes, so I envisage him last backline upgrade
JockMcPie: I think Houli will be top 6 averaging defender, yes
Pokerface: cunnington does a better don’t argue than dusty. there, i said it.
Chelskiman: Lol, no.
Yelse: put balta in the middle he better than soldo
BestCoast: Was going to jump on him this week but I pulled back Twinpeaks when Josh Kelly and Hurn
original: stack getting good points for contested gathers despite turnovers
Breezey: A random HTB from Razor there.
Chelskiman: We can’t get it past half way.
Yeehaw: Geez Houli has been useless exiting defence
Chelskiman: Everything Razor does is random to be fair.
Raspel31: Has Lynch not been a disaster- not that I’d touch him with a barge pole?
Chelskiman: He’s had nothing to kick to, Yee.
TheLegend6: too easy that
Yeehaw: Been some options sometime but everything has just been straight on the boot without looking
Umpirespet: Training drill for Norf
Yeehaw: Also surely swap dusty and caddy lol
DrSeuss: Need to get Balta back in the ruck and around the ball
TheLegend6: we’re getting smashed, whoever through around that Marvel stat earlier is lost, we’re no good here
Chelskiman: They just have all the answers. I’m not sure we ca actually win this. It’s the Dogs game all over again.
clay007: balta, come on man1 wtf
Apachecats: Friday night graveyard for tipping continues.
jbjimmyjb: We are so bad at Marvel
BestCoast: Norfs up and running tonight
clay007: could richmond put someone on cunnington? He is killing em
TheLegend6: Another stinking call lmao
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Razor you old cunt.
cmperrfect: Would love 80+ plz Stack
BigChief: Muppet for Broad.
BestCoast: Chelskiman Razor the flog just wants to be on show does the little man
Chelskiman: This is ridiculous.
heppelitis: Cotchin doing a Mumford
Yeehaw: Haven’t won a contest in the middle and so long and they have a Brownlow midfielder sitting FF
Umpirespet: Go away lingy you can’t bounce the ball then get tackled
J_Herer: free new coach win
Oddsy5: im undecided whether that was holding the ball or not
Apachecats: Fat lady is warming up.
Ash777: The last 2 are obvious free’s.
Yeehaw: Would you look at that, Dusty in mid and they win centre clearance
TheLegend6: We need at least 2 unanswered before 3QT
Breezey: They have a Brownlow winner in the midfield as well as forward
Yelse: where thy balta
Raspel31: Wasn’t holding the ball Oddsy- ball was on the ground and not under control.
clay007: North have a bloody good forward line
TheLegend6: Im out, this is giving me a migraine, have a good night lads
J_Herer: They should Baker on the ball
Chelskiman: We’re done. No coming back from this.
circle52: The TAB punter who put 53k on North at $2.90 must be celebating at the moment.
original: cmon baker
heppelitis: Keep moving Liam. Bakers do their best work at night.
Umpirespet: Wasn’t me Circle
V@lks: Agree Raspel. Say there was a puddle and the ball didn’t bounce at all…would be called play on if not holding the man.
Breezey: Rhyse Shaw was just caught on his phone googling the North team song
bones351: Only have Balta in this game but he’s on field so a lift from him would be nice.
amigaman: Why is Stack’s SC score higher than Baker’s
bones351: But I used the joker in tipping and will be spewing if I have the first game wrong ffs
V@lks: Balta Bridge might need the brick wall icon
DrSeuss: Balta get a move on – get back in the ruck
twinpeaks: I think this means Ziebell in the guts is a goer. Choo choo!
BigChief: Wow. Fat lady is warming up.
Oddsy5: makes senss Raspel. was just a bad bounce and he never had a chance of getting it back from the bounce
Umpirespet: Tigers no Prem chance on this effort
Apachecats: Any tiges left in here? Sorry ,this is over.
