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Chat log from R8 of 2019: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, R8 of 2019

frenzy: hello
Breezey: Howdy there. Might be a close game tonight
casey22: m0nty: please change the log in type colour to blue. So sick of the red
wadaramus: Just Lloyd for me tonight.
Yelse: So who is everyone VC and C this round
wadaramus: Grundy/Gawn.
Yelse: heard libs and dunkley have swapped positions by Bev any truth?
benzammit: Grundy/Fyfe
Sixty656: Heeney can ship off all ready
Gandhi: Looked like it last week @Yelse, but lets see if it stays like that
wadaramus: Hope so, started Dunkley and he is starting to come good! Got Libba too though, not sure whether to punt him this week.
Yelse: yeah deciding to trade out either liba or brouch
wadaramus: Butters to Answerth, one trade to go.
frenzy: Bevo wont die wondering
Apachecats: gone Cripps/Gawn @yelse
wadaramus: Got BCrouch too, sort of want to keep them both!
Yelse: from now on pretty much have to upgrade every week
Apachecats: Trades Danger to Pendles and Clark to Answerth.
wadaramus: Ranked inside top 500, want to upgrade but stuffed if I know what to do.
Yelse: why you trading out danger @apachecats
JockMcPie: Traded Butters and Petreculle to Answerth and CDaniel, 21 trades left, rank 131, good luck everyone this weekend
OhSoRozee: i think libba was pushed out with hayes coming in but have a feeling dunkley/macrae/libba will do 80% this weekend with
OhSoRozee: bont up forward
wadaramus: Kicking arse Jock, good luck to you too mate.
Apachecats: Don’t think he’ll play and BE of 198 ,reckon I’ll buy him back under $550k.But boy did he look stuffed after the last ga
Gelly: fanta cya?
Natopotato: New pronunciation of Fantasia it is now Fanta seeya
Apachecats: *under $500k
thiccgucci: ch7 commentators always awful
BigChief: Hi all. Can Shiel hit a target tonight?
wadaramus: Fuck the TV commentary.
J_Herer: Bazil at it again…
dunny73: Ch7 with the A Grade team. Baz and Hame! Terrible!
Breezey: I’d say No Big Chief
OhSoRozee: yeh bt out to even worse basil but yeh heppell said the correct pronounciation of fanta cya
MercAm: *sigh* have to now listen to the shower commentators, especially BT
Gelly: Bt not gona like that new name pronunciation
BigChief: Screw BT. He is a flog.
J_Herer: Ham doesn’t look glazed over at this level
thiccgucci: went to bont instead of JPK. hope im not wrong
OhSoRozee: danger is probz only player who could pump out 198 BE but not at 100% so traded him out for a few
snake_p: Looks in crackling form Herer
Umpirespet: #dadjoke Herer
J_Herer: Thankyou!
Sloan4Pres: fanta-see-ah, you idiot commentators, heppell was trolling you saying that’s how it’s pronounced
stemy1243: Hey lets wait till round 8 in 2019 to pronounce his name right.
Dondeal: What the hell is duck on about?
J_Herer: Honey leg on Ham, very nice (ok Ill stop now)
BigChief: I think Danger late out for Selwood.
exatekk: Fanta Seeya? fuck off
Umpirespet: Thought it was a new flavour of Fanta
Sixty656: BT will be frothing if he’s watching this…
Breezey: That was not late. Rubbish decision
OhSoRozee: i think they are foxing ablett out for selwood
BigChief: Really Sloan you know Fantasia personally to know how his name is said?
Raspel31: What’s up with Zerret’s SC score?
Dondeal: Late, chop of the arm. Either or
Oddsy5: bombers looked after early with the frees
jbjimmyjb: good signs, heeney 100% mid time so far
Ash777: 100% mid time buy still not scoring well.
Umpirespet: Good sign Jimmy he’s only on 3 points
Sloan4Pres: @ BigChief i don’t, but knowing heppell it’s a clear troll. It’ll be laughed about tomorrow
pcaman2003: @jb jimmy. Heeney needs to lift after poor effort last week.
BigChief: Oh so you know Heppell then.
