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Chat log from R7 of 2019: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2019

Yelse: who should i pick up T kelly, Caleb daniel or more expensive boak, already got so many port players
BigChief: Gday all Josh Kelly out for GWS. On AFL website.
Sixty656: Power by 19
J.Worrall: Carna Pies!
OhSoRozee: kelly with low be
OhSoRozee: wishful thinking but rozee to kick 6 and port by 47
BigChief: I would love the 6 goals, but can’t see it happening. Pies by 14
Yelse: shrimshaw or collins out tough call
OhSoRozee: so who traded out constable i find it weird how he goes straight out after a rest and not even an emergency
BRAZZERS: Hangong on to constable to wait and see with next week selections
BRAZZERS: hanging*
OhSoRozee: @brazzers yeh my thinking also still should make 80k minimum just found it very strange
OhSoRozee: hately gets another game with j.kelly out so if he holds his spot ill target him if as a constable replacement
BigChief: Ross in for Constable also an option.
OhSoRozee: @big yeh i already got ross
OhSoRozee: might also grab answerth with the dpp
BigChief: He might struggle to hold his spot, but at that price could be an option.
BRAZZERS: agree its bizarre, idk why maybe team balance, maybe defensively he was poor, he did oonly have 62%tog which was weird
OhSoRozee: @brazzers yeh but surely emergency if he got dropped from positional
OhSoRozee: team balance
Haydo: How is everyone
BigChief: I have gone Grundy VC (like most) and Taranto C
OhSoRozee: i think grundy will b low without mason and vs lycett/ryder after last yrs final
Yelse: Gawn VC into Neal C
OhSoRozee: bold move puttin rozee in the mids
Breezey: Massive score coming from Grundy
jfulla7: greenwood to rocky or boak ?
original: Didn’t VC Grundy. Ughhhjj
BigChief: Can’t have Boak @jfulla
BigChief: He will go to Wines
grechy76: yelse c on neale no good hewitt good tagger
blonde0na: rocky still not on o.o
Pokerface: you reckon most are grundy VC Chief? i never considered it after what they did to gawn solo
hinsch: Grundy VC into Gawn for me
Yelse: got scared to go grundy damn he on fire
OhSoRozee: drew is everywhere 2night
BigChief: Grundy will run Port rucks into ground.
jfulla7: lycett lol
Pokerface: why was cox taken out?
OhSoRozee: lycett fumbles alot on the goal line seen 3 in the last 8 months
OhSoRozee: ankle injury last week landed on hooker
Umpirespet: No Hooker poker
ajconodie: @Pokerface – Because he was on 2nd base.
original: Grundy gon score 200 ffs
benzammit: Cox is limp
Pokerface: he wasnt a late withdrawl was he?
beerent11: Evening squires and squiresses
duckky: He is a good catholic boy Poker
Pezza28: evening fellas
OhSoRozee: nah wasnt named
jordan M: 69- 39 disposals
beerent11: That’s the highest I’ve seen Elliot on the list so far hope it lasts
jordan M: evening fellas
OhSoRozee: was gonna pick up stepho in the draft guy delisted him yday
Breezey: Goodness me Stephenson.
ajconodie: Something nqr about Port tonight.
BigChief: Cape already for Stephenson. WOW
OhSoRozee: just turnovers hurting port atm collingwood run back in waves
Yelse: boak stay down
DrSeuss: Get involved Rocky and Treloar
OhSoRozee: looked like boak was hf again and they through rozee/duursma in the mid
beerent11: Yes jamie
Yelse: lycett need an 80 please
clay007: Kenny’s Creche
original: When’s lycett going to start snotting grundy
Sixty656: Went butters over Setterfield at F6 😐
Umpirespet: Bucks Bumchums
OhSoRozee: threw*
OhSoRozee: setters didnt even get in sixty
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Treloar ffs
BigChief: Why would you pick Setterfield? He isn’t playing.
