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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2019

thiccgucci: Sorry to all dunkley owners. had no option but to bring him in
feralmong: Took Grundy’s 144. and ditto gucci.
OhSoRozee: nah dunkley elite as mid will top score for dogs and t.kelly top score cats
OhSoRozee: as fulltime mid dunkley is beast
feralmong: brought in Telly and Dunk.
thiccgucci: oh no feral. i needed telly to have a good one 🙁
BigChief: Constable missing m0nty
th3rio: no constable m0nty?
TheLegend6: Constable missing
original: Ah I thought constable was playing fam
OhSoRozee: surprised rohan got up after ko last week
thiccgucci: need bont to have a nice one or ill be very upset with my recent pickup
Pokerface: constable wasn’t selected was he?
feralmong: don worry gucci having a good week thus far.
OhSoRozee: yeh constable is off list cats have 21
OhSoRozee: constable come in for atkins b4 full teams named yday
Yelse: keep going libba
thiccgucci: WTF Gary Ryohan SC insane
hinsch: hopefully C Daniel will do something this week killed me last week
OhSoRozee: highest sc for 2 pos 2 goals ever
th3rio: rohan is a goat. Sydney so dumb for letting him go
Rilian: @thiccgucci 2 contested marks, (first) 2 goals, can’t ask for much more than that early.
thiccgucci: crazy game so far!
OhSoRozee: rohan would still b shower at sydney
thiccgucci: @Rilian im not doubting the score just amazed at how quick he shot up
Rilian: Yeah I know, all good. 🙂
th3rio: whys libba off ?
th3rio: dont mind me lol
Pokerface: its early game scaling gucci.. points for the first 5 minutes are dubious until they smooth out
OhSoRozee: waiting for english to end up on long term injury list trengrove scores well playing ruck
thiccgucci: got my eye on duncan after byes. nice pod if ballsy enough
BigChief: Because he sucks @th3rio LOL
Yelse: cmon libba seriously
Danstar: What was that free for ?
thiccgucci: Bontempelli must have had a really great 1 kick. lget involved please bont
Yelse: he useless forward he so short
Raspel31: Lost Libba 2 weeks ago- no regrets, no tears goodbye, I don’t want you back…
th3rio: libba gets involved then gets taken off.. hard to maintain momentum sometimes
OhSoRozee: t.kelly needs a 3 qtr effort like last week
Stu7: Go Daniel you good thang!!!!!
zoomba23: Please tell me that Dunks hasn’t gone forward
Gotigres: Got Dunkley in so of course he will spud it up
MONEY TALK: brought in kelly guys sorry
Raspel31: Me too Gotigres- and 100,000 others methinks.
Jackwatt$: Wow! Bulldogs only have 2 inside midfielders! No wonder they’re losing clearances, those 2 guys must be exhausted
Pokerface: wait ablett is playing?
Catatafish: Me too, sorry also
ajconodie: I must also apologise.
zoomba23: Apparently half the Dogs team is on the wing
jaypeee: i hate this game
Pokerface: but i thought he elbowed someone? oh never mind..
VodkaHawk: Lol
Pies20: I apologise for getting dunkley also
Stu7: Constable do something or at least book someone!!!
thiccgucci: imagine playing bont forward. they need his class through the middle
original: Clark u spud
Catatafish: Bont and Kelly were excellent trades
Wends: Libba: ..we’d only cry again
MONEY TALK: my oppo didnt have. hurn, gawn, neale and macae. its going to be a blood bath
Wends: afternoon all btw
feralmong: i apologise for nothing. suffer in ya jocks. Oh wait I am too.
pcaman2003: Libba only 57% TOG? What’s wrong with him?
DrSeuss: Constable, Dunkley, Libba and Kelly – can only get better I guess??
Catatafish: He’s getting a new terrible tattoo
zoomba23: Have Miers, Clark onfield, and Dunks. #winning
frenzy: never seen scaling like it, thanks Brouch
OhSoRozee: if i lose ranks with all these big scores so far this round i think ill pack it in
bones351: Just noticed that Frenzy. Gotta say I am happy to see some justice for Brad.
