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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Adelaide vs Fremantle

Chat log for Adelaide vs Fremantle, R7 of 2019

th3rio: laird to go huge i hope
Hawks_13: i need b.smith, b.crouch and fyfe as my(c) to score 500. What do you think?
th3rio: thats a long shot hawks. if Fyfe goes 150+ you might be in with a shot though
Hawks_13: well im hoping freo win. thats my only chance
OhSoRozee: twilight games are so awful the sun is shocking
th3rio: we need a roof in SA dont we Rozee
th3rio: come on laird
OhSoRozee: nah just dont schedule at stupid times i honestly like 2 games sunday 12:30 and 2:30
biggs2dujj: BCrouch is so ineffective. Such a waste. CD hate him
OhSoRozee: hudson gets 2 pumped for nothing
Pokerface: don’t knock huddo. best in the business
OhSoRozee: mundy might b a good pick up POD seems to b relevant again
OhSoRozee: just worried if blakely comes in for mids
Stu7: Come on Sloane pull,your finger out
OhSoRozee: dang looks like ellis-yolmen tagging fyfe has pushed m.crouch more outside
Pokerface: mouch can’t play outside. he is a slow extractor. would be like putting Titch on a wing
OhSoRozee: yeh i didnt say playing outside i just said fyfe draws yolman further in so crouch is on the outside of ball ups around
OhSoRozee: the ground
OhSoRozee: so many no calls on holding man today
OhSoRozee: but yeh that was the 1st 8 mins seems like the tag has dropped off on fyfe
Rebuild: Go Mrouch Go!
beerent11: Goes alright that Fyfe
Pokerface: fyfe is untaggable.
Burnsy03: danger over fyfe as c worked a treat today…
Oddsy5: ffs oppo has captain on fyfe… if fyfe goes around 140 i could be in trouble
pcaman2003: Sloane is my big regret. Underperformed this year.
Chelskiman: Think I’m screwed. In a close one my opp has Fyfe as captain and he might just get him over the line at this rate.
beerent11: Looks likely oddsy
Bennyherb: Sloane ,beams, libba who do I trade first damn
wadaramus: Gee whiz, AFL footy is such high quality.
wadaramus: Not.
Hawks_13: this game reminds me of the womens game. low scoring
OhSoRozee: flower me theres so many no calls on holding ball/holding the man stupid
original: Keep going bcrouch
beerent11: Libba is out for me this week bennyherb done his job. Yeo in.
Stu7: Why is Sloane dragging the chain anyone?
poolboybob: Yet another painful to watch, low-scoring error fest in a Freo match
original: Bcrouch + tkelly VS fyfe + 20
Chelskiman: Yeah, I’m fucked. Fyfe is in one of his moods today and the players I have left will run out of legs.
wadaramus: I think I might change the channel and watch theA League, chance of goals much higher.
TheLegend6: @Wad wouldn’t bother watching your mob lose tonight mate 😉
wadaramus: Haha, we’ll see Legend!
Willymack1: Geez Betts is a downhill skier
m0nty: I’ve seen more goalmouth action in a kick to kick at the local park
Chelskiman: Keep going, Laird and Smith! If ever I need you it’s now!
th3rio: go away mrouch
wadaramus: Perfect conditions, deplorable game.
Bennyherb: Is it raining
Chelskiman: I swear there’s two Fyfes on the ground, he’s everywhere.
poolboybob: Horrible to watch for everybody except Ross the Boss
BigChief: Ross the Boss’s team at it’s def best.
m0nty: Ross Lyon is the Chris Tavare of Geoffrey Boycotts.
beerent11: May as well put the gun on Nat now
beerent11: Can you have laird and smith in the same sc team?
poolboybob: lol, perfect finish to the half
wadaramus: Well, what a fucking massive pile of steaming shit this game is.
jbjimmyjb: happy with my new recruit for this week, nathan fyfe
beerent11: Turn it off wadaramus go do something else
wadaramus: This is supposed to be the best Australian Rules competition in the country.
poolboybob: Get the Auskick kids on the ground so we can see some goals and skill on display
Pokerface: 6-6-6 working a treat
Pokerface: get the mare off fyfe.
wadaramus: It’s a full Freo mare!
