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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Fremantle vs Brisbane

Chat log for Fremantle vs Brisbane, R10 of 2019

Danstar: Hinge or answerth? :/
DrSeuss: Let’s go Bewley – take your chance with a big game.
beerent11: Big watch for me on Blakely and bewly
wadaramus: Neale, Fyfe and Mundy, ton up boys 🙂
Monfries96: Can already tell Bewley is a must have
Pokerface: @monfries ross lyon…
Stu7: Good worl Neale nice and low please
Pokerface: let ‘must have’ hateley be a cautionary tale…
beerent11: Spot on poker
Pokerface: nathaniel?
Monfries96: Freo don’t quite have the plethora of elite mids that GWS do, Poker
Umpirespet: Radio saying fyfe not feeling well
Pokerface: he’s been fit, and yet not played until round 10.
Pokerface: and they just got blakey back.
DrSeuss: Keep going Mr Bewley
beerent11: He looks too good for Ross to play him
Breezey: Fyfe was getting his neck worked on.
pcaman2003: Can’t see game. Who’s tagging Neale?
GobChuck: watching blakely and bewley, carn andrews/robbo/neale
circle52: Mundy appears to be running with him
pcaman2003: Thanks circle
beerent11: Doesn’t appear to be a tight tag though
DrSeuss: Bewley has slowed since the first 10 minutes
beerent11: Two very good pod defenders in this. Rich and Ryan.
circle52: Niot tight but bith cancelling each other out as you can see by scores.
original: Knew I made the right call going answorth (c) over neale
Umpirespet: mOnty how do u do 2 games at once?
Raspel31: Oh poo- Neale getting all the attention.To be expected I guess
runt: If Charlie kicks 12 we can win this
wadaramus: Come on Mundy, get into the game!
Tig-Train: Haha Original…
runt: Hipwood moving like a gazelle with a lion hanging off its haunches
Nigma97: Anyone know why i even bother getting worked up over carlton anymore
Struda: Fyfe, Neale and Answerth lift
runt: I have know idea. get rid of the coach for a start though
Daveman: get used to me saying “Bolton surely has to lose his job” until it happens. RE:nigma97
DrSeuss: Ok Ross, you can get Bewley back off the bench now.
Nigma97: It’s not just him, the whole coaching staff need to go, assistants and all
Daveman: NIGMA97: truth, you also have had dubious recruiting compared to Brissy, ergo they look like they are well on the up
Breezey: I think that’s a given when a coach is replaced that the assistants normally go too.
megawatts: wtf is fyfe doing
Jackwatt$: Update icons please m0nty. Hinge should have a P plate
Nigma97: You’d think so Breezey but when Bolton came in none of the assistants changed
Daveman: megawatts – he’s finding his way into my team in a few weeks – that’s what!
Breezey: Normally a new coach mostly brings his own. Although Bolton was a first time coach
wadaramus: What the fuck are you doing Mundy?
DrSeuss: Bewley hit the rookie wall already?
Monfries96: Bewley hurt
Raspel31: My last hope Neale- where you at lad/
DrSeuss: What happened to him Monfries?
Apachecats: Looking at 2341 and home and hosed in 9 out of 10 leagues.
Grimes Jr: I need Fyfe to score 41 more than Answerth and Martin. Do you guys reckon it is possible?
Monfries96: Laid a smother and copped a hit I believe, should be fine
Apachecats: There will be a few massive scores around no doubt ,mega ,GOD, you out there?
Apachecats: Bad luck Dusty.
Oddsy5: 2119 plus neale and answerth to go…not too good not too bad
DrSeuss: Cheers Monf, he started so well – haven’t seen him since halfway thru the 1st
BestCoast: Apache mega has to have a rest he got dizzy when he hit the 2600 mark
megawatts: @apaache not doing well, proj 2231
megawatts: @apache oh sorry i meant 2631
Apachecats: What about GOD of the bulldust captains BC.
megawatts: i reckon I beat GOD today
wadaramus: I’m looking at 2560 if Fyfe, Neale and Mundy make their projected scores.
DrSeuss: Bewley back on
Apachecats: mega do have an alarm go off when you get a mention on here.?
RGriffen: how are there no bandages? Tucker hurt shoulder, Bewley got a knock to the ribs, Gardiner looks like a mummy
Tig-Train: I’m looking at 3300 if answerth gets 1100
Snarfy: m0nty, if a player marks on the siren then kicks the ball to umpire, does he get 3 points for the kick?
