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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, R6 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Blues
snake_p: Go Hawks!
frenzy: very unusual for m0nty to open late
OhSoRozee: took cunningham on field and benched scrimshaw
Breezey: Come on Gibbons. Get amongst it today
GOD: GOD says easy win for Carlton today!
Hawks_13: Everyone thinks this will be a close game but I’m doubting it. I hope I’m not wrong
dipstick: time to get in top 8 blues. i think we beat hawks in last 10 years
Carnboys15: GOD is dumb
frenzy: cripps to save my week
gotigers04: cmon worp and crippa
gotigers04: and walshy
GOD: Hawks are old, slow and shit
OhSoRozee: still only 1260 people with henderson
Carnboys15: carlton are young, terrible and in experienced
cmperrfect: need a 150+ Crippa
gotigers04: good harry
jaypeee: you’re a muppet Carnboys15
Umpirespet: How long till Carlton99 comes on to complain about umps
Oh8ball: Hawks are bad
Carnboys15: jaypeee speaking facts my g
OhSoRozee: some1 run past and flick beast mode switch on cripps ty
jaypeee: the facts are we are not the youngest or inexperienced or so far this season not the most terrible those are the facts.
gotigers04: cunningham
OhSoRozee: paying dividends fielding cuningham over scrim so far
cmperrfect: anyone smell an upset?
Yeehaw: You lads reckon O’Brien will be Adelaides ruck the rest of the year? Wanting to get him off my bench and trade Lycett
DrSeuss: Worpel, Walsh, Scrimshaw and Newman – what a brilliant start.
Umpirespet: No he will get tired at some stage Yeehaw
OhSoRozee: @yeehaw nah jacobs might have 2-3 weeks more off maybe 4-5 if he goes in reserves 1st
OhSoRozee: all depends how sauce jacobs knee hampers him
Oh8ball: Lift crippa
Yeehaw: Yeah just thought he’d been going pretty well and Jacobs is useless so being hopeful 😂
frenzy: what about marshall boys
Umpirespet: Not big on him Frenzy to be honest and Saints going backwards now
Yeehaw: I’ve got a few that are causing grief, Marshall, Lycett, Sidebottom, Heeney
OhSoRozee: marshall will come straight back tho longer got beat by the man in question
Stu7: Awesome seeing Cripps shut down 😊
Carnboys15: yeehaw heeney played one bad game
frenzy: yep, will he return next week thou and will longer get the alps
DragonLass: I think I’m pretty glad I don’t have the C on Cripps now
Carnboys15: who is commentating this game other than bt
OhSoRozee: lycett might go good after next week pretty weak ruck opps
Yeehaw: Yeah, he’s least likely to come out, was hoping he’d play more in the mid being $600k Franklin our hurts him last game
cmperrfect: I have the C on Cripps, sorry everyone 🙁
Stu7: Who is on Cripps?
Carnboys15: stu7 howe
megawatts: i played gibbons over cousins… not looking good
OhSoRozee: howe
Umpirespet: Cripps not liking the tag atm
Umpirespet: I took Neale
Carnboys15: welcome spud
megawatts: @m0nty when is the spud getting removed?
gotigers04: spud
Stu7: Thanks Carnboys15
Carnboys15: @m0nty dont remove it hahah
JRedden: I traded worpel in, sorry guys
Umpirespet: Never Mega ur special
OhSoRozee: dang it my sites breaking
frenzy: suits you, should keep it
NoneyaB: when you stop being a spud duh!
Victorious: I’m glad i had the C on Neale; c’mon Crippa!
Breezey: Once you trade Houli mate.
happytimes: McKay is top shelf
gotigers04: spudd
gotigers04: spudddd
Victorious: Anyone else punishing?
Yeehaw: Should I be looking to trade rookies to mids or mids to prems/ultra
Carnboys15: what am i watching Hawthorn
happytimes: Kruzee
Fatbar5tad: Fuck sake Newman wakey wakey
Umpirespet: Hard to say Yeehaw depends on ur team structure
megawatts: are kreuzer/mckay suitable for sc?
Nigma97: Am I getting ahead of myself when I say Flaggers?
