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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Chat log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R9 of 2019

ademase: whats up with Darcy Moore
Yelse: my team has been decimated with all these outs, my trade plans out the window
Yelse: ankle injury @ademase
dipstick: moore having rest before byes and SEN implied his hamstring was tight as a nuns nasty so just a rest
MONEY TALK: so many ppl have no cover for moore hehe inculding my oppo
ademase: thanks dipstick
ademase: and yelse
ademase: how do i get club symbol in front of my alias?
penguins00: go to options and select your favourite team
Umpirespet: Don’t worry Yelse my season is Stuffed after this one round to
wadaramus: Go Grundy, make amends for me taking the VC off Max last night ;(
Umpirespet: Lol nuns nasty
Umpirespet: Parker need 70+
Chelskiman: Need Grundy to have a blinder. Down by 17 points and I’ve had an extra player and Grundy is a unique for me.
MONEY TALK: dont drop now saints thanks
OhSoRozee: i love robbie young kid has some go will probz get reported a bit but hard as nails and quick
wadaramus: I’d be happy with the baseline 125 for my VC.
Gelly: had to bring parker on for potential coverage for heeney or danger are late outs, nohting would surprise me this week
MONEY TALK: i thought ducking= prior
OhSoRozee: debating to field duursma or answerth for moore
Gelly: parker on for moore
wadaramus: I’m gonna loop Answerth Rozee.
original: id go duursma. tho i traded moore. had to unfortunately
Raspel31: Allright-I was a bit pissed last night but it was my birthday. Hopefully offended no one. Go Sainters.
original: thatta boy parker. more frees against please
OhSoRozee: swapped moore for my namesake holding him and rozee till post rd 14
OhSoRozee: had cover in def for moore rather than in fwd
Raspel31: Bummer- no De Goey- pooh- so come on Parker.
Pokerface: you offended me Raspel.
Pokerface: but it was your birthday so i let it ride
original: i have/had: drew moore bines in fwdline. conigs mcrouch bscott atkins in mid ffs
Gotigres: Parker will probably ton up as i traded him out
Raspel31: Poker- let me buy you dinner.
OhSoRozee: opp has moore and degoey with a 52 lockhart cover for moore and no fwd cover atm
Pokerface: yeah that would be good thanks raspel.
Umpirespet: Cheeseburger value meal raspel?
original: quiet games from AT and parker please. Grundy go large
Raspel31: Thinking Hare Krishna Umpire.
thiccgucci: out if interest, you fellas go for rank or league?
OhSoRozee: ebert will b out till atleast post bye if any1 had him
Umpirespet: Just don’t give Poker any drink with red in it he won’t shut up
Pokerface: gucci: rank for the first 2 weeks till i accept i have no hope, then league.
Umpirespet: League now Gucci
Pokerface: lol UP
thiccgucci: haha fair enough
OhSoRozee: o sweet just looked opp on track for 2 donuts drew on field with degoey on field 2
Gotigres: VC Grundy not looking good
original: started going for overall until round 2 i stuffed up my loophole and therefore capt scored 50 and had a donut over gawn
OhSoRozee: grundy doin shit with his taps
Gelly: i have 2 donuts on field but im doing 2 trades
Raspel31: Being pissed as it was my buffday I left the C on Gawn- phew.
Umpirespet: Only 1st qtr Gotigres
dipstick: why does AFL always say NO LATE change when there is? fucken clowns
Gotigres: @thiccgucci, i always live in hope of an individual single round out of the box topish score
zoomba23: Remember what happened last week Gotigres. He’ll go huge, stop worrying
frenzy: c’mon Jack
thiccgucci: @gotigres haha that hope lives in us all
OhSoRozee: was worried puttin the vc on grundy with the commentary saying he was playing on 1 leg last week
BigChief: Marshall doing well I think.
OhSoRozee: was hoping it would bucket down so was lots of ball ups for grundy
BigChief: Varcoe got the Phillips brothers in 1 hit.
Raspel31: Pooh pooh pooh-stuck with Whitfield for weeks and now no Gooeing thingy- go Parker.
wadaramus: Grundy not getting much love from CD πŸ™
megawatts: wait is whitfield out again?
Seiya: Whitfield back in this week
Raspel31: I think Whitfield is in- in every team list.
OhSoRozee: @raspel not mine didnt start with him
OhSoRozee: hopefully can b a pick up over byes
Manowar: Good news D. Moore is out!
