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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Geelong vs West Coast

Chat log for Geelong vs West Coast, R6 of 2019

BigChief: I hope Hurn has a shocker. 1 opp has him as C.
beerent11: 5 in this for me . jobs done. Couch. Beer o’clock.
th3rio: thats ballsy of him BC. I mean if hes looking for 130+
th3rio: just turned it on. Is danger in middle and no tag on telly?
BestCoast: BigChief opposition with C on Hurn very guttsey
Stu7: Come on Shuey
thiccgucci: need another nice game from hurn to offset all my underperformers
BestCoast: Carn Eagles have a crack boys
beerent11: Cracking goal
th3rio: that was nice by Miers
BigChief: other game broken.
DrSeuss: Thanks to Marshall I get to have Petrucelle on field. He was of course on my bench last week.
poolboybob: Eagles gonna get belted
MONEY TALK: thanks to marshall my oppp got rozeee
BestCoast: Poolboy like a red headed stepchild
th3rio: bit harsh DrSeuss, hes been on 70% and its 8 mins in.
beerent11: Is petrucelle quick?
Stu7: Shuey is alive woooo hooooo
Umpirespet: They don’t call him petrolchelle for nothin
th3rio: very quick
BestCoast: Beerent11 his chick seems to think so
PowerBug: @beerent11 not sure, I hope the commentators tell us when he gets the ball
beerent11: Hurn is doing the right thing for you so far big chief.
BigChief: Go hard Constable
BestCoast: Carn Eagles go Danger
PowerBug: Hurn intercept marks me likey
beerent11: Ok Bunga let’s go
thiccgucci: @beerent11 can u please say that again. seems to score when u talk
DrSeuss: How about now Rio? Can I be frustrated now?
GOOD: lol darling you snowflake
th3rio: nice petch
th3rio: dunno Dr? Can you?
BigChief: He is scoring too high @Beer.
beerent11: I’ve got him chief so there’ll be no sympathy from me
th3rio: christ hurn scores quickly.
beerent11: Rohan is playing
th3rio: rohan is a pig. Why did swans trade him.
beerent11: Rohan’s playing that one good game he plays every 3 years
OhSoRozee: eagles will struggle to make the 8 with this form
chinkas: half these eagles believe their own hype
th3rio: Bit 50 50 on that call Rozee. They did beat pies away
cmperrfect: Put the mare on danger m0nty
Ash777: premiership hangover
coldog: Rohan was good last week to
BestCoast: Darling back to looking like Tarzan playing like Jane flowering flog
th3rio: nice telly and constable. Mr consistent
beerent11: Fair qtr by gaj
pornhub: darling showed his true colours dropping that mark in the goal square.. sleeps with the light on
jwv92: Whats happened to Danger? man I was looking good this round now Whitfield, Cogs etc all playing crap!
hinsch: Hurn has to stay under 200 SC point I win going to be close
beerent11: Gee a lot of eagles supporters jumping off quick
cobrakai00: Rohan kicked 4 last week ya peanut
hinsch: beerent they always have got to catch the early flight home haha
pornhub: Gaff a way better player on the wing. best in the comp at the caper
BestCoast: Eagles for life beerent11 that ain’t ever going to change
BestCoast: We just like the snow as well lol
JRedden: can constable get on the ground? …
beerent11: Nah boys I live in wa I know what you’re like 😉
Juzzo: Yeah! WTF Kentsable, get on!
OhSoRozee: dumped sheed b4 richmond game to get in ross he will go big now
BestCoast: Maybe some not I
BigChief: Put the red boots back on Constable.
Gelly: a lot of donuts at the bottom of weagles sheet
BestCoast: Beerent11 you out at Bassendean mate lol
Higgenswor: Get on Dahlhaus
beerent11: West coast backline starting to get on top
pornhub: eagles getting murdered by the umps fucking hell
Stu7: Come on Kelly get off your ar5e
jbjimmyjb: i thought constable was rested last week… seems like he’s still having one
thiccgucci: dangerfield up and about now
Pinkman: Dangerfield wants a free kick. Danger gets a free kick. Lol
Stu7: Looks like Kelly & Shuey are all being rested
beerent11: 28 to 13 inside 50s getting slaughtered through the midfield the eagles
Ash777: Redden would of helped even that up
Patty19: Jack darling has single handedly ruined my season
pornhub: gaff getting fucking murdered by CD
Ash777: Danger has done any thing for half a qtr
Apachecats: 44% pornhub ,butcher award.
Ash777: look at that ump rubbing his hands in glee. must have a good deal.