V@lks: Not the best choice of clash guernsey. Probz shouldve gone the teal/aqua
Sixty656: *Gibbons sorry, not Setters.
clay007: Kenny needs a stiffer drink that Coke Zero
BRAZZERS: moore been off the ground a long time
duckky: Gee, Collingwood playing well despite playing away
Gotigres: Pies 200 points?
Manowar: Grundy ya Donkey! get a move on
BigChief: Playing away @duckky?
Ash777: I went elliot over petrol this round. looks like a good choice
benzammit: Crisp..”contested mark and kick =3 CD your kidding?
clay007: Funny stuff Ducky!
J_Herer: Treloar super cheap soon
Manowar: Treloar givin up tonight?
Haydo: Collingwood supercoach double ports says something about the game so far
OhSoRozee: pies should apply for more marvel games slick ball movement
Breezey: Crisp ain’t no SC favourite from what I have seen previously
BigChief: Didn’t take long for the fantasy scoring whinging to start.
Sixty656: And Treloar is my draft craptin ffs lol
Ash777: Also I sold off butters n brayshaw for neale n hayes
cobrakai00: What time are port gonna show up?
OhSoRozee: moore on fire
DrSeuss: Treloar has been on the bench for more than half the quarter – WTF
original: Going to be able to downgrade Bines to westhoff soon
Umpirespet: Was so close to trading Moore to Kelly luckyy I didn’t
clay007: Traded out Moore last week for Houli. Good decision last week, not sure now
Manowar: Hinkley got no answers, gotta go
Raspel31: Hmm- time to upgrade Lycett?
BigChief: Houli should get 100 v WB
Breezey: Great stuff Beamer. Go big tonight buddy
OhSoRozee: keeping rozee and moore till byes can swap and play
V@lks: Everyone but degoey getting involved 🙁
duckky: At least Port’s runner would be able to get messages out this week
Umpirespet: No Manowar give him an extension
jordan M: treloar and adams to play 75%again
Gambino: crisp getting no love from CD
beerent11: ‘The patience
OhSoRozee: both should only improve on their roles more time in them
Sixty656: Butters you Peenarse
Yelse: Lycett disappointing gonna cost me my games
colin wood: Can we get some witches hats out please Monts 👌
beerent11: Ha early witches hats
colin wood: Ya boy cheers bud
duckky: Missed some Monty… some of the worst!
original: Haha colin
tommy10: CD absolutely ripping Crisp off. Was on 11, took a contested mark and kicked to teammate and got only 3 points! Wtf
Manowar: love your work m0nty, witches hats all round
OhSoRozee: will b impressive if port can get up from here would b great coaching performance but doubtful
duckky: Port is making last year’s Carlton Fri nite games look good
noobcoach: treloar such low TOG 🙁
Gambino: agree tommy
BigChief: Stop whinging about the fantasy scores ffs.
PIE WAZZA: Cmon Crispy
Manowar: will b impressive if port kick a goal!!!!!
jocka: I don’t agree with the witches hats. Witches hats are actually useful.
smashedavo: Agree tommy10, crisp has never got much reward from cd all season. Always undercut compared to others
RoughRed: Pendles could stand in a mosh pit and not get touched
OhSoRozee: 18,367 still have elliot
heppelitis: Great start Moore..but will limp to 75 now
Pusti: We will never give up ….. unless the opposition apply pressure.
Sixty656: Port will still win from here…
beerent11: Gee give boak 30 for that
OhSoRozee: dont like the hats it hides the fact theres people below westhoff
snake_p: wow +17 Boak
Chelskiman: More of those +17’s Boak!