PIE WAZZA: 36pts + M Walter’s vs Fyfe …. whatta u guys rckon??
Snarfy: Or is the kick the ultimate turnover, minus 10 points?
BestCoast: GOD messed up he only managed 12 captains this week and one was Oliver
BestCoast: I only found out that GOD is the oldest son of RooBoyStu
Daveman: 2116 with whatever Neale gives me to go….. checks stats…. *SIGH*
BestCoast: 2300+ for me thanks to that superlative contribution from Young he was way to kind
beerent11: Unbelievable, Fyfe hasn’t done too much but on track for 100 again.
Apachecats: Snarfly ,only if the umpire marks it.
beerent11: If hinge gets to 60/70 he’s in I think
Apachecats: Glad I didn’t captain Neale , worried about him playing Freo.
Raspel31: M0nty- it’s your site but can you please ban people like mega whom we all know are complete wankers. Keep it real.
Jackwatt$: A bit of respect to m0nty please fellas. He built Fanfooty before the internet was around
m0nty: that would be a no, Snarfy
Raspel31: We all love m0nty.
Oddsy5: is there many other staff/admins apart from m0nty
Jackwatt$: Pretty sure m0nty built Fanfooty in his parents basement on Broady.. A far cry from his mansion in Toorak
jbjimmyjb: oddsy there are many mods on the forums
m0nty: valkorum is a chat mod as well.
hinsch: G. Ablett will he finally get a week, probably not, he has won a Bronwlow.
StuL: Who did GOD have the c on?
frenzy: nothing wrong with Broady @ jackwatts
Jackwatt$: @Oddsy There is Evan, but I think he might be on it for the fame rather than love. b
StuL: Cumulative shouldn’t matter but probably does. Feels like a week for Gaz
Jackwatt$: There is Ben Gogo’s too, but he calls in sick always now
Jackwatt$: Nothing wrong with Broady frenzy
jbjimmyjb: muppet for lobb
beerent11: Not very often the top scorer has the muppet
megawatts: what did robb do?
DrSeuss: Ok time to give Bewley some more run.
Yelse: /whats wrong with neale?
BestCoast: m0nty is the best he hasn’t banned me this year so far first time in about 6 years
Tig-Train: This is the first time I’ve actually been able to
Raspel31: Well done BsstCoast-beat me by a year- but god bless n0nty and life in Neale yet
circle52: How is that a mark
SilverLion: Good flowering consistency umps
circle52: and up the other end called no to McStay Consistency umpires
faisca7: Side bet; Who will be the last to get a contested possie? Hodge or Blakely
jbjimmyjb: yelse neale has copped a heap of attention from everyone, finding it tough
Breezey: Although Neale has the most possies from a Brisbane player
jbjimmyjb: yeah but he’s had no impact compared to his usual performances
Tig-Train: Most posies but -3m gained… not doing anything
Monfries96: Can’t wait to turn witherden into Whitfield
SilverLion: Get around himmmmm
Sloaneyyyy: Hodgey needs to retire I think. Played one season to many. Like goddard did. Was a gun in his day though
V@lks: Breezy. DE/CP’s etc. Look at Brouch 39poss for 80pts and trewhore 38 sub 100
Breezey: But he is getting the ball.
Breezey: Just saying it’s not as if he can’t get a touch.
V@lks: It what you do with it Breezy
Daveman: Neale on Fyfe is a mismatch, Ross coaching well to put Fyfe deep there.
J_Herer: Lets go big Fyfe!!!!
Yeehaw: At least Hinge looks like a decent downgrade target
Gotigres: Hinge looking good for next week
Raspel31: I’m 4 foot, nine inches. Bring It on Fyfe.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. You can give him a taste of your plaster
Apachecats: I believe the 4 foot rasp but not the 9 inches.
StuL: Bewley not doing it
OhSoRozee: Glad neale is low opp has him c lobb and walters
J_Herer: Hinge yes, Bewley no so far
jbjimmyjb: young and bewley both have very shaky JS, not looking good apart from Hinge
Breezey: Come on Freo
Tig-Train: Hahah Apache
Yelse: Need Ainsworth to get 57 to win what my chances
StacksOn: is this hinges 2nd or 3rd game?
burger01: Answerth. Ainsworth plays for Gold Coast 🙂
OhSoRozee: 2nd
Raspel31: Neale, you’re a very naughty boy.
