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Chat log from R10 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, R10 of 2019

Manowar: Go Suns
JockMcPie: What did Atkins do lmao
JockMcPie: ah there we go, nvm
Yeehaw: Glad I started Clark over Wilkie!
hinsch: Yeehaw I am with you on Clark
MONEY TALK: why did u go clark lol i used him as aloopphole
beerent11: I half expected danger or con stable to be late ins
OhSoRozee: Upset of season prediction
Yeehaw: Can’t loophole, Moore on the bench
DrSeuss: Stewart, Clark and Telly – let’s go boys – it’s the Suns!
original: So happy I traded Atkins and not constable last week lol
Yeehaw: Would love to see Geelong lose this as a Pies fan
circle52: Gee the umps letting HTB gall nearly around twice and still no HTB
MONEY TALK: not today atkins and duncan plz
Yeehaw: Constable out this week for me
Ash777: Constable’s be is 51 atm
Oh8ball: Keep going Atkins! Good boy
GOOD: had to field Burgess,cmon ton up
Yeehaw: Wasn’t my first option @ash but I’m sick of Geelong dropping him + had to cover injuries
Stu7: @GOOD I’ve got Burgess too, he couldn’t ton up over 5 Games 😂
GOOD: haha Stu, still plenty of tie for him to cape up…
Yeehaw: Dahlhouse and Clark perfect score boosters for me 😀
Stu7: @GOOD ha ha good luck bro I’d be celebrating if he breaks 50 🥳
original: Atkins ya killin me man!!
JockMcPie: Fark I traded out Atkins this week… that was an awful decision in hindsight wasn’t it…
Breezey: Mitch Duncan pretty consistent. Maybe time to pay up for him
MONEY TALK: go lord parsons
Fatbar5tad: Nuffy Suns fans booing their best ever player.
J_Herer: wow Darcy Fort crashing back to earth
Breezey: Best ever most injured player
beerent11: Thought burgess might be better suited to defence obviously not so far
Fatbar5tad: Brownlow fella
OhSoRozee: Had the c on t. Kelly if Grundy failed
Oddsy5: keep going Telly and also Fort will ton up 🤥
beerent11: Compared to all the other fwds tomahawk is pretty reliable around 90-110
poolboybob: Gee Burgess is useless
Stu7: Burgess still on 3
beerent11: Telly could go 180 tonite
JRedden: more like burgess still on 0
Hawks_13: does b. king look any good anyone?
Stu7: Kelly aka Killy
OhSoRozee: This the round Kelly tops brown low list
Yeehaw: Suggested @Apache I think it was to C T.Kelly after VC Macrae
circle52: @Hawks he is bringing a lot to ground at contests.
Gotigres: Donut for Burgers lol
Stu7: Burgess dud don’t know how he gets a game
Hawks_13: his scores have been pretty poor so far, thats all I know
OhSoRozee: Yeh I said the same for bold c or take the safe gawn like any1 who didn’t vc grndy most likely do
original: Burgess hahahaha
BRAZZERS: Did Powell get KTFO again? lol
Stu7: Did anyone have the VC on Burgess?
Dondeal: Glad I hung onto Burgess
circle52: Yep not sure whether KO or hip issue as he did get up.
Fatbar5tad: Sexton owned Henry there
beerent11: Pretty footy
circle52: Powell still out there just seen him.
NoneyaB: love ya kelly
original: Is there a special icon for a double donut?
BRAZZERS: okay yeah seen his TOG going up so must be ok
Fatbar5tad: If our game plan was to fumble everything then we are on point
Stu7: Is Burgess cutting the oranges?
circle52: Brar in mind game is in Qld where dew comes down for night games so ball gets slippery.
Raspel31: Well, perhaps Fort not a great pick. Thank god I didn’t. But you do rather rock Kellyt.
beerent11: Telly must have shocking b.o.
original: But dewy down in Melbourne for the other game too
m0nty: The dew in Gold Coast is fatter.