Gotigres: Great 1st qtr Butters
Ash777: touched by mihocek
OhSoRozee: yeh boak had 2 cp b4 he even kicked a goal there
Umpirespet: Lol Maynard throws the ball and up says play on
cobrakai00: Jeez sook it up Crisp owners
BigChief: Burton in trouble with hammy?
beerent11: Looks like
OhSoRozee: crisp is never relevant in sc
beerent11: Looking like I got rid of the right port rookie this week
Yelse: Hoskin elliot not the player he was last year
hinsch: put Butters as mid field E just in case he got a good score hahaha
Breezey: It’s not his second game back Yelse. Takes time
beerent11: Bit too hard for rocky
Gelly: pumpkin for westhoff
Breezey: Sorry it is second game back I mean
original: His BE is less than 30 ffs
DrSeuss: At least Treloar had an excuse when he was on the bench
Pokerface: pumpkin for rockliff
Pezza28: looks like ill be snapping up grundys VC score
Ladbrokes_: @OhSoRozee If you saw what Crisp has done in this game he should be SC relevant. Plus he averaged 95 last year
J_Herer: Good to see Rozee on the ball
colin wood: 2nd game back Yelse calm the farm
OhSoRozee: at best he is a p6-8 swapper
Ash777: Moore is keeping crisp from scoring I think
Pokerface: with his cheap uncontested ball ladboke?
original: Sub 120 thanks grundy. Even tho I have ya
Umpirespet: Rozee is the new Jock Reynolds SC expert
Chelskiman: Is Rocky getting tagged or just having a mare?
Disco DB: Witches hats!
clay007: Is Rockliff under a rock?
Pokerface: he’s touched it all of 6 times
Pokerface: why are people whinging?
Gelly: port are under a rock
original: Butters inching closer to his BE
beerent11: Nah rocky only like easy games
cmperrfect: Nice D. Moore, keep accumulating son
OhSoRozee: games 2 quick for rocky gets stuck at the end the ball isnt
J.Worrall: woohee, butters in a scoring chain!
JR33: So close to getting pendles in.. dammit
Ash777: 3rd time in a row I put the vc on rocky and 3rd time in a row he does showzer
Pokerface: should be considering yourselves lucky he wasn’t pinged HTB before
clay007: It is not whinging Poker, just clarifying. Tissues are still in the box
Pokerface: rocky just a flat track bully
Pokerface: oh there was whinging clay. not by you, but it was there
cmperrfect: Jeremy Howe used to be a premo def, what happened?
Sixty656: Here come the power
Ash777: rocky got a kick!
Pokerface: Moore takes all the intercept stuff now perrfect
Yelse: why is treloar not getting game time
clay007: Rocky is up and down. Might be time to trade him and bring in Fyfe
original: Just let me know when rozee is rising Starbucks over Walsh thanks fellas
OhSoRozee: shoulda been free to pepper on the wing
beerent11: You in a bad mood poker?
original: Oh starbucks hehe
clay007: Has Taylor Adams got an uncle called Fester?
BigChief: Have Port finally turned up? They must have gone to the MCG
Pokerface: not at all beer. just hate logging in to the sc whinging
Umpirespet: No poker is just a. Keyboard warrior
Pokerface: as if people know better than CD how CDs own system works.
OhSoRozee: duursma is line breaker gun
LuvIt74: butters is soft as butter………needs to be whipped a lot more.
Sixty656: Here they come…
OhSoRozee: i reckon he can b judd esc
cmperrfect: Agreed poker. Seems to get the best fwd each week now, so Moore can peel off
beerent11: Xavier’s high quality
clay007: Poker is ok boys. People are allowed to have an opinion.
Yelse: got duursma loophole with scrimshaw better not be a late in
duckky: Yep – Butters needs to spread more
Gandhi: Looks like port decided to start playing! Hopefully more of that coming…
BeastMode: why are collingwood so bad at holding leads
Tig-Train: I will laugh so hard if collingwood lose
cmperrfect: Has Boak touched it this qtr?
clay007: Is Degoey getting paid by Port?