Umpirespet: Oddsy he didn’t have to bounce he could of kicked it that was his prior
Fatbar5tad: Cunners gets his gut punch in lol
J_Herer: Tigers no change for a cup if this continues, 2020 outlook
TheLegend6: @Umpirespet aren’t you a Crows supporter?
clay007: The C*** has been the difference.
Umpirespet: Not a crows game legend
Apachecats: Houli seems to be everywhere.
wadaramus: Get involved Dustbin!
original: lol caddy
J_Herer: tackle missed on Baker
TheLegend6: @Umpire wouldn’t be talking about other teams prem chances though mate, 2017 long live in the memory? lol
Oddsy5: damn thats also true umpire….could argue he got rid of it, as in he wasnt in possession
TheMessiah: Houli and Cunnington 🙂
Dondeal: Here we go, Dusty does one thing and the circle jerk begins
casey22: Ling: A superb kick. Bwuce: A gorgeous kick.
BigChief: No prior needed. Rules clearly state if you bounce it and get tackled it is HTB
Umpirespet: Legend don’t forget it took you 30 years to win one we still have 10 left 🙂
Umpirespet: Thank you BC
Raspel31: Ah, but not if control has been lost.
Gotigres: Need 5 goals from you this qtr Balta
Tig-Train: So if you bounce the ball but it doesn’t come back up to you, is it dropping the ball? No it’s not
MONEY TALK: 4686 ppl traded stack this week lol
Umpirespet: He didn’t have to bounce it tho he could have kicked it
clay007: Gee wizz fellas. Surely that decision isn’t why the Tiges are getting pumped.
Number 8: Really, BigChief? Go read rule Law 15.2.2 and get back to me.
Tig-Train: That’s not the point…
Umpirespet: Tug when I was a boy that was the rule may have changed
Yeehaw: I had to trade him to get Lloyd and try have a viable downgrade rookie @Money talk :(((
Breezey: It was a Free Kick. The umps said so
Apachecats: In or out money talks?
clay007: You guys can sook at the elite level
MONEY TALK: traded out lol
Umpirespet: Tig-train*
Fatbar5tad: Clay doesn’t miss his target. 😉
BigChief: You guys need to learn the rules. It is HTB every day of the week. If it doesn’t come back to him Back Fkn luck.
Umpirespet: mOnty is their a minimum amount of letters before your post is posted?
BigChief: Number8 you have no clue mate.
Ash777: the htb from an uncontrolled bounce makes more sense than the non 1 for attempted to kick
Apachecats: You can dispose of the ball by kicking or handballing it ,you can’t dispose of it by bouncing.Full stop.
clay007: Cannot believe you sooks are still sooking about it. Move on, who gives a flower?
Raspel31: Don’t be pompous BigChief and carn Spurs against Liverpool.
V@lks: You fool chief. If it doesn’t come back up he can’t be in possession. Different to being tackled whilst bouncing.
wadaramus: Go the Reds Raspel:)
Umpirespet: Lol raspel you gonna be disappointed mate
BigChief: A Player is in possession of the football if, in the opinion of the field Umpire: (b) the Player is in the act of bounci
Danstar: Is the GF on tonight? Seems like norf supporters think so 😂
VodkaHawk: Anyone else tip norf? I tipped them because of the new coach theory, lol
Oddsy5: .what if u bounce it and it bounces forward like how it does from a normal kick and goes 5m out of reach. still HTB?
BigChief: (b) the Player is in the act of bouncing the football;
OhSoRozee: just a heads up those holding ROB jacobs is in sanfl this week so may lose him bye cover
BigChief: The laws for 15.2.1 (b) is pretty clear.
clay007: Rhys Shaw has earned his lollies tonight. Big Chief, Oddsy, choose your battles. You don’t need to win this one
DrSeuss: Balta if you could do something for the 2nd half that would be great
Chelskiman: We have an average losing margin of around 50 this year yet we were 4th coming into this match. Weird season.
Apachecats: ROB is a better player than Jacobs ,he should hold his spot.
