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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, R7 of 2019

Hawks_13: I just bought garry ablet. i hope he puts in a good game
Carlo: Cmon danger go huge
megawatts: cmon guthrie reach 120
biggs2dujj: Any chance of Menegola starting on the field this year?
noobcoach: J clark playing forward?
duckky: Gee that ump with the high voice is a bit interesting with their calls
Dondeal: ze or zher @ duckky. Google it
PlungeMe: clark on wing
duckky: naaa … too millennial for me @Dondeal. I’ll give you trigger warnings though
thiccgucci: stuffed up my loophole for duursma so have to take Clark’s score.
Chelskiman: Danger limping.
PlungeMe: danger 🙁
Carlo: Noooo dangers my cap
Gelly: lol flick on this game and danger is limping off
circle52: Danger in the rooms.
StuL: Danger can barely walk. Ankle
Struda: danger off
Fatbar5tad: Danger ok and ready to go? 🤔
NoneyaB: forgot danger was a huge sook he looks ok now
circle52: Back on bench now Danger
Fatbar5tad: Dangerjab
Dondeal: Danger’s a drama queen. In Adelaide his teammates used to call him out on it
NoneyaB: danger i swear to god dont do that crap like ever
SteamHam1: Danger milking an injury again. Egomaniac.
Gelly: or commentators fear mongering to cause drama
NoneyaB: no danger is a sook hell last year he was meant to have done a knee and he came back on the field
VodkaHawk: Come onnn Bombers
Fatbar5tad: Nice goal Parfitt
masterhc2: Is there anyone who’s had as good a first 2 years in AFL as Kelly? Star.
Pokerface: did he say he had done a knee did he Noney?
Pokerface: @masterhc Barlow
Fatbar5tad: Ablett reported
Chelskiman: Ablett reported!
NoneyaB: no but the way he was carrying on that day he did act like it
VodkaHawk: Protected species, nothing to see here
Pokerface: ah so he wasn’t supposed to have done a knee then
masterhc2: @Pokerface not a bad call, reckon Kelly has been more impactful with his speed though, genuine match winner barlow wasnt
VodkaHawk: Walsh has had a better 1st 7 games
Fatbar5tad: Like Giod bloke Hodge…short memories for some
NoneyaB: @ Poker I get where u are coming from but when u are carried off the field cant put weight on a leg wot r u ment 2 think
PlungeMe: needed to play clark with whitfield injured
blonde0na: any reasonable person would probably think the player’s potentially badly injured himself
blonde0na: and hope that he hasn’t
Fatbar5tad: Haters gotta hate blonde. A few on today’s.
beerent11: As a footy fan gotta hope he’s ok
NoneyaB: i actually like danger but he does carry on abit with injuries
PlungeMe: seems odd to have the ‘country’ game at the g
Pokerface: did Adams carry on as he was ‘meant to have done a groin’, but Collingwood readied to send him back out?
biggs2dujj: Finally, a decent start for both Devon and Menegola. Keep it up ladies
Fatbar5tad: Pretty committed to the act without his back to the camera unable to walk down the stairs.
NoneyaB: dangers fine which is good but geez that didnt look good
Raspel31: From the jaws of victory I have amazingly conjured up another Supercoach defeat. Groan.
OhSoRozee: C.Guthrie been on fire since recall
BOMBRBLITZ: Dangerfield never plays well against the Bombers
StuL: Nice Gary.
Oddsy5: happy with trading in kelly this week
Fatbar5tad: You could say that about the whole team BOMBER
Breezey: Gryan. Yes
Raspel31: Me too oddsy- only positive this week.
Pokerface: lol Fatbar
StuL: Fielding Clark is death. Not much choice with Whit out
VodkaHawk: Ticked off Stringer, Baguley, Miers, just need a Gaz goal
OhSoRozee: Who did jnr Guthrie come in for
Pokerface: who was your other bench option Stu?
Gelly: tuohy
Pokerface: zac for zac
StuL: Tuohy ohso
OhSoRozee: Cheers
Breezey: Dear oh dear
VodkaHawk: Dumbass danger… muppet
original: Wow danger lol muppett
Carlo: The worst possible outcome
BOMBRBLITZ: Danger big big Muppet there
jbjimmyjb: muppet
fonzie: muppet for danger
Yeehaw: Not really dangers fault to be fair, he gave Clark notice
Pokerface: muppet danger
Oddsy5: wow danger….
