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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R10 of 2019

J.Worrall: echo
TasDevil: thanks
J.Worrall: echo echo
dipstick: Let’s go gaff my pod
Raspel31: Off to a positive start dipstick.
OhSoRozee: Sloane tagged too lol
dipstick: Yes it seems not
DrSeuss: Let’s go Hunt – my newest recruit
thiccgucci: Hurn, Smith and ROB in this one
original: Did not put E on ROB. Gawn won’t be out will he?
OhSoRozee: Will be now original
OhSoRozee: Laird ankle getting assistance
DrSeuss: Hunt = Hurn. Seems like I broke him so far
pcaman2003: Lost Scrimma and Rocky last game,now Laird off injured. FFS
cobrakai00: Laird injured
cobrakai00: looks like Rioli and McGovern making the most of the HJs sponsorship
original: Thanks to those who broke Hurn for me ffs
pcaman2003: Laird back on. Phew!
PowerBug: Laird good again, back on a took the last kick in too
thiccgucci: Hurn can score in a hurry, dont get too concerned my friends
OhSoRozee: Go rob
pcaman2003: Come on Sloane. Gone quiet!
LMartos: I’m on track for having 3 ruckman go 140+ lol
jbjimmyjb: ROB set for a big one, should easily make his 86 BE
OhSoRozee: Some offloaded rob this round
Yeehaw: Keeping ROB hoping I can use him and mummy in bye round then go to Gawn
PowerBug: Lots did, I held but many were forced into the move because of all the outs
DrSeuss: Sorry Original I traded Hurn in this week. Let’s hope he is just warming up
OhSoRozee: Greenwood pod with crows incoming fixture finish to season
DrSeuss: Looks like Sheppard is taking all of Hurn marks early
original: It’s a battle for BCrouch ain’t it
jbjimmyjb: It’ll be interesting to see what happens once Jacobs is fit
Yeehaw: Surely ROB stays, Jacobs is a spud
OhSoRozee: Rob is growing Jacobs should just be ruck cover till Grundy pick up
DrSeuss: Great that I can watch this weeks trade in decision between Hurn and Laird right before my eyes
Pinkman: I’m sure Hurn will get his hungy
dipstick: Good. It seems gaff has had some sense knocked into him
Apachecats: Now that Macrae has failed me as VC ,I need to pick a captain from TKelly ,Cripps and Gawn.Any pearls of wisdom on this
jbjimmyjb: yeo already 6 clangers
BestCoast: Apache Gawn for me
OhSoRozee: Nice if Rob gets 125 will have low be till byes
Raspel31: Stuck with Grundy- I’d go Gawn Apache but don’t blame me.
dipstick: @apache hehehe 😅 no VC Grundy?
jbjimmyjb: apache Cripps has an amazing record vs St Kilda, last 3 ave of 140ish
OhSoRozee: Go Kelly or gawn safe
Yeehaw: Kelly vs Suns with no Danger seems pre nice
Apachecats: yeah dipstick no Grundy at all,
original: Bcrouch going to get more possessions than sc points this week
OhSoRozee: I predict an 80 against steele
Raspel31: Absolutely ohSo- Steele a tackle machine.
jbjimmyjb: rozee back to back sub 100s from cripps would be chaotic
OhSoRozee: Cripps will have 2.5 hballs to kicks his body is beating up carrying the team
pcaman2003: Walker is totally useless. Should be in the 2’s
OhSoRozee: Muppet walker
DrSeuss: Ok starting to get concerned about Hurn – so glad I traded Libba for Hurn – gotta laugh really…
Apachecats: Thanks ,good responses there ,toss up between Cripps and kelly ,Max has Mummy to deal with this week.TKelly -indiginousi
pcaman2003: And to prove my point he comes on!
jbjimmyjb: Walker is a terrible captain, hasn’t improved since the 2017 GF
OhSoRozee: Even easy hball eluding hurn not his day
Yeehaw: Not that easy to score when the balls never in your half
Apachecats: *indiginous round incentive and Cripps will want to erase memory of last week.
Raspel31: Was Hurn or Lloyd for me this week DrSeuss- hard call- went Lloyd.
frenzy: got whitfield apache?
Raspel31: Well make your own mind up Apache.
pcaman2003: Lift Laird!
Apachecats: yeah frenzy and thats one I hadn’t thought of,thanks .
Raspel31: Laird copped a knock pcaman.
DrSeuss: Have Lloyd Raspel – surely Hurn has to pick up from here.
OhSoRozee: Hurn to high for me got in whit and held williams
OhSoRozee: New do suits Smith adds spunk to his play
Raspel31: You’d hope so DrSeuss- hate those trades. Got Whitfield?
frenzy: is this Hurn’s stinker and price crash
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Thanks . Was away from TV and missed it.
