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Chat log from R9 of 2019: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R9 of 2019

Yelse: So who is everyone VC and C
Apachecats: Well ,here we go again! Gawn VC and Neale C.Hope Max gets the job done because the C part is a raffle.
Yelse: thinking grundy into fyfe
Yelse: constable recalled for atkins. Scott playing mind games
OhSoRozee: hickey late in for schofield
OhSoRozee: was gonna go oliver vc with gawn against a solo vardy but idk now with hickey in
OhSoRozee: carey got a shiner above his left eye
YoungSC: Facelift scar? 🙂
OhSoRozee: dang some1 delisted whitfield in draft earlier this week missed out =(
Ash777: vc is neale c cripps
Apachecats: Gone off Gawn now because of Hickey issue ,he would have had a dream run against just Vardy ,now no sure.
Ash777: no wait vc is kelly
Umpirespet: Shocking week this one Crouch cogs and drew out
Umpirespet: Grundy into fyfe
OhSoRozee: yeh no e in fwds coz drew out
Yelse: why is drew out?
Umpirespet: Rested /poor form
OhSoRozee: rested probz and port blooding another rookie against lowly opp
OhSoRozee: atley been pushing door down with like avg 30 dsp in sanfl
OhSoRozee: atley big body and has speed aswell
Umpirespet: Ports depth is crap tho Rozee
Apachecats: Dang it! Too complicated stuck with Big Max VC
Umpirespet: Good luck Apache
Yelse: not even a good rookie to bring in this week to trade down for cash
Umpirespet: We are desperate for good rookie or 2 Yelse
OhSoRozee: have a feeling hately gonna b a late in and alot will lose on the big price rise
Umpirespet: His js way to problematic to Rozee
OhSoRozee: js?
Umpirespet: Job security
valkorum: js = job security
circle52: With maybe form as only 11 possesions last week. So not good
OhSoRozee: yeh gws players are injury prone 2 tho so will b thereabouts most rounds
OhSoRozee: took the vc off oliver incase hutchings tag
circle52: *Drew*
OhSoRozee: might end up fwd
Apachecats: By the way Brayshaw will go massive tonight ,guess why.
Burnsy03: Evening all
OhSoRozee: gonna keep an eye on hinge next few weeks 190cm defender who also plays the wing
OhSoRozee: gday burnsy
frenzy: you brang him in Lol apache
Apachecats: evening Burnsy.
Breezey: Because you dropped him Apache
circle52: Roozee will be his position to lose with Bailey out for 6
dipstick: if hately is in then conigs is out for me. hately only needs 3 games to go up enough at that avge
Burnsy03: what POD’s are we watching tonight fellas?
Apachecats: no frenzy I sacked him.Correctamoondo Breezey.
pcaman2003: Evening all! Expect big game from Gawny tonight. 150+ would be nice
OhSoRozee: yeh thought if he puts up he will hold with bailey out
OhSoRozee: yeo will go big
Breezey: Nice if Petrol Cell can get amongst it
Burnsy03: Marty Hore 5 for nothing, not complaining though
Gotigres: Same Apache
Burnsy03: I was going to vc hurn tonight but went grundy into fyfe
Burnsy03: ordinary misses from melb so far
Gotigres: BT says neat little ball. Ball misses target by 10 metres from 30 metres away
Gelly: gawn is being tag teamed and possibly tagged so i dont expect much from him
original: Gawn had 4 points but lost them in a flash
Breezey: Bloody bel. How good is Hurn going lately
Burnsy03: if their is an advantage who gets the ff?
Breezey: Hell not bel
Umpirespet: Petrol beats 4 Melbourne players no praise from BT
Burnsy03: should have vc hurn ;(
Ash777: uh oh bruce just got hard
Stu7: Gawn looks quiet
Apachecats: Starting to get Gawn regret
DrSeuss: Put Brayshaw on the ball Goodwin – he is no good on the wing if you cant get him the ball
Umpirespet: Ash BT was hard 10 mins ago
Burnsy03: baker looks good
Stu7: I stuffed up I put my C on a WC player not playing and V on Gawn so now Gawn is my captain, Arggghhhhhh
Chelskiman: That just sums up Brayshaw’s year.
wadaramus: Come on Marty Hore, sell yourself.
