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Chat log from R9 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R9 of 2019

JockMcPie: Need big games from Heeney and Lloyd cheers
OhSoRozee: only lloyd in this
thiccgucci: Would love to see lloyd find his form again
pcaman2003: Heeney may get a leg up with JPK out. Fingers crossed
pcaman2003: Have Heeney and Lloyd. Good luck to you all.
MONEY TALK: praying heeney goes huge to make up for kelly
bones351: Only have this afternoons recruit JPK in this game…..oh wait FML
OhSoRozee: idk if i should take libbas score or field walsh
Oh8ball: Good start heeney
Sixty656: someone club ziebell pls
pcaman2003: CD still slow. Owe Lloyd a HB from 4 mins ago
Jackwatt$: So glad I didn’t take Rowbottom the Spud. I did the right thing getting Stocker right guys? Guys?
OhSoRozee: stocker can only go up if not dropped =)
OhSoRozee: i called heeney to go above his be coz every1 else with high be has been goin above so expect a 200 from whitfield tomoz
pcaman2003: Happy so far with Heeney and Lloyd
LuvIt74: if ya have 2 emergency’s on the bench and if one didn’t play and your other one plays do u get his score?
OhSoRozee: heeney jjust got the quickest sleeve tat ive seen dark as mud
OhSoRozee: u get the lowest score if both play
GobChuck: if only one actually plays (eg if you have atkins and hayes) you’ll get hayes score
Monfries96: I’m sorry I ever doubted you Heeney
thiccgucci: Are we confident that heeney tons up from here? lol
Monfries96: I think it’s a safe ton now gucci, don’t quote me on it though
Chelskiman: Blakey is so annoying. Has had one kick but is on 30 points. I can’t quite sneak in front in one of my match ups. ><
thiccgucci: hahaha
thiccgucci: 6 tackles @Chels
pcaman2003: Go Heeney. Just put Lloyd in tonight. Hope he keeps it up now.
Chelskiman: Now he’s got a goal. Fuck off, Blakey!
original: Accidentally put a bet on north to win. Fuuuming. Accidentally left in bet slip
thiccgucci: Hope the odds were great @original
shang0: Todd Shitstein slowing, excellent.
pcaman2003: LLoyd you pearler!
beerent11: Good too see heeney going well but just as likely to go 60 next week.
Donzoes: would be good if lloyd didnt reach his breakeven for me
beerent11: What is it donzoes?
hinsch: need Heeney to ton up this week getting closer
ajconodie: @beerent – 149
Pezza28: evening lads
pcaman2003: UPDATE. Libs ahead of Labor at this point
beerent11: If heeney can be trusted he’s bloody cheap atm
beerent11: Hewitt has a 3rnd ave 110
J_Herer: lol Roos, this is a game you should win, go and win it!
hinsch: pcaman really comments like that will get you banned who really cares lol
Struda: Rowbottom can go f himself
Dondeal: Sco Mo will win
pcaman2003: @hinsch. A one off! Meantime,happy with Lloyd and Heeney
Pezza28: looking at a big score this week 😉
OhSoRozee: heeney is cheap enough to loop of the bench
thiccgucci: Keep going lloydy
OhSoRozee: he just got hit off the ball 2
OhSoRozee: heeney down the race
OhSoRozee: concussion test by looks
original: Gr8 ffs
MONEY TALK: come back heeney plz
Pezza28: 1600 off 13, got lloyd and larkey live
Gelly: which flog hit heeney?
pcaman2003: Heeney is fine.
Haydo: Somebody say when/if heeney comes back
NoneyaB: heeney apparently good to go
beerent11: Lloyd used to shit me to tears so I put him in my team now I love the man
J_Herer: come on north flower
OhSoRozee: heeney waiting till he can come back on
OhSoRozee: lloyd feeling for the groin
Breezey: Terrible free kick there.
pcaman2003: @beerent. Brought him in today so very happy
Pusti: Where are the umpires on ladder at the moment, they’ve won a few games sor far?
OhSoRozee: roos defenders are slingy blakey into ground on tackles
biggs2dujj: Cunnington piss poor
OhSoRozee: 5th 1 2night bout time he got paid 1
Yeehaw: Heeney on
runt: Where did Ben Brown’s confidence go?
NugzNiggle: How’s Heeney looking lads? He back on yet?
NugzNiggle: Cheers @Yeehaw.
OhSoRozee: dont actually think heeney is fine fell over when he had position to push out polec
OhSoRozee: started fwd and hasn’t changed position since he come on
Manowar: your traded
Chelskiman: Keep going, Lloydy.
OhSoRozee: @runt no1 liked his sideshow diving act
OhSoRozee: games on the line and heeney still fwd
wadaramus: Good job Lloydy.
poolboybob: Rowbottom had about as good a night at Tony Abbott
pcaman2003: Glad I got Lloydy. Gets pts for SFA.
Breezey: Ginormous from Ziebell
pcaman2003: Swannies dodged a big bullet
J_Herer: cya north, jeez
MONEY TALK: isnt there heaps of scaling left
Pusti: A gifted goal for a dodgy deliberate and blatant holding the man ignored in the dying seconds. Great win, umps!
Pezza28: 1781 from 15, cheers lloydy

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