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Chat log from R8 of 2019: Fremantle vs Richmond

Chat log for Fremantle vs Richmond, R8 of 2019

Umpirespet: Please let this game be worth watching
m0nty: I am hoping for a good game actually.
Umpirespet: mOnty think our prayers are being answered
jbjimmyjb: we look a lot better than last week
Gelly: kinda playing like we did against port after a bad loss
penguins00: Tigers are on fire
jbjimmyjb: gee the cameras are struggling with the exposure of that sunlight
m0nty: Freo turning up would be nice
wadaramus: Lobb could be a good DPP option as ruck cover.
jbjimmyjb: wada dont look into his performance today, naughton destroyed us last week
wadaramus: Not just today, nis price and his average makes him an option.
wadaramus: F6 and DPP is tempting.
FlyinRyan2: @wadaramus what are you talking about
Gelly: thats a firm no for lobb
m0nty: if you want a F6 DPP then Marshall is your man
Umpirespet: Walters has been stiff with the umps so far
Wends: Hello Nat.
Umpirespet: Can he keep it up tho mOnty?
thiccgucci: Go fyfe you beautyyyyyy. baker lift please, have to field u 🙁
th3rio: one of the dudes in my league was looping grundy with Constable, so put the C on Fyfe. Lucky for him
Gelly: how is nank spsoe to give the ball to fyfe when he is running away from him?
jbjimmyjb: fyfe scored 142 the past 2 games vs us, wouldnt be surprised by a 200
Umpirespet: Fyfe has bought his own footy today
thiccgucci: Fyfe going massive this quarter distracting us from the fact that mundy is having himself a nice start to the game
OhSoRozee: marshall doesnt have dpp tho
jbjimmyjb: another injury to a key player great
wadaramus: m0nty censoring my comments.
wadaramus: I tried to say that 3 times Rozee!
beerent11: I’ll take a 114point quarter from my captain thank you
clay007: looks like nankervis has suffered a serious injury. He has soiled his pants. Poor fella
FlyinRyan2: what is dpp
jocka: wadaramus: Say something worth publishing
wadaramus: Dual Position Player.
clay007: dual position player flyin
OhSoRozee: wonder hm people have the j.kelly/dunkley/oliver/t.kelly/grundy/macrae combo
m0nty: Marshall will get DPP though, depending on the comp you’re in
OhSoRozee: dpp is Dual position player
Umpirespet: Dpp is dual position player
FlyinRyan2: oh dual position
wadaramus: What like hero comments like yours?
Donzoes: Keep it up fyfe, going to get me that 2200 with him at C
Umpirespet: 90% here Play SC tho
StuL: Didn’t capt fyfe because any time i do he gets injured. SO of course this happens.
beerent11: I have all but dunk and j Kelly rozee
StuL: so many big scores this week, and abysmal choices to miss most of them. Appalling week.
NoneyaB: i reckon nank will b ok
wadaramus: I have been trying to publish comment on Lobb as a DPP cover option.
Wends: Thank god took ross off ground
teachrtony: OSRozee, have them all bar JKelly, with Cripps ^ Rocky’s 120s as well.
beerent11: There’ll be some massive scores this week
Wends: Having said that, he’ll score 80 from here
BestCoast: Fyfe to the rescue
OhSoRozee: wada that showed up a few times early
StuL: On for a massive 2100 and something
Stu7: StuL always the way, we must have the same curse
wadaramus: Many have been talking up Hoff as an option.
StuL: Fyfe and Neale often fly out of the blocks but still end with low 100s.
jbjimmyjb: stul join the club
wadaramus: Yeah but the follow up’s didn’t come though.
StuL: Hoff is an option as grave digger.
jbjimmyjb: it’ll be interesting to see who is our 2nd ruck for the rest of the day
BestCoast: Fyfe smashes 140+ at will
OhSoRozee: i was looking at starting the season with lycett/lobb
clay007: I need Houli to outscore Fyfe by 44. Any chance?
