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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Brisbane vs Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Sydney, R7 of 2019

Chelskiman: Just got Lloyd in this one but hope Neale and Rich stay low.
Pokerface: the bubble is back
PlungeMe: hewett on neale it looks
BigChief: Hewett was always going to tag Neale.
OhSoRozee: Lloyd n Neale and watching berry
tankin: neale tagged
Jackwatt$: Who is Evan Bryce? m0nty someone has hacked into your website
OhSoRozee: Berry and mccluggage locks for me in 2020
J.Worrall: What’s new, Jackwatt$?
Pokerface: what is a lock?
BigChief: Really Jackwatt$? Evan has been here for 12 months at least.
AuroraBore: Stay down Neale, keep that BE high please
jbjimmyjb: Is Heeney still at home on the couch?
Jackwatt$: My mistake fellas, sorry Evan. Carry on
OhSoRozee: Honestly hope this is 70 pt flogging to swans
Umpirespet: Heeney has started well
thiccgucci: Interested to see how Answerth goes. anyone know what his job security is like?
frenzy: missing buddy
poolboybob: Hey Heeney, game has started
OhSoRozee: Answerth probs go out when Andrews back
Yelse: 4 regrets this year cogs, oliver, greene and heeney
Chelskiman: The way Brisbane have started it could be 70 points.
BigChief: #freekickbrisbane.
FlyinRyan2: Heeney has had a couple of good games
OhSoRozee: Looks to be injury prone players ton round
Evan_Bryce: No worries Jackwatt$?. Enjoy the game!
Umpirespet: I have 3 of those Yelse
VodkaHawk: Come Brissy, smash the cola
Chelskiman: Roos calling Huddo out asking him if he’s ever played the game, haha.
Ash777: go captain neale
OhSoRozee: Xorko unshackled beast is unleashed
PowerBug: Sign that an argument is bad if you resort to that imo @Chelks
frenzy: get a kick Answer
BigChief: Move your ass Papsmear.
Umpirespet: Never argue with Roos commentating Sydney games biased as buggery
Gelly: constable is emergency now, if hes a late in i’ll be spewin
FlyinRyan2: don’t know why constable is out anyway
OhSoRozee: 13k who traded constable on ur. Side @gelly
thiccgucci: Best decision of my life was starting boak instead of heeny
thiccgucci: heeney*
Raspel31: Answerth a great pick to cover Whitfield- groan.
Gelly: selwood pulled out
Struda: heeney plaing back
Umpirespet: I was 1 of that 13k
Gelly: neale seems to be running free atm
thiccgucci: and here i was scared of putting the vc on neale due to hewett tag
Chelskiman: What part of stay low Rich and Neale did you not understand?
Umpirespet: Never fear Neale is here
AuroraBore: Could someone please fucking tag Neale?
th3rio: Hurry up Lloyd
OhSoRozee: Hewett will crab over to zorko coz he needs to hide away and pretend he can do a real tag
Struda: was going to go constable and someone to josh kelly next week sp just went constable and burgess to laird and hayes
VodkaHawk: Neale can go ahead and get 150, Heeney is fine to get 50
poolboybob: Gee Swans look rubbish
OhSoRozee: McCarthy gunned it even with no scorr
clay007: Are lloyd’s scores going to continue to decrease throughout the year? Has he maxed out? Thoughts?
thiccgucci: If neale was coniglio he would score another 40 total in remaining 3 qtrs
OhSoRozee: Didn’t grab Hayes to many mids and position changes at dogs
Pokerface: brisbane has more flames that a horde of dothraki
Chelskiman: Hopefully Neale is Cogs then.
OhSoRozee: Nah swans will leak even more I,50 2nd half season Lloyd will gull it up
amigaman: Time to send Rayner back to NEAFL
old_shepp: LOL Pokerface. Wonder if they might be extinguished just the same !
cforss123: Half Time??