Apachecats: I’m playing someone who put C onRotham and VC on Max .Not you is it Stu7.
OhSoRozee: spear by mcgovern WWE
savage2000: Hey guys…I need some technical help hoping someone can help.
Breezey: Great work Petrol, tackling like a champ
Oddsy5: yeo plus 27
savage2000: I am using my pc…brother using his pc…..web address is identical.
Burnsy03: whats up savage??
OhSoRozee: yeh my site keeps crashing especially when i try to comment
Stu7: Nah I put it on Bines Apachecats
Apachecats: Technical help? Wheres mega when you need him ,he knows everything.
Gotigres: what’s the prob savage?
Umpirespet: Nice of the Hore to turn up
original: Lol stu7
megawatts: here on cue
savage2000: On my Pc I see about 15 colums…he can only see about 7 or 8
original: Q. How overweight is Rioli
savage2000: Chat not working…3rd attempt… I see about 15 colums my brother sees only half on his pc.
megawatts: who’s better? Hickey or Hore?
Gelly: hold ctrl and scroll mouse wheel
feralmong: if window is maxed try zoom in out on browser
Apachecats: Try control + or minus savage.
Burnsy03: savage its not your pc its his
Apachecats: Maxy starting to roll now.
wadaramus: Well played megawatts, impeccable timing!
savage2000: It worked – tyvm Gelly
duckky: Savage – its the zoom. Depending on your browser, click View, then Zoom andd hit “reset”. Should do it.
wadaramus: The Pro.
savage2000: Ty guys…it worked 🙂
Stu7: Funny hey original?
original: That being a free against pet is yuck
Gotigres: Hurn will prob reach his BE of 135 🙁
Bennyherb: Idiot trading in Baker fuksake was 24 now his 12
OhSoRozee: yeh rioli is a mini dew atm
Gelly: brayshaw and oliver stinking it up
Burnsy03: going early herb, did you have crouch and cogs?
Stu7: Come on Gawny get me out of jail!
Danstar: i traded out brayshar…im waiting for im to fire..but so far, good rage trade
Apachecats: Gawn killing it in ruck contests.
pcaman2003: Don’t worry Stu7. He’ll do okay
Burnsy03: glad i dumped brayshaw thee weeks ago, never dump a premo…..
J_Herer: Eagles hate fast football
Danstar: Gawns HO’s have been A+. should get scored more for his HOs
Apachecats: Same Danstar ,only sorry I didn’t do it a month ago before he burnt $
DrSeuss: Wait till I finally trade him out Danstar – then Goodwin will put him back in the guts and he will star again
wadaramus: Gawn rucking beautifully, just needs some CD love.
BigChief: Gday all. Thinking of picking up Harmes. Thoughts?
Yeehaw: Where are my fellow Hurn starting coach’s?
Gelly: all of gawns score is pretty much hitout work
Chelskiman: Can you do it next week, Seuss? Would save me a trade then.
Gotigres: Looking good for you Stu
OhSoRozee: harmes is good most weeks now he has more mid minutes brayshaw pushed out coz harmes can tag and get the ball
Burnsy03: interesting POD chief, could turn out well.
Fatbar5tad: I hate you Brayshaw
DrSeuss: Haha possibly Chelski – also gotta deal with Libba so not 100% sure
original: Gawn to lose about 15 when he finally gets a kick ffs
Stu7: What about Rockcliff BigChief better average
Bennyherb: How poo is Baker 5 turnovers in a row
original: Hore a few intercepts/contesteds and effective but only +5
Stu7: Go tigers thanks mate I think I might have dodged a bulllet fingers crossed
Apachecats: Venables out cold.
Breezey: Looks like night over for Venables
duckky: On track for his 4th x 100+ score on a trot @Bigchief
Stu7: Baker making apple turnovers 😂
OhSoRozee: baker will come good if he gets another game hasnt dealt with the speed of the elite level
Ash777: you cant call first gamers poo.