Fatbar5tad: We can’t get it out
Raspel31: Don’t wimp out Rozee- off for the night- good luck lads.
original: TKelly vs Dahl, thought I’d win that battle ffs
pcaman2003: Original,it’s a long way to go yet. Don’t panic!
JRedden: of course constable spuds it up
beerent11: Can’t believe telly is a unique for me in all 3 of my leagues this week
feralmong: Telly about to climb the scoring ladder.
original: Will clark beat answerth..
jbjimmyjb: rozee don’t you have all 3 of gawn, grundy and neale though?
original: At least my draft team is decent: gawn c, hurn, Stewart, cdaniel smh at classic this week
biggs2dujj: Libba and Crouch out next week. In…two decent scorers
feralmong: gee macrae gone quiet.
Yelse: can’t understand the demise of liba
OhSoRozee: i have 1 of them
Wends: Constable spuds better than an Atkins doughnut though.
BRAZZERS: give libba the cactus he’s done! glad i dumped him 3 weeks ago
jbjimmyjb: rozee do you have goldy instead?
pcaman2003: Libba no longer SC relevant and hasn’t been for a while.
Catatafish: Get on the fucking field Bont
OhSoRozee: m.crouch being out made me have to make trades i didnt plan on
frenzy: Abbott was always coming in on election day
Pokerface: lol frenzy
Catatafish: Kelly playing full forward ffs
OhSoRozee: 2 many inside out mids in both these teams playing positions always chop and change sucks bad
Pies20: Shower dt scores so far
OhSoRozee: all the 1s with high be i was gonna pick up soon wont drop money now
original: Knew I should have just done conigs>macrae
OhSoRozee: so expect whitfield to get 205 tomoz and heeney 150 2night
Catatafish: I have Bont and Kelly, and opp has the fucking midget.
jbjimmyjb: original that’s what i did, as well as ross>dunkley
jbjimmyjb: rozee trust me you don’t want heeney yet, still carrying his ankle injury
Gelly: i’ll be happy if heeney is a late out tbh
Jackwatt$: I thought I was a genuis looping Ainsworth and having a second crack with Clark. I think I want Ains 26 now!
original: Jbjimmy with mcrouch drew conigs bscott Atkins Moore etc I had to make other trades that were on agenda but not priority
OhSoRozee: nah i wasnt targeting heeney was saying the ones who had high be achieved them and just humoured on the whitfield/heeney
OhSoRozee: as my round will b shot with outs
Struda: This games shit. Danger, kelly, libba, Hayes, clark
jbjimmyjb: gelly don’t encourage such things, can’t cope with anymore carnage
pcaman2003: Hard to believe Libba a premium once. Team mates don’t look for him now.
Catatafish: Hard to believe Kelly was a premium last week!
9inch: welcome to my team Kelly.. eyeroll
Gelly: 20 mins left to vote reminder
jbjimmyjb: Dangerfield is back to his best
beerent11: If Kelly gets to around 40 at ht can still easy ton up
Juzzo: thought i was clever starting clark over answerth, haha
Wends: Vs’ing someone in an FF league w Kelly capt over Oliver VC. Course he’ll score 120 from here now…
Carlo: Bont I’m gonna need you to lift champ and Kelly follow in his footsteps
DragonLass: @Juzzo I have both Clark AND answerth! (thanks to Darcy moore late out)
penguins00: @Juzzo I did the same thing
hinsch: Clark BE of 26 looking in doubt
beerent11: All these rookies starting to hit the wall
zoomba23: Clark go and get absolutely fucked you pissweak fucking flog. 1 possie in a half of footy. Pathetic cunt
Gotigres: looks like i’ll be fielding Duursma ahead of Clark with my loophole
Juzzo: Oh no! @DragonLass
Juzzo: I got Baltas score to come, lol.