DrSeuss: Only Lloyd in this – would be nice if he could pick it up a little
OhSoRozee: neale and lloyd for me vs heeney
clay007: I could finally afford Lloyd, bought him. Could have got Rich cheaper, but made a shower decision. Cant win this year.
thedees09: neale and heeney for me
Haydo: Same but opposite rozee
Pokerface: it is never a shower decision to not pick rich.
JockMcPie: CMON Heeney and Lloyd!!!
OhSoRozee: surely mccarthy will ton that would b 3 injury prone fwds to basically ton elliot,moore and if mccarthy
clay007: Having a more consistent year Poker!
poolboybob: Get involved Heeney you loser
FlyinRyan2: @clay007 Lloyd has a BE of 130 this week why would you bring him in
Pokerface: early days clay
cmperrfect: You’ve has a nice run Heeney, but it’s time to depart my SC team
Umpirespet: Got burnt with rich a few year’s ago
OhSoRozee: didnt VC neale got scared of hewett
penguins00: That was a weird FA heeney
clay007: I had newman and had to trade. Wanted lloyd early in season but had no cash
Gelly: nice jynx on heeney
BRAZZERS: good recorvery here by sydney, they looked gone at 1/4 time!
OhSoRozee: ya i had rich when he did his knee
FlyinRyan2: fair enough but you could’ve had him way cheaper in a couple of rounds
OhSoRozee: didnt grab him this year didnt wanna b to reliant on more injury prone players
BestCoast: Umpirespet same got absolutely stung by Rich to many times to inconsistent
clay007: I am desperate @flyin
thiccgucci: Im on the same boat. Rich hurt me last year with his early injury
clay007: This might be Rich’s year.
BestCoast: How is everyone fairing this week
Ash777: might? It is rich’s year.
thiccgucci: Fairing pretty decently. forgot to loophole duursma’s score so will have to settle with whatever clark gets
OhSoRozee: lib-knee,rocky-shoulders,moore hammy,fyfe elbow/hammy,crouch hammy/groin was 2 many risks
BestCoast: Clay007 Rich could start spudding at anytime just a matter of time
Umpirespet: Clay if rich works for ya he will be a nice POD
BestCoast: Rich will promise the world and give you an atlas
OhSoRozee: didnt think swans would even b close especially at the gabba
yablettt: Rich has been perfect this year
Umpirespet: Heeney needs a Cape lol
FlyinRyan2: Neale has gone to sleep
clay007: I didn’t buy rich, bought Lloyd. I thought Rich’s price was juicy and he is playing well
Chelskiman: Rich is killing me at the moment.
Umpirespet: Neale does that Flyinryan but scores quickly when he does
cmperrfect: VC Neale and he fails
Umpirespet: Oh sorry Clay
poolboybob: Answerthless looking good for next week
DrSeuss: So glad my opponent has Witherden and Answerth while I have Lloyd
feralmong: was just thinking that poolboy. got him in AF. downgrade for scrim.
clay007: When you guys do the captains loophole, what do you accept as a good score? 120?
Umpirespet: 130+ usually
Raspel31: I’d personally aim higher clay but depends who you’ve got.
wadaramus: I like to get 125,anything around there is good to bank.
clay007: That is tough one @Umpirespet. Gawn got 127
feralmong: yeah but when all the mids last week went sub 100, grundy’s 108 was looking good this week. Capt Gawn tho.
OhSoRozee: zac bailey and andrews to come back i think answerth will get chopped
Grimes Jr: Do i take gawn score or not?
original: Love me some rich
OhSoRozee: id take gawns
clay007: I reckon I will take Gawn’s score this week. It is in the bank.
Yelse: who takes gawns 127 or risk cripps
wadaramus: I would take Gawn’s 127, I had the VC on Grundy and the C on Gawn, happy he got to 127.
Raspel31: Problem for a few of us Yelse.
