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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Carlton vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2019

Gelly: the bubble is back
Yelse: who more likely to score more walsh or B crouch
frenzy: today Roos
MONEY TALK: cd dont like crouch it seems
BigChief: Afternoon all.
BigChief: is that Roos or Blues frenzy 😛
BigChief: Roos missing Sam Wright m0nty
Yelse: put constable in for walsh to take stack hoping crouch dominates
frenzy: can’t beat blues today, then I wanna finish last
frenzy: constable playing vfl now
jbjimmyjb: think cripps is getting tagged by ziebell
Sloan4Pres: north should win by 40+
blonde0na: with the list of carlton outs you’d think north get up here
Gandhi: Does anyone know what the deal is with the bubble?
thiccgucci: big goldyyyyy
MONEY TALK: ahh oppo has goldy
BigChief: I don’t see a bubble.
LMartos: Goldy will be 50 at QT and score 95
thiccgucci: expecting over 120 today from goldy. shouldnt have too hard of a time with no kruz
poolboybob: Would be nice to get a decent score from Gibbo this week since his BE is low
SwaggyP: C on crippa. Will finish on 76…
biggs2dujj: Cripps is cooked. Disinterested and slow
jbjimmyjb: cripps looks very sore, lying on the ground with the ball 5m away
th3rio: Come on crippa
shang0: Had the C on Cripps moved it to Fyfe at the last minute, hopefully pays off
th3rio: I tipped cats but I have a feeling dons might do them in
MONEY TALK: no c on cripps, got it on setters (:
Yelse: omg why did i take crouch over walsh 🙁 CD love him
Schillaci: Cripps 100% game time 16 mins, 1 handball = Captain choice, when having a good week. Check. Tick.
biggs2dujj: Cripps has absolutely killed me this year. Useless
MONEY TALK: i did say cd love wlashy over crouch
th3rio: Needed cripps to get his proj to win that’s me fooked lol
poolboybob: Icicle for Cripps
duckky: IS Cripps being tagged?
Gelly: carlton looks very flat
Yelse: thought wash will get tired young bound to have a shocker
a1trader: My opponent has C on Cripps 🙂
BigChief: Not 1 of the Blues forwards look interested.
biggs2dujj: Cripps is injured. His ENTIRE left leg is wrapped up. Clearly injured and can barely run. A 40 for my captain incoming
BigChief: 1st and last time I tip them.
Schillaci: Today Cripps.
blonde0na: umps giving north a lot of love, but carlton getting completely outplayed right now
th3rio: Pretty sure his leg has been like that for the last 12 months Biggs
LeFtBehinD: Cripps not injured. Turns out Ziebell is the perfect match up.
BestCoast: Cripps has killed people ffs ave 120+ harsh crowd at times
biggs2dujj: It was just his knee. Now it’s wrapped up to his neck
amigaman: Larkey 1 FA + 100%. How does he get 2 clangers?
Haydo: Lucky to get 40 at this rate biggs
blonde0na: also how did cunnington get away with elbowing two people in the head last week?
biggs2dujj: Haha Haydo 25?
Haydo: Dropped mark amiga
BigChief: @amiga dropped sitters, fumbles etc are clangers also
StuL: If cripps isnt safe with the c then no one is
CamT: @amigaman … Frees Against are counted as clangers
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Cripps is lame as. Couldn’t outmark Cunners.
Schillaci: At least my Captain is on track for 4 pts. Maybe 6 with scaling.
Haydo: More likely biggs also annoyed i have him as captain and went to change to fyfe a minute after game started
BestCoast: SuperCoach been a game of halves last two weeks first half good second shower
noobcoach: i ditch macmillan and gets half his score in the first quarter. just my fucken luck
amigaman: Yes I know FA is a clanger but not 2 clangers.
amigaman: Larkey’s miss was not a sitter, he threw himself full length and knocked it to a team mate
AuroraBore: Glad i took the Gawn VC
BigChief: @amiga. read the replies about clangers
Torz: At least stick a tackle Cripps!
thiccgucci: goldy lucky to have that goal. been useless apart from it
MONEY TALK: whats the supercoach record for 1 qtr geezs
biggs2dujj: Cripps didn’t even want to make that contest. No wonder the Blues are shit…they’re playing with one less man
amigaman: I did and they don’t make sense. Need to look at my replies also
jbjimmyjb: cripps isn’t hunting the ball at all, he’s grimacing
lwillo: Stop trolling Biggs
Yelse: cripps needs a rest
poolboybob: Operation Carltank in full effect today
BigChief: Did he drop an uncontested mark? Yes. So it is a clanger.