Ladbrokes_: No one’s claiming to Poker. But explain how Crisp got +3 for a contested mark and effective kick
Sixty656: Collingwood love missing set shots, why are they so bad
beerent11: And opinions about opinions
Chelskiman: Come on, Boak!
original: That’ll do Grundy
Pokerface: lol tig-train
OhSoRozee: @cmp he got 3 touchs with the 3rd being a goal in the same play
DrSeuss: I swear Adams ignores Treloar at every opportunity
Pokerface: @tig-train i think id be happy to lose my multi to make that happen
original: To be fair I’d ignore AT given his past disposal woes. Love seeing him crack it waving his arms
noobcoach: seuss i completely agree
Sixty656: Port will be in front by 3/4 time
DrSeuss: Haha original have you seen Adams disposal? He should always try to hit his closest target
clay007: Houston causing problems
happytimes: Butters won’t make it
Tig-Train: What’s wrong with Buckley’s face?
Gandhi: Carn port
Ash777: Adams is missing the runners to kick to 😛
Raspel31: Well, this is interesting.
Umpirespet: Collywobbles wobbling
original: Where are all those crisp owners
original: Purple name game open lads!
clay007: Following on from the Gfinal, good early and then dribbling to the line. Is it fitness?
beerent11: Grundy is doing the right thing for all who vcd him
OhSoRozee: ports leading disposal gets lienert 13 byrne jones burton on 12 shows gettin beatin in the mids
Umpirespet: Clay port were really bad in the 1st wreck just SD t playing better
original: @DrSeuss true! ESP when he was a forward for a while the other year
beerent11: Huh?
happytimes: Where is Charlie Dixon
Ash777: I think pies dont work hard after qtr time if they have a big lead.
Umpirespet: Broken leg isn’t healing properly Happytimes
Umpirespet: Ankle*
OhSoRozee: @happy he broke his lower leg and dislocated ankle with a few setbacks so probz wont b back till finals or even next yr
Sixty656: Teams think DeGoey is worth a million bucks but cant kick a set shot from 35.
old_shepp: Agree Sixty. He kicks those three easy set shots and the lead would be almost 40 points
Ash777: Heeney is worth more than de gooey
Umpirespet: 6 points that qtr for Moore
Haydo: Must be concussed dont remember making tom clurey captain nor trading him in…
Umpirespet: Heeney been up and down to ASH
Tig-Train: Heeney is a spastic
PlungeMe: need a decent captains half from wines if we wanna win this, not expecting it though
OhSoRozee: de goey only good with decent mids team but would only be a fwd with decent mids keeping him out so never worth more
OhSoRozee: than 800k a season
Ash777: Clurey score should be much higher. He was big that qtr
barra17: glad i traded lycett for grundy this week
Ash777: I mean skill wise Heeney is better than de gooey
PlungeMe: if duursma can get near whitfields prj of 95 id be happy
Umpirespet: Might be cause he is Gooey Ash?
OhSoRozee: thought tactically port would target grundy like they did gawn i wonder if they are being nice to lure him to replace
OhSoRozee: him to their club to play with his brother at end of 2020
Ash777: pies losing grundy would be a massive blow
PlungeMe: who needs grundy when you got sammy hayes
OhSoRozee: yeh crows would go hardest than any1
happytimes: Thanks ohso and umpire for the Dixon info
Sixty656: Coming hard now
Yelse: that was drew dropping the ball geez
beerent11: All class
beerent11: Uh oh Maggie’s
PlungeMe: yeah yelse unless we didnt see a handball from the camera angle defintely htb
OhSoRozee: groin for adams
beerent11: Too much info sixty656
Ash777: dont think adams will be on again
PlungeMe: apparently got a foot to it yelse
Yelse: don’t think grundy will leave the pies
Gandhi: Drew kicked it
OhSoRozee: looks like a 10-12 week groin for adams
Sixty656: Varcoe back next week…
Umpirespet: I do Grundy’s GF is from SA
Pokerface: everyone has a price yelse
Pokerface: is she at school too?