Pokerface: need a brownlow icon for him instead.
wadaramus: Nice description in the blog m0nty, turgid is apt.
clay007: Sorry lads, just signed on. What is with the unicorn icons on every player. Fyfe has a ninja turtle
Pokerface: because fyfe is a ninja.
ajconodie: clay – they are nightmares and fyfe is The Hulk.
Pokerface: i still think arya was fyfe wearing her face.
blashtroko: Laird gets so shafted.. Laid 3 tackles that qtr, they only counted 1, then took it off him!
Ash777: looks like danger is going to be out injured next week despite playing the game out.
jwv92: Wow Walters! What the hell!!! 12 pos, 11uncon 8HB 1 clangers for 25….
BigChief: If the Dockers get mares and are winning do Adel get witches hats?
duckky: That’s the trouble with Walters – he can yo yo worse than Rocky
thiccgucci: Cant wait for o’brien to get to 400k! Will give me an instant premo upgrade somewhere needed
circle52: Gee I hate Mundy trade him out and averages 110 after and on track again now. Might have to trade back in
Chelskiman: Smith + Laird + 10 vs Fyfe as captain. Who wins?
LMartos: This may be the worst game ever lol
Ash777: are they playing with dodgy balls or something?
clay007: Next point wins
Gandhi: This is awful
Pokerface: fyfe wins chelski
shang0: 53 more points from Fyfe and I win 😀
Pokerface: What do we say to the god of goalscoring? Not today
poolboybob: Ryan is gonna be a top 6 defender just through kick ins and seagull possessions
Yeehaw: Laird and smith likely to bury me
OhSoRozee: o’brien might struggle to get above 350k with jacobs back soon enough
Breezey: That could be the match winner from Greenwood
Pokerface: jacobs went for surgery, wont be back for still a few weeks yet
OhSoRozee: me fyfe/m.crouch vs 45 pts and laird
clay007: What sort of supercoach scores you lads on. Seems like 2100 is good this year.
beerent11: Goalfest
sammyo7: just swas the scores, what the fuck happened in this match
FlyinRyan2: probably will get 2050
OhSoRozee: very contested sammy
Dondeal: Cracking game. Goal for goal
Oddsy5: 2100 on the dot will be me
thiccgucci: At the rate o’brien is going, should make 400k easy by the time he loses his spot in the team
Breezey: What’s the chances that this will end up a Draw
thiccgucci: And on top of that he gives me elite bye cover
Ash777: I’m on 1999 with bcrouch left to score.
boges11: is it windy?
Pokerface: *if he loses his spot in the team
biggs2dujj: Might bench Grundy for O’Brien next week
Oddsy5: 178 plus b crouch vs captain fyfe… hopefully fyfe keeps low
LMartos: O’Brien gonna outscore both my rucks it seems
clay007: Im on 1959 with only the crouch brothers and smith. Need to get to 2100
OhSoRozee: 2.1k with libba,rocky and danger C
Oddsy5: should get there @clay and thats so stiff @rozee
original: Fyfe going to kill me
beerent11: I don’t mind this kind of contested footy. Goals shmoals.
poolboybob: Jesus this game is bad
BigChief: This is good old tough footy. I like it.
clay007: Jesus couldn’t stop Naughton last night.
OhSoRozee: this is like saint kilda of rosses era
Blahsta: must better than watching a game that sits between 3-5 goals all day
clay007: Need M Crouch to lift
th3rio: Roo calling HTB against his team. Thats good commentating tbh
Ash777: wtf umps
Gandhi: Umps frustrated with the poor quality game and starting to crack
th3rio: tex has a big mouth for a captain.
m0nty: I do not rate Jesus’ bacxk shoulder defensive skills though tbh
m0nty: Jesus has a tendency to get crucified by the umps
jbjimmyjb: ROB is the 2nd best cash cow of the year, change my mind
Oddsy5: anyone else hate tex? i just reckon hes a loser
Breezey: Your right Monty. Last time he played he hit the post.
wadaramus: lol m0nty.
