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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast, R9 of 2019

Pokerface: watching port adelaide and gold coast suns.. the things you do for supercoach
Pokerface: nice and low thanks rocky
pcaman2003: @poker. lol!.Go Rocky! Need a big game from you today.
frenzy: before SC had no interest in these games
Drak: Boak missed tackle…
Patty19: Haha same this game is huge for me sc wise!
Tig-Train: Yup SC defiantly makes me care about other games lol
frenzy: Lol, hang in there Drak
PlungeMe: keen for some of the young inclusions today, big billy, atley and garner
PlungeMe: frampton already had more impact than marshall has had total in the last 3 weeks
wadaramus: Carn Duursma, a nice 75 from you today please.
PlungeMe: all balls bouncing gc way so far
Chelskiman: She’s fair pouring down.
Gelly: this weather suits rocky i think
PlungeMe: we would get these conditions against gc
Chelskiman: Is it just me or do they keep calling Boak Rockliff?
Yeehaw: They do @chels
PlungeMe: remove us from the afl after that
Pokerface: its ok plunge we never really considered you part of the afl
PlungeMe: fair
MercAm: Got Durrsma and Boak here, hope can get 215+ from them two
PlungeMe: its on brand for port to be a dumb team
NoneyaB: plunge its because u are aware of them
pcaman2003: Where r u Rocky? Gone quiet!
Yeehaw: Dunno if you’ll get there @Merc
Tig-Train: Port seem slightly retarded today
Pokerface: what awful decision making from port.
GobChuck: Just traded duursma this week. Oops.
Chelskiman: Suns looking good.
PlungeMe: somehow the average iq of a port fan is higher than that of a port player
pcaman2003: @Gobchuck. Me 2. Traded him for Lloyd. Traded Walsh today for Rocky,so fingers crossed.
Chelskiman: Need Rocky and Boak to lift in the second quarter. 40 point quarters each.
Gelly: look at the guts on dew
Yelse: lycett killing me
BRAZZERS: youre going to lose then lol
TheEndgame: rocky still racking up the touches at qtr time!
Manowar: Unacceptable T. Rockliff
frenzy: Hombsch needs to stay in SA.
Yeehaw: I agree cut Boaks supply!
Chelskiman: Can Roo shut up, they don’t need to shut Boak down at all. Let him run free!
original: Sub 50 game from Collins would help me immensely
PlungeMe: take a guess at the 2 players my oppo has
original: @plunge witts and Sexton?
PlungeMe: yeah original
DrSeuss: Martin is tagging Rockliff – just what I freaking need
pcaman2003: WTF ump. Miles tripped over himself. Rocky never touched him ffs
Chelskiman: Stop giving away frees, Rocky!
Manowar: Rockliff ya given up?
original: do I get extra sc points for that guess? Plz
old_shepp: Pretty sure the ump reported him too
penguins00: Rockliff reported for tripping
pcaman2003: I take it back. Slo mo showed a trip.
Manowar: Good
grechy76: soccer free kick for miles
Chelskiman: Rocky got reported for that? Haha, nothing in it at all.
Gandhi: Attempted trip, no contact made
pcaman2003: Just get Rocky today and reported already. I give up!
penguins00: It’s a trip and it’s reportable but I have no idea if that’s just a fine or a week. It’s a reflex action.
DrSeuss: Rocky was trying to kick the ball, nothing in it
Haydo: Whats rocky done?
pcaman2003: What’s worse is opponent has Butters to my Rocky. Geez!
old_shepp: Fine at most pcaman. Should get tossed on review
megawatts: There is no way that is a report. Can’t even be considered a trip
Chelskiman: Atempted trip, Haydo.
J_Herer: Rocky fine, just needs to lift to get to 200 (or beat previous C Grundy fml)
Yeehaw: Another muppet
hinsch: Is it me or do the rookies do OK for the first Qtr then run out of puff, they should be able to run all day they are not
Pokerface: he stuck his leg out causing miles to fall over. how can it not be considered a trip mega?
pcaman2003: @jherer. Hope so bud!
penguins00: Attempted trips are also reportable
hinsch: If Rocky is reported he will go very quite did at LIONS
Pokerface: no if about it hinsch, he is reported
DrSeuss: Watch his eyes, he is trying to get a toe on the ball before the opponents gathers. If he gets anything the AFL is a jok
BigChief: Don’t feed the troll @poker.
pcaman2003: Rocky should be killing this,but sadly not.
Chelskiman: I had visions of 150 each from Boak and Rocky today. Probably won’t get 150 between them at this rate.
BigChief: And I don’t mean hinsch
Pokerface: lol fair point chief
frenzy: was gonna keep Lycett for bye rnds, cya now thou
DrSeuss: Martin has the tag on Rocky and Port just kicking long at every opportunity. Not looking good for my Capt Rocky
dipstick: huh? wheres my 180 points C rocky?
