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Chat log from R8 of 2019: Carlton vs Collingwood

Chat log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R8 of 2019

Yelse: Will you play settlefield or m Parker
OhSoRozee: id probz go setters
OhSoRozee: should lay a few tackles atleast against pies mids being 1st to the ball
Yelse: yeah thinking that plus parker against eagles defence not keen
OhSoRozee: stephenson pre much a lock for 1st goal scorer most games
Yelse: not a fan of two games at 1.45
Gelly: yeah same, would much prefer a thurs night game instead
Danstar: Realised can’t do Vc loophole cos all players playing. Took Cripps over McRae. Cmon Cripps!!!!!
OhSoRozee: yeh sucks having to start at same time i like atleast 30 mins headstart on 1
OhSoRozee: there we go stepho 1st goal scorer lock
Umpirespet: Not like the old days when all matches were 1,15
OhSoRozee: rocket up grundy
VodkaHawk: The pies are a very multi bet friendly team. Tigers are probs the hardest to bet on
Danstar: Who’s tagging Cripps?
Danstar: Nm. Realised greenwood is playing
Gelly: rupert wills lol
Yeehaw: Loving these Cripps frees
Dondeal: Gees, how bad are the Pies staging for free kicks
original: Pies love a good dive
NoneyaB: groin for grundy???
Umpirespet: Soccer scores in this game 2-1 pies
Gandhi: “Half Time” – jeez that went quickly
th3rio: Go vc Grundy 🙂
Yelse: peddles becoming very SC relevant like good old days
Carlo: Grundy should be way higher with 9 pos and a goal
TigerKid_A: grundys throw counted as a handball? ffs
noobcoach: why treloar so low in SC
Tig-Train: If it’s not a FA it has to be a handball
OhSoRozee: @noob only 2 cp no cl which is no affect on the play
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Capt Treloar
OhSoRozee: and 0 tackles
OhSoRozee: well was 0 when i just said
Yelse: seriously pies wake uppppp
Carlo: Anyone got setterfield still, worth keeping?
noobcoach: ive still got setter, ill take a 60-70 and will definitely be worth keeping if he continues scoring like that
th3rio: I do and am keeping him for a few more carlo
th3rio: Seems to be applying pressure
runners47: Have Setter on the bench – hoping he’ll stay as good backup
hinsch: if setterfield out scores Cripps he is a keep
original: In the back free cmon jeez
OhSoRozee: ty grundy
noobcoach: treloar so little game time
Carlo: Grundys going huge today gents
TigerKid_A: shocking umpiring last few mins
th3rio: Grundyyyy
Yeehaw: Grundy Vice over Neale vice, we’ll see if it pays off
OhSoRozee: yeh u dont see 2.0 to grundy often has to capitalise
th3rio: Fielded setters too nice
noobcoach: treloar dissapointing ;(
frenzy: learn to kick it Cripps, HB’s are useless
Ash777: go da blues
Gloryhound: Who’d have thought Gibbons would outscore Cripps in a half of footy…?
original: Went cripps vc as oppo had him vc smh
Danstar: As expected. Changed C to Cripps last second over McRae
OhSoRozee: yeh i had vc on neale all week but changed to grundy last night
OhSoRozee: looked bad early
OhSoRozee: radio saying grundy running around on 1 leg =(
Yeehaw: He looks fine to me, treloar maybe something though? Time being managed and playing HF instead of de goey
LuvIt74: who’s on cripps?
OhSoRozee: i honestly think treloar gets more time fwd in 1st half then mid 2nd
OhSoRozee: wills
Yeehaw: Wills most the game
Yeehaw: Not sure why they’re putting him forward with Beams and Adams out
OhSoRozee: @yeehaw i think wills took his spot to tag cripps
Danstar: My bagging of Cripps is working!! Cmon Cripps. You DiDi
Danstar: My back g
Danstar: My bagging of Cripps is working. CMon Cripps you dud!!
