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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2019

Umpirespet: Can Giants
pcaman2003: Was there an apocalypse? No one here.
LMartos: Whitfield getting tagged by Corey Wagner by the looks of it
DrSeuss: Top start Brayshaw. Put him in the guts Goodwin you muppet
heppelitis: old mate mummy to give away 10 frees trying to rough up gawn
Umpirespet: Gee giants kicking for goal is rubbish
happytimes: I’m trading Brayshaw during the byrs
CamT: Cameron 0.10 from his last ten shots.
pharace: Mummy on world record pace of 16 free for the game Heppelitis
teddyt: lol how is brayshaw even on 4 supercoach with -3 dt? Effective clanger? 😐
jbjimmyjb: oliver playing as a CHF
bushranger: Angus on the go now. 1pt
zoomba23: Mummy going for the all time record here
heppelitis: @pharace..its killing my week. happier if he was rubbed out last week.
m0nty: Good hard effort by Hore there
DrSeuss: Brayshaw needs to go to another team – Coach puts him on a wing with players that can’t get him the ball
frenzy: was a bit of a blood rush
heppelitis: exhausted hore
jbjimmyjb: finally cameron woo
LMartos: Hore’s 2 clangers have been drop marks, could be 50 if he hadn’t dropped them
zoomba23: Smart by the Dees pushing Oliver forward. De Boer won’t be able to match him there
Umpirespet: But Oliver isn’t impacting the game
Gelly: glad i fielded lockhart over atkins
Raspel31: Going to lose this week by keeping De Goey and Danger on the bench but It’s the long game lads.
pcaman2003: Come on Cogs,need a big game from you
jbjimmyjb: lol mumford
LMartos: Mumford gifting Gawn points
BigChief: Keep going Mummy. You are on track for 20 FA
StacksOn: mumford -6? whatd he do?
original: Cmon whitfield
jbjimmyjb: SC scores are a joke sometimes, how is brayshaw on 17 with 1 touch, yet crouch gets 80 from 39
zoomba23: Umpirespet: Not yet, but if they keep him there, he’ll easily get the better of De Boer
pcaman2003: @Raspel. That’s for sure. I’ve got more injuries to cover for now after yesterdays carnage in Tas.
Grimes Jr: Hahaha Gelly. If Gawn goes huge I win
heppelitis: Thank god for hore…my premos in this game dont give a f#$k like Hore does.
Stu7: StacksOn – I think he called the umpire a little girl!!
Drak: Because it was a mark defensive 50 then an exit defensive long kick
Raspel31: Heppe- long time no see.
Drak: Also has a tackle
Struda: Whats oliver done for the Kermy?
heppelitis: Hey Rasp…been lurking a bit
Yelse: need oliver to at least tone coz can’t rely on ainsworth last game to win
StacksOn: big fan of jack riewoldt in the commentary box
StacksOn: struda – gave away a free for bumping kelly before the centre bounce
Umpirespet: Jack has a head for radio
thommoae: Oliver put Kelly on his backside post-goal pre-bounce
pcaman2003: Get going Cogs
original: Cogs going backwards great.
Fatbar5tad: Ray bends the Dees over again
jbjimmyjb: oliver so undisciplined ffs
Umpirespet: How many muppets can Oliver get
Yelse: wtf oliver and conigs lift or i will lose my games
Danstar: Melb. Will def. lose if they concentrating on tagging Whitfield
zoomba23: Loliver
pcaman2003: Is Cogs being tagged?
GobChuck: I see mummy going for the “most FA in a game” again
Dondeal: Hore worn a few this year..
Danstar: Ps. Just saying that cos I traded him in over Hurn lol
DrSeuss: How does Goodwin not see that Brayshaw needs to be in the middle. Such a waste just floating on the wing FFS
jbjimmyjb: coniglio is very sore after that tackle
Yeehaw: Andddddd he looked injured
BigChief: Coniglio injured?
GobChuck: Brayshaw looks soooooo lost out on the wing. Why move him from the place where he tore it up last year?
Yeehaw: On the bike atm, looked worse than it is I think
OhSoRozee: At this rate hore is like doedee of last yr won’t upgrade unless I need to
GobChuck: Lockhart be 27…….he’s somehow in full danger of not making it. Wow.
colin wood: How does hore get +8 for 2 clangers? CD lift your game
Danstar: Exactly why I traded him out. Plays like he doesn’t want the ball
DrSeuss: Agreed GobChuck – such a waste. Not sure what Goodwin is thinking – not like its not obvious
thommoae: Gus … ain’t been tearing it up. Ask those who own(ed) him!
