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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2019

Yelse: Would you vC Gawn in this weather
BigChief: Gawn normally plays ok in the wet.
Yelse: well its either gawn into crips or neale into crips
BigChief: Neale will get the Hewett tag for sure.
shang0: I’m going to VC Gawn
Yelse: good point will go gawn into cripps
Yelse: i actually think demons will win this game
frenzy: m0nty’s hawks today
Gotigres: I just traded Sicily in.
BigChief: I tipped the Dees as well.
Yelse: oliver usually good in the wet big score coming up
Gelly: anyone watching foxtel stream have a bubble down bottom right of screen?
th3rio: Yes gelly
BigChief: Not on my screen @Gelly
brano: me too
Gelly: i cant stop looking at it lol
Umpirespet: You are missing Keilty for Melbourne Month
Pokerface: i do gelly
Pokerface: now youve got me obsessed with it!
Umpirespet: Monty *
Gelly: +3 bubble
Umpirespet: I don’t have a bubble am jealous
th3rio: He’s still at home mowing the lawn pet
GOOD: -2 to bubble
Pokerface: gelly u jerk, i cant watch the game now. i cant look away from the bubble 😐
Umpirespet: Lol can he come do mine after th3rio
Pokerface: its on Go Stream UP
cobrakai00: typical garlett.. burn your team mate
Umpirespet: Thanks Poker don’t use go stream
Yelse: come hore geezzzzz
Umpirespet: Too cold for the Hore today
Gloryhound: pretty clear Brayshaw is the big beneficiary of Viney’s absence
Gelly: keilty in ruck…
whitsy: Afternoon all
Raspel31: Afternoon ladies.
jbjimmyjb: melbourne’s ball use is horrendous
pornhub: great play from roughy
Pokerface: beautiful Smithy.
whitsy: Get Lockhart in the middle where he belongs Goodwin
Pokerface: lol whitsy
whitsy: @pokerface and Hibberd to FF lol
original: Cmon hore. Picked up omeara off waiver pile in draft 2 weeks ago woohoo
VodkaHawk: About time Hawks has an ok 1st quarter.
Raspel31: O’Meara my cap in draft original- whoopee.
BigChief: C’mon Sic Hore do something.
VodkaHawk: Chief gonna have a word to Garlett, lol
StuL: Crud JOM is real. Should have got him.
jwill55aus: How early can you tag someone with a Mare re: Jeffy lol
jbjimmyjb: wake up oliver, get back on the ground
Gelly: he need a kermit lol
SteamHam1: Fritsch is having an absolute mare
original: Melbourne (esp Lewis) skills are WOEFUL
Chelskiman: Brought Sicily in this week and naturally he has no marks for the game so far.
circle52: @Bigchief too early in the day for Hore.
Kahunas: Hore needs to spread
Rage_Trade: Does anyone know of a website to watch the footy for free?
pornhub: hore cant kick today
Seiya: 64% TOG for Brayshaw, not exactly helpful
Raspel31: Hore coming good.
megawatts: hore in the last 5 mins: +21 fantasy, +2 sc
The0Grrr: This teams skills are rubbish!
BigChief: Too true Circle. Hore works best in the dark.
Umpirespet: Google is your friend Rage Trade
Seiya: Kermit for Henderson there surely
jbjimmyjb: lewis, fritsch and garlett must be playing for hawthorn
Gelly: if you know someone with foxtel, ask them for a code
JockMcPie: tbf Mitch Lewis IS playing for Hawthorn 😉
Gelly: footy is free on mobile with telstra too
The0Grrr: Get two weeks free trial with Kayo Sports
PlungeMe: gus has been allergic to tackling so far this year
Chelskiman: Sicily must have banged someone’s sister at the Hawks because they keep ignoring him.
Rilian: By the sounds of it (on the radio) Lewis will be due for the Mare icon very soon!
original: Hawks getting rub of the green as Gil would say
Chelskiman: Finally, a mark!
Rilian: Or the cooked icon perhaps.
The0Grrr: #Freekickhawthorn and it’s so many of the lack of calls the other way also
Seiya: Melbourne finally get a good entry
Seiya: JL got the burger one last week, might need it again…
VodkaHawk: Lmao, it’s anyone’s game still, no need to make up excuses…
cmperrfect: Cmon Hore
Raspel31: Since I got excited about O/Meara he hasn’t touched the pill.