Danstar: You dud* sorry for the multiple msgs
Yeehaw: I suppose but, de goey as a forward and treloar mid compared to de goey mid and treloar forward, much rather ads in mid
Yelse: Cripps easy boy opponent has u captain
noobcoach: treloar needs to play midfield
jbjimmyjb: crisp was such a bad pick 🙁
Raspel31: Hmm- just home- I guess captain duties now fall to you Gawn.
Umpirespet: Reckon Gawn will go Huuuuge Raspel
TheLegend6: Just loopholed Setters onto my field over Petrucelle
noobcoach: where is treloar
CamT: Why would Gawn go huge against Witts, Umpirespet ? ?
lwillo: Setters is a dud but
th3rio: Grundy is injured ? Really ?
Raspel31: Will see if I can do the same The Legend- but I’ve moved him midfield-hmm?
StuL: This mob are equal flag fave? No chance
thiccgucci: does gibbons want to score this half? orrrr?
Juzzo: Gawn played there once for a 174
Umpirespet: Witt’s won’t keep up with Gawn around the ground
Raspel31: You cap Gawn Umpire?
Umpirespet: Yeah but only if Neale doesn’t improve
jbjimmyjb: grundy’s had a shocking quarter
feralmong: I can loop grundy but i have to take Dogs Young as E so not much point.
Gandhi: No matter how slow he starts, cripps always climbs the carlton score pile
Umpirespet: Trust me raspel my middle name isn’t Megawatt for nothin lol
Raspel31: I went Cripps over Neale as Vc- much of a muchness.
noobcoach: where is treloar playing
wadaramus: Grundy VC was looking good at HT, i’ll be happy if he can get to 125.
feralmong: capt Gawn it is
lwillo: Any one got trealoar as captain
zoomba23: Really want the Blues to win this one
Raspel31: Thinking so feral.
NugzNiggle: Nice Treloar. I only need another 250 in the last quarter.
NugzNiggle: Yes @lwillo.
OhSoRozee: i was contemplating libba to treloar rather a bad libba
lwillo: It’s a close game so hopefully he can crack the ton for u
OhSoRozee: massive by cripps 50+ qtr
dipstick: a 5 point Blues win would be a fitting 40 year GF anniversary replay
OhSoRozee: he was the only player lettin me down to ht in both games
Umpirespet: Maybe McClure threatened to knock me out if they didn’t win
Danstar: Cripps you suck!!
BRAZZERS: cripps had 54pts, give the man the cape
NugzNiggle: Need a miracle I think mate.
Stu7: FFS Grundy do soemthing
Stu7: Wadaramus Grundy has stalled
Yeehaw: 7 tackles in a qtr? Lol wtf
gotigers04: cmon de goey
Raspel31: Wow- got home 7 mins into 3rd and Cripps done and dusted- amazing effort.
OhSoRozee: benched cunningham looked like the right decision but had a burst in qtr 3
wadaramus: He needs to start the engine again Stu!
wadaramus: Looping Setterfield at F7, hope he can get to 75-80.
noobcoach: finally treloar in midfield and following ball and look what happens
wadaramus: Need a bit more from Moore too!
OhSoRozee: treloar would b 160 if he played constant mid
original: How bad is plowman (as a player)
dipstick: Only good thing supporting blues is the $100 bet I win against them every week. I win every week
Raspel31: Well there’s bad and bad original and Plowman falls into the bad category.
Pies20: Good recovery treloar, karn pies
Umpirespet: Stocker not looking like a pick 6 atm
Umpirespet: Lol dipstick
lwillo: Stocker is rubbish your right umpire
Umpirespet: Dursma bad?
Yeehaw: Imagine not paying that taking out the legs
lwillo: You shouldn’t complain about umpires lol look at the free kick count
wadaramus: Carn Grundy, strong finish.
beerent11: Nice to get something out of setterfield
original: A free for pies? I’m shocked
thiccgucci: Lift moore. Wont accept under 75
jbjimmyjb: grundy been shafted by CD, they’ve given him no HOTAs
Struda: Free kick count means jack shit, if one team gives away 50 and the other 0 infringments, then the count will be 50-0
feralmong: Tigers were into him Umppet. had to take him there.
lukefield9: @thiccgucci and watcha gonna do if he gets under 75?
wadaramus: 38 hit out and none to advantage?!
noobcoach: cripps desrves bronlow change my mind
Raspel31: Thinking of turning on my vpn to denmark so I get nude girls instead of liberal party pop ups.