Yeehaw: Adams needed 5 more for the multi 🙁
Pokerface: gee ch7 have flogged that roaming brian piece
pornhub: keep dreaming umpirespet
OhSoRozee: i turn the friday games off right after the siren hate bt
Yelse: apparently grundy GF and grundy pretty settled here at the moment
Umpirespet: Mrs Palmer is calling u pornhub
beerent11: Gee ducks got a big boner for moore
BigChief: Ebert will be doing concussion test
feralmong: Several hours of BT today. Did the commentary at my kids school athletics.
Kahunas: The groin is always a hard one, especially mine
Manowar: T. Rockliff the T button will be pushed
BigChief: Poor kids @feral.
Pokerface: thats actually a pretty big get for your kid’s school feral
J_Herer: Adams pulled his groin hard
V@lks: @feralmong should probably fire the principal, thats a serious waste of money
Ash777: was he dressed as a clown?
OhSoRozee: moore surely has to ton up usually no pts in qtr 3
Umpirespet: Did he say oooorrrazziio Feral?
Sixty656: Try kicking between the big sticks collingwood…
Yeehaw: They’re looking to get him back on, can’t be too bad
BigChief: Doesn’t he always dress as a clown @Ash?
Manowar: yeh, an ass clown
feralmong: Principle and BT are mates
feralmong: Petrucelle went there too.
OhSoRozee: adams looked shot
original: That’s so bad from westhoff
BigChief: Adams done. Iced up
circle52: Adams done with ice on groin
PlungeMe: our skills are seriously shit
beerent11: Rocky injured?
Gotigres: Rockliff back to last years form
DrSeuss: Where TF is Rocky? Get him off the bench Hinks
Fatbar5tad: Moore really cool under pressure
Pokerface: no, he’s just crap plunge.
Bennyherb: Has rockliff touched the ball in the last 20 mins
OhSoRozee: was my last week with rocky
beerent11: Sorry my fault bought rocky in about a month ago
Pokerface: sorry – beerent, not plunge
PlungeMe: who? i said port have bad skills overall
Fatbar5tad: Rocky guaranteed to go missing when it’s tough
PlungeMe: oh ok
beerent11: Been average since
Ash777: rocky looks so unfit
Bennyherb: Shouldn’t of traded Moore to Cameron this week knew this would happen
J_Herer: What happened to Buckleys head, looks like chicken pox
Ash777: looks like he ate all the pies on the way to the game
original: Gee that’s bad defending
PlungeMe: havent seen a 50/50 tumbler go our way tonight
Yelse: need to get rid of lycett after bye
OhSoRozee: has 2 b under 4 goals for port to win
BigChief: So he is the 1 who stole my pies.
beerent11: Turning rocky into Neale in the coming weeks I think
Umpirespet: Do they have pies in Tassy?
OhSoRozee: bonner soft
J_Herer: Rocky cooked, did a great job though
Fatbar5tad: Nah chief it was me. Never trust a Fatbar5tad with Pies.
beerent11: There you go kyron
Gandhi: Stephenson calling for on the full when the ball wasn’t within metres of a foot…
Jackwatt$: Had Rocky VC tonight, thought he was gonna eat the pies but it actually looks like he’s been eating the pies literally!
zadolinnyj: Evening
Yelse: is ebert back?
beerent11: Early junktime
Ash777: good to see the hoff scoring again
BigChief: Might look at Rocky to JOM next week.
PlungeMe: to make myself feel better ill say that this collingwood team is the best ever, no shame in getting thumped
original: CD love grundy. +1 for that’s last hit out sharked.
OhSoRozee: behinds only thing keeping port in touch
BigChief: Hahaha best ever @Plunge. Now that’s funny.
Sixty656: Collingwood. Big Sticks.
Gandhi: Best ever? They aren’t even top of the ladder…
DrSeuss: Yes glad Hoff is back 3 weeks after trading him out
J_Herer: Chicken pox…
BigChief: Collingwood kicking like Sticks used to.