Pusti: Hore is getting a bit sloppy with his disposal.
jbjimmyjb: hibberd is taking all of hore’s usual kicks
wadaramus: Is Hore’s bar lifting? I hope so.
Rage_Trade: Cheers lads!
noobcoach: harmes tagging omeara 🙁
VodkaHawk: :/ Hawks keeping dees in it
DrSeuss: Hore and Brayshaw pick it up
original: Melbourne to win have to stop using Lewis and hibberd..woeful
Pusti: Hore is looking a bit dazed after receiving from Stretch.
The0Grrr: Sounds like an excuse
Kahunas: Wet conditions should suit Hore
BigChief: Been watching the other game. Looking at the comments the Dees have been awful with disp.
OhSoRozee: Hore is just missing me not being on chat so far 2day cmon 50+ second half
jbjimmyjb: maxy a 70 points 3rd quarter like last week would be nice
jbjimmyjb: chief melbourne deserve to be losing by at least 5 goals, they have been shocking
The0Grrr: Am I a sadist? Have work to go and do but need to watch the footy atm
OhSoRozee: My opp has gunstan now he will go large
DrSeuss: Is Brayshaw in the middle or have they put him in the Forward pocket again?
The0Grrr: How is that not a free against Poppie?
original: Loltracca
SteamHam1: Hore already gone up 16SC this QT
The0Grrr: Joke!
thiccgucci: whenever it gets wet the hore comes out to play
Yelse: geez hawks hands are like glue marking everything
OhSoRozee: Told ya hore missed me crushing on him
DrSeuss: Stick around Rozee, Brayshaw seems to like you too
OhSoRozee: If u looked at de no1 under 70 but heard they butchering
OhSoRozee: Nvm that’s tog eek mobile
frenzy: don’t poke the Hore
Pokerface: Hore getting the whole team to lift
jbjimmyjb: oliver trying to outdo mummy’s FA count
thiccgucci: need 130+ from gawn
jbjimmyjb: thicc same, I reckon he can do it
original: Do something omeara
The0Grrr: Who’s #25 for Dees? Haven’t seen him all year
cmperrfect: Has Jaeger touched it this qtr?
OhSoRozee: Keilty maybe
frenzy: Hore raises the bar
Struda: its tom mcdonald hahah
OhSoRozee: Lockhart seemed like just a 1st qtr specialist didn’t jump on
Struda: honestly oliver racks up touches for fun, stop butchering it
Yelse: need melksham 2 goals to win my multi 🙁
Migz: have the demons remembered how they played last year?
The0Grrr: Hope for both our sakes he gets that and more @Yelse
Chelskiman: What was McEvoy doing. Spoiled his own man in an uncontested mark.
DrSeuss: WTF is Brayshaw doing this quarter
poolboybob: Do something Oliver you tosser
The0Grrr: Soft Trac!
original: Shocking free. Normally hawks diving like that
original: Gawn really just get +2 for a mark and effective kick?
Stu7: Got to give up this sipercozch
Stu7: Go to give this Supercoach up racks with my emotions too much
wolfheart: go dees
thiccgucci: gawn looking like a wasted vc option
OhSoRozee: Hopefully brayshaw can outscore timmy t
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing? Forward or just not getting near the ball?
BigChief: I hope he doesn’t @Rozee
Pokerface: i think it affects your typing even more Stu
OhSoRozee: My man hore <3
original: Free kick hawthorn
The0Grrr: And the throw?
GOOD: sicily lift you thug
cobrakai00: i hate roughead and that was 100% htb
original: And then a throw out
BigChief: Being a Cat Cobra you would hate all Hawks.
PlungeMe: worpedo killing a good game with clangers
Pokerface: how can anyone hate roughead
Sillybugga: people think disposal is a thing?
original: Gawn needs a big last qtr
BigChief: It is a thing Sillybugga. It is when you either kick or handball.