Yeehaw: Hurn hardly taking kick ins! Go get it off Tommy
Yeehaw: Wtta boy
DrSeuss: Nah should have gone Whitfield it seems. Wanted the extra 100k for upgrades next week. Yet another shit choice
pcaman2003: O’Brien not scored in 15 mins.
OhSoRozee: Another error on hurn
Manowar: T. Walker what a captain!!
Raspel31: Building game DrSeuss- I’m just lucky I didn’t go Hurn but fat lady not singing yet.
jbjimmyjb: hurn got points for that tap too rozee
PowerBug: Hurn Laird both will be fiiiine
Yeehaw: Hurn still tons up from here imo
pcaman2003: Come on Rory and Rory.Keep scoring
OhSoRozee: Crows pretty efficient today thought would b soggy
OhSoRozee: Yeo most targeted next week
DrSeuss: Yep concentrate on the long game Raspel – not always fun lol
jbjimmyjb: hurn almost outscoring crouch with half the disposals
shang0: C on Gawn, Fyfe, Cripps or J Kelly?
Monfries96: Wish Yeo still had DEF status
Yeehaw: Yeo work rate really picked up last few weeks
noobcoach: fyfe
beerent11: Sshhh rozee
OhSoRozee: Bummed I’ll get mummy over rob
J_Herer: Happy with Yeo’s first game for me so far
DrSeuss: Good comeback from Hurn
Raspel31: Apologies beer if I was pompous the other night- my intellect sometimes dominates my thoughts- but apologies lad.
Yelse: can brad couch ever get a tone geezzz
Raspel31: Yep- Hurn may still outscore Lloyd DrSeuss.
frenzy: needs 40 possi Yelse, cos no CD luv
Yeehaw: Yeah @ohsorozee we’re idiots fielding mummy vs a Gawn instead of ROB vs WC poor excuse for a ruck
Monfries96: What’s the DT/SC players split on FF? Seems like it’s heavily SC dominated
beerent11: That’s ok raspel, every room
Oddsy5: not bringing in ROB was the biggest regret so far this year
beerent11: That’s ok raspel every room needs a smartest person 🙂
pcaman2003: Anyone got Neale for C tommoz?
Raspel31: Lol beer- and just popping out for a beer.
wadaramus: Hoping BCrouch can improve his DE and ton up.
Breezey: Petrolhell doesn’t go near the ball enough
J_Herer: B Crouch completely stopped
bushranger: Petrollhell low on gas
OhSoRozee: Seems sheed has worked out how to score well with gaff
DrSeuss: Crouch and Hurn stopped now – pick it up lads
colin wood: Come on Sloaney I need a 150 effort here
Dondeal: Wow, love the Eagles indigenous round jumper…
PowerBug: They couldn’t wear it because of a clash @Dondeal
JRedden: laird do something …
beerent11: They went early last week at home dondeal
CPotatoes: wowee west coast having a good run with the umps
CPotatoes: and ffs umps need to speak louder!!
beerent11: 3rd qtr specialists. The golden state warriors of the Afl.
zadolinnyj: No way tat Sloane tackle was a free againnst
pcaman2003: Get the ball Laird
Apachecats: 3 pt 1/4 for Crouch
original: Apache probably had 9 disposals for those 3 points lol
zadolinnyj: I hate now how you can be spun 360, go to ground and then get a handball and it’s ok
pcaman2003: Not sure why Obrien lost 2 pts for a tap out directly to Sloane.
original: Get to 100 hurn. Do it
Catatafish: Bloody Crouch and his DE
zadolinnyj: If they want to fix the game, 180 degrees is ho,ding the ball and incorrect disposal as well
Breezey: I don’t mind it as long as its disposed of correctly
circle52: agree zadolinnyj – The most insonsisitent rules this year incorrect disposal and holding the ball.
cmperrfect: So who was the brain surgeon that didn’t know Eagles and Crows share similar colours? Really??
zadolinnyj: Game would be less crowded if they went back 80s rules
pcaman2003: Crikey! Laird touched the ball.
Apachecats: 270 degrees is a definite free.
DrSeuss: Ok Hurn, big finish to get to that ton
Apachecats: Oh well ,at least I didn’t blow the piggy bank on Hurn this week.
BestCoast: To take gray area out of game if you get pinned with the nut automatic holding the ball no exceptions
cmperrfect: Crouch and Treloar graduates of the Cloke Kicking Academy
DrSeuss: Haha I did Apache – happy days
pcaman2003: Sloanes last 4 touches goes to opposition.Smarten up Sloandog and stop going backwards.