Yeehaw: It pretty bad hahaha, my first year doing SC
Umpirespet: Kruz to injury prone
Oh8ball: Crippa heating up
Oh8ball: Crippa heating up now
dipstick: the heavens say blues flag in 2021. a cheaky thousand on it will pay for a nice 2 year holiday
megawatts: @nigma nah i reckon the blues are a good chance this year
Haydo: Dammit captain cripps caps off a poor week for me
Torz: Huge quarter from Scrimmers
Carnboys15: worpelsucks
BRAZZERS: lol cripps will be fine this game, dont worry
GOD: Time to log off Carnboys15
Carnboys15: megawatts never learns does he
Breezey: I have Gibbons. My opponent has Worpel. Winning
amigaman: @Haydo. Me too
Umpirespet: Yeehaw write down what u do right and wrong so u can improve next
Umpirespet: Yeehaw write down what u do right and wrong so u can improve next year
Carnboys15: GOD think i might have to
Breezey: Have faith. The Hawks are likely to be leading by HT
poolboybob: Back to normal for Gibbo
StuL: GOD had the C on Gawn. Not Cripps
OhSoRozee: kreuzer would b a lock for me if didnt have injury plagued career
Torz: Keep tackling Worps
cmperrfect: today we’ll see if Cripps can shake a tag
Nigma97: Kreuzer is a lock if you don’t have any other risks IMO
OhSoRozee: that effort in the pocket against jones in the pocket was exactly wat hooker got pinged for
BestCoast: Mega still carrying the spud proud should make it permanent m0nty
megawatts: i think it is permanent already… had it for a week now
pornhub: Bolton out coaching Clarkson.. the end of the world is near
megawatts: ah thanks monty
OhSoRozee: pet seton has found some form
megawatts: O’Meara on track to smash Titch’s disposal record
Ash777: stay low pls scrimshaw
Victorious: I’m absolutely punishing the porcelain
Fatbar5tad: Need Newman to beat Scumshaw. Not happening.
VodkaHawk: Umm, chick ump.. ducking is a prior op
cmperrfect: Cripps getting blocked at every stoppage
OhSoRozee: bugger off scrimshaw
BestCoast: Desiree, Dutch Cream or Sebago @mega
OhSoRozee: crows be the most nervy with carltons form
Umpirespet: mOnty will be pi$$ed
VodkaHawk: Geez, Blues need to buy a lotto ticket, last 3 for them were tin ass goals
V@lks: Cmon scriminal!
BestCoast: @Victorious big curry night mate
dipstick: pffft and i looped Scrimshaw for duursma
amigaman: Captains killing me in SC. Equal 262nd and haven’t got it right once.
gotigers04: great mark jones
Fatbar5tad: Short memory Vodka.
SteamHam1: Trading in Worpel this week is working out well…
Carnboys15: captain obrien isnt going to well
Fatbar5tad: Newman mark and effective kick 3 points. 🙁
BestCoast: Blues maybe two on the spin last seen in well can’t remember
CamT: Who did you trade out for Worpel, SteamHam1 ?
frenzy: 3rd next week aswell bestcoast
GobChuck: Jaeger just wants 50 touches today, screw winning
SteamHam1: @CamT M.Parker
Carnboys15: @m0nty give the spud to @gotigers04
pornhub: scrimshaw you beauty
OhSoRozee: cripps c gonna lose me my league match
BestCoast: Shinboners will bring them back to earth Frenzy
V@lks: Havin a stinker. Cripps, Macrae, Libba, Whitfield and traded out Rozee
gotigers04: fuck off omeara
Carnboys15: worpel doesnt even play
amigaman: Worpel’s arms must have fallen off!
Breezey: O’Meara May ton up by HT.
CamT: Thanks, SteamHam1. Rozee for Worpel would have been a nightmare.
Gotigres: You’re joking Scrimshaw
cobrakai00: hawks wasted their ‘effort game’ last week..
amigaman: Wish Cripps would just smack that whorethorn idiot in the head
gotigers04: worpel is terrrible
jaypeee: cmon captains goal
GobChuck: Surely someone just gives Dan Howe a whack around the ear
Stu7: Cripps is scoring Crapps wooo hoooo 🥳
PlungeMe: decided to take duursmas 84 over scrimshaw
BigChief: C’mon Newman do something.