OhSoRozee: Low ranked opp had all his low proj pods score 20-30 above ea of them actually pushed his score up by 200 to catch me
Fatbar5tad: Two goalsquare fumbles from Dunks for two goals.
Breezey: Dewy is at the GC not in Melbourne. Hahahaha
Oddsy5: telly surely leading brownlow at this stage….
OhSoRozee: Dew is on the west coast sponsor diet
Yeehaw: Kelly leading over Neale? Dunno about that
Fatbar5tad: Thanks Myrdal!
Hadouken: miers have a pulse ?
Hadouken: lol burgess, so horrid
Fatbar5tad: Murda lol
OhSoRozee: Only problem with t. Kelly push brown low is to many players take pts off at cats
MONEY TALK: plz get going rathaus
Stu7: Miers is following Burgess game plan Hadouken
beerent11: Burgess be 47 …hmmm
Oddsy5: that’s true. dangerfield would take a few
NoneyaB: u r gonna win my game killy
Stu7: Killy is the man!
poolboybob: Solid half of footy Burgess
Gotigres: Can Burgers go a whole game without a disposal?
Schillaci: Loving Atkins score. Been trying to trade him out but couldn’t. Need him to play this week and… you little ripper!
J_Herer: Happy I got stuck with Atkins, go well champ!
Gotigres: oh wait, he had a handball
Stu7: @poolboybob yes well picked up mate he has solidly done nothing all night 😂
Stu7: Burgess 1 possesion, is that a record?
Raspel31: No Stu- many remembered heoes with no touches at half time.
Stu7: Cheers Raspel31
original: Wow Atkins
Schillaci: Wasn’t getting Fort next week. Still the case.
Stu7: Burgess 4
Oddsy5: is fort dead?
Hadouken: ffs miers, come on !!!
MONEY TALK: plz throw dahlhaus in the middle or something just get scoring
dipstick: Who would waste 2 trades on fort?
Stu7: Burgess 18 whattttttttt
original: Gee parsons looks different
Stu7: Kelly stopped
MONEY TALK: lord parsons
beerent11: Cb on fire!
DrSeuss: Get involved Stewart
nick2397: Come on (John) Burgess, or you’ll lose a turn.
original: Been watching about 8 mins. Have umpires been letting players get away with such blatant holds?
Dondeal: Ha ha nick2397. Showing your age there
Apachecats: Kelly looking like a 130 game ,was looking like a 160 game earlier.
Gotigres: Nice one Clark. Glad i started you ahead of Burgers
VodkaHawk: Soooo Miers… you can probably kick your anytime goal soon
wadaramus: Go T.Atkins, exceeding expectations 🙂
original: Hey Stewart. You there buddy?
circle52: Ainsworth done for the day.
original: Umpire didn’t even see if that was really high. Just saw a neck snap back
OhSoRozee: The non rated drafts last yr producing best rookie scores lots of tons already this yr
Phasir: WA boys not rated from state level!
beerent11: Geez I hope the suns get up
BestCoast: OhSoRozee agree there has been some down but definitely more up with tons galore
circle52: lets see if Gaz gets off this week was a full puch to the face.
BestCoast: Beerent11 same here that would be joyous lol
Hadouken: a kick and a mark and burgess price rises this week. Winning !!
Apachecats: Right oh Tom Stewart ,you’ve had a good rest that 1/4 time to put on a few points ,40 would do.
Fatbar5tad: Righto circle
BestCoast: GAJ TV what has the little master done I think he is crying out for weeks off
Burnsy03: Loved keeping clark with a high b.e and duursma this week and fielding atkins
Fatbar5tad: Went all Robbie Muir. 6 weeks for sure.
BestCoast: Fatbar5 Classic all maddog Muir he threw more punches than he has possessions lol
circle52: Been a great game and hard to believe 1st against 17th.
Yelse: cmonnnn GC
JockMcPie: lets go good coast
Yelse: just realised i have atkins on bench and no E on it. Its on Stack 🙁
Stu7: Yelse not helpful 😫
OhSoRozee: Had a ton on my bench few weeks back and couldn’t get it
original: If dahl gets 100 I’ll vomit
OhSoRozee: Painful yelse
wadaramus: If you didn’t bring Fort in this week, ar you getting him on the bubble? Offloading ROB?