OhSoRozee: why would u tag shiel runs at 50-60% efficiency at best
Kahunas: Thought it was pronounced Fant-ass-ia
Umpirespet: Oh and Chief sorry I left Monty’s early.
Raspel31: Not sure Guelfi is a natural blonde- this philosophical question is bothering me.
OhSoRozee: opp has heeney so go big pls heeney
OhSoRozee: throw by heeney
BigChief: If you opp has Heeney @Rozee why do you want him to go big?
Apachecats: Heeney proj SC is 124 ,looking a tad difficult at this stage .
Dondeal: Fox fox (quick think of a pun) how smart from the fox. Git
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Arm fully recovered yet buddy?
Apachecats: About time McGrath pulled out a big one.
Yelse: where is shiel playing can’t see him anywhere
Breezey: Fox on the Run
Yelse: need 25 possessions from him for multi
Umpirespet: Rappel reinjured it after Spurs win
Umpirespet: Raspel *
Sixty656: Go easy Bruce
OhSoRozee: @bigchief i dont dare say the opposite otherwise he will
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. Not sure where that’s heading. lol!
OhSoRozee: rank 1 in my league put vc on lloyd
BigChief: @Rozee ahhh reverse psycology
Raspel31: Lol umpire- Papley setting my draft team alight.
OhSoRozee: always knew tagging shiel would b stupid merrett is off the leash
pcaman2003: Bruce should check his undies. Too excited!
VodkaHawk: Merrett off the leash is good, keep tagging Shiel
Raspel31: Liverpool and Spurs- simply wow. Sleep deprived. Quite happy with $5 bet at 41-1 on Pool getting four.
poolboybob: 59 percent game time for Heeney?
OhSoRozee: started bench
sammyo7: @poolboybob he started on bench
pcaman2003: Heeney had 89% TOG last week. See comparison end of this game
cmperrfect: Heeney no premo no more
OhSoRozee: sydney been told to bring the pain to tackling
StuL: Heeney is broken. Not trading any premos or near premos regardless. Can always go M/F7
Kahunas: Heeney still has ankle issue
Raspel31: Hmm- too scared to put V on Zerrett but go you good thing.
cmperrfect: Went Heeney to Marshall, loving it so far
J_Herer: Loven this Merrett action
OhSoRozee: yeh sadly 85% of heeneys scores are 80-100 and can barely ever break 130
OhSoRozee: over his last 2 years atleast anyway
Umpirespet: Zerrett has learnt at Ben Browns flopping school tonight
OhSoRozee: i was gonna bring in marshall but he vs grundy next week might not b good for a score of 50 like vs gawn
J_Herer: Heeney has ankle issues
OhSoRozee: smith had some toe there didnt think he could out run papley
Haydo: Heeney
DrSeuss: Sydney need to get the ball in the hands of Lloyd instead of just banging it forward
OhSoRozee: @umpires pet sideshow bob took his act on the road and turned it into learning school?
frenzy: where is Lloyd ffs
cmperrfect: Marshall got injured vs Gawn.
Ash777: Merrett is killing the swans on his own
BigChief: Looks like Merrett has the Hewett tag now.
Raspel31: God Bruce is an annoying idiot.
pcaman2003: @frenzy. Gone to pub with Heeney.
feralmong: Nice Blakey but who still has him?
wadaramus: Come on Lloyd, get involved.
frenzy: Lloyd wakey wakey
Danstar: Haven’t seen Heeney on field for a while
Umpirespet: Yep Rozee he and Alex rance have Started a business d
Danstar: Haven’t seen Heeney on field since first few mins. Of qtr.
Dondeal: Bang on Raspel. Bruce and Basil is torture
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Bruce the goose. Worst damn commentator.
Apachecats: These Sydney umpires are a lot better than the Melbourne umpires ,lol
wadaramus: Was that play on?
Danstar: Most those umpires are for
9inch: Bruce doing my head in. Getting worse with age.. retire
LuvIt74: Heeney wtf are you
Danstar: Most those umps are from Melbourne…
Yelse: i think heeney has to go can’t keep carrying him
Umpirespet: Pcaman wash ur mouth out BT is 10x worse
pcaman2003: Heeney is fkd!
hinsch: how many goals has Heeney kicked this season, not enough you would say
J_Herer: This fantacya call is getting ordinary
beerent11: Heeney is the Celtic word for overrated
9inch: BGT 100x better the bruth
OhSoRozee: basil is the worst followed by bt
Danstar: Heeney is player as a runner. Pointing for other players to run lol
Umpirespet: Not many great forwards this year tbo
Apachecats: Lloydy going to need a good seagull session in the last quarter.
