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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2019

hinsch: Afternoon all sorry in advance I got Macrae in this week.
Zee94: I want a big score from the Bont
m0nty: Wallis on for a thousand points in SC
duckky: – 18 SC for a clanger. rough!!!
hinsch: Wallis going backwards get him off
Yelse: where liba playing today
faisca7: He’s on ball at the moment
DrSeuss: Finally traded Libba so watch him ton up
duckky: VC McRae a little underwhelming
original: this brings me joy macrae
Zee94: Yes Bont and Libba get work together on getting me some pts lads
Torz: Ziebell has a dominant game in the mids last week, so lets put him forward :/
Migz: is it just me or does the doggies jumper look like bacon and eggs
Drak: Umpiring this year is messed up. I dont think Ive seen so many teams stop mid game before.
wadaramus: Go Dunks, carn Libba.
jbjimmyjb: Drak I reckon that was the right decision, 0.01s prior opportunity
JockMcPie: Players stopping has nothing to do with the umps, that’s the players fault
original: macrae to still end on 120. hate his cheapies
Migz: agreed jock. one of the first things you learn in footy or many other sports. play to the whistle
poolboybob: Traded out Dunkley after he was only getting 15 to 20 touches a game the first few rounds. Feels bad man.
burger01: Don’t feel too bad for trading English a few rounds ago… go Dunkley you beauty!
Migz: yeh i traded him out round 4. he was doing nothing. played out of position. I traded him back in last week
Raspel31: Yep, go Dunkers you good thing!
jbjimmyjb: get involved macrae, stop playing like the mid version of jake lloyd
burger01: Rucks’ve been a pain in the arse on my team of scrubs, first English injured, then A Phillips omitted and McEvoy injured
Pokerface: you could just try the gawn/grundy combo burger…
Umpirespet: Scott will get a. 10 year extension if not keep this up
jbjimmyjb: goldy is destroying the dogs, english needs to be more accountable
Raspel31: Lost McEvoy ad backup Lycett in my draft team- feel the pain burger.
burger01: Poker: picked up Grundy two weeks ago, and Mummy this week (couldn’t afford Gawn) – happy with Brodie so far! 🙂
DrSeuss: Larkey – more than 1 touch would be awesome.
Migz: honestly if you didnt even start gawndy are you even really playing this game
Raspel31: Got to have Grunty and big Max.
poolboybob: English is useless. Dogs haven’t had a real ruckman since Minson
megawatts: mummys doing just fine for 300-350k less
OhSoRozee: Didn’t start Grundy at least with his foot problem right b4 season
Raspel31: Hmm- sice lauding Dunks it’s more than 10 mins since he had a touch.
Zee94: He was on the bench for like 6 mins or so I think @Raspel
jbjimmyjb: dunkley has been on the bench raspel
DrSeuss: Larkey and Dunkley done nothing this quarter
burger01: Migz: my first year of Supercoach, apologies, didn’t know about must-have-Gawny rule! 🙂
Raspel31: Cheers lads.
poolboybob: Do something Macrae you knob
Migz: sorry burger. Rucks are best done as set and forget. if you value trades at about 100-150k it doesnt make sense to
Migz: keep swapping ruckmen as you need to build the rest of your squad. If you have the two best rucks from the start thats 2
OhSoRozee: @monty just on other game frampton shoul
Migz: 2+ trades saved from the start of the year
OhSoRozee: Not have p plate coz he played rd23 last yr
Donzoes: jeez dunkley has been on fire the last month or so
burger01: thanks for the tips, Migz
jbjimmyjb: Macrae creeping up the scoreboard
Raspel31: Can’t mention other games ohSoRozee- a rule here.
BestCoast: Keep going Macrae
Gelly: north should sack their choach more often
Gelly: coach*
DrSeuss: Libba and obviously reacting to me finally trading him this week
OhSoRozee: Didn’t really mention it just an icon next to name
Gloryhound: C’mon Doggies. Kicking downhill this quarter
noobcoach: raspel you poor thing – shame on Rozee such a mistake on his behalf!!
Pusti: Looks like I picked the wrong week to bring Ziebell in.
poolboybob: Potato for English
Raspel31: Whoops Pusti.
Raspel31: No- not my call noob- it’s just the rules of the site when another game is on..
Hadouken: lol all those people who bought in ziebell
noobcoach: i think rozee’s case was a little bit different – its a fucken icon relax not need to police tf out of it.
OhSoRozee: Mackay out crows knight in
BzBman8: sit down goldy ><
BestCoast: Cheers OhSo
thiccgucci: come on bont. dont do this to me. 120 please
Zee94: I have Ziebell and Larkey, damn lol
Raspel31: Dunks you champ- slightly covering Macrae.
poolboybob: Daniel you magnificent small man
OhSoRozee: Smith building nicely for rs
OhSoRozee: Hm tackles for libba and ff/fa?
JockMcPie: Of my three dogs players, I didn’t think Macrae would be the one to disappoint me… cmon lad
Ash777: dogs letting teams play their game.
m0nty: Higgins 16 touches for Q3 but only 37 DT.
Zee94: That Libba goal felt really good
BzBman8: it sure did @Zee94
DrSeuss: Has Libba’s role changed this week? Or just playing Norf?
Raspel31: Wow- what a turn around- in 8 minutes.
jbjimmyjb: wake up macrae get out of the forward line
m0nty: This could lead to the North Melbourne coach getting sacked.
BestCoast: Should move Brad Scott on straight after the match done nothing in 10 years FLOG of FLOGS
jbjimmyjb: m0nty you’ve been waiting on that one all day haven’t you
Raspel31: That’s extreme m0nty.
jbjimmyjb: macrae just got 26 points for a goal assist and a clearance :0
BestCoast: Sack him during his press conference
Apachecats: Macrae needed it though jbjimmy
BestCoast: Carn doggies get up and win for Scotty
OhSoRozee: Smith $13 rs on some bookies juicy
VodkaHawk: Lol… oh, you’re serious
LMartos: Daniel muppet
OhSoRozee: Libba dunk macrae not 2 shabby
Dondeal: Ahh Macrae, you’ve done it again.
Raspel31: See- saw- see saw- weird.
Apachecats: Libber SC forecast was 66 ,dreamin’
dipstick: Anyone else here think BT is a total flog, a zempliss so to speak
BRAZZERS: nice last 1/4 larkey
Pokerface: want to set up the crows eagles page m0nty? that ol xml file does not exist thing
Raspel31: Lost Libba for Zerrett but otherwise same ohSo.
TasDevil: AdeL WCE page is broken
BRAZZERS: give liber the zombie
dipstick: Other game is broken coz mOntys peddling hard trying to get ads on my page
circle52: Libba, Dunks, Bont and Macrae will help this week.
BRAZZERS: larkey with 47sc this quarter lol
BzBman8: thank you larkey!
OhSoRozee: Had a qtr like this VS port on debut

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