hinsch: I have Parker Clark Answerth Hayes and Balta on field lucky me
beerent11: Gee I feel ok about my team now hinsch
hinsch: OI forgot had D Moore on field as well lol
Gotigres: i forgot i had Moore on field as well, so i will be taking Clark’s score 🙁
beerent11: Happy with my libba to yeo upgrade so far
Wends: Ouch gotigs
Juzzo: Only Clark, Hayes and Balta for me, with Collins and Atley to come, we’ll see.
hinsch: GOTIGRES 8 SCpiont I suppose is better than none
beerent11: Did you bring in atley already
beerent11: Better than
beerent11: Better than richards
GobChuck: My SC froze, didn’t get the grundy vc loop on in time so have Danger C. Glad to see he’s performing for sure
Juzzo: Had to get a mid rookie, took a risk with Atley over Stocker and Rowbottom who I wasn’t too keen on. Very risky.
Juzzo: Upgrade was Sloane.
MONEY TALK: so gar in the las couple weeks ive brought in whitfield cameron and now kelly
MONEY TALK: so if u want someon to have a bad game call me and ill help u by making them drop in price
Juzzo: Jelly thanks Money.
Pies20: @beerent do you play rdt?
Juzzo: Oh, you mean Telly.
OhSoRozee: opp had e on answerth and lockhart as def cover with moore out and no e in fwds for degoey
Pokerface: where is mega? I want to know more about the best pod this year, guthrie
MONEY TALK: yes telly
J_Herer: @MONEY dont have Lockhart on the bench do you?
Juzzo: Ok Telly then, haven’t got him either, lol.
OhSoRozee: so he got the 26 over the 52
LuvIt74: blame me for Kelly’s crap score
bones351: Oh wow, I traded Libba to JPK. thought it was a great move, no way he would be a late out haha
MONEY TALK: i just brought in telly juzzo
MONEY TALK: unfortunately i dont have lockheart, ive got clarkk as cover for moore tho (:
beerent11: No, SuperCoach pies20 why?
beerent11: Big wraps on atley apparently
bones351: I have had a great start to the SC round but here we go with the shit
Wends: Thanks Luvit. Also, anyone know why Daniel scoring has stopped dead?
Juzzo: of course, lol Money.
beerent11: Same here bones
Umpirespet: Thank you guys Tk price will be reasonable in a few weeks
beerent11: Did you say you just bought in Whitfield money?
OhSoRozee: tk has be of 34 and a 66 next week if he gets to 108 so wont b dropping 2 quick ill back him to get 108 from here
Juzzo: Trading out Bailey Smith this round might not have been a good idea
Pies20: There is a team similar name to you dominating @beer thought was you
beerent11: Half time wends
Umpirespet: Like your elite player Dunkley Rozee?
beerent11: Def not me pies I’m not dominating anything these days
Wends: Thanks beerent 😉
OhSoRozee: dunkley is elite if he plays perm mid
bones351: In acse anyone missed it before, JPK is a late out. Replaced by Ryan Clarke. Dammit>
beerent11: Is fort
Gloryhound: could we get a runner out with a defib for Clark…? Killing my scoring
beerent11: Is fort Ruck/fwd?
Pies20: Haha me neither @beer
OhSoRozee: just ruck
Juzzo: no beer, just ruck
nick2397: Is that Jarrod Clark out there or Clark Griswold?
Dondeal: Fracking traded in JPK this week
thommoae: Neither. It’s Jordan.
OhSoRozee: have jpk in draft is only bummer
snake_p: Rusty Rohan going OK
bones351: Now whoshould i field out of Balta and Corbett? JPK out means i have had to do some shuffling.
wadaramus: Gee whiz T.Kelly, get involved mate.
9inch: Miers Kelly and Bont..woohooo
pcaman2003: JPK out could be good for Heeny to stand up
Dondeal: What the hell is Kelly doing? Jesus frack
pcaman2003: Kelly from chocolates to boiled lollies real quick
Roksta: Robrien to fort in 2 weeks looking ok…
original: Clark lol smh we all benched answerth thinking we geniuses now this
wadaramus: Danger picking up the slack at least.