Natopotato: massive increase in socre to Cripps there at the end of the quarter going from 2 to 5. 150% increase :O
cmperrfect: of course my OP has Danger as capt.. ffs
hinsch: Brown 70 SC points for one Qtr probably finish with 90, possible 200+ not that good
jbjimmyjb: CD giving Cripps maximal points for his 2 ineffective handballs lol
DrSeuss: Come on Larkey, a couple of goals for yourself would be handy
JR33: Walsh showing the older blokes how it’s done
cmperrfect: need P plate on Larkey m0nty
th3rio: Cripps same amount of possies then hairs on cunningtons head
amigaman: Please @BigChief there are plenty examples of biased scoring in SC. I’ve seen other players get points for the same thin
amigaman: Cripps a perfect example
th3rio: Good cripps! Should’ve been 50
Haydo: Better cripps
BigChief: @cmp Larkey has played 3 games. This is his 4th
jbjimmyjb: Does GOD have the C on B. Brown?
BigChief: whatever amiga you SC scoring expert.
amigaman: Is Ben Brown back?
a1trader: I think Norths score now will be more than Carltons at the end of the game
amigaman: Same back at ya
th3rio: Cripps standing back from packs not good
teddyt: the only team richmond would of beaten last night is carlton
biggs2dujj: th3rio been doing it for weeks. That knee is wrecked
Haydo: Yeah larkey got -10 and 6 or something in his first two games last year was projected to drop to 100k lol
cmperrfect: really @Bigchief ? Larkey played his 1st game last week
wolfheart: dunno about that ted. The dogs were on fire.
th3rio: He needs a rest ay Biggs. Wish he could go forward and kick 5 like danger
amigaman: No, he played last year
BigChief: @cmp yes 1st game for this year. Played 2 last year.
biggs2dujj: Why don’t they throw him forward? Whats the point of just jogging from 50 arcs and not going to contests???
Haydo: a1 trader will certainly be more than cripps’ score
Gandhi: Larkey played 2 games in 2017 @cmperrfect
th3rio: To be fair ziebell is minding him like a mf
teddyt: they were but we were terrible. When stack and baker are your 2 clear best somethings wrong
MercAm: @cmperrfect this is his 2nd game for this year. He played 2 last year
blonde0na: that’s the first 360 HTB i’ve seen paid this year
cmperrfect: so he did, I stand corrected.. thanks all
MercAm: Have to love it when you have Cripps on Captain, what a flower-en shower week of SuperCoach
th3rio: Should ben brown be allowed to do that. It wastes so much time
BigChief: North should win this by 100 points.
thiccgucci: A 70 from gibbons would be really really nice
Gelly: do carlton have any inside mids, everyone just waits on outside and north whisk the ball away
MercAm: @th3rio it triggers me sooo much when Brown does that, and yes it does waste a lot of time
cmperrfect: anyone know how longs Bolts has left on his contract @ the Blues ?
biggs2dujj: Gelly, Cripps is that inside player…but not when he’s injured
biggs2dujj: Cripps ITB not paid
BigChief: Fantasia and Touhy both late outs.
teddyt: lets go cripps!
th3rio: Cripps 🙂
biggs2dujj: Ziebell is a grubby thief.
Schillaci: Captains goal Cripps! might be the goal that gets Carlton going.scale him up CD.
The39Steps: @cmperrfect…….minutes.
biggs2dujj: Cripps, its Clark Kent time
Kram: Th3rio he has 30 seconds to kick it
poolboybob: Suddenly no-effort one-legged Cripps is on track for a ton
th3rio: Fantasia again!? Fml!!
italz: woah casual 20 point jump for cripps
cmperrfect: no Touhy and no Jelwood… Bombers any chance?
BigChief: @cmp he is not on a contract.
original: Looked like HTB to me given what else they’ve paid..
Schillaci: In the bink of an eye.
Gelly: hopefully that tackle fires him up
SteamHam1: Cripps has finally turned it up a notch.
blonde0na: reckon if ben brown laid that tackle it would’ve been paid HTB
lwillo: Umps inconsistent
a1trader: been away for 10 minutes, go away Cripps
Struda: ben brown should be called for running too far in his approach
BigChief: How was that not a free to Brown against Thomas?
biggs2dujj: That was Dirty from Daisy.
DrSeuss: Of course Cripps steps it up – opponent has him captain. Story of my round.
LeFtBehinD: Free to Brown 100% there not paid so…
th3rio: Bombers a big chance perfect. I tipped cats but think dons will win
Gelly: daisy a sniper
th3rio: Will be stoked of cripps gets to 60 by ht
Haydo: How can i listen to the game overseas
th3rio: All app haydo
Fatbar5tad: Cats problem with Dons is pace. 2E and Jelwood not massive outs.