BigChief: Yes Oddsy it is HTB
Umpirespet: Hope sauce stinks it up rozee
Raspel31: But not if he’s thinking about his girlfriend when he releases the ball Big Chief.
OhSoRozee: jacobs favourite son unfortunately
Umpirespet: So his boner got in the way raspel?
BigChief: LMAO Raspel. She would be HTB then.
OhSoRozee: and with gawn against rob i think he will get owned and rested next
casey22: Shaw has to be coach of the year, sheer genius!!!!
clay007: Tiges, poor loss.
Oddsy5: lol clay im not on a side just asking a question
Umpirespet: Rozee I have said before we are reluctant to play kids sadly
Umpirespet: So Jacob’s will come back in
clay007: Listening to all of the htb chat was like my wife banging on about me farting in the kitchen. She carries on for ages
Raspel31: You’re probably right BigChief- I’m a Pom an d only 5 years into this game. All good.
Yelse: can’t get stack into my team he is my E
BigChief: Fogerty unlucky not to be getting game Ump
Umpirespet: So she doesn’t mind a Dutch oven then Clay
heppelitis: Save them for under the Doona clay
clay007: Great work @Umpire. Classic
Kaalia: Constable named in the VFL :O
J_Herer: Jeez Tigers looks very average all round
Umpirespet: Chief we have jobs for the boys that’s why we don’t win premiership
BigChief: Here come the Tigs LOL
clay007: Love your work Heppell. Funnier than Ump! Did not think it possible
Oddsy5: cunnington near 50 point dt/sc point differential
BigChief: Isn’t he injured @Kaalia?
J_Herer: 1 more touch Ellis, come on
clay007: 41 from Balta, can we accept that?
Apachecats: Geelong injury list has Constable with a groin injury TBC.
BigChief: I think it is because DT doesn’t reward CP @ Oddsy. I could be wrong though
Catatafish: So Stack gives a 35m lace out effective kick inside 50 and gets a point, what the fuck is supershit’s algorithm?
Apachecats: Won’t be looping him in with that score clay ,will leave it up to Parker.
cmperrfect: Stack raises the 🏏
Yeehaw: Ballsy @apache
Raspel31: I don’t thin anyone has a Norff player- and no big scores- but well done young Stack.
clay007: @apache, have setterfield, not sure if I should bring him in instead of Balta
MONEY TALK: annnd larkey did his back
wadaramus: If Brad Crouch had 7 kicks and 24 handballs, he’d be on 70SC.
Dondeal: Brad Crouch would got at 60% efficiency and have 10 clangers
Oddsy5: cunnington great pod to have if youve got him
BigChief: To be fair though Wada Crouch’s DE is not that great.
m0nty: nominations for star please
wadaramus: Looping Balta with Setterfield, will probably take the gamble now.
Apachecats: yeah ,yeehaw ,Parker got 75 last week so hoping.
wadaramus: Yes, agree BC, still gets a rough deal though I reckon!
Dondeal: Zurhar
clay007: Houli Monty! Almost knocked out, killed it all night
OhSoRozee: zurhaar star
Umpirespet: Higgins
BigChief: I nominate Ziebell.
Breezey: Overexcited is Bruce
Raspel31: Come on Spurs- forgive me m0nty. Houli for me.
J_Herer: Cunnington for star, 20 contested posessions
masterhc2: Very happy with my trade in of Houli this week
OhSoRozee: he set the game up
wadaramus: Houli for star.
V@lks: Houli for me. Otherwise Funnington.
cmperrfect: Stack!
Chelskiman: Houli, Stack and Balta tonight so can’t complain too much fantasy wise.
Oddsy5: houli
Ash777: Ziebell.
J_Herer: North won it in the middle
Apachecats: Give Setters a go I think.should get 50 you’d think.
amigaman: Stack score is a farce!
Yeehaw: Won’t get 75 without a couple goals though @apache
Ash777: higgins for gun
BigChief: Can we nominate Razor Ray?
J_Herer: Yep Ziebell 2nd for star for me, played great also

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