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Double ouch!
blonde0na: is boak actually playing on a wing?
DrSeuss: Triple ouch cause I have Boak as well
PlungeMe: not blaming the umpires, we’ve been shit, but we have the worst home ground umpires advantage
StuL: Wet day killing all scores.
zoomba23: Wtf is wrong with Boak
cmperrfect: clangers not helping Rocky
Breezey: I need confirmation that Westhoff is out there. Somewhere, anywhere
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Hopefully at least 1 of them will come good 2nd half. Chin up!
frenzy: motflop’s giving it to you Lycett
Pokerface: wet day doesnt kill sc scores stu. Still 3300 points in a game.
TheLegend6: Fiorini is a gun
Yelse: why isn’t lycett scoring well should be a lot of ball ups considering weather
DrSeuss: Haha thanks pca – if we are hoping for things let’s go for both going for 100 pt second halves!!
cmperrfect: Fiorini looking nice POD
Pokerface: agree Legend.
Pokerface: he’s had 6 clangers already yelse
cmperrfect: Rocky 2FA & 3 clangers.. poo
Pokerface: and running at 40% efficiency
Gelly: good game though, im enjoying it
Pokerface: 4 frees against
Pokerface: fairly obvious why
frenzy: pea heart
DrSeuss: Plunge – I am not a Port fan but you have definitely been shafted by the umps pretty consistently in this game
zoomba23: Wow Fiorini
ThaPear: how is rocky above boak
Raspel31: Sexton you piece of useless manure- you come good the week i drop you. Hope you don’t sex ton.
Pokerface: have people noticed the amount of changes during half time? never seen so many half time corrections!
Chelskiman: Worst rule in the history of the game, and that’s saying something. Especially in the wet when you’re gonna slide.
PlungeMe: MacPherson going for the tackles record, in the wet he might get it
Raspel31: Baby I love your way Frampton- except I don’t have you.
Chelskiman: I’ve given up on this game. Rocky and Boak not interested at all.
PlungeMe: hack kicks been working for gc all game, you’d think it would stop eventually
pcaman2003: Rocky is flowering useless today.Why did I bring him in?
original: Thatta boy Collins stay low
Catatafish: Fuck me Cockliff, do something you muppet
Raspel31: Because you’re stion?upid pcaman- does beg the quest
Raspel31: Damn- key- board acting up again. Sorry.
Pokerface: he does cut and paste better than you raspel.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Needs a mammoth finish from here.
PlungeMe: boaky with the hitout
CPotatoes: did boak just get 10 pts for a handball
Raspel31: Sorry- elbow still in plaster so typing not great- you really brought in Rocky pcaman
PlungeMe: yeah not holding the ball, sounds good
Donzoes: Since when was Drew not playing, flower
Pokerface: lol plunge
Pokerface: how long till the plaster is off raspel?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Yes!Before his price goes up. Apart from bad score from injury,has done well.
Raspel31: Been 13 weeks- major break- next week Poker- cheersx
Breezey: Drew was out Friday arvo
GobChuck: Got dropped from extended bench on friday
cmperrfect: Boak powering to 100+
Tig-Train: Wow Boak… lol
cmperrfect: … then kicks it OOF.. lol
Apachecats: Greetings all from Noosa ,raining here but still warm.
Haydo: Rocky 20 pointd 1 minute
pcaman2003: And Rocky makes his!
PlungeMe: i take back what i said about umpiring lol
cmperrfect: i’d take a 30pt last qtr from you Rocky… lift son
Raspel31: Da Rozee still cutting the mustard eh what chaps?
PlungeMe: framptons a pretty good mover for 200cm 100kg
Apachecats: Go Rozeeeee
GobChuck: Fiorinis sc score is rather big when you see under 60% de and under 70% tog
Migz: did duuurs die
cmperrfect: DE and clangers killing Boak
PlungeMe: 12 free kicks in the quarter for port, umpires cooked
dipstick: useless as tits on a bull rocky. thanks for nothing
pcaman2003: Nice comeback Rock! Now keep it going champ.
cmperrfect: Rocky back on track to ton up @dipstick
J_Herer: Rocky never again C for me, way over hyped at times
gIMX7: I’ve just been released form a Bengali prison camp, is Fiorini the best player of all time?
Gelly: did foxtel just shit itself or just my problem?
Raspel31: How could you cap Rocky? Who else you got Herer?
J_Herer: Took it off Grundy (fml)
cmperrfect: agree Raspel, 6 others i’d C b4 Rocky
Raspel31: I met you there giMX7 and give me back that grain of rice.
zoomba23: Atley looking ok. 2nd most contested possies for his team
original: Don’t start now Collins
hinsch: Duursma 40 points at tr time 43 going into the last WTF
Pokerface: not just you gelly, mins kaput
duckky: Rocky goes bang
Pokerface: *mines
wadaramus: Pull your finger out Duursma!
cmperrfect: i took Neale’s 148 … hope Kelly doesn’t go BIG
Yelse: where westhoff playing? need two goals from him to win my multi
Pokerface: yeah.. sounds pretty risky settling for 148 there cm
pcaman2003: @Raspel. See why I got Rocky now?