Umpirespet: Ross stack and baker finding it hard this week
BestCoast: Clay super slim at best
NoneyaB: nanks back
clay007: I thought so @BC. Need a miracle. Saw Fyfe on Martin, so maybe Martin’s don’t argue knocks him out
dipstick: Looks like balsa wood ain’t gonna score much again
BestCoast: Clay bloody hope not have Fyfe as captain
clay007: Does Balta play dodgeball out there? It never hits him
Stu7: Clay007 you dead in the water
Wends: Ross off with ankle
beerent11: Fyfe has been starting like this lately and finishing around 120 can have quiet
clay007: Meaning Stu7?
clay007: Houli on the move and Fyfe, slowing down.
Stu7: @Wends there goes my SC team further into the sewer
thiccgucci: fyfe slowed way down
Stu7: That Houli won’t outscore Fyfe
amigaman: What comp are the MB scores for?
Stu7: Not “you” but “your”
wadaramus: Ross had his foot trodden on.
OhSoRozee: fyfe starts well then gets attention
Stu7: Hey but who am I to speak my team and choices have been cr@p
Wends: This round definitely brought the shizen @stu7
beerent11: The runner rule can affect scores when they get stuck on the bench too
beerent11: Fyfe just had a big spell thiccgucci
clay007: Sorry Stu7. I am just wishful thinking. I have stunk it up this weekend. It started with Crouch being my captain.
spudaroos: Jeez the Dustbin has been so poor this year. He looked God-tier in his brownlow year.
Wends: Fyfe brewing a billy tea on the sideline?
Stu7: I’m hearing you Clay007 another loss to me this week 😫
amigaman: Nobody knows?
BestCoast: Clay crouch as captain you thrill seeker
Umpirespet: Spud Martin has his millions now doesn’t need to perform
jfulla7: ross back on?
megawatts: fyfe gone down 8 for what?
beerent11: 6 points for Fyfe in this qtr
BestCoast: @Wends a camomile or earl grey
Stu7: Empty billy
Wends: Arm chop f/a @mega
clay007: I had vice on Gawn, but his 108 was not enough. Took a gamble and learned a serious lesson. I’m stupid
happytimes: Is Ross coming back on?
Pies20: Fyfe has got a good start relax plenty of time to go
J_Herer: Constable to Fyfe for me this week as he wasnt playing and Scott said he would struggle to make the cats side
amigaman: Der, just found it
J_Herer: dear lord this game, injuries, squad changes, ordinary weekend, 220 in AF will be a dream
Wends: Thinking he might be partial to a soy chai @Best
BestCoast: Dockers are just a good ordinary side
Wends: Not that there’s anything wrong with that
Oddsy5: fyfe has the biggest first quarters..always makes me scared he could beat stack+110
beerent11: I reckon Fyfe will come out after ht and tear it apart again
clay007: Houli in front of Fyfe. Miracle is starting to develop
Umpirespet: Yes there is wends
Pies20: @herer is there rolling lockout in Supercoach? I don’t play that
beerent11: If be happy if north were a good ordinary side
BestCoast: Maybe even a dandelion tea @Wends
Umpirespet: Sorry beerent you’ll never be happy
Struda: What fyfe didnt score that quarter?
BestCoast: Beerent11 dockers on there 12 rebuild though least Kangaroos have got heart
Pies20: Haha @beerent won’t be any time soon
Drak: Plays fyfe fwd majority of the qtr after he smashed qtr 1. Genius RossLyon
J_Herer: Nah AF, traded Constable out for Fyfe as was told by Scott he wouldnt play, then he does and tears it up ffs
Pies20: Who tipped the dockers to win?
Stu7: I might eat my words yet clay007
BestCoast: Ross Lyon is the biggest flog in football last 25 years mr defensive
J_Herer: Injuries to Atkins and Scrimshaw, Drew flat, Parker cooked, bench problems now lol
ozziekev: C on fyfe..thinking 180 after Q1…hope he tons up !
J_Herer: Oh goodie injury to Ross I see, on field also ffs
Hadouken: stay low Ross, mwahahha
BestCoast: If I fell into a 44 gallon drum of nipples I would come out sucking my thumb this weekend
Pies20: Scene jellwood in then out for constable within 15 minutes glad he played
Wends: Here for Hadouken’s ev-yil Ross related plans.