DrSeuss: Is Danger Forward is just not interested/involved?
pornhub: Apache he kicks to one on ones hardly inEff. CD hate him
pornhub: Danger doing plenty of pointing and talking to the umps
Bennyherb: Gary 100 at half time first player to do so this year I think
beerent11: Turning back the clock Benny
OhSoRozee: 316 pts vs constable,hurn,sheed
9inch: Need 36 from Petruccelle?
9inch: in the next half
Ash777: gaff killing the wce
beerent11: Constable’s going well for only 55% game time
Schillaci: Need 43 from Petruccelle
beerent11: Hutchings is flat out cheating on telly at the stoppages
DrSeuss: Let’s go Stewart need 100 at least from you
mattmac24: Still trading out Danger Rozee?
Apachecats: Sorry Seuss ,haven’t told any one this but bought stewart in this week.Hoping.
beerent11: Gee after the 1st game I was projected to go 2360 be lucky to get to 2100 now
beerent11: Hurns the only one holding up his end for me in this game
Apachecats: Looking at 2184 and winning most of my leagues.
DrSeuss: I swear this is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened Apache. I need 91 from him to win my league
beerent11: Low prem scores affect everyone I guess
Fatbar5tad: Can’t get a HTB at home
wadaramus: Danger getting zero love from CD.
DrSeuss: Was looking good till he decided to take this quarter off
OhSoRozee: @matt nah was never goin 2 lol game was boring so was just rolling out the ball of string
Struda: Hurn needs to score under 115 for me to win my main league ffs
wadaramus: It’s been a tough Sunday!
LuvIt74: Im projected to hit 2265 am on 1935 with Danger, Dahlhaus, Consable & Petruccelle will struggle to hit 2200
beerent11: So who’s the best team in it? Cats, giants, pies?
Stu7: Go Shuey you good thing
JockMcPie: scaling gonna be insane for this game, no-one is scoring well
OhSoRozee: sheed,hurn and constable to stay under 316 pts and ill atleast stay in 2nd on my ladder
BestCoast: Started last night Heeney, Whits and Libba and continued today thank GOD for beer
BigChief: Go Constable you great rookie.
DrSeuss: Cats need to play some kick to kick down back – looking at you Stewart
BestCoast: Beerent11 i would say cats we beat the other two
Hawks_13: How do they work out the scaling? anyone know?
Breezey: Saints cost me a full round of tips.
OhSoRozee: id have to say cats over gws over pies
DCmate: I need menegola to beat Kelly by 4pts or more
Breezey: I agree DrSeuss. Stewart to Danger and back about 15 times
Dank: What do you boys reckon of ablett if he gets forward DPP?
th3rio: same Breezey. Changed it at last minute too. Spewing
Fatbar5tad: I need Kelly to beat Constable by 8.
beerent11: That’s tight dc
DrSeuss: Good Stewart, another 10 or so of those.
beerent11: Definitely one of the top 8 fwds dank
duckky: Months of planning, checking, modelling … for this nonsense…
poolboybob: Magnifying glass for about half of the Eagles
OhSoRozee: miers been a great spewin i missed on him offloaded him b4 rd1
Stu7: I think you might be in trouble DCmate
beerent11: Giants won at kardinia park last week bestcoast
OhSoRozee: rookie*
PowerBug: “offloaded before rd 1”?? I.e. you never had him in your team
poolboybob: Wtf kind of name is Gryan anyway
poolboybob: Dude looks like someone you’d see playing a guitar in the common area at a hostel
OhSoRozee: yeh i reckon itll b gws/pies 2nd vs 3rd in 1 qualifying final and cats 1st vs idk yet
Fatbar5tad: It’s Welsh for Goals
OhSoRozee: i had him in my preseason team but decided to take parker and schultz
beerent11: My daughter has a kid called woody johnson in her class.
FreddyCoop: Cats, Pies, Giants, Bombers look top 4 this year
beerent11: So grien is not that odd
PowerBug: Bombers? lol
9inch: Missed tackle and HB last qtr for Petruccelle
Fatbar5tad: Selfish Danger burns Tom
heppelitis: little bit stiff to be named that
OhSoRozee: yeh freo have an easy fixture from last yrs efforts so itll b down to freo/bombers for the top 4
OhSoRozee: the gold coast loss might hamper the 4th spot
Gloryhound: LOL – who’d have ever thought 1st year player in Petruccelle would nearly double Darling’s score…
th3rio: come on petch get close to ur proj at least son
BestCoast: Tigers will finish top 4
DCmate: C’mon menegola!!