Fatbar5tad: Double whack Venebales. Not a well boy.
Danstar: Glad I decided to stick to my guns and m the flick. did reverse change 5 mins b4 game. then trd out last minute
J_Herer: @Yeehaaw I started Hurn
OhSoRozee: hurns gonna get his 135 be b4 the 4th qtr at this rate
BigChief: Got him already Stu7
Gelly: what is everyone doing with heeney?
Patty19: Gawn is taking the absolute piss out of hickey at the moment
DrSeuss: Need Brayshaw back in the middle – he is wasted on a wing when their other players cant hit a target
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty, I was thinking me, you & Evan could make a podcast. What u reckon?
Danstar: @Gelly: Hoping he gets over his injury by tomorrow
Stu7: Keeping him for now I’ve got worst players in my team believe it or not
Oddsy5: got bigger problems in my team @Gelly 😂
pcaman2003: Who was worried about Gawn earlier? No worries at all.
BigChief: @ Patty19 I think Hickey doing ok, Vardy is the 1 Gawn is killing.
frenzy: bringing him in in two weeks Gelly
Stu7: BigChief what about Ricky Henderson
Chelskiman: Hurn has had his fun, he can slow down now.
Jackwatt$: Is there anything better than watching the Dee’s on Friday night Footy?
Apachecats: That was me PCA ,quite relaxed now though.
Yeehaw: I traded Heeney this week, had enough of the ankle niggle/lack of buddy
Stu7: I was pcaman2003 but as you predicted he is gunning it
BigChief: Rather get Harmes @Stu7 Don’t think Henderson can keep it up.
Stu7: Come in Shuey remove your finger!!!
Apachecats: Going to enjoy Max being on about 75 at half time.
OhSoRozee: yeo on track to push his last 3 avg from 121 to 140
Stu7: Good call Yeehaw
LuvIt74: What’s all this hype about Henney and injury, His scoring ordinary because he is playing full forward
OhSoRozee: handy match ups to come for wce 2
Pokerface: is it true some people actually didn’t start with gawn?
pcaman2003: Have Gawn as VC,so hope for a biggy Apache and Stu7
Gelly: have you watched heeney play luvit? he stands still, cant run at all
OhSoRozee: nah heeney been in mids last 2 weeks and still doin flower
OhSoRozee: all*
Pokerface: why do u think he is playing full forward luvit
Apachecats: vc here too,pca
Apachecats: Hickey off limping badly.Now its down to Max v Vardy.
Phasir: Accidentally reversed trades and reset Gawn to Capt before this match, praying he gets at least 120!
cobrakai00: bye bye WCE ruckman.. hello Gawn 150+
Breezey: I think if Buddy was playing Heeney May have been rested with his Achilles
Yeehaw: Originally I was giving him the excuse for poor scores due to playing forward half the game but it’s been no better
BigChief: WTF BT? High tackles down low? Can you share what you’re smoking please?
Gotigres: Petrol yoy Goon
LuvIt74: I didn’t watch last weeks game but Heeney has spent a lot of time in the forward line
Danstar: Melb. FK for WC player with torn jersey on field? :D:D
beerent11: Yo-yo has need a good pod for me lately. Won’t be pod for long.
bones351: Wowzers that was some speed and a great tackle effort
Pokerface: and why do you think that is luvit.
Pokerface: why would you sit someone who cant run
Danstar: heeney was playing as a runner last week
Sixty656: FFS Petrol, bye bye next week.
original: Hurn where u gone bro?
Yelse: not vice captaining gawn gonna hurt
Ash777: petrol has gone caveman
Pedsy: Of course I had to take the VC off Max a half hour before the game
gingjok: Come on Lockhart! F U Brayshaw ! Letz go Gawny!!
OhSoRozee: can i just say im still in love with hore
original: Tonne up before HT gawn I dare ya
Stu7: Shuey has pulled his finger out finally
BigChief: Petrol wearing a Poncho now.
OhSoRozee: wats gawns highest ever sc?