Bennyherb: Beams Dud
DrSeuss: Cape for Treloar
Breezey: You got one person in Plunge
Umpirespet: Hoff is cheap to
OhSoRozee: 1 thing collingwood does well is 1 on 1 battles for undersized
Ash777: Is cloke now their goal kicking coach? :p
Bennyherb: Plungeme best ever hahahahaahha
clay007: Have you been drinking Benny? You must be some footballer!
PlungeMe: im only saying it to make myself feel better, not that i actually believe they are the best ever
feralmong: Grundy approaching loop value.
Doc_: Keep drinking the kool-aid PlungeMe
J.Worrall: Breaking me up, Plunge
PIE WAZZA: HEY ASH777 Tigers will Smash u Tommorow
OhSoRozee: i think ill loop drew 70+ and bench baker
Ash777: pies vs cats gf repeat of 2011 at this rate.
original: What does duursma need to take him over clark
PlungeMe: guess you lads have never heard of a joke
Sixty656: Pies should be 70 points up… sheizen kicking again
OhSoRozee: @ash i reckon itll b gws cats
feralmong: Pies need to win GF this year. Best mids getting on a bit.
Bennyherb: Beams used to be very good in supercoach now he struggles to score over 80
OhSoRozee: id take duursmas 56 over clark
clay007: Sorry Benny, thought you were having a go at him as a footballer. You are right, he scoring is ordinary tonight
Spiv: Better players around him now
J_Herer: feel for those who bought in Ebert
BigChief: WTF is Lingy on about? Port won’t need 15 goals in the last 1/4 to win.
Pokerface: yeah i feel for both of them too herer
original: Grundy that will be +12 but anyone else +3
OhSoRozee: @bigchief he probz meant 15 in total
Breezey: Lingo means they need to get to 15 goals
pornhub: original doesnt have grundy lol
BigChief: Not what he said though. LOL
hinsch: butter getting close to BE $$$$$$$$
original: Porn I do just not vc while oppo does. So you get my position lol
beerent11: Even when Degoey gets beaten they talk him up
feralmong: Port won’t get 9 goals this qtr but pies might
OhSoRozee: strange game when pies lose to eagles, port smash eagles then pies smack port
Ash777: someone offer rocky a bin feast.
clay007: How good is Pendles?
Pokerface: $ for duursm & co?
OhSoRozee: i was actually considering looping rockliff
clay007: Good point Ohso! Funny game footy
heppelitis: does Darcy have a poster of moana hope hanging up in his bedroom?
original: OhSoRozee so was I! Port rucks have mulled most as well so didn’t go Grundy
Ash777: probably related to her
clay007: No, Moana Hope has a poster of Darcy Moore
beerent11: No but duck has a poster of darcy in his
BigChief: @original most rucks don’t run like Grundy though.
Umpirespet: Few orgasms happening in the commentary box tonite
OhSoRozee: hopefully gets under 4 goals so dont lose 2 much % and pies dont gain
feralmong: Given mids scores last week 100 might be worth looping Grundy
original: @bigchief I know I know. I said to my mates “but port haven’t been against the premo ruck” but here we are lol
OhSoRozee: compare duursma and rozees stats but most importantly look at de but same pts
pornhub: another average friday night game
original: Tbh Ryder has done extremely well against Grundy, his leap is crazy. But lycett is err
Breezey: Swans and Bombers next Friday Pornhub
Ash777: ryder became main ruck after qtr time
original: Ryder kills it again
beerent11: Few more scores like this and boak might be affordable soon
feralmong: If Moore was called kellie duck would take him off to the dunny
OhSoRozee: @breezey ill back bombers by 60
Ash777: eww dons vs swans would be a horrible game unless swans smack dons 1
beerent11: Deep cut feral 🙂
LuvIt74: grundy quiet in this last quarter
OhSoRozee: cmon moore ton
BigChief: Bombers will flog Swans @ SCG next week
Sixty656: Thank you Draft captain Treloar!
