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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R9 of 2019

Yelse: would you play answerth or scrimshaw?
snake_p: toss a coin Tigers give up most points to opp defenders
original: id be ok if neale scored less than 130 today please
original: are free kicks where advantage is taken by someone else still sc points? asking for a friend lol
Hoot: C’mon Hinge get out there
jaypeee: hi all
jaypeee: i need neale to tank, i traded out libba for bont, all week neale was in my team but i saw the B/E and opted for bont
Seiya: Whats this Moneyball rubbish down the bottom of the screen?
Gelly: monty has to pay his bills i guess
original: wish theyd actually tag neale
Pokerface: so has mitchell hinge been dubbed The Minge yet?
circle52: When will umps start u.piring both sides. Obvious choppping of arms
Catatafish: How about getting a touch Answerth
Pokerface: how do i take atkins instead of answerth..
original: lol poker
LMartos: Crouch could run at 100% with all his touches contested and he’d still have less SC than DT
original: just to humour me, what do we think MCrouch would be on now
original: am going to love comparing neale and mcrouch stats and efficiency vs SC all day
Gelly: looks like answerth is playing on the small forward
m0nty: IQ needs to settle down if he doesn’t want a Fortnite’s holiday.
poolboybob: Do something Brodie Smith
zoomba23: Don’t own Brouch but he must be seeing the daughter of someone at CD. Gets absolutely robbed every game
Snarfy: m0nty! The brain icon for IQ would be a ripper.
original: neale had 3 handballs for 12 sc points this qtr? standard scoring bonus
Chelskiman: Smith on his last legs for me. Might look to trade him next week.
Raspel31: Pooh- Smith injured? Th/?ere goes my 7th player this year
original: smith OOTF. woeful. at this rate i wish he was a late out
BigChief: Still whinging about SC scoring I see. SMH
Catatafish: Good one Sloane
th3rio: afternoon lads. Since when does ROB kill big Stef in the ruck 😐
original: rob the #1 ruck in the league hehe
NoneyaB: wah neale is doing well in sc wah!
original: i love robbo. was shattered blues dropped him but understand
Dondeal: Neale at 9 CP, 4 clearances and 76 efficiency. Of course he scores well.
original: this is when people say “clearances dont matter” lol
NoneyaB: ikr dondeal
th3rio: hinge looking alright hey lads? might have to overlook stocker and get hinge in a week
Catatafish: Answerth is garbage
Snarfy: Answerth beginning to look like another dud route!
pcaman2003:! Trust me to get him in last week.
original: have faith in answerth lol
Raspel31: Thougt about Hinge this week the3rio but brought in Rowbotham. Good luck lad.
Sloaneyyyy: Come on crows. Make it 5 in a row please
Gelly: maybe i should of taken lockhart score lol
th3rio: onya murph
Umpirespet: What a shocking week 5 out’s Smith hobbling and Answerth stinking it up
th3rio: Thanks Rasp bro. Why did you go Rowbotto over Stocker?
Raspel31: Oh Answerth-my golly. Half of us crying now.
Umpirespet: Same Gelly
th3rio: Id never bring in a rookie before 3rd match but good to know theres more coming through so can miss on Stocker, you kno?
Catatafish: It’s hard to have faith in someone that plays like Helen Keller
StuL: Not what we need Answerth. Uncle Chopper needs the cash!
jwv92: Far out umps are dishing out frees to Adelaide like they’re going out of fashion
Raspel31: Only so I could bring in Fyfe The3rio- was short otherwise.
pronga: How poor is Rayner as a no.1 pick
th3rio: nice man. Makes sense
jwv92: 2nd year blues prongs, hasn’t been completely terrible but just struggling as a small forward
Gelly: rayner trade bait i think at the end of the year, bris dont need him, could be a good inside mid
circle52: Jw92 try watcing from the stands and see the missed ones to lions
NoneyaB: pronga hes a superstar compared to t boyd
jwv92: Rayner plays better at half forward or wing not as a small forward
original: cant judge rayner or many dratees this early tbh
jwv92: Circle some of them have been warranted despite being soft but certainly a lot not going the lions way either
pronga: He’s played 30 games and has never been in 1, average
hinsch: SC this week lucky to get 1700 got no bench and looks like two donuts on the field, stupid game anyway
Gelly: neale getting leather poisoning
Haydo: Whats up with smith
Raspel31: How can you have donuts this early Hinsch?
m0nty: Zorko 7 touches for 70 points, excellent DTing.
NoneyaB: typical i didnt c neale this week i at least vc’ed him though
Gelly: rayner cant do anything right, needs a spell in the 2’s
th3rio: huge throw from eddie haha
original: nice kick from rayner.
jwv92: Fuck me ump! Bette fucking threw that downfield like a quarterback
pronga: He’s in the macartin category, failed forward option for no.1s
jwv92: See my last comment pronga he isn’t a forward, certainly not a small forward. Played better last year on the wing/flank
circle52: 2 goals to umps for crows now.
Raspel31: Proud of Neale and Laird- Answerth and Smith- sigh. It’s a mixed bag.
original: thankfully neale ontrack to NOT make his BE so spuds like me can get him lol
jwv92: If Brisbane don’t win this game it’s a missed opportunity, should be further ahead than 1 goal
pcaman2003: Need big qtr from you Crouchy
Gotigres: Keith and Hartigan took each other out
Gelly: ouch
The39Steps: A murder of crows?
pcaman2003: Ooh! Nasty clash
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers Couchy. That kills
jwv92: Great mark by Hipwood!
jwv92: Pity about the shot at goal….
spudaroos: Hipwood is infuriating. If we lose again, it’s because he cant hit a set shot. LEARN TO KICK
Raspel31: Atta boy Smithy.
jwv92: Absolutely spud.
dipstick: answerth-nothing..aint werth shit… waste of a trade
oh_lol: Answerth is always near the ball, but never gets it, nor does his team mates want to give him the ball.
