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Chat log from R10 of 2019: St Kilda vs Carlton

Chat log for St Kilda vs Carlton, R10 of 2019

dipstick: i traded you in young. dont fuck me
Apachecats: Go Captain Cripps by passed 4 good players to stick with you.
Gotigres: starting Gibbons ahead of Stocker
zoomba23: Trusting Crippa with the C. Don’t let me down mate
Gotigres: Gibbons great start mate. Keep it up
thiccgucci: started stocker instead of gibbons.
thiccgucci: is steele running with cripps?
jbjimmyjb: ya steele tagging cripps
Apachecats: Liking this Cripps.
original: Not holding the ball? Wow umpires
Zee94: Umpires none calls this year at it’s worst, but players really need to play for the whistle as the umps are useless
spawnrzc: This might be richo’s last game today as well
cmperrfect: Cmon Capt Cripps
cmperrfect: Who’ll get the arse first? Richo or Bolton?
NoneyaB: wake up walsh!!!!
Wends: What’s going on w Walsh?
PlungeMe: walsh on 9 for zero stats, cds new pet
cmperrfect: Glad I didn’t choose Billings this year
Pokerface: full stats are more than kicks and handballs.
DrSeuss: Marshall and Walsh – not looking great so far
original: Sucked in Gresham
FlyinRyan2: Get going Young
Fatbar5tad: Come on Young!
GobChuck: Cripps Walsh Parker Young Marshall. This could be a round-ruining game potentially (proj 2400 sc after dees game)
Struda: Theyve missed a young tackle
MercAm: Who ever has Cripps as Captain is so far happy, but wtf is Young doing
LMartos: 50k, including myself, getting sucked in by Young
Raspel31: Decimated this week- had to bench Danger and De Gumball- go Parker!
Gotigres: Great qtr Young
Pokerface: bring out the krispy kremes m0nty.
Wends: Need Gibbons to score decently.
BestCoast: Not understanding the Walsh angle he bleed 10k cash last week
Wends: It was lose another 10k or cop a doughnut this week for me @Best
BestCoast: Wends that’s legitimate feel you pain no one likes a donut 🍩
StuL: If Walsh flips this week.its time to go. But most of us had other problems this week. Like Constable and Parker
BestCoast: Any of my rookies go close to bleeding cash the they got to the slaughterhouse immediately
Bennyherb: Hate Carlton but curnow should of played in the midddle from the start
BestCoast: We are all in the same boat StuL
cmperrfect: Cmon Marshall. Lift son
Bulky: Best zero possession game I’ve ever seen by Young.
megawatts: cmon josh battle ton up for me again
BestCoast: This game should be the gallows cup losing coach gets
BestCoast: Sacked straight after the siren
blonde0na: carlton talls can’t take a mark in a contest atm
Yeehaw: Why does Young have 60% TOG
original: Muppet for umpire after that free please. Crazy call
Wends: @Best the calf was next if I didnt have the heifer Constable & massive bull Menegola (self inflicted) crowding the bench
Apachecats: thought you were going to say ‘hung after the siren” BC
Gelly: why do you think Yeehaw?
Torz: Because he’s not touching the ball Yeehaw
Bulky: Probably needs a rest after all his hard work thus far @Yeehaw.
Umpirespet: Starting to think Rozee is better than Walsh
Gotigres: at least you turned up Young. That’s worth 1sc point but don’t give away any frees
Wends: Kade making up for lost time
noobcoach: wtf is walsh doing
cmperrfect: CD missed 2 Cripps tackles
Gelly: actually the 1 point is just to make the table work properly, hes on 0
Patty19: Great dive young!! First touch just what my team
BestCoast: Apache no I ain’t that mean lol 😂
Patty19: Needed
Fatbar5tad: Fuck me Young is going to get a duck. Useless cunt.
Gelly: now he has some points lol
Zee94: Youngy staging for frees and succeeding, atta boy!
FlyinRyan2: I think walsh’s time has come
OhSoRozee: I reckon Smith and rozee will fight it out
Raspel31: Umpire- wanted to shaft both Walsh and Rozee- but Danger and gegooball out-we do what we must.
Dondeal: Young should get fined for that
BRAZZERS: lol all the muppets that thought bring Young in was a good idea
jbjimmyjb: Sam Walsh, what on earth are you doing
BestCoast: Raspel I flicked Duursma this week and wallah a ton
Fatbar5tad: You kept Petro, Setterfield and Parker then?
blonde0na: saints on the good end of some ump calls atm
frenzy: why is Brad Scott sitting in the crowd, Lol
OhSoRozee: Wish there was some good rookie mid targets double downgrade rocky walsh
Wends: @Brazzers some just did it in desperation this round. Spectre of mass doughnuts can have that effect.
DrSeuss: So does Walsh just need a rest or…..