BestCoast: Yelse ffs same here and in a tight contest this week Lucky I had VC Grundy
thiccgucci: not getting fort. keeping ROB till after byes then swinging forward for a premo!
Stu7: Kelly = Machine
JockMcPie: @wada idk I might hold off and get Coleman-jones when he’s on the bubble or soon after, want ROB through the byes also
OhSoRozee: Holding rob and picking up basement price on bye
ConVoid: someone tell me what ablett did to get him reported
wadaramus: I was thinking just getting a non-playing DPP and someone like Lobb up forward.
circle52: Punch to the Face of Miles ConVoid
OhSoRozee: Cmon sun’s sexton half a dozen goals
circle52: Not reported though
thiccgucci: those that dont have ROB must hate themselves. pretty much a free premo
wadaramus: Looking for ruck cover insurance for the remainder of the year.
ConVoid: how bad was it
The0Grrr: So the Little Sniper is giving out more Panadol prescriptions is he
NoneyaB: So proud of killy and Atkins right now they have just win all my games for me
Burnsy03: gucci, gawn and grundy do alright
OhSoRozee: He meant value wise
JockMcPie: Gaz is 100% getting suspended this week
thiccgucci: @burnsy i have ROB sitting on the bench. when time comes i trade him for a premo forward with bines dpp
NoneyaB: gaj is goneski
OhSoRozee: His price increase upgrades basement rookie to premo basically
MONEY TALK: will happily loophole calrk
NoneyaB: go killy!
OhSoRozee: Gaz telling the coaches he wants to be rested getting reported weekly
DrSeuss: Stewart doing absolutely nothing this qtr – get involved
VodkaHawk: Mro dude might not realise that Gaz has a cats jumper on and actually suspend him
dipstick: Little Sniper is really Little Diper… Been a whinger all year 😭
original: GAZ 100% getting off. No contact to face
megawatts: is guthrie still on ground? 0 pts so far
Raspel31: Clark you good thing- you were for the chop but for outs- good work lad.
Fatbar5tad: here. Dead set Oscar job. Haters gotta
Stu7: Guthrie not on ground
OhSoRozee: Pretty low score for Duncan for 3 goals
beerent11: Beautiful Clark , nice score just before you become hinge.
beerent11: 8 more points and burgess makes money
Fatbar5tad: Parsons Knows!
Yeehaw: Who was laughing at me fielding Clark over Wilkie 😉
Gotigres: plenty of players more deserving of a spud than Murdoch
MONEY TALK: all hail lord parsons
OhSoRozee: U were yeehaw lol
beerent11: Corbett’s pretty shit
wadaramus: Just saw Ablett’s punch in the face, surely gets some time off!
Fatbar5tad: Atkins you bewdy
GOOD: parsons 3 votes..
The0Grrr: Parsons full of shower
beerent11: Commentators trying to get gaj off
dipstick: The irony of racism round
wadaramus: Chickens arsehole 3 votes, surely you jest?!
runt: Ablett is as pure as the driven snow. Nothing in a snap to the jaw
Fatbar5tad: You blokes have obviously never heard of insufficient force.
Breezey: Come on Seagull some Stewart
BRAZZERS: last week was a fluke for fort
beerent11: Not very Christian of you Gary
circle52: Question is whether fist was closed or open not decisive and given elbows did not get him suspended maybe this wontas we
Oh8ball: @original – no contact to face? You sure?
wadaramus: Closed fist punch to the face, simple as that.
Breezey: 3 times insufficient force to the head
runt: fist was closed but pussylike
MONEY TALK: is scaling to 3200 or 3300
Yeehaw: Looked closed to me
Fatbar5tad: Keep dreaming. Fair dinkum.
megawatts: whyspud for murdoch?
GobChuck: traded clark to harris andrews in a punt pick……nice. Carn Atkins, holding up that m8 spot

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