Breezey: Seriously that’s a Clark Muppet
pcaman2003: OMG!Did I see Clarke get within 10 feet of thw ball?
Natopotato: Handpass was over his head
blonde0na: yeah handball was on, clark slipped over, unlucky really
Gelly: lol clark, missed free goal and missed tackle… ouch
Pokerface: atkins keeping my matchup on life support. good lad
Yeehaw: Sure it was a great handball but he should have been ready for the first one instead of danger having to pull out of it
vamos77: Fuck off miers, 60 tops from you fella
wadaramus: WTF is Danger doing?!
VodkaHawk: Mark at the top of the goal square… kick the goal
Breezey: Clark looking straight at him and fell over.
Yeehaw: Wasn’t*
TheLegend6: The way Clark looked at him when he marked in front almost looked like Clark was annoyed at Danger so he passed it off.
original: Muppet for that umpire? He said “Tom” wow
vamos77: Shit handball shit decision, no one but danger to blame
Juzzo: Can’t wait to piss off Clark and Ridley from my team
Stu7: Anyone have the C on Danger?
VodkaHawk: If umpires got muppets, you’d run out of muppets
Yeehaw: 100% agree @thelegend
Raspel31: Hope nobody capped Rodney Dangerfield this week?
mattmac24: Yep Stu.. thought I’d take the chance and go danger over Cripps with Selwood out..
jbjimmyjb: ofc my oppo has miers and kelly
Pokerface: Rozee you should have traded danger!
Carlo: Same as you Matt
original: Great umpires today: razor and eleni sheesh. bT commentating to top of the viewing experience
VodkaHawk: Did Guelfi lose a bet?
J_Herer: Will Danger as C finish my season…
OhSoRozee: i did the C on danger
blonde0na: the constant bomber fan boo’ing is getting old now
Bennyherb: Danger will still finish with 80+
StuL: Bombers word of the month
StuL: Boooooooo”
OhSoRozee: @poker yeh pity the string didnt snap and i did it
mattmac24: Though even a 50 from danger will get me to 2300 so not all that fussed at the moment
poolboybob: They’re saying boo-urns
Oddsy5: that was the worst defence i’ve ever seen
Stu7: Sorry to hear
J_Herer: Perhaps a 140 from Miers will save me
Stu7: Sorry to hear mattmac24
Nuffman: how dare someone like an instagram post!! horrendous!
wadaramus: What is wrong with Dangerpants today?!
Gelly: yep danger off for the half now i think
OhSoRozee: was gonna take vc of cripps if he was 70+ at ht and debated the c on danger/fyfe
Stu7: And OhSoRozee
PlungeMe: my danger to billings trade is working a treat
biggs2dujj: Devon smith useless prick going backwards again
Pokerface: haha poolboy. it never gets old
Lawls: what a trade @plungeme
OhSoRozee: +3 a qtr for danger and ill win……..
PlungeMe: they called me stupid but i knew i was being a genius
FlyinRyan2: Not even going to get 2000 now if danger is injured for the whole game
OhSoRozee: looks like half my team will cats players post bye
shang0: My opponnent has Danger as C 😀
original: Stewart should be 70sc. I’m biased of course lol
StuL: Boooo
shang0: Fyfe my Captain 😀
Struda: are you going to trade danger back in plunge? allso there goes cd fuck
Natopotato: Could not care how low Danger scores. Don’t have C on him and basically everyone has so we all suffer
Phasir: SC scores on the fritz again? 🙁
amigaman: Did SC just fall over?
OhSoRozee: yeh ill b lucky to scrape 2.1k with the c on danger
amigaman: SC gone poof?
Hawks_13: did anyone see the striking. Is gary ablett in trouble?
PlungeMe: im joking struda but i wish i had made that trade 🙁
Yeehaw: No trouble
Raspel31: So- and for the first time I’m serious- do we look at losing Rodney?
jbjimmyjb: I need Kelly, Miers, MCrouch and Laird to score less than 450… mm
Catatafish: Zerrett getting a CD points tax.
OhSoRozee: have a feeling danger will only get 1 more qtr
Pokerface: not if he isnt missing games raspel
OhSoRozee: just wish he could do what he did to hawks up fwd on 1 leg
Vogesy69: opp has danger captain f*ck yes
OhSoRozee: he kicked 5.6 that day against hawks on 1 leg
OhSoRozee: 20 disposals 12 marks and a score of 141
pants42: Whats with dangers bandage? Is he off??