Donzoes: Solid 3 point quarter fyfey
J_Herer: going to get 2200 in AF and had so many injuries and issues, next week will not be fun lol
Pies20: Love rdt do rolling lockout now
Pies20: Haha @bestcoast
Wends: I hate rolling lockout @Pies, too stressful trying to have a life!
jayshi: @J_Herer, it doesn’t just happen to you, many feeling your pain
thiccgucci: need 150 between fyfe and baker. for some reason im not feeling too confident
megawatts: @thicc i need 222. was optimistic at the start but not gonna happen now
HawkTalker: Did Fyfe really just have a 3pt 2nd Q?
hinsch: should have played Balta instead of Parker
OhSoRozee: he lost pts when off the ground
Pies20: Yeah your write @wends but can help on the flip side
shang0: Jack Ross is off 😀 my opponent has Jack Ross 😀
hinsch: Just looked at SC leagues 2100 is going to be a good score ???
OhSoRozee: goes away 80k profit in coming weeks on ross
poolboybob: Pull your finger out Fyfe
Pies20: I’m on the flip side this week that’s why I’m happy
amigaman: Wow Stack -7 during break
wadaramus: Fyfe probably busted Ross’ foot 🙁
feralmong: gonna be hard with 2 down and 1 is Nank.
thiccgucci: why be happy about jack ross being injured? means we all lose that cash generation he offered
beerent11: I think caddy is tagging Fyfe hard around the stoppages
Wends: Helped with Constable this round but too much hassle all up @pies. Also Fyfe: LIFT!!!
frenzy: nah, pulling away feral
BOMBRBLITZ: pull your finger out Fyfe I need 108 from you to win my league
feralmong: yeah frenzy thing in our favour is freo can’
Pies20: @gucci wasn’t talking about Ross yeah your write @wends
wadaramus: Balta making cash!
J_Herer: The rise of Balta begins
frenzy: balta going to go big
feralmong: can’t score well.
Yelse: whats happened to fyfe geez
circle52: Fyfe has only scored 3 points since first quarter so lift.
feralmong: just what balta needed. responsibility.
SwaggyP: Fyfe just a spectator at this point.
Gelly: balta will outscore fyfe at this rate
Yelse: balta doing well coz he actually getting game time
beerent11: Being worn by caddy at stoppages yelse
BOMBRBLITZ: better Fyfeeeee!
Apachecats: Balta =cash cow ,who woulda believed it.
OhSoRozee: the baker’s dough is rising
Danstar: Stack score keep going lower after every touch lol
NugzNiggle: Stack with the barrel. Nice.
feralmong: we can live without rance but not Astbury.
feralmong: Tigers marking and kicking. Need to bottle this game style.
OhSoRozee: pitty balta has ruined his avg over games to ruin the production of his be to even start making much $$$
beerent11: George!
jbjimmyjb: what a goal
Gelly: goal of the week
jbjimmyjb: dean margetts had the best view for that one
BOMBRBLITZ: Castagna looks and plays like Mark Mercuri
thiccgucci: would be extremely happy with 80 from baker!
feralmong: carn tiges don’t let them back in
jbjimmyjb: did derm just say richmond arent a good 4th quarter team
beerent11: He love to be half as good bomberblitz
Gelly: first game ive liked from menadue
Raspel31: Ah well , dream run- but Ross injured- such is life.
BOMBRBLITZ: well that goal was Mark Mercurial
Wends: Keep LIFTing Fyfe
Ash777: freo should really be dominating with nank out.
feralmong: they are ash in the ruck. thats not where we score from though.