Umpirespet: Watching his new team Frenzy
lwillo: How good are the umps today
Yeehaw: There was no other fwd rookie targets lol, no choice
BestCoast: It’s all about upgrading from here
BestCoast: frenzy the flog will coach one of these basket case teams next year
frenzy: slide in while the seats still warm, UP
Wends: How long is Rocky out for?
zoomba23: Went on early on Young. Winning
Umpirespet: Lol frenzy probably
Fatbar5tad: Umpire Fischer on fire for the Saints.
Raspel31: Scott already meeting my grandmother’s knitting circle and working out some new designs.
Umpirespet: He could coach Tottenham under achievers as well
BigChief: Leigh Fisher still thinks he plays for the Saints.
Patty19: Walsh working into the game nicely
frenzy: whooska was there earlier she said
Daveman: I wonder will Brendan Bolton say goodbye to the crowd if the lose today?
lwillo: How many sc points Fisher on
Struda: Cripps young and parker…
poolboybob: Go early on Young, they said. He’ll be good, they said
The0Grrr: Is this FF count tell the true story?
Raspel31: Are we agreed that these must be the 2 worst teams in the universe in any sport?
BestCoast: Chris Scott walks into a ready made Premiers team straight up nothing since
NugzNiggle: How do they miss the mark and kick by Walsh there?
Pokerface: isn’t that why you are on this page lwillo?
circle52: Young, Lockhart and Corbett may combine for 150 if lucky.
BestCoast: Brad Scott 10 years delivers nothing what is the fascination with these two flogs
PlungeMe: melbourne in contention raspel
The0Grrr: Def Dees Rasp
Umpirespet: Circle add answerth he will only get 20 at most
teddyt: theres no facisnation with these 2 they clearly have pressure on them just clubs dont want to keep changing coaches
teddyt: they rather try do what richmond and collingwood did when everyone said fire hardwick/buckley
original: Muppet icon for plowman after that? Shockin.
noobcoach: never truer words umpires/circle
megawatts: @bestcoast not defending chris but geelong has been premiership contenders for the last 13 years…
BestCoast: Poor Dees haven’t regained consciousness after the slapping we gave them in the semifinals
Raspel31: Yep -Dees make South Rambottom’s thirds look good. My mistake. Good call.
Wends: Nope – Answerth 48 this week @Umpires
BestCoast: We coach to win cups not win lose ratios mega that’s a cop out
Fatbar5tad: You should mega cos Flogcoast never misses a chance
BestCoast: FatBar we get you near September action and we will flog the shower out of you pretenders
Umpirespet: Only flog Fatbar is that player who surfs in a suit
noobcoach: Sorry BestCoast but Geelong will not lose another game this year. 🙁
Pokerface: ‘we’ coach to win cups?? wow.
Umpirespet: Until the finals noob
J_Herer: Typical wet toast flog
Daveman: Geelong aren’t great in finals under Scott (in recent years, yes I know – premiership)
noobcoach: Maybe Umpires, but without severe injury I’m not sure even then
Wends: Sunday arvo witching hour def kicking big time here people 😐
softwhitee: would have rather copped a donut that traded robbie young in
zoomba23: BestCoast: Piss off mate. No need to be a flog
Wends: Current mood elevating tune: Tim’s Symphony – Younger Rebinds…
BestCoast: Wet toast flog coast side splitting laughter ass clowns
Pokerface: mood always elevates when bestcoast logs in
Beast_Mode: lol cats havent been contenders for 13 years, whats your finals record? 2 from 9 or whatever, when was the last prelim?
BestCoast: Pokerface cheers mate
Pokerface: you’re welcome
Raspel31: I’m certainly going Cats this year- or a sneaky GWS.
thiccgucci: Young will come out and kick 7 goals to reach his projected. dw fellas
J_Herer: All jokes aside, i think most have figured out wet toast doesn’t like quick ball movement
frenzy: walsh will still ton up
Pokerface: can’t say cats will go undefeated.. 2 or 3 key injuries cripple any side.
Pokerface: looong way to go yet
Apachecats: OhSoRozee having a game off apparently.
BestCoast: J_Herer SuperCoach high personified
Wends: @Frenzy tf for that
Pokerface: no that can’t be right AC?? must be internet issues.
beerent11: damn, i missed youngs possession.How was it?
Pokerface: nice and effective beerent!
BigChief: @beer gifted a free after he punched Newman in the back.
Pokerface: from a free kick no less!
BestCoast: Beerent11 they are like haileys comet at the moment
Umpirespet: Bit tough young’s possy was glorious
confuddled: I went into this thinking at least Young would beat Petrucelle’s score…
Raspel31: Think many of us are over the moon about downgrading to Young on a lean week- and ag.ainst the must lose team? Sad. Sad
Stu7: Newnes and Billings what duds… lift
Umpirespet: Hi ho hi ho no1 pick here we go
Daveman: Bolton out surely
Drak: Youngs only possie was from a flop free …
Tig-Train: Cripps needs to decide wether he wants some
Tig-Train: Cripps need to decide if he wants some success or just $$$ because he won’t get success at this club
BestCoast: Umpires classic and in the middle of the year same tune as the last 10 years
Bulky: Young would easily get a game for Carlton on this performance. They’d give up another number 1 pick for him.
