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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R7 of 2019

BigChief: Lets go C Timmy.
Yelse: where is cogs playing
wadaramus: Everyone is at the other game!
BigChief: I think he is in the middle Yelse
Yeehaw: He’s in the middle just getting nowhere near it, Mumford 3 frees against Marshall already lol
BigChief: I have 5 players in this 1. Taranto, Mumford, Williams, Billings and Steele.
Yeehaw: Wilkie dogs and Marshall here
frenzy: wake up Timmy
BigChief: agree frenzy
Gelly: nice williams
BigChief: Steele seems to be tagging Coniglio
Gotigres: Nice start Williams and Parker
Gelly: could get ugly this game
Bennyherb: Is Cameron injures fuksake what happened
BigChief: No Benny he isn’t injured.
MercAm: Do you guys reckon getting hatley and Whitfield next week or just Hayley and they wait for Whitfield to go down in price
Donzoes: loving Marshall’s free kick count
jayshi: 5 frees against mumford? were they all legit?
BigChief: @jayshi unfortunately yes.
jayshi: he responsible for 50% of FA in game so far
BigChief: Mummy stop giving away free kicks
BigChief: This will be 100 points
penguins00: Mumford out there just throwing his weight around. Saints are putting no pressure on at all.
Cyberdyne: saints should have left Longer in the side.
BigChief: How is that a free kick? He didn’t tackle him.
Gotigres: Nice one Parker
BigChief: Why Cyberdyne? Marshall is doing well. Longer would only make the Saints slower than they already are.
AuroraBore: Kelly late out hurt anybody?
BigChief: Wasn’t that late. He was out yesterday.
original: Parker can go away now ffs
Yeehaw: Just not quite ready I think they said
frenzy: Timmy needs another poke BC
Yelse: settle field better not be a late in want parkers score
BigChief: He can’t get near it today frenzy 🙁
jbjimmyjb: cogs needs to lift, is he being tagged by steele?
PlungeMe: held williams and parker, working out alright
BigChief: It looks that way Jimmy.
frenzy: responds to a poke thou, Lol
BigChief: Stop it Mummy ffs. That’s 7
NewFreoFan: Need a big second half of junk possies from Conigs
Yeehaw: Wtf Mumford
Chelskiman: What’s up with Cogs? Saw he was on fire early.
cmperrfect: 70+ would be nice please Hately
BigChief: @Chel Steele following him around now.
megawatts: whats the record for most FA?
Umpirespet: Think Saints need to tag someone else as it isn’t working
jayshi: thank god mummy you got a FF
BigChief: I think the umpire pointed the wrong way @Jayshi.
cobrakai00: Marshall negative this quarter?
DrSeuss: Mummy no more frees and Cogs get back into it
Seiya: Mummy does it again!!
VodkaHawk: Cheers Mummy
Chelskiman: Opp has Mumford and Marshall. It was like they were working together to get more points for him. 🙁
Yeehaw: So glad I got Mumford in this week :))))
BigChief: Mumford you spud. So many points lost because you are an idiot.
jayshi: whats the AFL record for most free kicks against in a gmae
The0Grrr: 9 Kermies in a half. Wonder what the record is
original: Jayshi surely He is on track
jayshi: he would be on 60 points now if it wasn’t for the free kicks
BigChief: Mark Chocco Williams 13 FA for Pies in ’83 v Blues
original: Supposedly the record is 8 hahah against grundy
original: The 8 FA is when CD started tracking it according to afl website (1999)
OhSoRozee: How many fa?
m0nty: Mark Williams had 13 FA playing for Collingwood against Carlton in 1983.
jayshi: He’s lost his marbles
bones351: How has Hately been looking? Shouldhe hold his spot?
Migz: the real question is how are there so many players on the ground that dont have a tackle. 16!
Yelse: is cogs playing forward again ??
Yeehaw: Nah he isn’t yelse
thiccgucci: coniglio has disappointed me this year.