Pokerface: lol m0nty!
th3rio: wow laird stiffed
Torz: We are getting destroyed by the umps in the last few minutes.
Chelskiman: That is a handy goal from Smith! Puts me back in front in my match up. I do need Fyfe to completely stop to have any
beerent11: This has all happened with Fyfe off the ground
th3rio: walsh, libba, ROB?
Chelskiman: chance.
th3rio: actually maybe not libba, constable has been good though
Catatafish: Fuck you Smith
Pokerface: Moore
beerent11: Made a good comeback though
Breezey: Walsh, Miers
Oddsy5: obriens a goat…i traded in rotham instead of him sooo stupidly. feels bad
clay007: Great work Monty. Jesus is not a good mark. Hasn’t got good hands
Pokerface: does the Matthews formula scale for games in adelaide?
Pokerface: do minutes get substituted for quarters?
noobcoach: jesus is who
OhSoRozee: i started with clarke and brought in o’brien when clarke was out with calf bleed
Pokerface: striker for man city noob
Monfries96: If I had my time again I would’ve brought ROB in as a bench ruck early $$
OhSoRozee: that was ROB just b4 price rise 3rd game
The39Steps: Remember the billboard outside a church in Hawthorn in the ’70s? What would you do if God came to Hawthorn?
The39Steps: Somebody wrote underneath it – Move Peter Hudson to centre half forward.
Breezey: Can Freo double their score in this qtr to win.
Beammybux: Fyfe and 77 v bcrouch and bsmith fml
clay007: Obrien is a beast
beerent11: Top 6 def at end of season. Lloyd, Whitfield, hurn, ……..?
Umpirespet: ROB will outscore Grundy this week
Monfries96: Beerent Laird, Daniel
Yeehaw: Screw trading O’Brien for a premo, I’m trading mummy for one
Natopotato: And i was joking to bench Grundy this week for O’Brien. Maybe i should have backed it hahaha
Vogesy69: opp has b. crouch + laird vs me with m. crouch + 411 ahaha
Pokerface: you misspelt sicily beerent
beerent11: Daniel is a fwd in sc
Oddsy5: lloyd whitfiel hurn sicily laird and then 1 of houli williams steward or daniel i reckon
Pokerface: once milera is back, laird won’t be.
Monfries96: Hurn 79 this week
SilverLion: Can anyone explain MCrouch’s SC? Feels like he should be on 120.
beerent11: Smith just a stepping stone?
Breezey: Definitely Stewart I reckon
wadaramus: Carn Fyfey, keep going.
Pokerface: the answer is right in front of you here.
jwv92: Silver, 57% DE killing his score. Feel like Walters should be more than 53 though
beerent11: What pokerface a 3 point difference?
Chelskiman: This is intense, I’m still somehow 4 points up. Fyfe is going to have a burst at some point though.
SilverLion: He got an intercept mark and had 4 possessions before,went up from 75 to 82.
stuballs: I’m 1 point up in my SC h2h. I have B.Crouch they have Smith. Sweatin’
Pokerface: blakey back v soon too.
Pokerface: beerent, meant the top 6 defender.
VodkaHawk: I think Poker meant Luke Ryan
Pokerface: look at his disposal SL. he hasn’t damaged at all.
beerent11: Ok poker,
Vogesy69: lloyd, whitfield, hurn, stewart for sure, hard to say after that
BigChief: Luke Ryan top 6 Defenders atm.
SilverLion: Another 2 disposals and a mark for 3 SC lol
thiccgucci: surely fyfe gets up to 120?