OhSoRozee: Don’t worry Lockhart loves a 40 pt qtr
DrSeuss: Thommoae – he was tearing it up last year and early on this year – when he was played in the guts
Oddsy5: how good is marty hore
Wends: Arvo all. Brought in Greene this week. Hovered over that ‘confirm trades’ button for many minutes…
GobChuck: Kept him all year thommo, mess up rookies so kept him for the score……last year he averaged like 120 after the bye
OhSoRozee: Taranto looks the must have gws mid this yr building nicely
PowerBug: @colin wood CD noticed you don’t own Hore so they give him points for clangers so it hurts your team directly
OhSoRozee: Yeh if Greene gets 120 I could b in trouble opp low proj players scored well over this rd
Raspel31: Pick up your bottom Oliver-Gawn you of course rock.
Wends: Think you might be ok there @Ohso
OhSoRozee: Knew I should have fielded Rob over mummy VS gawn
original: Petrecca is an average player
GobChuck: This point it’s just praying that i can get enough cash outta rob and scrimshaw to get jkelly. stay down a bit josh
bushranger: did exactly same thing Wends
pcaman2003: Cogs still off the ground. Not a good sign. Add to my extensive injury list
jbjimmyjb: Max Gawn is probably the best player in the comp right now, week in week out amazing
original: Cogs can ggf. Shoulda traded him out ages ago. GONE
Oddsy5: gawn is on another level killing mummy
OhSoRozee: Hore making up some lost pts on Oliver, mummy as he loses more pts
FlyinRyan2: Of course whitfield and olive get tagged
colin wood: Powerbog well that explains it.
Raspel31: On another game someone asked why it was so important to have Grunty and big Max- question answered methinks
TigerKid_A: Gawn for Brownlow at this rate
Yeehaw: Cogs is back on fyi
dipstick: 😯 i subbed hore for clarks 84
OhSoRozee: Yeh gotta loveget gawn for Rob downgrade at bye
Wends: Fingers crossed @bushranger… it was one of those gambles, hard to know if it’ll pay off
Gotigres: anyone got Gawn Capt?
Wends: Grunty 🙂
Yeehaw: Same @Rozee I’ll be happy to see the backside of Mummy after past couple weeks
StacksOn: well im glad now i didnt take my VC off tim kelly
OhSoRozee: Everyone who didn’t vc grndy gotigres
Stu7: Yes Gawn C
Umpirespet: Is Goodwin’s job in question?
Raspel31: That would mean no Grunty Stu?
Yeehaw: Next few weeks I’m gonna be able to pick up Cripps Gawn Lloyd and a decent FWD, not bad
Yelse: I’ll take Grundy over Gawn as most important player in comp. disposals and tackles more
DemonDan: Gawn Captain….. only thing keeping me watching my Demons, fuck we are shit
Schillaci: Gawn and Hore making up for Oliver and Lockhart
Danstar: I took goldy over Grundy. Worst. Move. Ever.
Raspel31: Catch up -game Yeehaw- most of us already have them.
OhSoRozee: O bugga me my opp has Taylor and Greene basically hit their proj already so gonna lose
DrSeuss: Should be Umpirespet – no reason Melbourne have started so badly and not improving
OhSoRozee: Can’t c 210 from Oliver, mummy
DrSeuss: Only 3 players with 10+ possessions and one of them is the ruckman.
Umpirespet: Drseuss he may be safe as not enough good coaches available
MercAm: Have Gawn, Hore, Oliver, Kelly, Whitfield and Coniglio. I’m somewhat happy, bar Oliver of course
OhSoRozee: Mummy, hore, Oliver, Kelly, whit, Williams Cfor me
Raspel31: Thanks for autobigraphy Merc.
Wends: Surely on the cards that Conigs, Oliver and Greene pick it up after 1/2 time.
MercAm: Raspel u have Oliver?
thiccgucci: shame on me for not backing gawn to go massive
thiccgucci: @wends cogs was barely walking when he came back on. i wouldnt be surprised if he finishes on 70
OhSoRozee: Didn’t even come intt
megawatts: thoughts on harry perryman as a pod?
MercAm: Thick u did u captain then?
Fatbar5tad: I have Brayshaw. The most Melbourne player ever.
OhSoRozee: Didn’t even think of Oliver tag this rd
Wends: @thiccg Just gonna pretend I didn’t see that comment…
Raspel31: I do Mercam- a tad worrying at the moment. But with Danger and De Gumball on the bebch I was prepared to lose.