DrSeuss: Walsh seems to have stopped again
Tig-Train: Bolton out, they can bring in Scott hahah can’t believe people talking about Scott getting another job instantly
BestCoast: Young could be the new Balta
Daveman: Can’t see anyone picking up Scott in a hurry, but who else is there?
blonde0na: how’s that saints player holding on to that ball for 10 seconds through a pack, coming out then dropping it in the tackl
blonde0na: how is that not HTB?
Tig-Train: @Bestcoast balta is going to get up to 300k at end of this week, kinda paying off now lol
Apachecats: hahaha best coast
Daveman: Robbie young double figures!
BigChief: @blonde because Leigh Fisher played for StK
StacksOn: young with another 2! keep it up mate
BestCoast: Tig-Train he was looking anything but a month ago
burger01: And there I was thinking at half time that my Blues +16.5 bet was looking good… then Blues dropped the ball
Tig-Train: Yes I know, I was cursing his life… but glad I didn’t rage trade him
Raspel31: Final decision for C Apache?
BestCoast: I loopholed Grundy with danger E on Young with Larkeys score on the bench game is hanging by a thread
Apachecats: Cripps raspel ,looked good early ,might still be OK.
BestCoast: Thank god for cold beer
BestCoast: Speaking of GOD where oh where is the man of fifteen captains
Tig-Train: Why Carlton so
Bulky: Young dominating!
Tig-Train: Why Carlton so sooky about that bump? Wasn’t that bad…
noobcoach: so shit?
Raspel31: Most of us locked in Grunty Apache- but you don’t have him. I would have gone neale- good luck lad.
BestCoast: Young will never contract leather poisoning
Apachecats: Yeah Rasp just thought Neale might get a hard time against his old club.Settle for 120 from cripps ,that will get me hom
Apachecats: *home.
Struda: Well was looking good before oliver and young combined for roughly 80
beerent11: This flying the flag all looks a bit forced after the mummy incident last week
Stu7: BestCoast – Young and Burgess are related!!
dipstick: @bestcoast GOD is everywhere
Yeehaw: Shoulda gone Telly like I said @Apache 😉
Monfries96: Knew I should’ve fielded Wilkie over Scrimshaw
Daveman: not sure Silvanghi got all his DNA from his dad
original: Can one of the agencies start taking bets on free kick numbers lol we will all make a mint
wadaramus: Good boy Walshy!
jbjimmyjb: Walsh was on 20 points halfway through the 2nd QTR, what a gun
Catatafish: Come on Young and Marshall for fucks sake
Raspel31: Isn’t it wonderful to have such cover for De Goey and Danger- you my hero young.
lwillo: On ya Walsh. People wrote you off in the first half lol
BestCoast: Roof closed 14
BestCoast: Roof closed 14 goals combined yawn yawn
Yeehaw: Young’s score isn’t the concerning part, it’s JS that’s the issue
Bulky: Come on Young. At lease average 1 kick a quarter. You can do it!
Apachecats: A fresh Cripps enters the arena.
lwillo: Hopefully young kicks the winner.
Tig-Train: Hope Carlton still lose… lol
Apachecats: and immediately gives away a free.
original: Dumb dow dumb
lwillo: Umps killing the game. Not dows fault
Bulky: I think I’ve only seen Young on the TV screen three times today including once when he ran through the banner.
Yelse: where does young play
Yeehaw: You can’t blame the umps for that, he dragged it toward him to start then the balls behind is body and out of view
burger01: Feels like both of my St Kilda representatives lost about 10 SC points since I last checked the stats a quarter ago lol
Daveman: YELSE – 45% of the time on the bench
burger01: 35%, Daveman – minor correction
Yeehaw: 35 @daveman lol
Catatafish: Paddy Dow is garbage
Umpirespet: Wow Parker may get his BE
Pokerface: wow, leave the room for 5 minutes and parker jumps from 39 to 68!
Daveman: He can still play out the game on the pine….! (ha! how embarrassing, pies fan fails at maths)
GobChuck: marshall needs a big final ten minutes
blonde0na: this game is horrible to watch, both teams have poor skills and umpires blowing the whistle way too much
Catatafish: Great kick Young, you spud
original: Dow sps have been horrid
Bulky: Saints have won with 17 men on the field for the entire game. Young doesn’t count.
Struda: Fielded young over parker ffs
Yeehaw: Parker with play of the game!
Stuart88: Give powlman the muppet every game dumb is he
burger01: Neale is being well held in the Fre/Bri game, only 15 SC approaching quarter time
burger01: Fielded Bruce over Parker, looks like much of a muchness on the scoreboard for those two…
m0nty: No spoilers from the other game please.
GobChuck: parkerrrrrrr
Bulky: I’m sure Young will receive a participation trophy.
Breezey: Young will be getting the Gatorade shower anyway.
burger01: Sure, no worries m0nty

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