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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R6 of 2019

BestCoast: The fun continues
yablettt: Rowbottom
BestCoast: R6 Caulfield Ladbrokes 1600 trifi yeeee haaaa
Breezey: Rowbottom is BT’s nephew
OhSoRozee: lloyd,williams,mumford for me opp has heeney
OhSoRozee: nice win @best
Umpirespet: Heeney and cogs
BestCoast: Whitfield, Heeney and Williams for me go lads
Umpirespet: And Williams oops
BestCoast: OhSoRozee Nice to win and cover some of the loses
OhSoRozee: if u got losses ur gambling 2 much
lisapizza7: Nick off de boer get off lloyd
BestCoast: OhSoRozee have a fling every Saturday that’s all
OhSoRozee: o no whitfield got a goal 160 here he comes
Umpirespet: Cmon Williams ur be is 80+
th3rio: lloyd TOG? he ok?
SteamHam1: Williams spends a lot of time on the bench
PowerBug: Williams looks good early. Lots of free ball across hb for him
VodkaHawk: Hopefully it’s 180 next week 🙂
Umpirespet: Yeah he does steam
teddyt: hes getting tagged by de boer th3rio must be tactical while de boer is still on
PowerBug: Jake Lloyd has the De Boer tag, going to be a long night for him seeing as he mainly gets uncontested ball
Burnsy03: lloyd is hoping de boer forgets about him
jbjimmyjb: lloyd and heeney 1 handball between them in 10 minutes of play… great
th3rio: no wonder why he gets knocked every week
Hadouken: everyone has lloyd anyway, so does it matter lol !
Umpirespet: Stay low Lloyd need him to drop $$
OhSoRozee: lloyd tag will cost me more than likely
VodkaHawk: The future Hawk has started great
heppelitis: i ish lloyd would break the fantasy tag by taking every kick in
Pokerface: they certainly do not hadouken!
Umpirespet: I don’t yet Had
Burnsy03: i dont…
original: Dw guys coniglio did this last week
th3rio: does for me Hadouken, both my opts dont have him.
DrSeuss: Looks like I should have put the C on Cogs
PowerBug: Everyone near the top anyway @Had. Coz I don’t have him SC, which is why I’m not near the top 😛
jwv92: I don’t have Lloyd lol. Went with Whitfield and Hurn. Hasn’t really hurt me so far.
Crave: opt has C on Conigs…
OhSoRozee: yeh my opp has laird over whitfield and lloyd
jbjimmyjb: coniglio always has huge 1st quarters, scored 60 last week
th3rio: not used to seeing lloyd down there
Umpirespet: Hmm sounds like u r playing me Rozee lol
BigChief: Not time for seagulls yet.
jbjimmyjb: de boer is hit behind play every week, maybe the AFL should look at what causes that
Burnsy03: iive got hurn and crisp… changes coming very soon though
LMartos: Williams has been great but how is he outscoring Coniglio in SC
aces-high: Williams playing for Lloyd too thank god 😉
OhSoRozee: @umpires pet rod?
Tig-Train: Fuck of Williams
Umpirespet: Na Rozee
teddyt: someone needs to do the job properly and knock him out jimmy
DrSeuss: Damnit just remembered that I have Mummy
pornhub: Rampe is a gun defender
jbjimmyjb: i have cogs, williams, lloyd and heeney… 2 ends of the spectrum
jbjimmyjb: teddy exactly, danger tried but it wasn’t enough
gdshifty: Yes Jonesy!!
Manowar: C’mon Tobs
th3rio: wow williams at 100% still
PowerBug: taggers need to be protected more
Umpirespet: Why does Roos commentate Sydney games he is so biased
jbjimmyjb: i have a challenge for coniglio; finish a game with 70%+ eff
OhSoRozee: happy with lloyds score if he got tag 80 minimum with a tag
Fatbar5tad: Come on Mummy. Game started half an hour ago.
VodkaHawk: 100% agree ump pet
wadaramus: Cogs! Yeah baby!