Gelly: obrien might have to go next week, break even getting higher
Carlo: Cmon answerth pick up mate
jwv92: Brisbane starting to really dominate but failing to capitalise on the scoreboard.
beerent11: What happened to bsmith is he injured?
Pokerface: why wouldn’t you use him in round 13 gelly?
pcaman2003: C’mon Crouch and Smith,get going
Gelly: because he is useless in round 12 with gawn/grundles
BRAZZERS: dont ask dumb questions, that happened in the 1st. read.
ajconodie: Sssshhhhh @Pokerface lol
jwv92: Knee injury I believe beerent in field but not playing well
beerent11: Are you talking to me brazzers?
beerent11: Thanks jwv92
Pokerface: but round 13 is the issue
Pokerface: lol sorry aj
thiccgucci: I have no expectations with ROB. thankful for whatever he brings. free money
ajconodie: Hahaha
pcaman2003: Go Lachie you little ripper
Gelly: not for me @pokerface
pcaman2003: And Sloandog,great scoring
Catatafish: That’s a bloody free kick. Bull shit umpiring
wadaramus: Nice push in the back.
original: Neale ruining any hopes I had. Thought gawn vc might get me a 10-15 point advantage ffs
jwv92: Mcstay very lucky, defs in the back but just evens up the ledger a bit
thiccgucci: keep going brodie. get us something respectable
CPotatoes: Neale had a good quarter but not a 50 pt quarter wth
jwv92: How do potatoes? The bloke was involved in everything including key defensive plays, had a few rebound 50s
Donzoes: Have crouch getting over 30.5 possies, surely?
CPotatoes: I thought his first half was much better, maybe scaling helped him out that quarter
Pokerface: check out all those contested possessions potatoes
CPotatoes: Yeah, i think he deserved more in the first half and not 50 pts third quarter
CPotatoes: He did have a 26 possession first half remember
jwv92: Contested possessions and at least 2 intercept marks and as many R50s. I think 50 is reasonable for that
LMartos: Brodie not given that contested handball off the rip of this quarter
original: Neale scoring 0 this qtr would be ideal thanks
Yelse: have to keep liba :(((( for one more week
Gelly: masterclass neale
jbjimmyjb: jesus how good is neale
TheLegend6: Went and put the C on Rocky this week, reckon he’ll beat Neale?
lukefield9: @jbjimmy was just thinking the same thing, turned the game on for a second and neale perfectly kicks inside 50
BigChief: I doubt it Legend.
BRAZZERS: lol really, liber has lost like 70k already that will continue
thiccgucci: come on answerth
jwv92: Jesus Answerth got nothing for that spoil?!
Catatafish: Good work Shitlaide
GobChuck: Earth to Robbo. I repeat, Earth to Robbo.
Pokerface: nice comeback smitty
Struda: Libbas gained 130k?
Struda: Laird has gone missing
jbjimmyjb: If Neale doesn’t score 160, CD is on something
pcaman2003: Neale = Machine
Pokerface: nice debut minge
Raspel31: Golly gosh Neale- I will have your children- keeping me alive.
frenzy: Hinge the turning point
JRedden: answerth is hopeless honestly
Yeehaw: Answerth a terrible pick up, gonna get dropped at this rate
jbjimmyjb: people expect way too much from rookies, not everyone can be walsh/ROB
pcaman2003: Get going Crouch and Sloane
Raspel31: Answerth a huge let down when we had other options groan- not a turning point-lol Frenzy.
TheLegend6: I had Crouch since the start, good player but not for SC
BigChief: Are you still thinking Rocky can beat Neale @Legend?
Yeehaw: You think 28 is good for a rookie?
TheLegend6: @BigChief I don’t think so haha, though you never know with Rocky, could go 180+ vs Suns
pcaman2003: @Legend. Agree and will be an upgrade soon
original: Better get neale off.
Yelse: crouch seriously your SC is pathetic
BigChief: That is true. Rocky will get 130 though
Gelly: whos waiting for this game to finish to vote?
Raspel31: Wouldn’t touch Rocky with a barge pole.
Catatafish: Well done Lynch you mole
jwv92: Fuck cmon Brisbane!
pcaman2003: Great comeback from 1st half Smithy
TigerKid_A: crouch robbed everytime
TheLegend6: I’ve got Smith and laird but recent form has made me think about moving one along
pcaman2003: Rapt in this game. My guys came through nicely.
biggs2dujj: Crouch is defo a DT king. Pure SC spud. Sadly I can’t ditch him
frenzy: no CD love again
Raspel31: Neale has somewhat compensated for Analwart- groan.
VodkaHawk: Well done Brissy
Gelly: cameron game winning point
jwv92: What a game!
Catatafish: That loss is on you Lynch
BRAZZERS: damn i picked crows as my roughy this week fml
MercAm: Laird goes down a point after 4 quick disposals and a free kick
jwv92: Geez cat, bit harsh.
teddyt: you point out 1 drop mark over the constant terrible turnovers leading to brisbane goals? hmm

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