The0Grrr: I thought a legitimate one at least. More fool me
OhSoRozee: Roughead surely last yr
OhSoRozee: Lewis should retire now for mid draft
V@lks: Plunge: I have Mummy…already given away 7x FA fml
The0Grrr: No arguement from me @OSR
BigChief: Lewis yes, Roughy 1 more year.
beerent11: Not watching the game, is Oliver butchering it again.
cobrakai00: that 1qtr hawks goals from stupid 50s
jbjimmyjb: beerent yup, it’s hard to watch
jbjimmyjb: gawn still a chance for 130
PlungeMe: i love the chad and hope he comes good, but right now the trade is looking like a robbery
BigChief: Cmon Melb. You can do it.
Sillybugga: great rule, great fifty
frenzy: Tmac doing alright for 3 ED’s
PlungeMe: just kidding
AuroraBore: Come on demons, no choking. I need you to win to catch up in my tipping league
jbjimmyjb: lol plunge he heard you
The0Grrr: Choke Time
OhSoRozee: Wingard couldn’t handle pressure so hawks trade would always benefit port
original: Melbourne need to give up on lewis
The0Grrr: Lewis still playing for Hawks!
jbjimmyjb: jordan lewis with another turnover
VodkaHawk: Wouldn’t mind a goal from Melksham and the Chad
AuroraBore: Sicily has scored 5 points in a quarter and a half
BigChief: Selwood out tomorrow. On AFL Website.
sMiles: hmmm – Gawn getting underscored
The0Grrr: Protected Species Hawks
Chelskiman: Worpal has stopped.
PIE WAZZA: Cmon GAWNY another 20+ pts please
MercAm: Be good if Hore could get 75+
wolfheart: what do you say to the god of choking? Not today. Onya Jeffy
sMiles: I reckon Hibberd looks like a fit version of Ricky Gervais
original: Got greedy and bet on Melbourne leading at HT and FT
PlungeMe: is there a more overrated player than the tractor?
OhSoRozee: My hire always comes good with me around
MercAm: Gawn playing Forward now…
OhSoRozee: Hore*
The0Grrr: Oh surprise another Lewis turnover!
heppelitis: tmac 75 point sc half not a bad comeback
VodkaHawk: Come on Hawks, don’t choke… lol, it’s Melbourne you’re playing against
original: Gawn ffs
sMiles: nooooo Maxy
lwillo: Lift Angus come on mate
wolfheart: Max Max Max Max Max…ffs
wadaramus: Is Worpel injured?
jbjimmyjb: CD is on delay today, Harmes is on 120+ according to the foxfooty graphic
bones351: Need Worp to kick a winning goal to pump his score up. TOG always hurts him.
PlungeMe: melbourne needs to not choke for my tips
PlungeMe: worpedo playing deep fwd
Yelse: get oliver on foot TOG
BigChief: Cmon Dees
clay007: Salems last three kicks have not been scored and they were not clangers. Supercoach is weird
wolfheart: Frost comes good. Saves the day.
original: Effective hitout +0
sMiles: yeah Gawn not rewarded for some brilliant HO to advantage – must be on delay
BigChief: Scores are delayed clay.
jbjimmyjb: clay CD is on delay today
Gelly: angus done nothing, time for a rage trade
OhSoRozee: Those who gambled Lockhart would b happy but I bet no e
jwill55aus: Never seen a team do more to lose a game but win haha.
wolfheart: dees are home! suck it hawks. suck it hard.
clay007: Thanks lads
Yelse: shocking oliver spend last 7 mins on bench
The0Grrr: Can you do it any harder than that?
BigChief: Yes Melb. Great for my tipping.
original: Brayshaw and omeara you killed the 1st QT and my draft team was celebrating ffs
VodkaHawk: Damn, embarrassing.. shoulda put them away
GOOD: lol horefawn
The0Grrr: Lewis retire on a victory against your old club please
VodkaHawk: Good to see the swans back to where they belong though, lmao
Gelly: yin yang angus, did absolutely nothing in 2nd half
cobrakai00: boooooo haha love it!!
DrSeuss: Brayshaw you useless knob
VodkaHawk: *cola swans
Chelskiman: Angus and Rocky have ruined my midfield this week.
Struda: oliver spent 7 minutes on the bench wfffff
gingjok: Yes DrSuess .. too the words right out my mouth

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