Schillaci: Go away for another 10 minutes a1
italz: is everyone else having a shocking week this week? i’m averaging 2250 and will barely hit 2k this week :/
cmperrfect: AFL website Haydo too I think, depending if geolocked
Struda: @haydo afl app maybe or if you want to watch strikeout
Schillaci: afl website live radio through the Match Centre link Haydo. Listening to MMM now in NZ.
Natopotato: i should be hitting 2150-2200 at least
The39Steps: @haydo – download tunein radio app and go to whichever station you want.
th3rio: Afl app I meant has all the radio stations
jbjimmyjb: italz I should still get 2200 this week in SC
BigChief: Muppet for Casboult surely
AlbySmedtz: Despite being a high fantasy scorer, is Murphy a liability to this Carlton team?
Dondeal: Muppet update incoming
Haydo: Pretty much exactly the same italz
cmperrfect: same potato.. low round
italz: feels bad man
Haydo: Ok thanks
jfitty: Just keep that muppet on Levi all game
StuL: How much closer do need to be Cas?
DrSeuss: Same Italz – although my league opponents have all the high scorers – Gaff, Yeo, Dunkley – another one of those rounds!
poolboybob: Jeez Casboult is a scrub
duckky: Gee Cripps has scored well for just 7 touches.
cmperrfect: is Casboult a right foot version of Travis Cloke? great mark.. can’t kick
jwv92: On track for 2150+ this week, roughly my season average. If all the stars line up for me I might hit 2400 one week.
Nigma97: this is ridiculous
jwv92: Need all my premos players to actually play like premos at the same time
TheLegend6: Someone remind me why I put Casbout anytime goalscorer in my multi? Jesus
BigChief: Walsh has requested a trade to anyone who has a heart.
Schillaci: Walsh is a keeper at this rate. Has two hands firmly on the Rising Star.
original: Time to retire Marc murphy
Breezey: Is that anytime this year Legend6
Yeehaw: Someone say Cripps was injured? What happened
Fatbar5tad: We are the navy boos
Gandhi: Can’t believe Cripps will still tonne up after that first half hour he played
VodkaHawk: I have casboult in my multi’s for anytime scorer…. asshat
cmperrfect: if Bolton is uncontracted… I’ll have $50 on him not lasting till Rnd23
duckky: It must be all the goal assists and high accuracy that has boosed his score @Ghandi
thiccgucci: Cunnington in for libba as of monday for me.
jwv92: Can’t believe I contemplated subbing Walsh for Stack after stack’s score
jwv92: In Walsh we trust!
BigChief: Levi should have 2 goals today. Missed easy soccer and missed from 10m out directly in front.
Gandhi: Lol duckky
VodkaHawk: Ticked off Ziebs and Zur, need Cas and McKay
rotated: jwv92,nearly did the same thing. will take stacks score and sub b crouch instead
wadaramus: How goof is Walsh, gonna be tough to trade him!
BigChief: No chance @Vodka
Nigma97: I can’t believe I Captained Cripps…
Nigma97: Need him to go absolutely massive this 2nd half
wadaramus: *good!
jwv92: Ridiculous Wad, seriously bargain price premo material. Will be interesting to see if he can sustain it next year.
Chelskiman: jw, I’m pretty sure one of my opponents did that as he has Constable on field and Walsh on the bench.
DrSeuss: Larkey if you could do something this quarter it would be greatly appreciated
biggs2dujj: Raise the bat Cripps
MONEY TALK: lmao when i traded in larkey i forgot to bench him and put on petch yikes
OhSoRozee: I decided only trading Walsh if gets injured season keeper for me performing better than half premos
th3rio: It’s his 4th game Seuss, are you expecting him to kick 6?
th3rio: Go cripps 🙂
OhSoRozee: He will b my bench loop
DrSeuss: How about 1 Therio? Or maybe kick 6 times? Too much to ask?
biggs2dujj: Larkey is a good kid. I hope they persist with him
th3rio: 1 reasonable. Expectations of rookies is immense sometimes
th3rio: In the back to cripps
DrSeuss: I think you might be taking this chat too seriously? I don’t think Larkey is too concerned about my expectations.
th3rio: All you do is whinge, so maybe I am.
thiccgucci: I can still see cripps getting his projected from here if he kicks one more goal
circle52: On a serious note Job security of rookies should be the conideration now coming into the byes.
th3rio: Hope So gucci
casey22: Bown: 86 dt points at full time?
BigChief: This is the worst effort I have ever seen by an AFL club
biggs2dujj: Piss poor from Carlton.
a1trader: ROFL, Carlton are a disgrace
OhSoRozee: Only thing north did right in off season was matching crows bid on Thomas, Wells 2.0
Nigma97: Are we even on the field? Or have we only got 5 players on?
th3rio: They’ve been through a couple of coaches but surely Bolton won’t Last too much longer?