BestCoast: Grey
BRAZZERS: laird will be under 500k in sc in a few weeks, good pickup option
Stu7: Come on Shuey
beerent11: That’d be shithouse bestcoast
original: Can not wait until they bring in the SC power play. One round a year you get unlimited trades
pcaman2003: Disappointed O’Brien only 10 pts this qtr
BestCoast: Beerent11 it’s the only way other wise we will always see different interpretations from different umpires
original: Hurn ya legend
cmperrfect: What about highest scoring player is automatic Captain @original?
Yeehaw: Baffles me when people complain about breaking the bank to get a player averaging 117
beerent11: Don’t mind a bit of grey about the rules
BestCoast: Beerent11 personally I think we mess with the rules to much every year something new
cmperrfect: Obrien to come home with a wet sail and ton up..
OhSoRozee: Just hope Smith out scores hurn
beerent11: Me too bestcoast so why do you want to change it again?
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. I hope he gets well over a ton.Need Laird to fire up too.
Mcswains: Lift Lairdy
BestCoast: Never said change it was just pointing out it the only way to take grey out of rules doesn’t bother me one way or anothe
Manowar: Smash em West Coast
DrSeuss: Ok Hurn big finish now – knock out that 100
BestCoast: Carn Laird Carn Eagles
pcaman2003: Damn! O’Brien got to 82 pts and now down to 76.Very frustrating.
Stu7: Shuey Shuey go you good thang!!
cobrakai00: BCrouch you dud.. 30 touches for 67SC WTF
cmperrfect: Crouch is a butcher by trade lol
Tig-Train: He was on 90 from 32 last week before scaling took him to 119
pcaman2003: Is Sloane cooked? Been off too long for my liking.
poolboybob: Brouch should start every game with the magnet and the cleaver
cmperrfect: Obrien treading water atm
Stu7: Sloane injured????
chinkas: lift obrien
Breezey: I am sure Crouch is doing his best for DT and SC players all over the world
pcaman2003: I’ll need a new team with all my injuries this rnd so far.
BestCoast: Poolboybob lol classic well said
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, we want a meat cleaver icon please, for the biggest butcher in each game…
beerent11: Yes hurn you gun
Yeehaw: Where the Hurn haters at now? 😉
Apachecats: Yeehaw I only hate him cos I don’t have him (yet)
bushranger: Come on Petrucelle lift, should have gone with Barnaby Jones.
BestCoast: B Crouch sexy fingers everything he touches he flowers
colin wood: Hurn now a Sc love child.
cmperrfect: Hurn raises the bat 🏏
BestCoast: Hurncules
cmperrfect: B.Smith start the seagull time please…
beerent11: Yoyo!
pcaman2003: C’mon O’Brien. 19 pts this half not good enough. Lift
Breezey: Put Petrol on the bench permanently, then I know he won’t be doing
DeGoat: Think it’s about time Walker gets the spud next to his name.
Stu7: Earth to Shuey !!!
J_Herer: Happy here, good scores – Yeo, Hurn, Smith
beerent11: Win or lose bestcoast I reckon your mobs the best in the comp
Mcswains: Carn Lairdy
cmperrfect: Went Gibbons to Sloane… luv it.
Oddsy5: yuck petch…
beerent11: Petters can’t play next week surely
Dondeal: Fuck me pet roll
BestCoast: Beerent11 we still got a lot to improvement with Nic Nat hopefully
beerent11: Petrols out of gas
MONEY TALK: glad i fielded larkey, not sure about petch over parker unless he can add 15 odd points
bushranger: Who wins?
original: Hurn u champion.
The39Steps: Draw.
Apachecats: next goal bushranger
JockMcPie: I Love Shannon Hurn
bushranger: Agree Apache
The39Steps: Big effort from the Eagles on their dreamtime jumper.
MONEY TALK: woah negative 4 for hurny boi
colin wood: Hurns score is laughable…
pcaman2003: Ton up O’Brien. So close
BRAZZERS: how long left?
Breezey: @39. They wore it last week
MONEY TALK: @the39steps they cant wear it because it clashes with crows
OhSoRozee: Any touch by hurn is on steroids for 1play even non direct to player
runt: Sheed for the winning goal…again
MONEY TALK: any points now gets boosted because games on the line
beerent11: Fucken great goal
The39Steps: Ok. Thanks guys for clearing that up.
runt: I wrote too soon
Yeehaw: Points gonna get scaled down after game anyway
pcaman2003: 23 point goal. Not bad reward
CPotatoes: spot on rozee, hurns scoring is on steroids
runt: forecast said shower or two. i have to agree
BestCoast: Come on
OhSoRozee: Smith stuck on 3time score
Carlo: Anyone got shueys be?
BestCoast: Yeeeeee Haaaaaa
Pies20: I’m from sa so glad i don’t follow the 2 shower teams in this state
MONEY TALK: happy with laird and hurn
OhSoRozee: Should b shot after siren was on fall b4 siren
J_Herer: crouch 39 touches, not many points
original: BSmith u stink

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