Yelse: Auto correct burger01
NugzNiggle: What’s everyone’s choice of drink tonight? If we are indeed enjoying one.
Nigma97: If Walters could just lift this last quarter that’d be great
beerent11: 130 please fyfey
BestCoast: McCarthy Hogan Matera all quality recruits for Ross the Toss
OhSoRozee: Coffee for me
NugzNiggle: Gin and Tonic @breezey? Or only on Thursday? Responsible Rozee.
BestCoast: NugzNiggle whiskey neat
beerent11: Hinge, you’re hired.
StacksOn: lol cant wait to see some nuffies posting about mcinerneys injection
OhSoRozee: Went early on hinge to hold Williams backed his js coz he can play multi pos
NugzNiggle: I like it coast. What Whiskey?
Daveman: That was not deliberate
BestCoast: Makers mark
NugzNiggle: Like it Coast. I don’t mind a Gentleman Jack.
BestCoast: Have a bottle of Gentleman’s Jack as well
Raspel31: I Hinged my bets. Hmm.
OhSoRozee: No e on hinge had a spare for emergency
DrSeuss: Bewley would be ok if he got consistent TOG.
beerent11: Rozee are you saying you can swing hinge?
Apachecats: Tea here ,English Breakfast.
NugzNiggle: Can’t be missing those in the clutch Charlie.
StuL: Nice price plummet please Neale.
StacksOn: bloody hell cameron
Apachecats: Neale going to struggle to 80 odd by the looks.
OhSoRozee: Could have if my e didn’t score 70 odd
SilverLion: Ryan looking after his stats with these laconic kick ins
hinsch: LIONS looking OK this year lets not mention the GF word just yet
Raspel31: Makers Mark- I’m there WestCoast.
BestCoast: NugzNiggle if you ever get the chance try 12 year old Whistlepig it’s epic so smooth
beerent11: Oh you missed my pun
Apachecats: 200 000 coaches will be picking up Hinge ,backman too ,rare commodity this year.
NugzNiggle: Can’t say I’ve tried it coast. Might have to have a look.
BestCoast: Raspel I will poor them every 5 minutes until someone looks like passing out then make ever 10 lol
Danstar: Picked up hinge last week and played him over answerth. Winning
noobcoach: mundy bring him in, dissapointing tbh
hinsch: Whistlepig not much change out of $1000
OhSoRozee: I swung answerth to mids by picking up a hinge
Raspel31: Who has a ruck in the bye- both Groan and Grunty out- have to look at that next week?
BestCoast: Correct hinsch and it’s a kick in the nuts of any mixer goes near it
noobcoach: ROB raspel
beerent11: Still saw enough from bb to consider him if he gets to a third game
Yeehaw: Got mummy and hopefully ROB in bye
DrSeuss: Get Bewley off the bench Lyon you knob
Drak: Pavlich sounds like he’s had a stroke
Danstar: Fyfe to get next goal!!
SilverLion: Another obv HTB missed
Breezey: Stick to your Powers Gold Nugs Niggle
Zambo: Pav must be working hard to stay composed
Grimes Jr: Come on fyfe. pls i need a goal
Danstar: Kicks it to worse spot lol
megawatts: i need fyfe to reach 213 to score 2500. Will he do it
Nigma97: Yes Walters!!
BestCoast: Fyfe to goal after siren for the win= winning
Struda: Answerth died
OhSoRozee: Was in danger of losing to low rank opp if neale got 120 as c
jbjimmyjb: i have not seen neale for the entire quarter
BestCoast: Mega lay of the Ribena champ
OhSoRozee: He been aging around 2k and gets good scores from all his low proj uniques
Danstar: Fyfeeeee
DrSeuss: You there Bewley??
Danstar: Boooo urns
Grimes Jr: pls fyfe
Yeehaw: Fyfe goal here like +16 surely
OhSoRozee: Calling Archie Smith call up next week rucks losing to lobb
SilverLion: Edge of the seat stufff
Raspel31: Well said Bestcoast- the excitable child is back.
lwillo: oh no!!! brisbane bears have choked!! what happened to that supporter who said they were playing in the gf
BestCoast: Go Lions
Danstar: Mundy got 10 points extraFFS
BRAZZERS: back luck muppets!!

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