Umpirespet: Prefer a hore or hooker original
feralmong: take it grimes. cogs and oliver sub 100. so can’t see a mid going big again.
jbjimmyjb: im taking gawn
Umpirespet: Cripps should go bunta against Norf
OhSoRozee: better to b safe on th 127 as u saw with fyfe ko
OhSoRozee: u risk at the byes and after the byes but safe it b4 hand
old_shepp: Anything over 120 is a pass these days for the big C
circle52: Cutler and Lester could go for Andrews and Bailey
OhSoRozee: nah both are defenders and mathieson is back aswell
OhSoRozee: id say lester,taylor and answerth out
Donzoes: Thats what im thinking too Umpriespet
OhSoRozee: ive vced cripps
Lions4life: how Lester keeps getting games amazes me
Danstar: Didn’t see gawns score get adjusted so high. Would’ve taken the 127 over Neale C
bones351: I would take Gawn VC but Im not happy putting BScott as loop and losing the extra Emg. Shouldnt be in it either way.
bones351: *much
circle52: Taylor not taking the opportunity either
OhSoRozee: mummy lost 36 pts from fa wouldve matched gawns score
circle52: Drizzling at ground now
Gelly: i dont think neal will get 100 today, have a feeling
OhSoRozee: well heeney will ton up this qtr with rain
Seiya: Drizzling? Its absolutely pissing down
Gelly: thats some heavy drizzle
StuL: Stay down Neale. FFS Lloyd, you’re killing me.
OhSoRozee: wish i jumped on dawson b4 his initial price rise
Stu7: Come on Llyod you dud
Gelly: lloyd aint gonna get much free ball in this weather
OhSoRozee: @gelly hopefully that means CP
Drak: New Sydney kick out strat is Lloyd handballing to the pocket for a bigger kickout……
clay007: I don’t have dorko, but why is he scoring so poorly? You can’t blame Neale, cos Beams was there last year.
m0nty: this is the sort of weather in whcih you don’t want to free ball
Stu7: should have kept Gawn as VC
Stu7: cly007 the same reason Lloyd is not scoring
clay007: Perfect conditions for someone named Raynor
Yeehaw: Probably should have even taken my Grundy VC…
duckky: Rozee, each clanger is -5. But some get a score for a mark or something.
poolboybob: Wakey wakey Heeney
Drak: Well is there Raynor not?
clay007: Sorry Stu, I meant this year. Struggling overall
clay007: Good one Drak!!!
wadaramus: Lloyd and Neale sucking bug time.
duckky: Boom Tish Drak!
OhSoRozee: @ducky wat u on about i never brought up scoring
Struda: rich looking the real deal
duckky: When you said Mummy lost 36 points… he actually lost more
clay007: Repeat-great conditions for someone named Raynor or Rainer!
Pokerface: rozee surely you didnt just suggest lloyd and contested possessions in the same sentence?
OhSoRozee: i said he only lost 36 pts from fa not his overall
clay007: Are Sydney shooting a porn film later this year? What’s with all the 70’s porn style mo’s?
OhSoRozee: 9 fa but with 11 clangers
th3rio: Lol rozee
tankin: neale sc keeps creeping up when he aint doin nothin
duckky: I know Rozee … Mummy’s score hurt this week
frenzy: 10 possi 11 muppets mummy still looked after
OhSoRozee: probz would have been 160 scored if he didnt
BRAZZERS: 18-8 frees lol
duckky: Any way – doen Heeney not like the rain.
DrSeuss: So glad my opponent has rookie Answerth Vs $800k Lloyd for me
th3rio: Lloyd stitching me up
duckky: Well Noah is good in the Wet @DrSuess
OhSoRozee: 113 proj lloyd gonna hurt
clay007: Lloyd, good score for a rookie
Gelly: bris 14 behinds, lloyd 14 disposals… coincidence?
thiccgucci: and i thought i was looking good for 2300 this round….
Gelly: crap he ruined it
DrSeuss: Haha – should know a duckky would have wet weather jokes lol
MercAm: Have Lloyd, Heeney and Neale, this is going horrible
Stu7: Llyod has sewn the final stitch!!