Pokerface: its akin to one of Titch’s ‘non-damaging’ games
intergaze: Surely Ryan’s close to a top 6 lock after this?
beerent11: Wide open for 10 or 12 I reckon
jwv92: 24 uncon POS and 59% DE + 2 clangers. Only 1 tackle so no real pressure acts to boost him.
Danstar: Fyfe gave away a FK and got more points lol
MontyJnr: 37 touches should get you 100 in SC regardless of how you use it
boofjb57: First draw for the year?
Danstar: Adjusted now lol
Pokerface: lol MontyJnr, what a ridiculous statement
Pokerface: stick to fantasy if that’s your thought process
beerent11: Ryan’s been good away from Perth too this season
BigChief: O’Brien for star m0nty. He has been huge tonight.
OhSoRozee: @dan yeh he woulda got CP cancelled out by the fa
Oddsy5: whoever has smith vs b crouch at the moment would
Oddsy5: would be sweating*
Chelskiman: Fyfe just has to slightly touch someone to get a tackle.
jwv92: M Crouch stuck in the bench? Completely stopped racking up possies.
Pokerface: Keath hits it for 6
MontyJnr: @Pokerface Crouch could be on 40 SC off 37 touches and i bet you’d still try and make excuses for Champion Data lol
Danstar: B crouch going down down lol
Struda: Laird and fyfe completely disappeared off the face of the earth
ajconodie: Is the weather a factor in the low scoring?
frenzy: there it is the Brouch slide
Chelskiman: Those two tackles from Fyfe have buried me.
Pokerface: no you’re right Jnr, you know their system better than they do
OhSoRozee: sadly crouch’s kicks are barely 15 metres which has no effectiveness on fwd thrust for goal
poolboybob: Lol at everyone who traded in McCarthy after he kicked a bag in week 1
thiccgucci: Its amazing weather
Struda: Another sub 2100 week for me ffs
Fatbar5tad: 3 umpire goals still boo 🙄
original: Cmon Walters or mundy win the game for freo!!
Pokerface: you watching the game by any chance Jnr?
OhSoRozee: whos every1s trade targets?
thiccgucci: Even though im a fyfe owner, dont know how he is within 6sc of mundy
clay007: What is M Crouch efficiency today?
Pokerface: nice work Sloane!
Pokerface: fyfe’s first half was huge gucci
Pokerface: 59 clay
thiccgucci: ah makes sense @poker only tuned in recently
clay007: Well that explains all Poker! Use it poorly and you pay the price
jbjimmyjb: rozee probably double downgrade this week and build warchest to 600k
Danstar: Time to get rid of BCrouch?
Chelskiman: Smith and Laird need to play kick to kick.
SilverLion: Could be a record for the lowest SC for a 40 possie game if he can get 2 more
clay007: He handballs heaps too
Yeehaw: Libba to Bont for me
thiccgucci: Have a hard decision nowadays whether to field o’brien or goldy
Ash777: probably trade worpel and someone else this week
SteamHam1: Tex is the most overrated player in the league
thiccgucci: I feel as though no one rates Tex apart from the commentators
OhSoRozee: ill do 1 downgrade and probz libba to bont aswell
BigChief: Sell Goldy and upgrade another position Ash.
Gelly: tex is rated?
BigChief: Sorry I meant @Gucci
Crave: do you trust bevo though, he has been chopping and changing mids all year
Monfries96: Smith to Laird upgrade getting cheaper and cheaper every week
thiccgucci: @BigChief dont tempt me hahah
Pokerface: is it an upgrade Monfries?
OhSoRozee: bont scores well as a fwd or mid anyway
jwv92: Jesus, Walters and Mcrouch did nothing in the last 20 fucking minutes. Sub 2100 score it is. Fuck me.
OhSoRozee: williams and smith will be my very last upgrades if i need 2
V@lks: Brouch’s last qtr will lose me my game by 5-10pts 🙁
frenzy: woohoo 2200
BigChief: Do it Gucci. You will not regret it at season’s end.
thiccgucci: I would if i needed a risk, but im sitting healthy top100 rankings so im trying to be as conservative as possible

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