Gelly: i wanted to trade brayshaw, but m crouch stopped me =(
zoomba23: Cheers Yeo
Stu7: This year it is 145 OhSoRozee
Patty19: Petrol may as well pack it in and go home after that
original: Gawn gets a spoil and then a hitout to adv and 1 point hmm
OhSoRozee: yeh crouch made my trades different to wat i initially planned
DrSeuss: Same Gelly – Except Cogs and Drew stopped me. He is such a nothing role on a wing
beerent11: Stoked 3 out my 5 are over 70 and the other 2 in the 40s.
OhSoRozee: 174 is his best biggest 1 i could find. @ stu7
Gotigres: one opponent has Gawn vc, the other does not have Gawn. Not sure what i want Gawn to do.
jordan M: how big of a potato is gus
wadaramus: Gawn and Grundy proving to be money well spent for VC/C!
OhSoRozee: brayshaw is back to his non helmet days
BigChief: How has McGovern got 47 sc points? He’s done nothing.
thiccgucci: Anyone know why Hurn has such a low TOG? In comparison to his usual 90+?
twinpeaks: I am going to suffer playing Lockhart, Stack and Hayes in the mids this week…
BRAZZERS: X.Ellis has really packed on the KGs lol
original: Surely petracca needs to cop more heat for his disposal. I mean he was pick 2. Cfc younger players cop it
DrSeuss: Brayshaw is like Libba – coach has changed their role/position. Not much they can do unfortunately.
OhSoRozee: hope dogs dont go after jenkins with $$ freed up
twinpeaks: Though Lockhart to Hurn/Stewart next week looks tasty
BestCoast: Wada first two picked in my team
twinpeaks: Yeo looking really good as a unique, esp at home, anyone game?
BestCoast: As a straight out mid not for me twinpeaks
wadaramus: MOre keen on Bunger in defence I reckon.
original: @thiccgucci hope/think he was just trapped on the bench
Apachecats: Hickey back on the ground warming up.
zoomba23: Twinpeaks: Shhhhh
Stu7: 40 point quarter Gawny please
Oddsy5: alright hurn youve had ur break…110 plus please ❤
Apachecats: ANB concussed.
OhSoRozee: oliver is to heavy handed when handballing it players always have to stretch awkward for them
original: Points must be high, people seem to be dropping 1. (Altho neale already going up hehe)
Drak: Neale already +20
Umpirespet: Better put the C on Neale then
DrSeuss: Brayshaw, Petrol and Hore – Do something FFS
original: Hore intercept mark then turnover ffs
m0nty: that inside 50 was sloppy by Hore, could be playing seconds soon
ReggieOz: Oh Monty..I thought you were a pro! 😉
Dondeal: No, Monty. Monty, no
beerent11: Now you’ve done it Monty
original: Petracca is an average footballer sheesh
thiccgucci: big maxxxyyy gawn you beaut
Stu7: 20 more Gawn for this quarter
Umpirespet: Your Hore needs a rest mOnty?
original: Petru a few goals plz. I might need U if I dont trade drew
duckky: Dee’s goal kicking sucks
Yelse: oliver catch turn ffs
twinpeaks: Even though they are a good match up for Weagles, see Dees finding a way to tank here
original: Monty that last kick by hore risky too
Burnsy03: GOD definitely threw the C straight on Max, no need for the vc
OhSoRozee: demons coaching is trash keep goin high into fwds with mcgovern in there
Pokerface: hore hasn’t laid a single tackle all game
jbjimmyjb: gawn losing points for no reason
OhSoRozee: hore saving those cuddles for me
Stu7: 5 points why?
pcaman2003: Saw that jbjimmy dropped 3 suddenly
J.Worrall: jbjimmy – sometimes Gawn gets points for no reason too!