Raspel31: Not really pcaman.
GobChuck: breakeven of 97 for rocky in sc, even if he does solid this last quarter he wont beat it by much.
Chelskiman: For his frees against?
Pokerface: @gob even if he does beat it he isn’t a top 10 mid
Pokerface: he’s a flat track bully
Raspel31: My point exactly Poker.
cmperrfect: but he’s a M7 or M8 mid Poker ?
Chelskiman: He’s not even that today. He should be smashing Suns.
GobChuck: @poker if he’s averaging over 100 most wouldn’t mind him at m8/m9 end of the year. But only if you started with him.
Pokerface: no he isnt cm.
Pokerface: @gob i agree.. you can start value players, but don’t trade them in
Pokerface: i dont want my round 23 m8 to be a 100 avg player gob
PlungeMe: rozee is special
Apachecats: Just given Rozee a 5 year contract.
cmperrfect: Rocky avg 100 and has job security… that’s M7 or M8 material 4 sure
Juzzo: I didn’t know he was metally challenged Plunge.
pcaman2003: Take out Rocky’s 2 lowest scores,one from injury and his ave is 117. Not too shabby.
Pokerface: you are easily pleased if youll take 100 from m7
GobChuck: way too many mids averaging over 100 for rocky to be anything other than m8/m9 imo
Pokerface: why take out his score against collingwood when he met a good midfield pcaman?
Raspel31: Libba was scoring enormously early on- but we knew it wouldn’t last. Same with Rocky. Unload and but primos.
GobChuck: because it doesn’t suit his thinking. like saying take out fiorinis 68 he’s averaging about 108
PlungeMe: its a requirement of playing for port Juzzo
Pokerface: only 4 scores out of 8 over 100. thats not m8 material.
megawatts: @gob rocky is ave far above 100 aside from the game when he got injured in 2nd QTR
pcaman2003: @pokerface.I nicluded taht as his 2nd low score,so didn’t leave it out of calculation.
Apachecats: Will be big upscale in this game in SC.
Pokerface: you should pick buddy if you like the high highs balanced by crappy lows
Juzzo: haha Plunge
Umpirespet: So we should get rid of Oliver then Poker?
GobChuck: definitely umpires. He’s plodding along this year
Juzzo: Went early on Atley, looks ok? Why is Collins still in my team?
pcaman2003: @Pokerface. 5 scores of 100+,not 4
Pokerface: oliver started the season injured UP
Pokerface: not injured but not 100% with his shoulders
Pokerface: i said over 100
Pokerface: but if another score of 100 is good for you, go for it
cmperrfect: what other M8 is avg 100 for the same $ value Poker ? no one….
GobChuck: Atley looks solid, gets in there and has a crack.
PlungeMe: atley job security not great with wines, ebert and possibly drew to come back
StuL: Hoff, tackle, free mark and kick to team mate, 4 points?
pcaman2003: @Okay. Split hairs then. 5 games of 100 suits me fine.
Pokerface: 62.5 games of 100 for a midfield ‘premium’ trade in suits you. ok. i’ll leave it at that then.
megawatts: why isnt boak getting any points for 3 touches?
Pokerface: cm im happy to spend the extra to get a real m8
Juzzo: I kept Drew, had a good one in SANFL
Raspel31: If you’re happy with sub 100 scores from your midfield guns- by all means stick with Rocky.
ajconodie: Imagine Boak’s score without those clangers.
Breezey: Flower Rocky. How about this Fiorini
Juzzo: Duur and Hoff need a rest, lol
cmperrfect: id rather spend the $ fwd or def @poker, where there are less options for the $
pcaman2003: Okay Poker. See you in the winners circle. Lol!
Raspel31: And I timed that badly.
Gandhi: Ignore the rocky hating flogs. Raspel rants every week regardless of his scores.
Umpirespet: Don’t u have real m8s Poker?
dipstick: go fuck yaself rocky… never again captian you lazy peanut
Pokerface: fiorini unlucky not to have that star m0nty. atlas?
Pokerface: lol pcaman
Juzzo: I have so many players to turf out of my team but only 2 trades per week.
Juzzo: Massive from Fiorini
PlungeMe: over 200 SC points available
Pokerface: my opp captained rocky today. thanks chump 🙂
BRAZZERS: lol you are a muppet having rocky as a captain lmao!
Juzzo: Why you captain Rock dip, surely you have one of Grundy/Gawn?
GobChuck: atlas for fiorini, monster game
Raspel31: Gandhi- not exactly peaceful? All friends here. Have a samosa.
Juzzo: 100 for Collins 100 for Atley.

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