Sixty656: FFS – De Goey, Touk miller and now JPK all out of my draft team this week, had cover until JPK :/
hinsch: I will trade in MaCrae next week so if you have him get rid of him thats how I am rolling at the moment
Wends: Daniel, I swear… about as useful as a UAP poll centre volunteer.
Dondeal: Kelly been drinking his own bathwater this week with all the brownlow and contract talk
LuvIt74: Brought in kelly and Sloane im gutted i chose Kelly this week and not Macrae
Juzzo: haha wends.
ajconodie: Might bring Fort in for Heeney lol
MONEY TALK: so worst thing is my cover for moore was clark or answerth and i traded out collins to get telly
wadaramus: Kelly looks hopeless!
LuvIt74: For what its worth bring in Kelly after the bye’s
Wends: Actually feel for my FF league oppt. who captained Kelly
LuvIt74: Think many brought in Kelly due to his low B/E
BRAZZERS: clark on my bench but still this is pathetic, kelly, constable dissappointng too.
OhSoRozee: suckling been averaging 99 lol
Pies20: Is it just me but a really shower dt game
wadaramus: Was tossing up T.Kelly and Macrae all week, went for the value pick…
BigChief: Constable plays well gets dropped. Thinks if he plays bad will hold his spot.
wadaramus: With all the outs, had to keep Libba too…
JRedden: first answerth and now constable, im done
Wends: Sorry to harp but is Daniel injured or just disinterested?
Juzzo: cmon bullies
Juzzo: no multiple goal kickers for bullies, need bont to snag a few.
Wends: Lol big chief. You might be onto something.
MONEY TALK: better late then never kelly big last
Pies20: I went dunks over Kelly is that a win?? Shower scores where is the 100plus?
wadaramus: Kelly starting to get involved.
LuvIt74: Shocking round here, i had Grundy VC and cant bloody loophole ffs
Dondeal: Bont
OhSoRozee: fort defs holds his spot till after bye atleast done so much compared to rat
wadaramus: Well that sucks LuvIt 🙁
GobChuck: keep going danger, someones put the brakes on
Pies20: Is constable the the next time titch when playing f
th3rio: libba to ton up?
hinsch: C Daniel 40 at Qtr time gone to sleep
VodkaHawk: Look around rohan you knob, Miers was open (anytime goal scorer :))
OhSoRozee: spewin i missed on b.smith gun rookie
pcaman2003: @th3rio. His score jumped very sharply in 2 minutes
MONEY TALK: kelly just pumped 30 points on
OhSoRozee: b.smith starting to put pressure on walsh with his consistency and growth
th3rio: yeah I know pca, heres hoping man haha
TheLegend6: You’d take Constable 65+ if he gets there
Pies20: For Sydney just doesn’t get a look in stupid
bones351: Of course Libba will go large, I traded him to JPK
Pies20: Wow hopefully that made sense
MercAm: JPK is a late out as well
zoomba23: Incoming ton for Telly
MercAm: Have: Danger, Macrae Bont, Clark and Constable, I dont know to be happy or annoyed
Gelly: lol ouch bones
cmperrfect: yes @bones, JPK is a late out
bones351: Oh really Mercam? haha now i have to field Balta
beerent11: I have the same merc but with telly and no bont . Same feeling
bones351: I announced that half an hour ago cmperfect FML
MercAm: Haha, cause of drew I looped Young, but was going to have Balta
pcaman2003: Constable to come home strongly.
MercAm: Oh bones, did you already know about JPK, sorry to be a parrot then
poolboybob: Added Caleb Daniel last week and immediately he has two down weeks, wtf
bones351: All good Mercam. This chat moves fast
Yeehaw: Assuming JPK is Josh Kelly? Who’s in for him
Yeehaw: My bad, Kennedy
JockMcPie: JPK = Josh Kennedy for Swans lul
pcaman2003: Darcy Fort an interesting proposition maybe.