Raspel31: No- oh course not trading Danger Poker. Just grumpy with no Whitfield and premos failing.
Blahsta: hurt his leg/knee twice
BigChief: They are all off ATM pants
OhSoRozee: hate twilight games the suns awful
jwv92: Premos are killing my SC this year. I have 13 premos and maybe half living up to their price tag.
megawatts: cmon cam guthrie lift
beerent11: Constables quiet
Monfries96: Very frustrating to watch games when it’s only opposition uniques playing
Raspel31: Yep beer- Constable very quiet.
Stu7: Yeah Constable hasn’t touched it yet
Bennyherb: Cmon clark
Oddsy5: how amazing that constable is within 14 points of dangerfield
wadaramus: Call the cops, where is Constable?!
Stu7: Yes I reckon he’ll pass Danger
shang0: Danger 😀
Raspel31: Constable not paid that handball?
jwv92: Haha apparently trading Williams for Whitfield weeks ago was a terrible idea according to some nuffies on FB.
OhSoRozee: might have to hit the delete button on 1 of fantasy games with the C on danger gonna drop me 20k ranks
Pokerface: raspel CD hate him obviously. so rigged
poolboybob: Piss off, dollhouse
Monfries96: Williams might become a top 6 def if he keeps current form
Oddsy5: whats par score? im lookin shocking this week, 2100 at best.
Pokerface: Monfries probably been getting some of Whitfields run last couple of weeks
OhSoRozee: stay low tippa and no more scoring taylor and the c on danger doesnt look 2 bad
Monfries96: You might be right Poker
wadaramus: Is Danger even on the field, he has not had a touch since the first quarter?
frenzy: teabag
jwv92: Exactly Poker. Before Whitfield was injured, Williams was averaging 90 vs Whitfield almost 110. Big score this week due
jwv92: To Whitfield not playing and soaking up those opportunities. Based on pre-whit injury form I don’t see Williams being
jwv92: A top 6 defender by season end.
jwv92: Danger probably playing FF not sure though, not watching the game.
Yeehaw: Suppose the danger 20 disposals leg isn’t gonna get up lol
Pokerface: agree jw, but im more than happy to leave him at d7 or final upgrade.
J_Herer: Danger up forward, not moving well, ankle stuffed
poolboybob: Danger is gonna be cheap in a couple of weeks, for the 7 people who don’t have him
LuvIt74: Was dangers injury that bad is he moving ok as im not watching the game
TheLegend6: Duncan 25+ gonna lose it for me, you’d think he’d be more in guts with danger down
J_Herer: Lots of fallen premos to grab post byes
theuncle: Anyone have danger Captain?
Pokerface: no he is sluggish luvit
blonde0na: i have Danger capt in AF 🙁
OhSoRozee: yeh i reckon williams to whitfield was the trade but not this early
LuvIt74: JHerer cheers you just answered my question as i was writing it
VodkaHawk: Need Duncan 20+.. wtf is he doing…
jbjimmyjb: dangerfield 1 disposal for the quarter… 🙁
wadaramus: Danger +6!
Oddsy5: does whitfield drop in price this week if he hasnt played?
megawatts: cam guthrie to be top 10 defender?
OhSoRozee: nah they hold prices till they play
OhSoRozee: he will go down at 204 be over the next 2 games he plays
Stu7: No Oddsy5
jwv92: Problem for me Rozee is I had both Witherden and Williams and witho was playing a little better and not hindered
OhSoRozee: unless he pulls a rabbit out a hat
jbjimmyjb: danger robbed by the siren
Pokerface: stop trolling megawatts
jwv92: By a Whitfield type player so it’s only his performance limiting his score output
J_Herer: danger captain 🙁
J_Herer: Midfield premos all dropping (Neale, Brayshaw, Danger etc)
Patty19: Danger couldn’t even man the mark, he’s cooked!
jwv92: Williams I just couldn’t see getting better with Whitfield playing with him.