Yelse: hores intercept marks are half the turn ones
DragonLass: I forgot to take the C off Gawn but seems to be working out for me
original: J.woreall blasphemy
thiccgucci: NEED petreculle to get 65 atleast, considering moore rumoured to be late out
BigChief: GOD may have changed to Hurn as C
duckky: Hore need one tackle or 2 HB for a SC snigger
Umpirespet: If Moore is a late out my round is stuffed
OhSoRozee: moore and degoey probz gonna b late outs
Pokerface: whats the story with Moore gucci?
duckky: Monty – Petty playing his first for the yer, but only his second ever
BestCoast: Gee Wet Toast have plo
BigChief: As long as it is Dylan and not Darcy I am happy.
original: Poker think it’s just rumours
BestCoast: Gee Wet Toast have played shower this year so far
Umpirespet: I will have crouch cogs Atkins drew and moore out lol
OhSoRozee: expected a rest b4 the bye and he pulled up sore last week so probz get off
Gotigres: Glad i traded out Brawshaw for Dunkley so far
original: Gawn being robbed of points here
Yelse: bucks won’t rest more with so many outs and potentially degoey
OhSoRozee: its darcy
thiccgucci: Mark Stevens tweet that de goey and moore exxpected late out due to soreness
J.Worrall: If Moore is a late out, worst case you lose average 80 points by having a donut.
StuL: Flower off Hurn. Of course like last week my opp hasn’t the near POD player who kills it
pcaman2003: Gawny mediocre qtr SC wise,so far
DrSeuss: Sorry Gus but you gotta go – serving up this crap week after week
Carlo: Cmon Shey kick a goal and get 120
Torz: Baker sure knows how to get caught HTB
BestCoast: Dees could of been ten up FFS
Stu7: What’s going on Gawn???????
Pokerface: ok thanks guys
Pokerface: 80 points is the diff between a win and a loss Worrall!
Chelskiman: Same, StuL. Hurn is destroying me. Doesn’t help that I have Spudshaw.
OhSoRozee: its also on the afl website
circle52: CD killing him Stu
BigChief: Max having a rest this 1/4. Saving himself for a huge last.
original: Gawn is getting points but every one is dropping 1 every now n then
Stu7: Keep pushing Shuey
OhSoRozee: had no cover on fwd bench so switched rozee and moore up incase he out
Stu7: Only 23 points that quarter for Gawn bit of a waste
thiccgucci: 23 points is better than no points!
Oddsy5: hurn absolute animal..should reach his BE of 135 😂
megawatts: cmon hore make some more cash
Drak: Yeh 108 at the 3/4time is useless
Ash777: should of VC hurn
J_Herer: teams have figured out the Eagles, quick ball and dont let them set up
OhSoRozee: that qtr not many people scored well
Stu7: Nic eobservation thiccgucci
Stu7: That NASA training paid off
Umpirespet: Stu7 is our resident worrier
pcaman2003: If Max gets over 130+,then he’ll be my C this week.
Stu7: Did someone say Darcy Moore isn’t paying?
Pezza28: Gday fellas
Apachecats: Max will finish with 140.
Stu7: Whys that Umpirespet?
BestCoast: Ffs anyone that cracks a ton at 3/4 time should be lorded spuds
original: Get a goal max
OhSoRozee: rumoured late out stu with degoey
DrSeuss: You guys worrying about Maxy while I sit here with Brayshaw and Petrucelle
original: Stu7 articles and rumours suggesting he is out
Apachecats: Hi Pezza
Oddsy5: oliver turns it over so much…
Yelse: geez oliver kick more
pcaman2003: Dees trying to kick themselves out of this.
BestCoast: Greetings Pezza
Pokerface: keep pushing hore
Stu7: Thanks OsSoRozee much appreciated 👍🏻
J.Worrall: @Stu, if he’s from Collingwood and isn’t paying, what’s new?
OhSoRozee: bakers technique is terrible always has his hands below his waste gets caught 2 much
pcaman2003: Go Gawny you good thing.
Stu7: Shuey killing it whoop woop
pcaman2003: C’mon Horebag.
Carlo: Shueeeyyyyy absolute legend, happy with the trade this week
Umpirespet: Buckley never charges Worrall
Chelskiman: Can Hurn just retire already.
J_Herer: Baker looks like a 1 gamer unfortunately
original: Gawn only +9 so far you’re kidding me?
original: Oh it just jumped hehe sorry
Patty19: Jetta should be suspended for that. Smith was standing there and Jetta’s pinned his arms and absolutely killed him
pcaman2003: Welcome Mr Hurn to my side next week.