OhSoRozee: there goes 120 pts from neale and lloyd
jbjimmyjb: Merc same, hard to watch
FlyinRyan2: yeh same her @mercAm
OhSoRozee: just hopeful lloyd always gulls in qtr 4
wadaramus: He’s had 3 contested Gelly!
cmperrfect: Neale has the VC curse again this week
clay007: Supercoach scores are lower this year. Anyone agree?
Dredd: 9.15… classic brisbane to not kick straight and probably cost them this game
Dredd: could be game over at 15.9-99 but no…
jbjimmyjb: heeney and neale were always gonna struggle tho, dealing with no buddy and hewitt respectively
nick2397: Bad weekend so far, looking for Capt Cripps to save it tomorrow!
heppelitis: mine definitely are clay
cmperrfect: Would Hipwood get a game at any other non QLD club?
Yeehaw: 120 for Neale from here
clay007: Look at Hewitt’s Dt vs SC differential. WTF?
colin wood: There goes the lachie Neale weekly free CD scoring spike
Haydo: Ffs heeney
AuroraBore: Heeney up 6 points this quarter, awesome
Ash777: Yes hipwood would get better ball delivery
Dredd: cameron should have 3 for the quarter… needs to spend the WHOLE week just goal kicking
original: JPK went backwards from 89 didn’t he?
zoomba23: Clay: Look at his contested possies and disposal efficiency. He absolutely deserves to be on 110
OhSoRozee: wasnt heeney on 52 at ht?
clay007: Hipwood, better than the Neafl forwards
original: Wow looking at recent sc scoring it seems neale just won’t the game for Brisbane? Lol
clay007: I get it Zoomba, but big difference
Dredd: 36min quarter…
jbjimmyjb: watch people complain about neale +6 for a 30m kick goal assist…
OhSoRozee: might go make more sammichs neale burst
teddyt: lmao 19 points for 2 handballs and a kick for Neale
OhSoRozee: wonder wat lloyd wants on his sammich
Breezey: Wet track doesn’t exactly suit Hipwood either
zoomba23: Neale +7 for coming to the bench
cmperrfect: Agree @clay, prob best they can find.
Yeehaw: Contested possessions and goal assist
Gelly: what would neale have to get to beat cripps for capt
teddyt: crouch contested clearance handball +2, neale +6 xD
Haydo: 1 point quarter for heeney what a superstar of the competition not
OhSoRozee: hipwood is just daniher from 4 yrs ago
jbjimmyjb: zoomba, why play SC if you hate their scoring so much? go play AF with fully transparent scoring
amigaman: Where is dipstick so he can tell me how much Heeney in better than Boak
OhSoRozee: big inaccurate loping giraffes b4 they find form
Jackwatt$: Neale farted +10, Lloyd smelt it +8, Heeney giggled +3
clay007: Settle down Jimmy! Zoomba is allowed to express an opinion
original: Turnover kick by neale. Look forward to seeing +6
Struda: game impact lads, neale had a few touches thats resulted in a lead increase
th3rio: Lloyd getting warmed up
clay007: Who likes Papsmear@11?
VodkaHawk: Hipwood is a weird looking version of Rafa
OhSoRozee: any1 at the game throw a bucket of chips on the field get lloyd going
Jackwatt$: Today is only the 3rd time (I think,) that Dee’s have beaten Hawks since me & m0nty been good mates!
teddyt: no struda, his 2 handballs had nothing to do with the goals. The kick did and he got +7 which is sorta fair
penguins00: Henney had 3 poss for 3 clangers this qtr
Gandhi: Can’t see Lloyd seagulling much in this one
The39Steps: Hickey out for West Coast.
frenzy: keep the chips away from the seagull
Jackwatt$: m0nty is gutted! Send my regards Evan 😉
thiccgucci: need neale and lloyd to get as close as possible to their projected
OhSoRozee: heeney be 147 gonna drop 40k this round alone at this rate
jbjimmyjb: lloyd eating the chips
Gandhi: Nevermind, +16 since I said that
OhSoRozee: honestly didnt realise hickey start at the suns
th3rio: Go Lloyd:)
Dredd: AFL player has a 15 meter kick to hit and kicks it ONTF… yikes
beerent11: Lloyd will still Ton up
clay007: Rich, 6 points since 1/2 time. Glad I didn’t buy him. You guys were right.