Breezey: For getting more of the ball than Cripps. Doing his job
Stu7: Good call PlungMe I did the same
BestCoast: Does anyone else get that one day in the weekend where shower just happens and all premiums underperform
Umpirespet: Where’s the rain Chief?
Higgenswor: Worpel you spud
BigChief: It rained earlier today.
Stu7: Come on Sicily!!!
BestCoast: I know we all have the same premos in a roundabout way I was looking at high 2400 until last night and continuing today
circle52: @bestcoast Think a few of us can relate this week with underperforming prems.
DrSeuss: Haha I have Walsh, Worpel and Newman on field – Scrimshaw on the bench.
BestCoast: The joys of SC
happytimes: I love Gilbert
circle52: Yep and have Cripps as Captain
BestCoast: Was lucky I VCed Neale and had Clark not playing just my luck he will be a late inclusion
V@lks: To the ppl with Cripps capt, why didnt you loop Gawn or Grundy??
BestCoast: Or else I would of had C on Cripps as well circle52
Nigma97: V@lks or NEale
frenzy: wanna rage trade Cripps atm
dipstick: when carlton wins cripps doesnt score to good as the load is spread
NoneyaB: at least it wasnt whitfield circle52
OhSoRozee: cripps will get a 50 pt qtr its just wat he gets in the other
Beammybux: When my opponent obviously forgot to loophole gawn or Grundy and still has Cripps c
OhSoRozee: my ff site keeps crashing =(
BigChief: Mine does on this game too Rozee
GOOD: r u pedalling hard enough minty
frenzy: wakey wakey m0nty
Oh8ball: Potato web servers?
BRAZZERS: its weird that its just this game as the cats/wce is fine
OhSoRozee: cmon crash again 10 pts wasnt enough for cripps
PowerBug: Worpedo woke up this qtr it seems
DrSeuss: Newman you need to start getting the ball.
cmperrfect: Maybe monty tripped over the cord
gotigers04: yes worp keep pushing
BigChief: Or tackles or anything good @ Doc.
BRAZZERS: buggy he has 29 in the 2nd too
BigChief: Simpson done @Darius. Red cross time
frenzy: simmo cooked
OhSoRozee: just a heads up if any1 still got r.gray surgery on broken hand 4 weeks out
Oh8ball: Lift crippa ffs
BigChief: Blues panicking. Hawks win get up.
cmperrfect: More interested in Whitfield than Gray
BigChief: Will get up
cmperrfect: Cripps be 128. Zero chance.
OhSoRozee: cripps scoring just being minus scoring
frenzy: Ceeya Cripps
OhSoRozee: yeh coniglio has a fracture in his hand 2 so might b without whitfield/conigs
OhSoRozee: been*
Apachecats: Whitfield good chance to play ,channel 7 physio girl.
Gelly: carlton are cooked
VodkaHawk: I thought cogs was just a dislocated finger
OhSoRozee: sorry not fracture might b dislocated finger
circle52: Coniglio is only a dislocated fingure not a break.
OhSoRozee: but to wear a glove for a discolated finger is fishy
BigChief: You spud Murphy.
Carnboys15: haS GOD signed off yet or ?
VodkaHawk: Lol, umm is it?
OhSoRozee: cmon cripps show us ur a real captain game is on the line
DragonLass: why does Gunston have an icicle? When was he ever hot?
OhSoRozee: opp has 86 proj on sicily i got 280 proj on cripps =(
VodkaHawk: You haven’t watched the last few years of footy Lass?
th3rio: schrimshaw stopped 🙁
Fatbar5tad: Newman catches Scumshaw. GEAR
PowerBug: Gunston hasn’t averaged below 85 since 2013
th3rio: didnt like 1.3k people trade in henderson haha
OhSoRozee: that was hanging on mckay
amigaman: Cripps clanger king
OhSoRozee: yeh 7 clangers from cripps =(
beerent11: Cmon worpedo big last qtr please
FlyinRyan2: Good quarter scrimshaw scored 0
circle52: but that includes 3 fa
amigaman: Worpel from the clouds
Breezey: It’s pretty simple. When Carlton dominate Scrimshaw gets the ball. When Hawks have it he doesn’t. He is a defender
VodkaHawk: The Sneaky Chad
Umpirespet: Rozee didn’t u say Crows should be worried about Blues form… Na we aint
OhSoRozee: every1 in my league gambled on cripps but my opp
Monfries96: Wingard could be a cheap POD
OhSoRozee: i would b they have been in every game
BigChief: No one should be worried abut either of these 2 teams.