BigChief: Jetta in trouble for that tackle?
Stu7: Baker needs to go back in the oven!
Sixty656: Petrol gets in good space but is ignored by his team mates all the time
Apachecats: Jetta will get a holiday.
OhSoRozee: well harmes has just jumped 40k
Apachecats: Just organised my Gawn loop.
original: Jetta defs in trouble surely
Ash777: oh dear these calls or non-calls are crushing dees
StuL: Seriously. FFFF you Hurn!
pcaman2003: Free goal wet toast.
circle52: agree original – dangerous tackle.
Breezey: It wasn’t a sling tackle But he had his arms pinned.
StuL: Come on Dees
Umpirespet: Should get off Abblett jumped off the ground two weeks in a row. With elbow and was fine
StuL: Always special rules in Perth Ash
SwaggyP: Yes bunga !!
PlungeMe: yeo pushing for the tackles record
Apachecats: Dee’s jet lag setting in.
Stu7: Hopefully Gawny will beat his best 145
OhSoRozee: similar to setterfield on powell just not as forceful so will b a 1 weeker
Umpirespet: Lol Stul special rules in Geelong
PlungeMe: brayshaw on the come back late
original: Love me some hurn. Was my first picked with new kick in rules.
beerent11: Hurn might get to 600k soon
BigChief: @ump but that’s the protected one.
Ash777: Jetta is gone for a couple of weeks I think.
OhSoRozee: only reason hurn goes big now is wce concede so many inside 50s
Oddsy5: kelly n hurn been my last 2 upgrades. worked well so far
OhSoRozee: there defence is pretty shot this year
beerent11: Oliver only 7 cp
PlungeMe: according to someone on 7 if wce have 90+ marks they win
Stu7: Good choice Oddsy5
Torz: Keep going Brayshaw
Raspel31: Ola lads- burp. Just home after a boozie bday day. Gawn you champ but Petrol- really? Burp. Game on.
stuballs: Thought I’d still be able to get Oliver next week. Ah well
beerent11: So not because he’s a good player rozee
Oddsy5: overload or overlap? cmon BT
bones351: Bailey Scott gets his first gig as Captain. Thanks Gawny.
Chelskiman: What a mark!
Breezey: Speccy Liam Ryan
BigChief: Fair grab Liam.
original: Gotta feel for gawn
Apachecats: Gawn going to be sore after that!
Oddsy5: holy fk what a grab! on gawn too!
Pezza28: Had hurn, hore, and Gawn vc, very good night out
beerent11: Hurn 7 intercept marks
Ash777: best 1 for the year?
pcaman2003: Why did Gawn just go from 135 to 131 so quickly?
Yelse: melb can’t kick into fwd 50 hence turn domination today
OhSoRozee: @beerent still ok player hes just gonna get 30-40 more pts a game coz they dont hold it up the ground as much as
Breezey: Gawn eating studs
OhSoRozee: previous years
wadaramus: Vardy is a wanker.
J_Herer: Mark of the round that, awesome!
Apachecats: Studid Vardy tried to rough Max up while he was flat out on the ground.
BigChief: That was a cheap shot from Vardy.
Chelskiman: At least match Hurn, Gaff.
Pokerface: so he’s an ok player rozee
V@lks: Muppet icon for Vardy plz M0nty
Apachecats: Max will no doubt put that in the memory bank Vardy you twerp.
Umpirespet: 6 minutes till the ski trips get booked
wadaramus: Fuckhead icon for Vardy.
BigChief: @Chel 40 points in 6 mins is a little too much.
pcaman2003: Damn you Hurn.
Oddsy5: hurn gawn oliver and hore tonight! very happy
Yeehaw: Hurn looks pretty good to me 😉
PlungeMe: thats a great kick by crippa
Apachecats: LOL umpirespet.
J_Herer: Hurn go son!
V@lks: Hurn star.
Breezey: How about match winning steal icon for Vardy.
