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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs, R6 of 2019

Ash777: did someone forget to put the correct lens on the camera roaming the ground. All the players look weird
Umpirespet: Is this Smiths 2nd or 3rd game?
Ash777: baily smith? iIt’s his 6th
OhSoRozee: umpires pet his 6th
Umpirespet: Oh thanks Ash
Ash777: it’s hayes and young 2nd
Umpirespet: Yeah Ash think I got mixed up
Ash777: speaking of young doesn’t have a P
Raspel31: If you do anything today Wallis I will hunt you down and do unmentionable things- the only sideways trade I’ve made.
Kahunas: anyone elses foxtel picture blur from time to time?
OhSoRozee: @kahunas they have the camera from the womens games did it alot during those
BigChief: It’s doing the same from top of stand in other game also
Kahunas: meant to be hd but randomly goes crap
RGriffen: is Crozier and Macrae both fine after blood rue?
RGriffen: rule*
Ash777: dogs kicking into the 50 sux so much šŸ™
RGriffen: how good from Walters
OhSoRozee: fyfe on track for his 164 be lol
jbjimmyjb: fyfe on track for his 164 BE šŸ™
Umpirespet: My free stream has been fine
jbjimmyjb: rozee great minds think alike
OhSoRozee: nah we just both have the same brand helmet
Ash777: this looks like a repeat of last week
DrSeuss: What a weak free against Libba. Needs to start going forward young Lib
Apachecats: Libbers SC forecast of 140 a bit ambitious.
Raspel31: I have him and was a little curious about that prediction Apache.
hinsch: hopefully Libba goes about 60 he has killed me twice now
Ash777: fyfe week holiday
OhSoRozee: 1 clanger by nyhius was it the fa or a dropped mark or something has 100 de
NoneyaB: he did get straight back which will save fyfe i think
Yelse: liba last week for me tada mate if you don’t ton it
Ash777: nope fyfe chose to bump and he’s not got a good mrp record
original: Liba cmon
Sixty656: Thanks for the $$ Libba, have a good one.
Apachecats: Don’t know what formukla they use rasp ,suspect the office junior just has a guess at them ,see a few way out ones.Would
Apachecats: would have thought 100 for Libba more likely forecast.
Sixty656: Surely that 140 was when they had the C on him and it doubled up…
Pezza28: wheres macrae been?
OhSoRozee: good thing libba can get 12+ possy 40 pt qtrs unlike some slow burners
OhSoRozee: libba down to hayes and upgrade elsewhere maybe
RGriffen: lol Libba
gdshifty: Is Libba playing forward? Not watching game.
Ash777: This is libba’s only 2nd lowest game lol
Belegur: Doubt I’ll make it past half Tim
Belegur: Doubt I’ll make it past a half of listening to the hot breakfast commentary team
Raspel31: Only 113 to go Libba- we’re on target!
Struda: Whats fyfe doing?
OhSoRozee: dogs were good for 1 thing over the last few years and that was fantasy/sc scores now they are losing that
OhSoRozee: i blame bevo put them in 1 position and keep them there
DrSeuss: Is Libba in the guts or back in a Forward pocket?
Dondeal: Fyfe off the boil as he knows he is rubbed out for a week
gingjok: Fat o
Ash777: rotating with dunks
Raspel31: Golly- Libba and Macrae- there goes a couple of hundred points.
OhSoRozee: and macrae has 173 be my god gonna drop 100k
Ash777: should of put the C on Hunter instead of Macrae šŸ™
the worm: why would you bother bringing macrae in anyway no matter how much he loses
Breezey: This young Bailey Smith making me good money.
OhSoRozee: not bringing him in i have him
Ash777: RS nomination for smith if he keeps going
Fatbar5tad: Fucking McRae. Game over.
duckky: Walters … do I have enough burn ointment to risk him?
the worm: nobody has that much ointment
Ash777: Yes Walters is on the ball this year.
Raspel31: No – never buy Walters- ever- ever!
Breezey: I did bring in Walters this week.
OhSoRozee: no blakely will b back next or 2 weeks and walters gets injured/reported 2 often
cmperrfect: might be time to pull the trigger on Libba
OhSoRozee: no acl for lonie
the worm: always pull the trigger after a bad game interstate
jbjimmyjb: libba’s BE is only like 83 so we dont need to panic
Raspel31: Walters will score 30 next week, get injured twice and banned at least twice. NO way!
Breezey: No guts . No glory I say
duckky: And as we speak …
Fatbar5tad: None of my opponents have mcrae, they all have Boak. Get fucked pass the salt.
jbjimmyjb: libba heard our pleas, busy early
J.Worrall: Low SC game so far – big points for match changers
DrSeuss: Spoke too soon Jimmy – needs to keep going
OhSoRozee: @m0nty u forgot the P on lachlan young
Ash777: and the tv on fyfe
Pokerface: who has Wood?