BigChief: O’Meara best on by a mile.
Umpirespet: How far did Curnow run lol
OhSoRozee: @bigchief was just saying coz crows have carltons round 1 pick
Umpirespet: He bounced it
OhSoRozee: walsh will score less than constable whilst i have him on the bench
BigChief: You answering your own question Ump?
DrSeuss: How is Newman? Looks like he was just getting going!
BigChief: @Rozee oh yeah, forgot that.
Umpirespet: Yeah jumped the gun lol
wadaramus: Carn Worpel, big lst quarter mate.
BigChief: Newman looks done.
OhSoRozee: itll b down to sydney vs dogs for the coverted wand
Gelly: nice handball there by bruest
DrSeuss: Cheers Chief – just another positive for this round for me.
BigChief: Game over. Hawks home.
Umpirespet: Sadly Scrimshaw has to stay till byes otherwise I’d get rid of him
Carnboys15: so who said hawks were lsoing
Breezey: Hahahaha. The world is back in its normal place
BigChief: Hawks WERE losing when that comment was said.
Carnboys15: bigchief no it wasnt you bot
coldog: Haha people annoyed at half time they didn’t have scrimshaw on the field 😂
VodkaHawk: Hawks need to stay in front to win… That’s a good strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off
Breezey: Howe should be the X Factor. Done a job
blonde0na: was gunna be hard for the blues to hold on being down 2 def rebounders
Stu7: Now who was giving Worpel a hard time?
BigChief: Newman is done @Darius.
Pinkman: The world will be a weird place when Carlton win a premiership before Collingwood do . Ha ha will be hilarious
original: Need Bolton to get the laptop out with Gil
BigChief: @Carnbot I know it wasn’t me. Funny how the Hawks fans only come out after they hit the front. All hiding while Blues
BigChief: were winning.
gotigers04: worp lify
pornhub: pinkman put the bong down
gotigers04: lift worpel
Umpirespet: You need to bring out those brown paper bags original
Breezey: We will be winning a few in the next 50 years. Blues won’t have one in that period
Gelly: id laugh if carlton came back from here
VodkaHawk: That’s a weird concept there Chief… oddly enough supporters of 17 other clubs do that too
Yeehaw: How do you even deal wit byes, it’s so many teams with 2 trades a round
BigChief: That would be hilarious Gelly, but don’t see it happening.
OhSoRozee: in for a draw?
Umpirespet: Yeehaw Jock Reynolds website will help ya
BigChief: @Yeehaw you get 3 trades in bye rounds
blonde0na: hope kreuzer isn’t going to miss game time, blues are a different side with him in the ruck
Stu7: Go back to sleep Scrimshaw
BigChief: Cousins just reported.
Umpirespet: Cousins reported
Gelly: that should be 50
OhSoRozee: scrimshaw went from 55-65 with a loose ball get handball shepherd
Oh8ball: Push crippa good recovery
Carnboys15: said it to early flower
pornhub: scrimshaw cracked a can at half time
Gelly: draw anyone?
spudaroos: Gun for Shiels? Since when was he a fantasy gun
poolboybob: Cleaver for Murphy
original: Mckay mauled but due to last 5min no free
m0nty: where is Ben Dixon
pornhub: handy point
DrSeuss: So what’s the issue with Newman? Likely to miss a week?
th3rio: no he didnt Rozee. Handball to Sicily then received it back mark + kick
Gandhi: carn the blues
OhSoRozee: dang it nice game tho contest wise
VodkaHawk: Yeahhhh =)))
SwaggyP: Undeserving winners.
pornhub: time keeper was a hawks supporter
blonde0na: great effort blues, if you had one of kreuz, newman or simmo you probably would have held on
LetItBe: Umpires were hawks supporters as well
BRAZZERS: back luck @original, muppet
OhSoRozee: made 1 decision right 2day 73 from cunningham vs 61 from scrimshaw 93 from cripps is ok not 140 but happy enough
GOD: Woman umpire cost Carlton a win

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