Stu7: Nice Oddsy5
OhSoRozee: hurn 31 disposals at 96% no kermies
beerent11: 162 best sc def in the game by a mile atm
Stu7: 20 more Maxy
wadaramus: Hurn 2 tackles and 4 CP’s, why such a high SC score?
Pokerface: hear ya oddsy. Hore made me happy too
original: Get 140 please gawn
Manowar: Happy with Hore and Oliver? must be joking!
Raspel31: Never even seriously considered Hurn- but hmm?
Oddsy5: can’t believe some people got rid of Hore when he was dropped
PlungeMe: DE I guess wada
Apachecats: Dee’s lousy kicking a boon for Hurn.
Stu7: Burn killing it
PlungeMe: and marks and metres gained
beerent11: Hurn yeo clarry hore and max here. No vc on max tho
Gelly: cant consider hurn now, you will be paying a premium for him
original: I don’t have baker but would take that over stocker lol
Pokerface: he wasn’t dropped he was injured
duckky: Muppett for Frost
wadaramus: Just doesn’t stack up PulngeMe.
Breezey: There is ya Muppet right there. Frost
Yeehaw: Lmao
Umpirespet: Frost hahaha
BigChief: Muppet for Frost m0nty
original: lol muppet
Chelskiman: Oh god, that was terrible, lmao.
Oddsy5: oh my bad!
pcaman2003: Dees have well and truly blown this.Got the yips badly
Yeehaw: Can’t consider him? Averaging 116 before this game how can you ignore him
Pokerface: frost u clown
Apachecats: Darling right place at right time.
Pokerface: did frost take west coast on the over 15?
OhSoRozee: yeh i didnt wanna pay 550k+ for hurn sittin at 574k atm b4 2night
Breezey: Has Bruce ever called Garlett Jeff or is it permanently Jeffy
Manowar: West Coast happy with Frost!!!!!!!
beerent11: Blind Freddie could see hurn was gonna benefit from the rule changes more than anyone else
Stu7: 3 more points maxy to beat your best
Pokerface: not really beerent – he played on anyway, not really extra points.
spudaroos: Melbourne threw this game away. Wasteful as
bones351: Nice start to the week. Gawn VC, Oliver, Hore, Hurn and Sheed. Hurn the new addition:)
Pokerface: its the guys like ryan who had a low play on ratio that benefit most
MONEY TALK: whats the total score for supercoach meant to be,its only at 300 rn isnt it like 3300
Breezey: On fire Bones.
Oddsy5: nice stuff there bones
Apachecats: killing it bones.
original: Gawn -1? Don’t remember seeing a free against
Stu7: Bones 351 Nice work
GOD: GOD has the C on S. Hurn tonight!
beerent11: That’s where you get the extra points pokerface. By playing on. Wasnt counted til this year
MercAm: Yeah think around 3200-3300
beerent11: Went from 1 point to 4 points
Pokerface: its scaling original – scores were above 3300
Stu7: 1 more point maxy
Pokerface: beerent no, if you played on anyway you already got the points for kicking. hurn played on most often.
MONEY TALK: only have gawn and hurn from this so im happy
Tig-Train: Person I’m playing has VC on Hurn lol just my luck
OhSoRozee: 1 person in my league has hurn and hes 12th on my ladder
original: Thanks poker, thought scaling ones didn’t pop up with red
Raspel31: GOD is a figment of our imagination.
Chelskiman: Well fuck you, Hurn and Oliver. Fucked my entire weekend already.
BRAZZERS: glad i dont have brayshaw lol
beerent11: Nope
Pokerface: so he was already getting the points for the kick
Oddsy5: have another kick hurny, absolute weapon
Stu7: Great job Maxy proud
Stu7: Great job Maxy
original: Who didn’t start with Hurn? Lol
Pokerface: @original sorry didnt realise you meant red – didn’t see that. Scaling isnt red.
J_Herer: nice finish +3
duckky: Especially a GOD that barracks for Carlton Raspel
GOD: GOD is happy with captain Hurn, Gawn and Yeo tonight
arbel: Don’t know how people don’t have hurn… thought he was a good lock with kick in rule

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