OhSoRozee: he might get the ed curnow tag this week with him playing more fwd this yr ideal runner for him
Yelse: comnnn grundy a 50 Sc q please
OhSoRozee: hope so anyway so he drops even more in value than proj
Raspel31: No rozee- I meant every Afl site said he was playing.
OhSoRozee: drew playing sanfl btw so wont come in
Raspel31: Aargh – just noticed- no gooey thingy and no Darcy- ouch, that hurts. thingy and no Darcy M
OhSoRozee: so wasnt actually rested was dropped
original: what the heck is grundy doing
MONEY TALK: grundy looks tired
Yelse: reid been ruck for last 6 mins
BRAZZERS: he was always dropped, team sheet always said omitted
OhSoRozee: i dont trust the word next to players on team sheets
Gelly: parker trying to beat mumfords effort of most frees against
OhSoRozee: as uve seen with geelong playing funny buggers with team sheets
Yelse: seriously get grundy back on reid f off. pies can’t get past half way
zoomba23: Just the usual statless quarter from Parker. Pull your finger out ya flog
Raspel31: Parker is a total twat Gelly- but no gooey substance so him or Balta?
MONEY TALK: can we kick a fucken goal
OhSoRozee: saints killing themselves wayward
zoomba23: Saints should be up and everyone knows it
original: of course my oppo has billings SMH
BRAZZERS: fair enough but drew deserved to be dropped, only had 12-14 possies in each of the last 3 games. struggling
Stu7: Come on Newnes ya dud
Manowar: Grundy ya given up?
Raspel31: Original- no one in their right mind had Hurn- but this week all my 3 opps did- weird world.
frenzy: thata boy Rowan
OhSoRozee: @stu might need to side trade him to marshall/billings/heeney/walters at this rate
pcaman2003: Keep it going Marshall.
OhSoRozee: b2b 50 scores will hit hard
zoomba23: What the genuine fuck does Parker think he’s doing. This isn’t street ball you wanker
MONEY TALK: imagine we knew how to kick into the forward line lol
Stu7: ANyone have any intel of why Newnes is scoring poorly?
original: @Raspel youre kidding right? Hurn was a LOCK with new kick in alloances
OhSoRozee: @stu he seems to b just standing on the outside doesnt want to put in any effort not much CP all year all handball
OhSoRozee: recived
thiccgucci: Hurn was a lock for me too. No idea why everyone didnt start him.
OhSoRozee: hurn wasnt a lock coz he rarely ever left the square was stupid looking to much into that rule
Pokerface: Hurn played on over 90% of the time from kick ins anyway. these aren’t extra points for him this year.
Stu7: Cheers OhSoRozee
thiccgucci: The way west coast play I couldnt see hurn not getting 25 touches a game
Raspel31: Hurn is a spud- he will drop in 2nd half of the season when players work out the new rules
thiccgucci: Coupled with intercept marking, easy lock. cant say it isnt paying off too
OhSoRozee: @poker yeh my bad meant that he played on alot and still got those pts he would have got this yr
OhSoRozee: only thing thats made hurn a lock is intercept marks are up and wce concedes alot more
ajconodie: Pies defence vulnerable without Moore. I’m surprised he hasn’
OhSoRozee: seedsman and douglas back in sanfl 2day wonder who will go out for them
zoomba23: Raspel: The ‘spud’ you just mentioned is averaging 27 possies and 8 marks a game. Aren’t they just shocking numbers
frenzy: langdon cooked for the day
OhSoRozee: reid might have to go back now
StuL: Come on Parker. BE please
NoneyaB: geez treloar looks great without adams playing
Umpirespet: Parker’s tats slowing him down
frenzy: the tats don’t lie
wadaramus: Grundy DE making his score go backwards when he gets possessions.
pronga: Run savage, run !!
Yelse: shocking couching today bucks
Haydo: Whats up with all the sc scores
Haydo: Dw gone now
th3rio: ah crud knew i should have VC Gawn
Yelse: elliot needs to get dropped i called it 3 weeks ago
pronga: Did anyone see bucks interview pre game, he’s head/nose is so flat
th3rio: come on grundfos! match the 144
th3rio: Also Wills doing alright! will he get dropped again next week?
pcaman2003: Happy with Marshall. May end up a keeper yet.
StuL: parker 4pts since QT!!
dipstick: bucks has always looked like a mongoloid.
Raspel31: Parker- as my replacement for De GumBall- you are a disaster.
pcaman2003: How’s that arm going Raspel?