OhSoRozee: fielded rozee over cuningham only bad decision of the day
beerent11: Absolute gun
Yelse: worse rule ever
lwillo: Good boys cunners. Kid can play but been stuffed by injuries
feralmong: maybe try russia or brazil raspel.
thiccgucci: @lukefield9 nothing at all
OhSoRozee: need rozee or duursma to b a late out for cuningham’s score p8 is playing =(
feralmong: this season gonna be a ripper. You don’t know who will win.
frenzy: yin yang seagull treloar
beerent11: Good signs for a young side
Umpirespet: Raspel u watch the A league last night another ripper game
Carlo: Setters has gone down since ht
Apachecats: Come on Cripps need 130 to work the loop.
lwillo: Aleague is the worst league in the world but crazy game last night
Raspel31: Saw highlights Ump- yep, a ripper.
LuvIt74: how long to go?
lwillo: That was a free kick
jbjimmyjb: CRISP! saved your score
Apachecats: Bought Pendles this week ,sorry everyone.
Raspel31: Wow- game on. The eternal question- Cripps or big Max?
frenzy: 5.30 luvit
lwillo: 5 mins
Yelse: Grundy should be 140 so many HOTA
intergaze: lol @ the obvious Collingwood umpiring bias yet again
LuvIt74: Am very lucky lucky as i stuffed up had Grundy VC and Cripps as C from last week and didn’t change it.
Umpirespet: 71 Jimmy ur easily pleased
Apachecats: Same resp ,hope Cripps gets 130 ,then won’t have trouble with decision.
lwillo: Same luvit rookie mistake by us lol but might pay off
LuvIt74: At HT Cripps was ordinary and second half he has exploded
jbjimmyjb: ump i was expecting more than +5 for a goal lol
Umpirespet: Crisps did this last week to Luvit
OhSoRozee: sad to see 111 sittin on the bench with no loop
Apachecats: Pendles 3 SC for 1/4 you flog.
Umpirespet: Crisps will be Whitfield when he drops enough
tommy10: Crisp ripped off again fml
LuvIt74: I’m happy with 122 cant complain with that
jbjimmyjb: crisp another goal assist… surely he’ll score over 80
OhSoRozee: cmon grundy cp cl ty
LuvIt74: How long to go
frenzy: no CD love again
Raspel31: Sticking with big Max- but so close.
Gelly: i wonder when eddie will be busted for bribing the umps
runners47: How the hell can a 24-7 free count be justified?
Yelse: take out a premium for cunningham at rozee
OhSoRozee: @yelse had to make my trades early this week
wadaramus: OK, I am taking Grundy VC I reckon, got 15 mins to take the C off Gawn.
beerent11: Awkward Cripps vc score
OhSoRozee: players i wanted in had the early games
sMiles: me too wadaramas. 125 enough
BRAZZERS: frees there all of them, blue undiciplined thats all
Yelse: didn’t mean trade him rozzee put a premium on the bench i did that last week to take stack score
Raspel31: Libba to Grundy this week- no complaints.
OhSoRozee: ty vc and c grundy
OhSoRozee: @yelse yeh my p8 played in other game
frenzy: Lol at phillips sc
lwillo: You watching the same game brazzers. Carlton has 2 goals against them that should of been a free kick
wadaramus: Awesome finish Grundy!
beerent11: Gawn or Fyfe captain?
original: AT whining or being a flog at the end
bones351: Holy hell Frenzy, 34 disposals and 2goals2 for 64 Sc and the 123AF haha
batt: 34 touches and 2 goals for 64SC…. mighty impressive
bones351: Sorry DT

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