Raspel31: Well, you have to say- Freo looking the money.
Apachecats: thats getting a bit personal PF
J.Worrall: I’m excited, but I don’t have Wood
cmperrfect: McCrae dropping dollar bills everywhere
BestCoast: Has Sir Fyfe got a TV ffs is he looking at weeks
BestCoast: Apache lol
duckky: Cox, Hore and Wood … no wonder AFL is sexy
Raspel31: Libba only 88 now to his predicted score. Any chance?
DrSeuss: Ok Libba – need to get up to 80 or 90 with a large final quarter
BestCoast: You forgot Hooker @duckky
Breezey: Just need Libba to stick close to Macrae. That will do me
OhSoRozee: libba will ton up
duckky: Also forgot Roughhead
cmperrfect: Libba got enough of it, just not part of scori
cmperrfect: Libba got enough of it, just not part of scoring chains
cmperrfect: Scoring chains
Burnsy03: mzungu the runner for freo?
Apachecats: great persistance there cmperrfect.
NoneyaB: I actually went neale over mccrae this week for this exact reason
Manowar: Bye Bye Libba
Torz: Yep Burnsy
OhSoRozee: this spoon is tasting wooden
MONEY TALK: lol take libba out iafter one bad week
Raspel31: No no no- don’t trade Libba on one bad game- upgrade your rookies.
mattmac24: Was quite happy when I saw my opponent had Heeney and Whitfield and then noticed they have Fyfe and B.Smith…
Manowar: Hamburger for A. Naughton
V@lks: mattmac: you should have at least two of those 4
mattmac24: Macrae VC not so great
OhSoRozee: i have 1 of them
cmperrfect: Heeney, Libba, McCrae, Whitfield all poo this week
DrSeuss: Libba has slowed again
Stu7: Go Danielbuoy good thing
OhSoRozee: wasnt crozier on 1 at qtr time?
Apachecats: nevervc them when they fly to Perth
Raspel31: Think you’re not alone there cmperfect- sigh.
jbjimmyjb: come on liberatore you spud, don’t do a heeney
mattmac24: Valk. Almost traded Williams to Whitfield but decided against it. Don’t have any of the others
cmperrfect: Blue moon for Matera @ m0nty
V@lks: That would be a ridiculous trade. Williams is solid and started at low 400k, definitely holding his own. Scored 118 tn
V@lks: Upgrade your rookies
TopRoo: come on Macrae
Ash777: Matera is not a blue moon
OhSoRozee: nah williams shouldnt b in top 8 defenders
mattmac24: Exactly why I didn’t do the trade. Fyfe has a high BE still so waiting on him.
V@lks: Also m0nty, bit early on the star.
BRAZZERS: some of these trades ppl say are comical
Raspel31: Yep Zerrit, Whitfield, Macrae, Libba – thank god for Neale and Gawn and hopefully Grundy. But no rage trades.
Raspel31: Hopefully Cripps- whoops.
Jolles: Wallis plays like crap for too long … trade him out and he comes back to bite me on the bum.
OhSoRozee: mcleans best game of season
Breezey: Better game from McLean tonight, scorewise that is
DrSeuss: Come on Libba at least beat Hayes in AF
Manowar: Libba down the toilet tonite!
duckky: Was that booing I heard?
OhSoRozee: smith rs nom unless cousins/scrimshaw spring a massive game
Carnboys15: ohsorozee always see you in the comment section, what do u do eith your life
mrpotato: Cant wait for Bucks to get back up on the high horse for the dogs
OhSoRozee: comment on here when a game is on
BigChief: That is a BS rule.
Dondeal: Presumably the same thing you do Carboys15.. ironic much?
OhSoRozee: duursma vs smith for nom 24 poss 1 goal vs 23 with 1 goal
duckky: So do I bring in Fyfe or Bont this week?
Pokerface: ease up carnboys
OhSoRozee: duursma would get it if they looked at his 12 cp
OhSoRozee: fyfe if no week off
Ash777: fyfe is probably suspended for the week duckky
cmperrfect: Neither, bring in Coniglio
aces-high: Bont gonna won the Charlie this year Iā€™d go hi
Umpirespet: Has Walsh had a mom yet?
duckky: Would think Stack this week Rozzee
OhSoRozee: + ive only been on this for 2 weeks
BigChief: Fyfe every day of the week and twice on Sunday
duckky: Nele or Cripps for the Chasser
BRAZZERS: rossy had 28
BigChief: Jack Ross will get nomination this week
OhSoRozee: yeh got a nom vs suns
Gambino: Another 70 points to be handed out by CD
Ash777: sometimes they dont give it off 1 game
duckky: Thought Ross was older

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