Haydo: How are you complaining aboit bruce have you heard BT? Cannot stand him
TigerKid_A: its like they are trying to call fantacya on purpose!
beerent11: Basil’s gotta stop trying to be Dennis
LuvIt74: 11.4 Goals Heeney this season
pcaman2003: I have Heeney and Oppo has Llloyd,so not too bad yet.
BigChief: These 3 umpires are from Vic.
Umpirespet: Agree beerent
OhSoRozee: boak/danger/marshall/heeney/daniel/newnes/kelly/dahlhaus/menegola make ur best combo
OhSoRozee: and cameron if u wanna b a pod
pcaman2003: Bruce needs some Valium urgently.
9inch: At least BT played the game, Bruce just masterbates over it.
BigChief: About time Papsmear. You have done nothing tonight.
Ash777: keep going swans
DrSeuss: Swans not even looking to use Lloyd it seems tonight
valkorum: watch your language please big chief
Umpirespet: Lol Danger leaking more money than the Murray Darling Basin Authority
Danstar: Thank you Heeney! Now score a Goal!!
jbjimmyjb: heeney <3
OhSoRozee: btw i did have dahlhaus/dunkley/billings on that list 2
BigChief: Exucse me valkorum? Do you actually know what a papsmear is?
Sixty656: piss off heeney you blonde fuck bag
Ash777: Umm is anyone else’s game chat not wrapping?
jbjimmyjb: where is jake lloyd? eating chips in the crowd?
OhSoRozee: sorry i broke chat
Dondeal: Yep, me too Ash. Using Chrome.
Umpirespet: Yep ash it’s frustrating
jbjimmyjb: ash yup mine’s stuffed
BigChief: Mine is Ash. TGried re logging and it didn’t help.
Sixty656: Yes @ash, cant read shit
OhSoRozee: @monty sorry
Danstar: Me too ash777. Keep closing and re opening thinking it will fix it
Sixty656: was fine 10 mins ago
JockMcPie: yep chat is doing weird things
pcaman2003: @ASH777. My chat not fitting in at all.
Apachecats: yeah Ash mine is chopped.
Raspel31: B T will struggle with the new pronounciation of Fantasia.
valkorum: big chief yes and not appropriate for a football chat. stay premium
BigChief: fixed now.
LuvIt74: Lloyd doing jack
Dondeal: Good job Monty
Apachecats: back to normal.
Haydo: If heeney beats lloyd i will be happy
OhSoRozee: i broke it sorry
Ash777: oh good it’s fixed
Umpirespet: Lol raspel BT will be in the fetal position about now
BigChief: It is a medical test so if it was wrong it would be filtered. Get a life.
Dondeal: What the hell is that cameraman doing on the boundary?
BigChief: Nice work m0nty
pcaman2003: @Haydo. Me too!
OhSoRozee: lloyd has been off his game for 3 weeks now
beerent11: Fair dinkum Bruce needs a spell
MercAm: Have Heeney and Lloyd. Come on boys LIFT
Ash777: the whole sydney team has been off their game to be fair.
Pokerface: It’s also a common nickname for Tom Papley.
Haydo: Good for me will drop in price rozee, unlucky for his ownerd tho
wadaramus: Hopefully Lloyd can still ton up.
Kahunas: Fant-ass-ia going ok
Pokerface: Not appropriate Kahunas.
JR33: Lloyd hasn’t been under a 100 all year
zadolinnyj: Hey guys. Got Lloyd in so sorry but now he will not score
Umpirespet: Chief is our resident medical person reminding us to hve our yearly checksa
Umpirespet: Hope u don’t curse the Crows 2moro night Zad
Raspel31: zado- thought about it so hard and so glad I didn’t.
wadaramus: That’s why I am still hoping he can get to 100 from here.
BigChief: Some of us need more than 1 check-up a year.