DrSeuss: Williams not doing much this quarter
Yelse: yeah if he fails to perform today without kelly might give him the flick
FlyinRyan2: yeh other than round one he has been shit conigllo
OhSoRozee: Every 3rd qtr newnes never scores all yr
FlyinRyan2: why can’t you swear on this website worse thing
Umpirespet: Keep going Joyce
frenzy: wakey wakey Timmy
BigChief: Because children visit this site @Ryan
thiccgucci: coniglio always shows so much promise then slows down
Pokerface: flyingryan theres alot of school aged kids on the site.
cmperrfect: Keep going Hately
BigChief: Lets go C Timmy. frenzy and I need you.
Struda: when haynes plays free hes almost top 6 scoring, too bad gws use his as second lockdown
wolfheart: cameron has the coleman in the bag
Umpirespet: Cameron looks good but will he get suspended at some stage?
MercAm: Cogs to Kelly?
OhSoRozee: Cameron was bold proj 8 not far off
original: Conigs smh
The0Grrr: Has Taranto even been on the field this qtr?
Chelskiman: That was one of the weirdest passages of play I’ve seen, haha.
Yeehaw: I’m thinking cogs to bont or Cripps
Yelse: pathetic cogs gonna cost me u and oliver
PlungeMe: couple of junk goals from parker please
Migz: green is such a shit cunt
Yeehaw: Why would you ever have Greene
BigChief: Greene has plenty of ability but gets suspended or injured too often.
Pokerface: who would you field out of petrol and baker? parker forced my hand
BigChief: Petrucelli v Suns.
Pokerface: that was my thought, but apart from his bag against port he really hasn’t done much.. hmm
Migz: baker
Migz: baker almost averaging 90.
GOOD: cmon mummy, few more frees
Struda: Mumford record!
wadaramus: Carn Cogs, lift!
BigChief: Must be due for 70ish Poker.
BigChief: Yes Timmy. Nice goal.
BigChief: Still needs 6 more @Struda for record.
Pokerface: ‘he is due’. that is the ultimate gambler’s fallacy
Pokerface: its literally saying go the opposite of form!
V@lks: ffs mummy. Got you unique vs Gawn
Pokerface: gold coast are due a win in the west 🙂
BigChief: Exactly Poker. We all gamble on things.
BigChief: Joel Selwood out of tomorrow’s game. On AFL website.
frenzy: constable now Emerg.
Yelse: who’s in for selwood?
frenzy: parfitt
Pokerface: great game Rowan.
BigChief: Parfitt in, Constable now Em
Donzoes: has coniglio touched the ball since halftime?
Yelse: cogs at least get to 90
frenzy: ffs Tim, c’mon man
cobrakai00: eat it roughead you tool
BigChief: Wrong game Cobra
OhSoRozee: Hately defs a lock when named for ,3rd game
Umpirespet: Parker’s score or Petrucelle?
thiccgucci: if cogs doesnt get to 90 he will put me in a sticky situation with trades next week
PlungeMe: def parker
Pokerface: parker
Raspel31: Petrol for my money Umpire.
mattmac24: Surely Hately keeps his spot?
BigChief: I like Petrucelli too.
Umpirespet: Hope so mattmac
BigChief: Cmon Timmy you can ton up my C
OhSoRozee: Brayshaw vs Timmy t gonna cost me
Pokerface: rozee – and then not named the week after?
Migz: im thinking cogs to fyfe this week. cant have some one racking up almost 30 touches a game and not tonning up
Pokerface: you don’t want dodgy job security heading into byes
Umpirespet: True Poke r need rookies to cover for byes
OhSoRozee: Thing I dont get hately can play anywhere should never be dropped
Kahunas: Team swapping is a big no no, but for Saints fans it’s ok
Yeehaw: Hately gone next week with Kelly back I’d say
BRAZZERS: get on hately?
BigChief: If Kelly is back then Hately will go out.
wolfheart: cogs has got a sore finger. He’ll be back.
mattmac24: Migz. Cogs has tonned up every other game but 1. This game was impacted by a pre game injury too.
BigJovo: lmao nice sideways trade
Pokerface: thats 22 disposlas not 30
original: Parker 58% DE and 7 turnovers but that sc? You drunk CD
Chelskiman: Nice one, Williams!
frenzy: CD luvs Mummy, lol

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