MercAm: @mega would think so, he got 104 last week and on track to get 100+ again today
thiccgucci: @Merc captain on cripps :s
OhSoRozee: Probz get iced up half way through 3rd dependant on scores
megawatts: @mercam slightly concerned that hes only scored well in huge giant wins. Not sure how hed do in a tighter game
MercAm: @thicc against saints, he can def do something. Be positive 🙂
OhSoRozee: 360 from Kelly, whit hore to make back some ground for ollve n mummy
Raspel31: All of us who captained Grundy love to see the squabble.
BigChief: Brayshaw in the middle to start 3rd
MercAm: @mega fair, but for less than 400k and getting those scores… Pretty tempting
Wends: @Mega seriously considered him this rd but limited trades format = limited hail marys – went Dusty & Greene instead.
OhSoRozee: Just looked at cats run home surely top spot lock should go undefeated from now
BigChief: Gawn dislocated finger
zoomba23: How the fuck does Cumming get named over Hately? He’s an absolute spud
PowerBug: They play different roles?
megawatts: @rozee we went 6-1 against 7 permiership contender sides, about time for an easier run
OhSoRozee: Mega I think u will b 3 games clear rd23
thiccgucci: @mega id like to live in a world where gcs, essendon, north, hawks are contenders
Umpirespet: Geelong still won’t win it
frenzy: dees are shizenhause, 1 goal in a half
Yeehaw: Geelong will still lose 2 games from here I think
OhSoRozee: Burst by mummy
original: Wish coniglio did stuff
duckky: What are the odds that Mummy can get through a quarter without conceeding a free?
beerent11: gws have too many guns playing hatelys role for him to get in
OhSoRozee: Nothing from Oliver yet
BigChief: m0nty is there a mop icon as Haynes needs 1.
AuroraBore: @mega who are these premiership contenders you speak of? I can only see 3
Torz: Give Haynes the wall
Torz: Sorry, the rock
Wends: Oh dear, like a game of keepings off between kindergarteners & yr 12s at this point
Yelse: no oliver no melbourne
pcaman2003: Dees are crapola in this game.
J_Herer: Cogs second to Taranto now, not worth the hold
BestCoast: Cats will choke when the heat gets turned up
Stu7: This game? What about the others 😂
duckky: Why didn’t I captain Hore?
Umpirespet: Need to trade Oliver
pcaman2003: Go Cogs! Overdue! Kick a few more buddy.
PlungeMe: imagine being a dumbass and picking melbourne
Stu7: duccky because his average is average
original: Cogs did stuff! Do more stuff!
Lawls: Lol don’t so that umpirespet
Lawls: Don’t do that*
PlungeMe: i definitely didnt do that
Wends: It’s not like they’re not trying… GWS too good up to now
LMartos: Can’t see Coniglio playing much longer, hope he plays it out though
OhSoRozee: Is gawn resting fwd mummy done well this qtr
Stu7: Come on Gawn 10 points this round bit
Stu7: Average
Yelse: has oliver given up?
original: Loltracca
Yeehaw: Someone should teach mummy the rules, obviously he can’t read
BestCoast: Dees have never got over that Semi Final flogging we gave em
Wends: Always on the cards that Oliver would be De Boer’ed this round. Hold for me.
GobChuck: earth to lockhart……
Wends: Monty’s solar panels on the blink?
duckky: The nice thing about the screen freezing is that Mummy stops going backwards
thiccgucci: gws dont need cogs- wont even notice if he leaves. taranto and hopper too good now
megawatts: js fanfooty ddown again?
Raspel31: Many of us will suffer from Oliver- but no rage trades lads.It’s the long haul.
BigChief: Commentators got it right when they said it’s Gawn v GWS
Bennyherb: Whitfield best player in the comp .
pcaman2003: Oliver well held. I can sniff rage trades coming.
Apachecats: Are we stalled mOnty?
Turkies: The de Boer tag is legit..
OhSoRozee: Wheels on the bus don’t go round and round monty
noobcoach: frozen?
Raspel31: m0nty- pedal harder.
Danstar: Back up
Umpirespet: mOnty must have been having lunch
zoomba23: Kelly is an absolute gun
Yeehaw: Wouldn’t say Gawn v GWS Hore been very good too
OhSoRozee: 5 pt qtr Oliver bloody bloody
megawatts: just realised if mummy hadn’t conceded 7 FA hed be on track for a ton
pharace: Mummy fallen of the pace, only 7 frees against, lift sunshine!
Wends: Oliver!
Raspel31: Yep- Walsh to Kelly next week qoomba- injuries allowing.
Umpirespet: mOnty qtr 3 17:18 was a busy time of the game
megawatts: who to trade first? Walsh or dahlhaus (mid)
MercAm: Reckon Taranto is one of the most underrated player, who agrees.