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
OhSoRozee: yeh lucky for lloyd he is a gull been similar score at ht last 2 weeks aswell he only got a ton from a late goal last we
Pokerface: haven’t seen you around for a while Onyas
Umpirespet: Hoping Lloyd tanks close r to byes
Raspel31: How long we reckon Whitfield out? Annoying with all that cash on the bench.
Apachecats: Mummy please get well soon ,killing me having to put Clarke on the ground this round.
Pokerface: apparenltly was close this week raspel
Umpirespet: No O’Brien Apache?
Apachecats: Rasp ,its gone from being a corkie to being a corkie with a bit of hip flexor problem.
OhSoRozee: i was gonna jump off mummy to clarke but rather go basement price for the xtra 40k upgrade
Apachecats: I wish umpirespet.
J_Herer: Whitfield will be managed when back IMO (time wise)
benzammit: McGrath has started his tilt at putting Taranto and McCluggage back behind him.
Raspel31: Hmm- thanks lads.
frenzy: who knows with GWS injuries, could be season over
Umpirespet: Ouch Apache will be cash cow of the year
Apachecats: Wonder if sauce will get his gig back umpirespet
OhSoRozee: gws has carlton next week so doesnt need to rush back
OhSoRozee: @apache i reckon he will get a week in the 2s if he does get over injury
Umpirespet: Honestly hope not think sauce is donebut knowing our selectors sauce will be back
Apachecats: Who is the Sydney guy in the tracksuit on Ch7 ,looks like a librarian.
Pokerface: but carlton have such a great young list full of potential ™
Apachecats: Playing Carlton would be like a game in the two,s.
Umpirespet: We seem to have a problem backing kids in
OhSoRozee: ratten would’ve got the best out of carltons current list
Apachecats: Oops ,hope no blues in here tonight ,was just kidding.
Umpirespet: Poker we just see t grateful for the no1 pick 😀
Sixty656: McGrath on the bench in my AF draft team :/
Apachecats: Agree rozee ,they were nuts to get rid of Ratten when theydid.
Pokerface: apache no, they just come on at the end of carlton games talking about the umpiring
OhSoRozee: i fielded mcgrath in draft coz of newman injuried
Pokerface: UP indeed. your trade team would have rubbed their hands with glee when approached with that deal!
Umpirespet: Carlton 99 poker?
pornhub: Heeney waking up
frenzy: poke Lloyd someone pls
OhSoRozee: mills is in no mans land cant play defensive role or mid role
Pokerface: i do not wish to incriminate myself by answering yes UP.
LetItBe: Maybe focus on the game…
Pokerface: sorry LetItBe.
DrSeuss: Swans just not looking to Lloyd tonight. Banging it forward at every chance
Umpirespet: Mills will leave the swans they are. Killing his Develomentp
Umpirespet: Knew at least 1 blues fan would be lurking
dipstick: @apache Carlton only beats crap teams. Like essendon last year. 3 wins from last 36 games
Pokerface: lol.
OhSoRozee: get the chips every1 at the game gettin desperate throw those chips!!!
Apachecats: Was going to trade out McGrath to Answerth ,but at last minute traded out Clark instead.
Pokerface: here they are!
Oddsy5: i think essendon very often plays to the quality of their opponent…good vs good teams n bad vs bad teams
Raspel31: Sure no offence meant LetItChange.
LetItBe: Just don’t understand why this chat has reverted to Carlton bashing. Just an easy target in my opinion.
pornhub: umps surely taking the piss with 100m
Apachecats: Throw the chips at Lloyd.
pornhub: agree LetItBe
Ash777: that 100m penalty is huge on that ground lol
Umpirespet: Letitbe hang around m8 my crows get a bashing on here to slot. It’s just banter
wadaramus: Unwrap the butchers paper, and flick all your chips to Lloyd:)
Umpirespet: Sorry my tablet is writing it’s own words tonight at times
Raspel31: Some of my best friends are Carlton supporters- chill.