Raspel31: Next week the chopping block and the headless chooks begins real time- but injuries, aarrgh.
circle52: @raspel I would need 10 trades to get my team right after all the disasters
J_Herer: Dockers better finish good, tigers 2 men down
BestCoast: Two down away from home and Dockers still can’t put them to the sword
beerent11: Gee Fyfe is strong in a tackle
Ash777: Fyfe looks out of place with that sleeve
BestCoast: Freo forever Cup less
feralmong: lynch
Raspel31: Don’t ban me M9nty- have to shoot out for dinner but may City lose and Liverpool win the title.
feralmong: bugger
greshprinc: jack ross has cost me my league game ffs
mattmac24: Are we trusting Fyfe to stay fit this season?
Breezey: Let’s hope so Raspel
Struda: heeney and libba close ot being traded, walsh too, most rookies plateuing but need a big game to gain more caash
missmagic: witches hats on all dockers except mundy and matera
Struda: Walsh and Atkins to Macrae and Jelly methinks
feralmong: carn tiges hold on to this
FlyinRyan2: Not Macrae yet give it another week
OhSoRozee: headline balta to outscore dusty
Ash777: dermie needs to go as a commentator. He just complains.
BestCoast: Dockers should give Ross Lyon a ten year extension
Gelly: muppet ryan
Breezey: He would fit right in on here Ash.
Tig-Train: #savethedribble
Gotigres: I’m confused. Bolton B.O.G and Balta 65+
Ash777: Freo are carrying too many players.
Monfries96: balta a cashcow now boys
Ash777: stop getting suspended fyfe!
TheLegend6: Hopefully Baker and Stack can hit 70+
Breezey: And an X Factor for Big Balta
Gotigres: you might be right OhSoRozee
OhSoRozee: i bet only the lower ranks have the e on balta from just set and forget
NugzNiggle: Hey @Breezey, You’re phone not working? Laugh.
Struda: if fyfe goes for that, ablett gets 3
Ash777: Martin didn’t want to be outscored by by Balta.
Donzoes: What did fyfe do to get the TV?
Breezey: It’s in my pocket. Haven’t heard anything
original: My mate has Bolton smh
feralmong: thats it freo, roll over, play dead.
OhSoRozee: nice % gain for tigs
Apachecats: Donzoes ,he did an Ablett on someone.
Donzoes: He’ll cop a week then, great
DrSeuss: Dusty starting to junk it up
Chelskiman: Got Houli in last week and had a mare, but that +18 reminded me why I got him in.
J_Herer: excellent Fyfe reported now hey?
OhSoRozee: sneak another 30+ fyfe and baker ty
OhSoRozee: ablett should get a week but fyfe was more like ablett of last week
NugzNiggle: Tight like a… @Breezey.
Monfries96: Hope balta gets dpp in the ruck now
Breezey: Docker@ Niggler
dipstick: Ablett elbowed someone again today. 2 week holiday
original: Balta owners be so smug right now
J_Herer: Thats it Houli
NugzNiggle: @Breezey. Haha. Another couple fyfe or dusty goals and I’m in strife.
NugzNiggle: On cue @Breezey.
Gotigres: great junk time Fyfe
thiccgucci: fyfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Breezey: @Niggke
AuroraBore: Am gonna lose my multi for 400 because Walters isnt gonna kick a goal
OhSoRozee: well i got my 30+ from fyfe/baker
Apachecats: Richmond 9 players 100 +SC.Very even effort.
AuroraBore: 7 legs and the one that lets me down is Walters not scoring
Breezey: @Niggle. Need more yet I reckon
thiccgucci: colyer has massive quads jeeez
beerent11: Nice fyfee
Lawls: Wow balta
NugzNiggle: @Breezey. The old, ‘I’m gone’.
nbartos: kicked straight freo woulda won simple
Breezey: @ Niggle. Righto Hogesee
NugzNiggle: Good battle @Breezey.
BestCoast: Fyfe saved me big time woooooo hoooooo
beerent11: 410k to spend this week. 🙂
Breezey: Westhoff costly for me
J_Herer: Nice end to an average weekend with Fyfe, Houli and Stack
amigaman: Stack vs Baker. SC scores silly.
Chelskiman: @nbartos easy to say that. If Tiges had kicked straight it would have been a draw, so Freo still wouldn’t have won.
Oddsy5: balta new cash cow ❤
megawatts: lost by 8 pts idec anymore

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