Yeehaw: Just chuck Dahlhouse mid and offload Walsh
Torz: I went Walsh to Taranto this week
Umpirespet: Game of the year about to start Carlton v. saints
Chooka20: hes a jet
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing this quarter?
FlyinRyan2: If Walsh does good this week trade dahlhaus but if he does bad trade walsh
Umpirespet: In the 2nd tier Drseuss
GobChuck: Doing the math, to get Josh Kelly in next week he needs 150 or less today. This gonna be close
Apachecats: Agree MercAm ,had him from the start and is my most consistant player bar none.
thiccgucci: please ton up coniglio. you owe it to us
OnTheRocks: witches hats for Melbounre
Fatbar5tad: Kel gets 150 easy I reckon
Donzoes: oliver and conigs are hurting me, especially after shiel last night
Wends: Will Baker stay in for Dees?
Torz: Far from their worst today Wends.
thiccgucci: 120 please hore. make up for coniglio’s absence
pcaman2003: Lift Cogs FGS.Not doing enough.
Yeehaw: Just hoping Cogs is fine for next weeks game
Wends: Agreed Torz. Who’s he in for though? Wondering about JS.
original: Do stuff cogs!!
Fatbar5tad: Don’t listen to these blokes Cogs. Put the trackie on job done.
Wends: Mummy was about to whack his tackler then, when he realised he was on screen…
J_Herer: Cogs should be rested
DrSeuss: Brayshaw and Hore back to doing nothing
Zee94: Lockhart not even going to make his BE *sigh*
Yeehaw: It’s been all in dees forward half what do you expect for Hore to do
Fatbar5tad: So many rookies to move plus Brouch and Brayshaw
zoomba23: Move Hore forward so he gets his 130 Goodwin you campaigner
Raspel31: It’s not Himmelberg but Oliver who is shot down- aarrgh
Fatbar5tad: Hore tons up, why the angst?
pcaman2003: Cogs been off for ages now. Must be carrying injury.
Raspel31: Why I wouldn’t touch Rocky- gawn.
BestCoast: Mummy is a Poor mans wardrobe, big and empty
Wends: Best score against De Boer this year seems to be Yeo’s 73 early in season. Oliver not doing too badly.
Pokerface: anyone heard an estimated time frame on williams? i know it was minimum fortnight, but sounded like it could be more…
StacksOn: wends wait until the deboar and fyfe matchup
Yelse: oliver man handled all game if umpire blew a couple of frees de boer wouldn’t keep grabbing him
Fatbar5tad: Angry Max!
pcaman2003: @Poker. Mentioned yesterday of 2 to 3 weeks.
Pokerface: thanks pca.. hmm.. that’s too much bye time for my liking
Raspel31: Whoever says you don’t need Maxxy or Grunty needs to go back to nursery school.
Wends: What’s peoples’ rd 12 strategies – t/d or hold trades?
BestCoast: Oliver loves a tag 53 pffffffffff
pcaman2003: Thanks for another let down Cogs.
Wends: And @stackson – fyfe to end up with hulk icon then?
jbjimmyjb: wends im holding unless i can offload some dead weight (scott, burgess, hayes etc)
Pokerface: @wends depends on matchups. rd 12 is my hardest so ill be trading hard for it
Raspel31: Definitely hold trades Wends.
StacksOn: absolutely, the man breaks through tags like butter
BestCoast: Raspel 100% set and forget set and forget repeat after me
circle52: @Wnds – Depends on whether I need to trade to avoid donut. OK at the moment but who knows with teams these days.
Pokerface: ill be sitting on rd 13 and 14 which are easy matches
Wends: Yep, agree with all. Double downgrade next week then hold.
Raspel31: But, having said that Wends- Walsh to Kelly is rather alluring.
Oddsy5: that will be a good watch to see how fyfe handles it
BestCoast: Fyfe will carve De Boaring up like a Sunday roast
FlyinRyan2: Wait till Kelly goes down again i reckon
Wends: True Raspel – Williams to Whitfield my only u/g temptation.
Raspel31: Indeed Flyin-it’s a game of chess.
Turkies: treloar 38 touches, 93 points.. hore 18 touches, 116pts…… please explain
morgs640: Vulture for Shaw, nowhere to be seen when the game was won.
morgs640: Seagull will do, nice!
Gelly: nice another solid 60 from brayshaw
megawatts: brayshaw moving back into guts next wkk.. pick him up as POD?
BRAZZERS: treloar is trash thats why
Pokerface: if you just base on touches, stick to DT Turkies.

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