VodkaHawk: Phillips shit his pants at half time or something?
BRAZZERS: late surge by Grundy, hopefully he has a massive last term.
Yelse: massive diff Sc vs DT grungy
frenzy: DE Yelse
Yelse: might have to play balta if parker doesn’t lift. what score keep parker?
ajconodie: Love the way the Saints play these days.
th3rio: yay grundy
hinsch: got E on Parker looks like I take Balta score ad days
Yelse: grundy gonna catch gawn pleaseee
wadaramus: Go Grundy!
feralmong: i’ll take that grundy vc thanks
pcaman2003: C’mon Marshall,don’t stop now
Yelse: if grundy DE was better he be pushing 160 +
wadaramus: Grundy VC locked in both SC and DT πŸ™‚
Yeehaw: Yeah looks like the Grundy VC is takable in the end
OhSoRozee: for beams stats even at 69% de his sc is shower
wadaramus: Locked as C in AF too.
Yeehaw: Can’t complain about Sidebottom Treloar Grundy Howe Marshall
Raspel31: Parker- I fart in your general direction.
Pokerface: @wada would love to do the same but that means i take either parker or answerth score 😐
feralmong: surely cox doesn’t get a game if Reid plays this well.
Catatafish: Come Marshall, piss off Grundy
feralmong: bit rough raspel, his mother was a hamster.
wadaramus: Neither are good options Pokerface!
original: Keep going grundy
Chelskiman: Damn, I took Gaff’s 126 over Grundy. πŸ™
GobChuck: Exactly same Poker, and running out of time to decide whether danger is just better to go with at this point
Jackwatt$: What’s happened to Marshall m0nty? Is he being tagged by Grundy now?
BigChief: Take Grundy’s score or stay with J. Kelly?
Pokerface: tough one gob.. reckon we are losing 25 points on parker’s replacement, so knock 25 off grundy’s score when assessing vc
Stu7: Grundy for sure
jbjimmyjb: Gotta put the C on scott to take Grundy’s, field gibbons or hayes?
Pokerface: hayes by a mile jimmy
feralmong: same combo BigChief. Bird in the hand for me.
Jackwatt$: Marshalls score hasn’t changed in 20 minutes. If he is being tagged give him padlock, or if he is injured bandaid, plea
ajconodie: Target for Mihocek
GobChuck: Grundys just dominating him now. No tag
jbjimmyjb: Jack he just hasn’t been near it, no need for an icon
BigChief: Marshall not getting near it Jack. That’s why he has not scored.
Jackwatt$: Give him the wall then. Do something m0nty, he’s gonna cost me a league game!
Stu7: Please pull finger out Newnes ya dud
GobChuck: Yeah poker, looks like i’ll probably take it. Just a matter of benching Hayes or Setterfield now
feralmong: Grundy lifted DE from 40’s to 50’s so score rising in SC.
Gelly: thanks parker
Donzoes: Don’t know whether to take the 129 or a potential fyfe C
BigChief: Barrel Jaiden πŸ™‚
Pokerface: im looking like not taking it gob and throwing it to josh kelly unless theres a big late flourish from grundy or parker
BRAZZERS: happy with captain grundy, but damn shouldve captained Neal instead of VCing him fml
beerent11: Will corbet beat Parker for my loophole?
OhSoRozee: j.kelly is injury prone only just come back last week
OhSoRozee: take grundy all the way
BigChief: Doing that Braz means no loophole.
Pokerface: he double tonned against carlton last year
pcaman2003: C’mon Marshall,a quick 14 pts man.
Pokerface: rozee its not as simple as that. taking grundy means fielding answerth or parker, a 25 point loss on the replacement
Pokerface: we said that before
BigChief: Bailey Scott becomes my Capt.
pcaman2003: Glad I don’t have Parker..Giant spud!
Yeehaw: Why would you cap Grundy and vc Neale if they play at the same time?
OhSoRozee: i went for a shower so didnt c
Raspel31: Gawn still nudging Grundy.
wadaramus: Two late HOTA’s not added to his SC tally?
ajconodie: Pre-scale @Raspel. Might still pass Gawn
Raspel31: Parker a flaming disaster but degumball not playing- aargh.
BRAZZERS: i didnt loophole this week
feralmong: still 130 pts to hand out.
wadaramus: Still 160 odd SC points to give.
wadaramus: Sorry, looked at DT, spot on feralmong.
GobChuck: cmon scaling, please kick in in the next few minutes

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