OhSoRozee: yeh many got tempted to grab whitfield early i honestly thought he would drop off by the byes with a tag and score alot
OhSoRozee: at the back end with every1 else tired
jwv92: With hindsight I might have held off to the byes with this injury but several undet
OhSoRozee: but yeh also thought id get 50 out of dangerfield x 2 with the c after the 1st qtr atleast
jwv92: Several underperforming premos ultimately made me pull the trigger. I’m top 5% currently so no going too badly really.
poolboybob: Would like to thank my opponent for not taking Gawn’s 127 as vice captain and leaving the C on Danger
OhSoRozee: ill b outside the top 5% with C danger
shang0: Danger getting me a win 😀
jwv92: Ouch Rozee, that sucks mate. I stuck with Neale for the C this week.
jwv92: Still on track to win all 4 league matches despite an appalling round.
Raspel31: Not greedy- simply stuck with Gawny.
frenzy: pedal harder Darius
Yeehaw: If you don’t take a VC of 127 you deserve dangers score ;))
biggs2dujj: Dead set Danger can not kick for shit
TheLegend6: Gaz legend
OhSoRozee: it was C danger or fyfe and defs made the wrong
jwv92: Didn’t C danger but right now Dangers loss is Kelly’s gain! And I am bloody happy about it!
Rilian: Anzac Day umps = “tackled without prior just have to get rid of not dispose” stewart just did that, free against..
OhSoRozee: need tippa/taylor/shiel to not score 100 combined in this qtr to be within a shot
shang0: Fyfe for the C Danger for my opponents C has seen me the win, a tonne up by Merret will seal the deal
poolboybob: Kelly a brownlow smokey?
OhSoRozee: ablett could b a fwd lock next yr
Pokerface: i hope you are talking draft league rozee…
Bennyherb: Menogola collingo have good first halfs and hardly touch it in the 2nd
biggs2dujj: Zerrett gone missing
Chelskiman: Typical Menegola. Does well but can’t run it out. Could cost me.
Breezey: GAJ will be getting a rest in the next week or two
Pokerface: its co-kneel-io
OhSoRozee: @poker nah surely he gets fwd status for 2020
BigChief: Should be getting a rest next week via suspension.
Bennyherb: Merrett drops off usually when ess are down by more than 20 points
OhSoRozee: kelly will lose fwd status
Pokerface: rozee i meant your matchup that somehow includes tippa and taylor..
DrSeuss: Did Zerrett get a tag or just stopped after half time?
OhSoRozee: nah just regular sc league he has those 2 as pods
OhSoRozee: coz i had the c on danger it was close as it is
Pokerface: and you still might lose?
Catatafish: Do something Zerrett
Breezey: Is Duncan an option for anyone or does anyone have him already. Ultra consistent
original: TKelly talk about putting on the brakes ffs u shoulda pushed for 120
OhSoRozee: yeh he proj just under 2.2k with tippa/taylor but coz i got the c on danger i lose 150 pts on him
TheLegend6: Duncan a good POD, owned by only 1%
Breezey: Right on cue Mitch
megawatts: guthrie cmon reach 120
Pokerface: you don’t lose 150 points. noone scored 175 this round
Chelskiman: Maybe I should blast Menegola more often. Went from 75 to 103 in no time, haha.
Ash777: fyfe looks like a 175 player at the moment
original: Gee my draft midfield STINKS zaha selwood omeara brayshaw. Jpk only one pulling weight
megawatts: name a better POD than cam guthrie
Breezey: I just did. Mitch Duncan
Pokerface: what did he score in the previous two games again mega?
jwv92: Isaac Quaynor megawatt? Haha
OhSoRozee: lose 150 on danger coz ud back him 100 pts, 200 as C – 148 coz of his 26 pts
megawatts: @poker only 87 and 74 in sc, but 98 and 90 in fantasy. Always going to improve on that
feralmong: guthrie career SC average of 73. nah i’ll pass.
Pokerface: fantasy? oh i see. 0.o
Breezey: Ablett toying with Boo mbers.
BigChief: Jack Steele for 1 mega.
Catatafish: Saving Private Gryan
megawatts: @feral he played defence last few seasons, averaged 97 in midfield. Still listed as 346k defender
Pokerface: think you need more evidence that 1 cherry picked game..
feralmong: AF average of 68. nah pass again.
Pokerface: 9th year playing, not as if there is natural improvement to come. no role change..
feralmong: hes a pod cos no one wants him in their team. Good draft option tho.
megawatts: @poker no role change? he’s been playing in defence in the last few yrs
megawatts: @feral hes a pod cos he was injured for the first 4 rds
Pokerface: explain last weeks score again.
Pokerface: but if you need our affirmation again this week, go ahead
BigChief: I would take Steele every day of the week over Guthrie.

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