OhSoRozee: this should b west coasts 3rd loss in a row but lucky freo were inaccurate
DrSeuss: Come on TStewart just get to 90, that’s all I ask ffs
beerent11: Surely you jest rozee
Bennyherb: Menogola so frustrating.. scored 20 since first quarter
jbjimmyjb: glory petrol beat darling by 91 points last week
beerent11: Darling needs to back to west Perth next week
DCmate: Ffs
DCmate: I agree @ bennyherb
OhSoRozee: ty sheed justified my trade opp still had him
DrSeuss: There we go Tom, much more of that.
Schillaci: Petruccelle 26 at HT. 28 currently. Without a possession in nearly a half of football. Need 16 more pts lol,
beerent11: How the f does that happen?
OhSoRozee: dockers vs essendon twice still to come so thats the difference
Fatbar5tad: Come on Kel, could do with a snag here.
duckky: I traded Sheed to Henderson @Rozee … burned
OhSoRozee: unlucky i traded him to ross to free up some cash
Yeehaw: Was gonna go Lycett for a $102k ruck and wait till obrien stops playing to go for Stanley, thoughts on going Stanley now
Breezey: Chip it around Stewart. Your doing me proud son
Yeehaw: And trading O’Brien to $102k when he’s done?
Bennyherb: It’s gone +6 +3 +2 in the last 10 mins and his score hasn’t changed ?
Apachecats: never seen so many high profile flops as this round.Well done if you’ve dodged them.
OhSoRozee: ill trade him to either sweet or archie smith
OhSoRozee: nvm archie is 172k
beerent11: And we are officially in junk time
duckky: Nup – Captain Danger vs Captn Cripps for most of my opponents
Fatbar5tad: Bullshit free to Allen
Breezey: Big score from T.Hickey
beerent11: Sneaky ton for yo-yo
jwv92: Agree Apache, terrible round. At the start I was on track for 2350-2400. Now will be lucky to get over 2150.
poolboybob: Clangerfield lucky to avoid the cleaver
Breezey: Tom Stewart loves junktime. Log in to that Tommy
DrSeuss: Has been a big round for Ruckman it seems. Well except Marshall that is.
OhSoRozee: @yeehaw id go for mumford b4 stanley
Fatbar5tad: What a mark!
Sillybugga: is that danger or bcrouch out there
jbjimmyjb: im gonna score 2280 in SC which im happy with, should stay at 500th overall
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Kelly need four points!
OhSoRozee: yeh nice score for the yoyo round jimmy
beerent11: Kelly has handled the tag a lot better
Yeehaw: Yeah it’s was gonna be a toss up between mummy and Stanley, Stanley just looks so polished atm
Dondeal: No Geelong or WC players jbjimmytroll?
Hawks_13: Gary Ablett is back. give him the star already
poolboybob: Glad I stayed off of Sheed, just doesn’t score enough when Gaff plays
duckky: Think Dahl has peaked – move him on for Sicily
OhSoRozee: wow 85 from miers
OhSoRozee: @yeehaw yeh always worried with 3 rucks in reserve fit at cattery so could get forced fwd or even out
jamesh1290: fucks sake kelly
OhSoRozee: where as for mumford its him vs simpson,flynn
Hawks_13: give Dangerfield the junk time
Breezey: I am keen on Sicily myself Duckky
Struda: Hoping to scrape together 2100 with a donut, will drop out of top 1500
beerent11: There you go fat
jwv92: Far out jb 2280! Solid score given the round so far.
dipstick: Somehow I just had can ad pop up. How’d that happen?
Yeehaw: Good point I suppose, probably gonna end up Mummy
Fatbar5tad: Down by one point. Needed that goal
OhSoRozee: yeh with sheed low im 52 pts up
OhSoRozee: plus u save on like 100k
runt: Dangerfield goal of the year
duckky: Vulture for Stewart
blonde0na: who was the guy last week who wanted to trade out danger again?
poolboybob: 150 more disposals for Geelong, wowee
Yeehaw: Dahlhouse to Danger to hurn to Danger goal helps my scorers 😂
Struda: Lost both my leagues, needed petru to score 59 for one and hurn less than 115 for the other
beerent11: Look at dangers af to sc score diff
Struda: Never see danger with a 50 point differential hahaa
beerent11: Nice Bunga didn’t let me down as usual
DCmate: Need a gola
duckky: 8 Clangers will do that for you @beerant
Breezey: Going to win my league match. I am Breaking out the Buffalo Wings
beerent11: Yep that’s why sc is more relevant
DrSeuss: Stewart with the Superman 4th Qtr
Snarfy: So proud of Darling this week. Over doubled last weeks effort!
OhSoRozee: it was me @blonde but i just had out the string keep me amused due to a boring game
Pusti: Is it safe to say ‘premiership hangover’ yet?

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