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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Essendon vs Fremantle

Chat log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R9 of 2019

thiccgucci: Interested to see how blakely impacts mundy
OhSoRozee: yeh i didnt bring mundy in for that reason
thiccgucci: are the SC scores wrong for Gee vs WBD? I swear they havent moved in 5 mins
OhSoRozee: yeh i think delayed last 5
OhSoRozee: they are updated now
Yeehaw: Nervous Coniglio is gonna be a late in for some reason and stop me from taking Grundy VC with Fyfe stuck on bench too
OhSoRozee: yeehaw isnt emergency so u can loosen that hole of urs =)
Oh8ball: Lift Willy walta
Searly34: Stay down Willy Walta
Monfries96: Andy Brayshaw showing big bro how to do it
thiccgucci: No way coniglio is a late in- been nursing the injury for a while now
OhSoRozee: well doesnt look like blakely gonna affect mundy looks like walters is the affected
pcaman2003: Pushed Mundy out last month,then he starts really playing.
cmperrfect: Time Walla had a stint in the VFL
boofjb57: Not a bomber fan but I agree there cmperrfect
thiccgucci: Fyfe always explodes off the blocks then slows down
Sixty656: Fyfe killing me in Fantasy 😐
thiccgucci: Lift fyfe. always produce disappointing 2nd qtrs
TigerKid_A: Why does Josh Begley looks like Patty Cripps lol
Breezey: Is Fyfe still playing or what
Sixty656: WOW, traded in Fyfe and thanks for the arse fucking you hippy cunt
Monfries96: the old fanfooty spray worked for Walla
zoomba23: How’s Blakely looked? Not watching
thiccgucci: Someone give Fyfe a spray for his shocking quarter
Yeehaw: Freo entries inside 50 have been terrible
Donzoes: I really don’t know what that free was for at the end
J_Herer: no free at all
pcaman2003: Fyfe blown a gasket? Spluttering along for my opponent.
shang0: Get more of the ball, Merrett
Catatafish: Zerrett vc was an inspired choice..
Sixty656: Fyfe can’t even be bothered running… jog jog jog, how about TRYING CXNT
pcaman2003: UPDATE. Libs ahead of Labor at this point
thiccgucci: Fyfe is everywhere but nowhere
Struda: Were fucked then pcaman
thiccgucci: What do they classify as a tackle? When theres a stoppage?
OhSoRozee: ball doesnt get loose
pcaman2003: @Struda. Time will tell.
pcaman2003: Hoping Fyfe stays down while J Lloyd keeps firing.
thiccgucci: How is mundy running harder than fyfe
J_Herer: Lets go Zac Man!
poolboybob: Wow an error-filled and low-scoring Freo match, what a surprising development
VodkaHawk: Need a Taberner goal for my multi’s..
OhSoRozee: fyfe go up 15 pts at 3qtr time?
original: OhSoRoz either that or he was incredible v early in q4
Sixty656: You’re a joke Fyfe – Get fuXed
gazza39: @Toolboyflog, why watch it then?
Manowar: Hogan get in the bin
scrappers: i have fyfe so not complaining but how is he on 98?
Drak: 21 contested possies mate
J_Herer: wtf is this umpiring, the block wa slightly there, but the rest, jeez
scrappers: wasnt he on 67 at 3/4 time with 20 possies or am i mistaken
Nuffman: How is that a free kick? I thought the rule was “if you make an attempt” which he clearly did??
Catatafish: Get back on the fucking ground Zerrett
J_Herer: Walters front contacted Redman and won a free….
OhSoRozee: fyfe is shit as captain when needed doesnt turn up
CPotatoes: i think fyfe’s score is fair but his last quarter scoring is a bit sketchy
Gelly: all i hear now is sooking essondon supporters booing umpires… sad

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