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Chat log from R8 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane, R8 of 2019

Yelse: giving liba one more chance
OhSoRozee: yeh looped him on bench
Umpirespet: What’s the temp in Ballarat today ? Over 0
OhSoRozee: think i checked last night for 13
Umpirespet: That’s a heatwave
Skyarm.: Got rid of Libba for Neale so Libba better have a quiet game
jordan M: how wasn’t that a tackle for macrae on neale ?
penguins00: Tackles are only counted as a stat is the ball isn’t disposed of
PlungeMe: Libba to Bont <3
Umpirespet: Go Neale u good thing
pcaman2003: Hi lads! Lachie off to a flyer. VC today.
OhSoRozee: dang went grundy vc after having it on neale all week
Umpirespet: Same pcadude
Yelse: not watching this game where is liba playing and might need to start thinking about dunkle
Catatafish: I brought in Bont this week. Sorry guys.
pcaman2003: Libba needs to lift with his DE. Been terrible lately
StuL: Couldn’t afford dunk. Might cost the game
original: Ggf neale
OhSoRozee: started with dunk kept the faith
circle52: notbalone catafish
Umpirespet: Be nice Mr original
StuL: Dunk and Neale go sit down for an hour
OhSoRozee: opp has no dogs or lions
OhSoRozee: wow bailey done already
pcaman2003: Bloody Libba and his dumb clangers. Keep costing me dearly
Umpirespet: Hammy Rozee
OhSoRozee: got dunkley/neale/mac and looping libba
Gelly: looks liek dogs dont like playing in the wind
m0nty: My boy McCluggage putting on a McClinic.
OhSoRozee: some1 delisted mccluggage this week so i picked him up
Umpirespet: Gee mccluggage gonna be a star
Drak: Cape for HugeMclug
MercAm: Liking the VC on Neale atm
Umpirespet: Not much to write today so far mOnty
OhSoRozee: does a flying hugh need to pay extra for his mcluggage?
pcaman2003: Libba continues to go backwards after yet another clanger.
Umpirespet: Only on McQantas
Gandhi: Promising to see dunks back to a mid role
Yelse: so why is liba on 16 hip wood on 20 more disposals better de
StuL: Libba could be on 50 if he wasnt a butcher
OhSoRozee: look at the kermies
Gelly: because libba is kermit the frog
OhSoRozee: 4 kermies – 16 vs – 0 from hippa
original: Imagine averaging 1.5 sc per possession
noobcoach: where are libba and dunkley playing?
OhSoRozee: brisbanes medical staff need to b assessed bailey breaking down early after coming back from 6 weeks off
NoneyaB: it happens rozee nothing u can do to stop that
OhSoRozee: had a gut feeling macrae/dunkley/libba would play 80% mid this week and bont more up fwd
OhSoRozee: @noneyab yeh but usually not that early seems he was rushed back
NoneyaB: go neale its ya bday!! lol
Catatafish: Stop kicking points you moles!
Umpirespet: Doggies gettin lots of frees
circle52: For info Bailey played in NEAFL last week/
NoneyaB: brusbane u should be miles in front
pcaman2003: Should’ve got rid of Libba last week. Paying the price now.
circle52: Yep Hipwood 4 behinds bring in Wooller
Catatafish: Would love to get Dunks in but I don’t trust Luke Drink to keep him in the middle
OhSoRozee: this week most will go heeney to dunkley
NoneyaB: hello!!!! mclean!!! wakey wakey!!!
Yelse: liba come lift and get to 50 at HT
Umpirespet: Why did I bring in Hayes
duckky: Whatever happened to Libba the tackling mchine?
OhSoRozee: trengrove always loves sc when in the ruck might pick him up if english is out for long period
pcaman2003: @dukky. Turned into below average player.
NoneyaB: wow i woke up mclean lol
StuL: Libba has passed the Kermit to Dunk
noobcoach: whats happened to answerth
NoneyaB: if brissy win who saw them at 6 and 2??? i mean seriously
Gelly: cleaver for hip
hinsch: Lucky I got C Daniel in this week 🙂
OhSoRozee: @non i backed them to win 6 for the year
lwillo: Great quarter dunkley
NoneyaB: lol i thought 4 was generous lol
Umpirespet: Why None everyone predicted Lions to rise
Gandhi: This time dunks
OhSoRozee: i knew brisbane would play alot better just thought the rise of others would hinder wins
NoneyaB: heard it all b4 umpire lol thats why
OhSoRozee: i think brisbane would b even better with archie smith in the ruck with his leap taps to neale/zork etc over martin
jwv92: I thought we were a real possibility to be 0 – 7 again this year None.
NoneyaB: yeh its hard coz i love this lot but the past 10 yrs have been full of promises
jwv92: Man Hipwood 0.5 for the half. If he sinks 3 of this the game is totally different.
NoneyaB: yeh needs to be dropped atm he needs a neafl stint me thinks
jwv92: I hear ta None, all promise no delivery. This group seems different though.
jwv92: Nah ai don’t think he is playing that badly None, Brisbane wouldn’t have won half their games without his aerial contest
Nigma97: You lads are in the same boat as us Carlton supporters
clay007: How many frees has Stefan Martin given away?
Nigma97: It’s been a long ride with a lot of promise, still haven’t seen that promise do anything yet sadly 🙁
Ash777: hipwood is just having trouble adjusting to the conditions
jwv92: He’s not clunking heaps of contested marks but he has enabled Cameron, McCarthy and co to crumb at his feet well
jwv92: Which is what has won us a number of games this season.
OhSoRozee: @nigma sorry but i think brisbane has the right coach to bring fwd not carlton
OhSoRozee: @jwv think he was talking martin not hippa
circle52: So many wasted opportunities that half apart from the goalkicking.
circle52: Think Carlton are 1/2 years behind us in development but they are coming.
jwv92: Agree Rozee, I don’t think Bolts is the right guy to take em all the way, they have gone backwards this year.