Stu7: Goooooooo Rozeeeeeee
original: Tbh which ruckmen go up for sharked hit outs
beerent11: Junktime is Jamie time
RGriffen: Moore getting my star nomination m0nty. Pendles the gun
blashtroko: mare for wines
Migz: why does wines look so trash
Migz: is he still recovering
OhSoRozee: moore only got +3 for that back with the flight intercept mark and disposal
Breezey: Stephenson X Factor
Migz: 2 marks and 3 kicks for moore has only got him like 12 points in the last 5 mins
BRAZZERS: give wines the burger
DrSeuss: Has Rocky seen the ball this quarter?
old_shepp: Star for Stevo IMO
Patty19: Rockliff forward hurts so
Patty19: Much
BigChief: And the whingers are back.
beerent11: Maybe the coopers talking but westhoff might be worth a look
Migz: BC from bigfooty?
Dream Big: Rocky has literally zero midfield time this quarter.
clay007: Cmon Big Chief! I’ve heard you whinge
DrSeuss: Yep looks like Rocky Forward pocket. Worked well when Vossy did it too
Pokerface: rethink it tomorrow morning after your berocca beerent.
barra17: treloar is a gun
OhSoRozee: tbh id grab westhoff and loop him on the bench whilst hes cheap
J_Herer: Rocky, knees strapped, shoulder strapped, looks slow, trading him out
beerent11: Sound advice pokerface
BigChief: I have NEVER whinged about the fantasy scores thanks clay.
PlungeMe: if rocky is hurting i reckon jack trengove deserves a run through the mids
frenzy: coopers is like having sex in a canoe
Pokerface: geez i didn’t realise he was on 383k. that does change the equation a bit.. hmm..
Gandhi: Sidey loves some junk
PIE WAZZA: To all the Muppets who said Collingwood will lose after 1/4 time pppffff
Ash777: voss is the assistant coach for port.. seems hinkley is taking his advice
beerent11: Shite Elliot might Ton up
clay007: Its passion Big Chief! We love to win
OhSoRozee: trengrove for rocky, motlop for bonner, and some1 for butters
PlungeMe: kane farrell most likely for butters if we were to manage him
beerent11: Sounds good frenzy
Umpirespet: Lol pie wazza why did u go missing for a 1/2 if u didn’t believe it?
Pokerface: sex in a canoe sounds chilled and crispy.
Yeehaw: How is Sidebottom able to stay on the ground for longer than Pendles and Treloar
OhSoRozee: there goes moores ton turned it over
beerent11: Moore just got the growl from bruce
Pokerface: and hoppy
frenzy: shaggin close to water
OhSoRozee: @plunge yeh i forgot the kids name
beerent11: A pink canoe?
original: Classic AT. Selfish
BigChief: Hartlett and Broadbent still injured?
Ash777: that run from rocky says it all…
OhSoRozee: is the showdown motlop/farrell played well in the others
clay007: Crisp on the cusp of a hungy, not irrelevant
PlungeMe: sam mayes and joe atley would be pushing for selection as well
Gandhi: Houston dropped off massively
OhSoRozee: harlett is broadbent goes in and out of injury so far
original: Here was me early saying I’d downgrade bines to westhoff hahaha
PlungeMe: Broadbent been playing in the 2s, think hartlett had a setback
jbjimmyjb: clay i have crisp and its painful
duckky: IS Westoff getting back to relevance?
beerent11: Damn. Elliot so close to a ton.
Spiv: Yeeehaw, Sidebum and Phillips are the two fittest blokes
Pokerface: de goey trying to get under his dt line spread?
PlungeMe: 29 and 16CP is a rare occurence for the hoff, be careful
beerent11: It’s Suntory time. Cheers.
Yeehaw: Yeah they’re fit but Sidebottom is old enough to be my dad

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