Umpirespet: Porn hub lol u are one of the worst
Umpirespet: B4 crows I was a Carlton sip as I barrack for Sturt
Pokerface: in fairness raspel, that sounds like the racist who says they aren’t cos they have black friends
OhSoRozee: that non htb against guelfi is the definition of knocked out in the tackle all the ball drops are the ones that are left
OhSoRozee: alone and not paid
Raspel31: It was meant to Poker.
pcaman2003: LLoydy loves those cheap possies.
dipstick: @pokerface you’re a fucvken clown
Struda: Heeney needs to pull his finger out
Pokerface: hehe
Stu7: I agree Struda
Haydo: Sydney started playing tempo footy watch lloyd ton
Stu7: And Lloyd
Nuffman: Guys, come on.. We can all agree that Carlton are the biggest joke of the last 15 years, let’s move on
Umpirespet: Poker it is. Quiet tonight do I need to bring up SC. Scoring?
J_Herer: Heeney will be a great upgrade target after byes
Pokerface: is there an issue with the data feed? it says lloyd had a contested possession?
Apachecats: bit salty tonight ds.
pornhub: haha umpirespet i rate your banter dont worry
OhSoRozee: i cant see the excitement around swans young players as previous yrs and other teams feels like its swans vs north for
OhSoRozee: worst young list
wadaramus: CD being generous, there was a player very close to him.
Pokerface: lol UP
megawatts: cmon zerrett crack 110 this qtr
Apachecats: No more teasing Carlton or you’re told on.
beerent11: Couple of shithouse teams here
Raspel31: Bummer- Hewett tagging the living daylights out of Zerrett. How is that legal?
jbjimmyjb: heeney’s looked a lot better this quarter
Ash777: who’s the bigger joke. Carlton or Essendon?
Umpirespet: Just don’t give out Monty’s address just ask the Chief
VodkaHawk: Lift Bombers
Umpirespet: Mega where is ur spud?
jbjimmyjb: chief gave out monty’s address last week after he copped the spud
Nuffman: if we’re looking at say, the last decade, i’d say it’s a tie… the last 15-20, Carlton
beerent11: Ohh fuck off basil
Umpirespet: I missed most of it Jimmy was on the other game
OhSoRozee: reid should b dominating this game
Stu7: Lloyd & Heeney changed into 2nd gear finally
m0nty: that was not my address
SwaggyP: Essendon are awful this season
Umpirespet: Haha Monty I know
Stu7: Blakey’s rush of blood his diminished
Pokerface: then whose house was it we were drinking at ??
SwaggyP: No exciting talent. No draft picks. Doomed.
Breezey: Does Devon Smith evengive a crap anymore
BestCoast: Did BigChief receive the spud
Umpirespet: Poker how did we get. Dragged into it
Drak: Great supporter you are swaggy
pcaman2003: How does Lloyd DE go to 94 from 93 after kick out to a pack? Bewildering!
megawatts: @poker wtf u guys actually rocked up?
Pokerface: i don’t know UP.
MercAm: Heeney and Lloyd both get around 90+ I will def take that, especially after a shower 1st half
McRooster: Devon, Ham, no wonder the Bombers are baloney – This game is on the fritz!
Pokerface: yes, we rocked up megawatts.
beerent11: Nice mcrooster
Umpirespet: I will take 90 from heeney Mercam
Pokerface: where is dipstick when you need him :p
pcaman2003: Big next qtr from you Heeney
Jackwatt$: Yes can confirm that Glenferrie Rd address was not m0ntys. I went around there to see him
frenzy: Is Don is no good@ mcrooster
Raspel31: Monty burns steaks- this comment was sponsored by
OhSoRozee: only 6 behinds for bombers doesnt help lloyd either
Umpirespet: Poor swans sups having to listen to Farnham
Umpirespet: Is Daisy Pearce ur missus rappel?
Dondeal: Shut the fuck up Basil!
OhSoRozee: lloyd must b in camoflauge barely see him near it but score is creeping
Umpirespet: He is a CD favourite Rozee
dipstick: Why are the swans behind numbers so far apart m0nty?
TheMessiah: What score should I take from VC Kennedy?
beerent11: Lots of quick little handballs rozee
megawatts: i would honestly laugh if zerrett goes from 107 at 3qt to <100
beerent11: Who’s your captain messiah?
pcaman2003: Get involved Heeney, pretty please!
Apachecats: 130 messiah
Breezey: Basil says “What a year Shiel is having” Please
TheMessiah: Gawn atm @beerant
wadaramus: Ton up Lloyd.