Nigma97: @ohsorozee I agree Brisbane are better off than us, but I don’t think there’s many coaches out there atm to get rid of b
Nigma97: bolton
jwv92: Granted the blues have massive injuries in key defenders but still.
Nigma97: Miss Docherty so much, hurts us not having him, simpson or Newman
Yelse: happy with libba at 39 HT he will ton up now
OhSoRozee: @nigma i dont think docherty will b as good as he was think he will b worried about injury when hes back
circle52: Gee I hate these 50 metre kicks called deliberate
Umpirespet: Players struggle to come back from 2 recos
OhSoRozee: cmon dunkley another half like that and ull get close to CP record
Jackwatt$: No way Carlton’s gone backwards this year. 1 bad performance outta 7 and look like they’re having a crack today
Umpirespet: Looks like Lockhart gets a gig as Answerth no good
zoomba23: Big half please Libba
Stu7: Come on Daniels
Umpirespet: Daniel slowed down now JJ getting fitter
OhSoRozee: with bailey down i think answerth will hold spot even with a below par game
thiccgucci: dont know why i put the vc on bont and not macrae. lift bont!
pcaman2003: Come on Neale and catch Macrae.
OhSoRozee: o nice macrae snuck to a ton
SwaggyP: has neale done much since qtr time?
circle52: Time to bring Clugg back on the ball
thiccgucci: Anyone watching the game- is bont playing full forward where he was named?
OhSoRozee: had almost a 30 pt 2nd term just nothing in this 3rd
Umpirespet: Gee Doggies getting sus frees
pcaman2003: @SwaggyP. Was 43pts at qtr time. Done little since
feralmong: McSamsonite at 519k and 4 SC tons is looking a good POD maybe.
Ash777: Lions getting out pressured
Carnboys15: can bont flowering do something
zoomba23: Needed you to stay down for 1 more week Macrae. Ffs
TheLegend6: Captain Bont needs a big end to this game
Carnboys15: stop playing bont in forward and get him into the guts
feralmong: traded down to Answerth and Moore this week. Cashed up 700k for some upgrades.
Umpirespet: I went 1up 1down got Fyfe
Raspel31: Thought this was the week to offload Libba- no regrets so far.
LuvIt74: Neale hasn’t done much all quarter
feralmong: next week raspel. i had to downgrade first. Libba to Fyfe for me.
Raspel31: Fyfe a defo next week feral.
pcaman2003: Libba to Macrae next week.
Catatafish: Thanks Brisbane you fucking flogs
OhSoRozee: idk who ill go with treloar now
Nigma97: so glad i dropped stef martin and am just playing R Obrien as 2nd ruck for the next few weeks
OhSoRozee: libba* not treloar
OhSoRozee: o shit went to the other game with dunkley on 84 pts wth
feralmong: though i need forwards. only got danger, higgins and heeney.
wadaramus: I baulked at trading Libba, hope he can get to 80-90 from here.
OhSoRozee: @nigma yeh i got o’brien on field coz mumford out
Stu7: Ive coem to realsiee I am cursed in SC just cant take a trick with my players
wadaramus: At least Dunkley is starting to repay the faith.
OhSoRozee: think ill hold libba couple more weeks and grab whitfield/danger with price drops
beerent11: Ainsworth doing enough to stay in the team?
feralmong: my mids are macrae,cripps,conigs,brayshaw,walsh,libba,stack,ross,gibbons,smith,const.
Umpirespet: I had Higgins at the start Feral he’s a shocker
circle52: Think a lot can relate to that Stu
feralmong: couple more weeks of $ there in rooks
circle52: With Bailey out shpuld do beerent
OhSoRozee: @feral u broke the chat like i did last night
Umpirespet: Chat playing up again
feralmong: ahh wrapping. lesson 1 keep it short.
Umpirespet: mOnty peddle faster
feralmong: it short
zoomba23: Get in there and get that snout dirty Neale ya flog
feralmong: Monty’s new waffle filter
Bennyherb: So traded out dunkley in round 5 thoughts of trading him back in now
feralmong: mmm waffles.
OhSoRozee: @m0nty u break the chat if u put players names with , or / only real flaw in the site
wadaramus: Answerth not making much cash for us this week.
wadaramus: And not making selection next week a certainty.
OhSoRozee: good thing answerth is already at -72 be
pcaman2003: Time to get going Libba.
Umpirespet: mOnty needs to bring back the work experience kid
thiccgucci: Ton up please Bont! Please!!!!
jbjimmyjb: m0nty is there a place to access HOTA stats midgame?
pcaman2003: Neale disappointing since great 1st qtr.
OhSoRozee: dunkley 6 CP away from equalling danger
hinsch: Put Daniels and Answerth in this week should have saved the trades and taken the doughnut
wadaramus: I was going to trade Libba to the Bont but held off. Has cost me 20 points but have a trade in hand.
Raspel31: Traded Libba to Grundy- next week Walsh to Fyfe.
OhSoRozee: glad libba is bench loop ill back ross to outscore
StuL: Scores updating at glacial pace
Ash777: so now that naughton has not got a nickname the astronaut does he get his own icon?
thiccgucci: @wadaramus 20 points and like 40k cash tho
Catatafish: Cheers Bont
lwillo: #freekickcollingwood
wadaramus: Yeah, that too 🙁
lwillo: Another freekick missed
BRAZZERS: glad i traded liber!
sMiles: Hipwood the difference today… he scores 5 goals 2 we win
noobcoach: where did dunkley play
beerent11: Would like Dunkley but can’t trust magneto

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