Stu7: Let’s hope so beerent11
amigaman: I’m the kiss of death. Every week my captain scores under 100
cmperrfect: A minute silence for Heeney as he exits my SC team next week
jbjimmyjb: amiga who’s your C?
teddyt: ah yeah Neale gets caught holding the balls loses -3 DT and neale goes up 1 LOL what
Stu7: Come on Heeney get in Lloyds slipstream!!
original: Rich for my draft team PLEASE get the pill
amigaman: Neale 🙁
Struda: @teddy remember dt updates realtime, sc is about a minute behind coz cd
clay007: Amigaman is The Cooler
original: Also imo that was a ruck free against lions, but hey games in Brisbane so play on
teddyt: yeah its been about 3 minutes so far everything else has updated
OhSoRozee: time to clean the kiosks out of chips
J_Herer: Keep going LLLoyd, 85 good from there
JRedden: brayshaw to whitfield next week sounds good
OhSoRozee: hold 2 weeks on whitfield
Dredd: McCluggage GOAT
OhSoRozee: he has 204 be so will b a steal in 2 games
VodkaHawk: Well done Brissy, put these chumps away
cmperrfect: Reckon Lloyd like plain salt or chicken salt.. Or both?
Dredd: Keep kicking away Brissy! Get the % up to 110 pls
amigaman: Where is Neale? Haven’t seen him for ages
teddyt: still waiting struda 🙂 they are quick to add +1 for some reason but?
jbjimmyjb: lachie neale another goal assist, watch the complaints fly in
teddyt: proof how much of a joke this is right there
OhSoRozee: if answerth holds his spot with andrews/bailey/mathieson back defs worth the pick up
OhSoRozee: who cares about sold just get them on the field!!!!
clay007: You ok Jimmy? So negative
OhSoRozee: salt*
amigaman: Come on Neale, get 100
teddyt: not talking about the goal assist btw just the fact CD magically missed him being caught holding the ball
original: Did neale get one kick/clearance for +10?
Dredd: papley and kennedy carry…
Breezey: Rayner seriously does not do much most weeks.
teddyt: yeah he did original buT IMPaKt
OhSoRozee: only 3083 pts combined between the 3
jbjimmyjb: original he had a tap on goal assist which is like +5
Dredd: 3 more goals brisbane pls
thiccgucci: so much salt holy shit
OhSoRozee: 45 pts down on projected some relief from wat looked to b 120
cmperrfect: Wonder how many of Lloyds pos are not from kick ins
clay007: LLoyd, you beauty!!!!!
jbjimmyjb: lloyd with the trash time
Jackwatt$: Wow! Another zero impact game for Neale, yet another ton!
Danstar: Come on Neale! One more mark and kick!!!
Gelly: lol lloyd ultimate chip man
th3rio: Lloyd!
Dredd: brisbane! care about your % and stop leaking goals >:[
original: Is a tap on really sc points? Really?
beerent11: Ainsworth in for me next week clark gonski
cmperrfect: LNeale raise the bat
PlungeMe: despite b2b 130s after dropping heeney, i stand by my decision to drop him
MercAm: HEENEY, far out, try to get to 80 at least
Stu7: Come on refresh FF
Jackwatt$: Evan! Pedal faster!
duckky: OK. Who broke the internet?
amigaman: Yay Lachie!
beerent11: Don’t believe the hype mercam
OhSoRozee: happy with lloyds goal but cmon neale u shoulda goaled
VodkaHawk: Heeney traders ended up being the smart ones 🙂
Yelse: Ppl do you think heeney will be a top 6 fwd? If so why drop him
J_Herer: Lloyd, superstar from where he was

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