OhSoRozee: josh kenney @yeehaw
JockMcPie: Ryan Clarke
Wends: Same @poolbob. Bleucchh.
BigChief: JPK is Josh Kennedy Syd, JJK is Josh Kennedy WCE
OhSoRozee: ill b doin obrien down to fort
shang0: Rofl @ the Tim Kelly haters, what now?
MONEY TALK: tellyis really pushing
Yeehaw: If fort keeps playing he probably becomes R3 when I offload O’Brien
J_Herer: average scoring all round in this
StuL: That’s the only win an Abbott will have today
BigChief: I have Fort as R3 already.
OhSoRozee: fort will b a lock till bye done so much in 1 game than rat done in all the season
TheLegend6: A big finish from Bont, Constable and Kelly would be very nice
th3rio: pca, as soon as i said that he has done sweet FA
Pies20: Pretty sure I’m not the only one who wants to change the o to a u in constable nam
wadaramus: I looped Answerth, looks like I should have taken his 26, Clark stinks!
pcaman2003: @th3rio. Thems the
Schillaci: O’Brien to Fort looks a good thing.
JRedden: constable is a spud, 4 FA
TheLegend6: Constable will be dropped next week again haha
th3rio: his dad would be raging.
VodkaHawk: Is drew definitely out?
GobChuck: Clark please at least beat answerth
beerent11: Can I please have a def and a fwd rookie? Parker and clark need to go.
woodduck: Hey VodkaHawk is it you I am playing in RDT
NugzNiggle: Yes @ Vodka.
Gloryhound: @ GobChuck ditto
woodduck: My team is Pearl’s Girls
OhSoRozee: jetta got 1 week
BRAZZERS: drew played in the sanfl so yes
Gloryhound: I’d like to thank Moore for his softness and our need for Clark to Step down
VodkaHawk: Nope woodduck
VodkaHawk: Ok cheers
OhSoRozee: @beerent look at hinge and young next week
woodduck: good luck anyway
NugzNiggle: Hayes has had a bit of a barry.
MONEY TALK: turn on my stream and i see clark get a touch, should of earlier
th3rio: Rozee bro you said telly would be top scorer:(
valkorum: Danger down
NugzNiggle: Old Mooney going on about Danger’s left knee. He’s hobbling off with a buggered right knee.
OhSoRozee: yeh i normally say the opposite but had bugger all sleep so not thinking straight
J_Herer: Danger gone, knee
MONEY TALK: who had money on miers anytime score lel
arbel: Yeah big limp on danger. He hit canother guy then put his hand up to bench
VodkaHawk: Me money talk, lol
OhSoRozee: dunkley good score for his handballs at 90 de
VodkaHawk: Have him among quite a few others in a big multi over 5 games, lol
NugzNiggle: How am I going. I said right knee and it’s his ankle. Haha.
arbel: No it’s ankle for danger might not be too bad
Manowar: Hope P Dangerfield is out for a few weeks!
Gelly: ramp for libba
Rilian: Not the week to take that screamer Stewart, won’t even get mark of the round sadly.
Gelly: daniel was on 60 at half time?
MONEY TALK: umpire has constable on supercoach
Juzzo: Daniel ripper first quarter, then absolute crap from there, disapointed owner
OhSoRozee: think sc scores are laggin
Yeehaw: Daniel was about 45 at qtr time hahaha
Juzzo: On nearly 50 at quarter time Gelly.
BRAZZERS: nothing wrong with danger, he’ll play next week
OhSoRozee: cats get a boost being accurate =(
GOOD: no brownlow votes for clark…
MONEY TALK: will clark outscore answerth hmmm
Gotigres: still over 300sc points to give
Gelly: yeh still 300 points to go out
thiccgucci: no way these are final scores?
OhSoRozee: been awhile since a debut rookie ton
frenzy: 300 short yet
beerent11: Yep scores haven’t updated for a while
StuL: SC scores are broken. Constable 0 for a goal and goal assist
frenzy: wtf do you do?
StuL: Danger sprained ankle. He’ll be fine.

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