Chelskiman: Walsh has stopped.
thiccgucci: love a cripps and walsh one-two
Chelskiman: As I say that he gets a +6. xD
blonde0na: blues can’t hit a target out of half back, missing simmo and newman
wadaramus: Walsh passes his BE of 67 🙂
m0nty: onya Gibbo!
Natopotato: Yes Gibbons keep the cash coming in
poolboybob: good one Gibbo
biggs2dujj: Zurhaar is a tough man
thiccgucci: that does not look good
Fatbar5tad: Bloody hell Liam Jones 😟
th3rio: Hope he’s okay
BigChief: Zurharr is trouble? I wouldn’t think so but with this dumb MRo he could be.
BigChief: Red cross for Jones m0nty. He won’t continue.
thiccgucci: whats happened to ed curnow? had a very good season last year
Fatbar5tad: Zuhar not in trouble but Jones sure is.
OhSoRozee: @gucci pushed out of mids to fwds doesn’t go there much at carlton
BigChief: Playing as small forward @gucci
zeus123456: Have you been watching any footy gucci? Played full inside whole last year and is now a half forward
OhSoRozee: Nice booty goals ad
original: Even as a Carlton fan I’m surprised cripps didn’t drop after than OOTF..well didn’t yet
th3rio: Wish ziebell would get off cripps tbh
thiccgucci: havent been watching much carlton footy thats for sure. just remember he had a decent season last year
Yeehaw: Yeah he’s going at 67% only 9 CP 5 score involvements interesting he’s scoring so well
Dondeal: @original, the scores evens out. He intercepted at half-forward then OOTF
teddyt: Carlton going to end up giving adelaide the #1 pick for Stocker
The39Steps: Was it two weeks ago when McKay was being feted as the greatest thing since Wayne Carey? Wot a tosser.
blonde0na: ease up 39steps, don’t think it’s mckay’s fault he’s being talked up
shang0: Harry McKay is a shitter
biggs2dujj: Need 150 from you Cripps. Nothing else is acceptable
Carlo: Cunnington needs a touch
BigChief: That comment make zero sense shang0
Fatbar5tad: 110 from Crippa would be ok but 128 would be nicer.
lwillo: Get off the gear shang0
MONEY TALK: cmon larkey outscore petch plz
OhSoRozee: Tarrant always does a good job bit tough for McKay
OhSoRozee: Much better than his twin at north
th3rio: Lol keyboard warriors talking smack about a bloke that just got knocked out. Great blokes
Carlo: Larkey in for Parker?
MONEY TALK: parker had a decent round and will make more money
poolboybob: Magnet for Dumont
Fatbar5tad: @th3io can’t see anyone bagging Jones?
BigChief: I didn’t see anyone talking smack th3rio.
VodkaHawk: Brown is the biggest flopper in the game
biggs2dujj: th3rio I am a real life warrior
biggs2dujj: wow that was a solid hit
OhSoRozee: Brown always brings his own sideshow act diving around
th3rio: My bad
th3rio: My bad. Jones McKay
BigChief: You must be joking Carlo.
OhSoRozee: Think I’d take Corbett over larkey if I ever went for a key pos rook
beerent11: Carey 192cm 97kg, Cripps 195cm 93kg. Amazing.
Chelskiman: Come on, Walsh, at least beat Stack’s 89!
Gelly: i like how whenever north win a game, they think cunnington is the best player in the comp
OhSoRozee: Yeh Carey played 5kg to heavy but a gun nonetheless
thiccgucci: keep going goldy and cripps. 120 each thanks
poolboybob: Going the wrong way, Gibbo
BigChief: Didn’t Stack get 103 @ Chel?
OhSoRozee: Was that 19 pt second half cunnington
a1trader: Dangerfield done an ankle 10 mins into 1st Quarter
biggs2dujj: danger cooked
biggs2dujj: Danger is back. Phew
OhSoRozee: Flower me I captained danger
m0nty: No spoilers from the other game please.
Zambo: Wait, Cripps is as big as a traditional CHF? This is the first I’ve heard of it!
wadaramus: Carn Walshy, get some junk.
PlungeMe: probably cunningtons first ever game without a clanger
original: Cripps saves everyone who has him capt lol
th3rio: Cripps!
BigChief: Scoreboard very flattering for Carl
OhSoRozee: Junky enough @original
original: Still hoping cripps doesn’t beat gawn tbh
BOMBRBLITZ: bye bye Gibbons you hack
poolboybob: Heart for Zurhaar, magnet for Higgins, crab for Casboult
th3rio: Has that cripps goal reflected in his sc yet?
th3rio: Oh wait there we go dw
biggs2dujj: Cripps pulled his finger out of his bum and gave me something respectable. Still not happy
Gelly: yeh was mid sentence and cd finally updated

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