Dondeal: Keep going Shiel!
Umpirespet: 140 then Messiah
beerent11: 125+ I reckon messiah
wadaramus: I’d take 125 for sure.
Raspel31: Put the tag back on Shiels and set the poor little Zerrett free- pleeezzz?
pcaman2003: @wada, Don’t worry cos CD will make sure of it.
TheMessiah: That’s what I was think 125-130 I’ll take. Cheers
beerent11: Captain scores not too reliable lately
Yeehaw: I think if you don’t take anything over 120 for VC you’ve lost the plot
wadaramus: Key to SC, pick CD favourites 🙂
Umpirespet: Gutsy taking JPk Messiah
Stu7: Come on Heeney B1tch a55
Apachecats: he’s slowing up a bit anyway messiah.
Sixty656: JPK has been on for weeks now
OhSoRozee: d.smith gonna b price of rookie soon think i might put him as p7,8
Stu7: Time to move Heeney on me think
frenzy: muppet teabag
pcaman2003: Time to ditch Heeney. Will bleed plenty of cash now. Maybe get him later.
Raspel31: Clarke 2 sitters- groan.
Ash777: clarke back to the 2s
poolboybob: Crab Clarke
frenzy: time to seagull Lloyd
beerent11: Shit Lloyd nearly laid a tackle then
OhSoRozee: wasnt clarkes fault no1 should ever hball to ruckman especially in back 50
Raspel31: And Clarke just gave a goal away-muppet.
Umpirespet: Great seagull by Haywood
Dondeal: Miss a goal then cough up a goal. Fuck off Clarke
pcaman2003: @beerent. Oh well! Give him 5pts anyway for!
wadaramus: Fucken do something Lloyd.
Jackwatt$: Zac Clarke is not AFL standard. Bombers would be better off just picking some tall bloke from the pub
Oddsy5: love zac clarke hes probs one of my favourite players!
Breezey: Old style Swans footy this
Pokerface: should have looped balta with heeney rather than petrol
OhSoRozee: had to field d.smith in draft to not get a donut
beerent11: Gee all these premiums are taking turns in putting a shit score sub 80
Dondeal: Really Basil? Not over till the siren fucking idiot
wadaramus: Mostly shit SC scores across the board.
OhSoRozee: i honestly dont think commentary is needed on sports like this
pcaman2003: @Dondeal. Gee I miss Denis.
OhSoRozee: with tv viewing if u want commentary listen to the radio
beerent11: It’s called the
frenzy: Lloyd wake the flower up
beerent11: It’s called a volume button rozee . Look on your remote
beerent11: Bruce has blown his load
Dondeal: True pcaman. This is woeful tonight. Bruce is past it and Basil is shite
clay007: Commentary adds to it, unless it is Russell
Sixty656: Nice THROW heppell, dodgy play
OhSoRozee: any1 seen falling skies blakey’s body build reminds me of the overlords
Umpirespet: Beerent you know how old Bruce is… Virtually impossible
pcaman2003: Denis was the last decent commentator. Now there is none.
J_Herer: Happy with Zerrett, nice work son!
Stu7: Come on Heeney score some. More points before i trade you
valkorum: I like Huddo as a commentator
OhSoRozee: nah commentary is shower when they get it wrong more than half the time i can see it with my own eyes on a tv
Umpirespet: Denis was the best
Dondeal: Fuck sake Heppel!
OhSoRozee: tv should not have commentary most overated profession
clay007: How many lemons are you guys sucking?
beerent11: True pcaman not on telly anyway
beerent11: Wtf is jpk on the pine for
pcaman2003: Shut the FU bruce you goose
Ash777: can he kick it?
Stu7: Essendon goal on the siren
BRAZZERS: bad luck flogs
OhSoRozee: 1 word torpedo!
Hadouken: nope
wadaramus: Bruce is a hack.
megawatts: did he kick it
Breezey: There’s a pulse at the SCG tonight. God Bruce settle the flower down
Dondeal: Shut the fuck up Bruce
Hadouken: merret and finally got a friday night tip correct!
Gelly: pretty sure heeney will be rested very soon, looks cooked

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