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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Richmond vs Essendon

Chat log for Richmond vs Essendon, R10 of 2019

frenzy: evening chaps
Oddsy5: got stack n baker here so not expecting too much. be happy with 150 between em
thiccgucci: need a nice one from baker following last weeks shocker
Breezey: Good boy Baker. That’s the way
Breezey: I have a good feeling about Balta having a huge game tonight.
th3rio: Never thought I’d see the fire next to balta
frenzy: another soccer match
MONEY TALK: shane edwards always turns up big time in this round
Breezey: Where for art thou Dusty
DrSeuss: Let’s go Stack & Balta – you too Zerrett
Yeehaw: Edwards wtf?
heppelitis: Edwards destroys us every single time
Ash777: Edwards is easily tigers best player the last 2 years
Apachecats: Tom Lynch with a gift -774
pcaman2003: I need Stack to beat Clarke from the Cats. Not looking good.
Stu7: Prestia ffs
pcaman2003: Love to see Balta ton up again.
Stu7: Early days pcaman2003
Hadouken: stack will still end up with 60.
TheLegend6: Baker what a gun
pcaman2003: @Stu. Very true,but on shaky ground with Stack
Stu7: Baker a good thing
OhSoRozee: Looks like houli was good pick up till he’s injured
J_Herer: Stack will be gone next for me at this rate, wont get his BE again
DrSeuss: Want to get a touch Stack? Zerrett?
original: That deliberate and then high. Sheesh umpires
poolboybob: Dusty with a Crouch-esque disposals to points ratio
pcaman2003: Even Balta has gone to sleep. My round goes from bad to worse.
DrSeuss: Yep Pca – Zerrett and Balta gone to sleep and Stack never woke up today
MONEY TALK: plz sleep baker
J_Herer: Happy with Houli’s output so far
runt: Imagine if teams practised goal-kicking. ridiculous concept i know
Raspel31: Hmm Zerrett- time to beg for your supper.
thiccgucci: If baker gets 120 im getting baked tonight
benzammit: Bombers had 3 easy shots and all elected the wrong style kick to finish….coaches are an issue
ozziekev: traded Duursma to Bachar this week, nearly had a heart attack when i got home from golf and Duursma tonned up…so far s
TheLegend6: This is such a bad game lmao
Dondeal: Dusty is rubbish.
Tig-Train: That’s a stupid statement
Ash777: crap I have duursma on the bench and scrimshaw on field
Raspel31: Is there such a thing as centre field pressure?
DrSeuss: Stack? You alive?
pcaman2003: I’m going to give Stack rule 303 soon.
runt: The Bombers have a behind kicking fetish
nick2397: Last time I bagged Stack he got a move on, so here goes – pull your finger out Stack!
cmperrfect: Pathetic Bombers
bushranger: Stack – it’s a rightoff
Ash777: A first gamer ruck and dons cant belt them in the clearance…
DrSeuss: Might need a few baggings nick
DrSeuss: Balta going backwards and Stack going nowhere
pcaman2003: Fewer clangers and higher DE please Balta.
runt: Tigers being really disrespectful belting the Bombers. They should be fined
OhSoRozee: Cmon a bakers dozen b4 3time
Raspel31: Whoopsy do-da.
OhSoRozee: Weird to c a tigers belting after wat dogs did to em
TheLegend6: We’re no good at Marvel stadium
Breezey: Then what the Roos did to the Dogs. Weird hey
runt: With Daniher Bombers would be 3.15
Oddsy5: stack coming good
Tig-Train: We need to play in the elements
OhSoRozee: Yeh I didn’t waana say result of the earlier game in case some1 here recorded it
runt: Bomber goal? what the hell!
Hadouken: wow baker, safe in my team for another week
colin wood: Dusty’s score is just dumb
runt: A shot of thorium and uranium would help boost super powers
Breezey: I love the Baker boy
OhSoRozee: I’d hold baker tll his bye
OhSoRozee: 1 pt short of the bakers dozen I wanted
wadaramus: Baker and Balta on field, looking good 🙂
runt: It is pronounced L, I am
Oddsy5: baker balta and stack on field very happy
heppelitis: can you be happy when our team is being destroyed
Sixty656: Finish hard Baker – VS Corbett, go big and help it be a winner
Oddsy5: hahah trust me im not ive just come to accept we arent that good…
heppelitis: im filthy lol
stemy1243: Durrsma,Atkins and Baker this week😁
runt: Bombers weirdly not out of it
runt: only joking
Oddsy5: went to the anzac game and that was fun to watch. and then we dish up stuff like this
Ash777: spoke too soon runt
Apachecats: Sheil off now ffs
runt: Oddsy5 went to the Anzac game, 1st club problems
Breezey: Dons only 35 behinds behind now
Ash777: spend 2 first for 1 player never works.
runt: Why cant Shiel add an A to the end of his name so we can have some old-fashioned aussie fun
wadaramus: Carn Balta, get to 90 mate!
Tig-Train: On no some injuries, we wouldn’t know what that feels like…
pcaman2003: Don’t understand Balta clanger after his mark and kick. Kicked to contest and no one marked it and gained only 1 point.
Oddsy5: carn bombers
TheLegend6: we’re gonna lose
Gotigres: keep going Tigers!
Tig-Train: Just giving essendon some fake
Tig-Train: Just giving them some false hope
runt: Time for Stack to end this madness
Oddsy5: at least its a decent watch now
Gotigres: kick a goal Balta
Breezey: Surely this is the best game Parish has played. 30 possessions thus far
Raspel31: Respectable lads- good last grunt.
Dondeal: Essendon to get done by 70+ next week
MercAm: Have Stack, Balta and Baker. This is alright
TheLegend6: They missed a Stack tackle
runt: Thought that was Jack Riewoldt
MercAm: Nice ton Baker, come on Balta get to 90 and Stack get to 75
Raspel31: Simply curious-is there a person in the world who has stuck with dusty?
Breezey: Raise the willow Mr.L.Baker
wadaramus: Bought Dusty in DT this week Raspel 🙂
Struda: Whats shiel done?
wadaramus: That’s all I could afford!
Hadouken: nah rasp, he was out the door after a couple weeks for me
runt: definition of understatement….. Bombers kicking themselves out of it
TheLegend6: Umps been bad both ways, at least its consistently bad
original: Ffs cashed out my bet when they were like 30 down foad.
Gotigres: record number of deliberate out of bounds this game
runt: Ellis tackle of the night
duckky: Only one umpire paying the deliverates @Gotigeres
MONEY TALK: red cross to lynch
Ash777: lack of discipline has costed dons their chance.
Pokerface: never ever ever use cash out original. worst odds you’ll ever get

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