Dondeal: Cape for Cogs
th3rio: cogs and willo saving my league matches
DrSeuss: Mummy killing in the tuck but needs some tackles and possessions
VodkaHawk: I’ll take 220 from Cogs and 184 from Zac
MercAm: Now just watch coniglio do nothing more for the rest of the game. Will just probaby just double his score from here
thommoae: A little less of the ‘knock X out’, hey? Poor form.
Pezza28: 1375 from 12… got cogs lloyd and whitfield. Wow.
the worm: is that you mega?
wadaramus: Spud icon!
DrSeuss: Cogs at Full Forward now – hmmm
Hawks_13: Just logged in. does anyone know why lance Franklin pulled out?
jono71501: Pretty happy I got Dawson in this week, especially since his BE is 17..
Hadouken: think buddy was “minor hamstring”
VodkaHawk: ‘Minor hamstring’
wadaramus: Hamstring.
OhSoRozee: illness i think
OhSoRozee: minor hammy
Umpirespet: Heeney havin a stinker
Hadouken: just heard whitfield off with a possible sore knee, was limping a bit
Gotigres: whitfield off injured
Apachecats: Heeney takes a screamer in front ,and team mate gets the free and misses.Stinker is right UPet
Gambino: Whitfield getting his knee checked out
Hadouken: strapping on left thigh, on the bike trainer now
thommoae: Brenton Speed – good commentator, doesn’t overplay his hand … like some I could mention.
OhSoRozee: cmon williams a few marks would b nice
lisapizza7: It’s a corkie for whitfield
DrSeuss: Time to ice up Whitfield. No need to risk him
OhSoRozee: my fav commentator was christian back in the day
Hadouken: whitfield is back on
DrSeuss: A few more possessions and tackles Mummy
NoneyaB: for a corkie drseuess? i dont think so
BigChief: Whately best now.
Raspel31: Phew, that was hard-just had to record 4 real estate ads for tomprrow. Hard after a sherbert. Back to footy- go Whitfiel
OhSoRozee: honestly thought this would b 100 pts no franklin
BigChief: Swans are a better team without Franklin. They share the targets.
DrSeuss: Haha just wishful thinking Noneya 😉
Hadouken: far out, whitfield just not moving well.
OhSoRozee: whitfield being sore should reduce his price by 50k over this fortnight
BigChief: You could be right with Whitfield Doc. He is really struggling to run.
circle52: Coniglio true to form big first quarter and then slow down
OhSoRozee: but ill go back to saying he will get 160 so he doesnt
jbjimmyjb: whitfield is running at about 30% his normal speed, he’s cooked
OhSoRozee: iced up at halt time hopefully big price drop
th3rio: Gonna be a sweet upgrade from Collins in a couple
NoneyaB: ffs he will be ok just let the pain killers to kick in
DrSeuss: Circle he was moved to Full Forward then Hewett is tagging him.
Umpirespet: He will lose 40- 50k if he stays @29 this week
beerent11: Not watching the game. Has Whitfield got the Hewitt?
jbjimmyjb: whitfield can’t move beerent
MONEY TALK: no he got a corkie
DrSeuss: Hewett on Cogs.
OhSoRozee: hopefully gets iced up then a week off so can upgrade to him in a few weeks save some trades
OhSoRozee: go u good thang williams
MONEY TALK: can you not hope he gets iced thanks
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Coniglio
OhSoRozee: 83 proj cmon get it b4 ht
Apachecats: Come on Mumford ,just getting hit outs doesn’t cut it.
OhSoRozee: quick burst from mummy was nice
original: Classic conigs. First qtr specialist
Breezey: Mumford is going OK Apache. 50 by HT. On target for a ton.
Tig-Train: Killing me Williams 🙁
jbjimmyjb: williams just kicked someone’s shin, he’ll be sore for a bit
StuL: Dont be broken Whitfield. It’s only a bruise
Apachecats: as usual he went up 20 while I was waiting for my post to come up breezey
Struda: Whitfield is cooked
OhSoRozee: long qtr
DrSeuss: Cogs got the Hewett tag – umps letting him hold at every chance
Apachecats: Massive 5 SC from Coig for1/4
OhSoRozee: can mumford get 47 hit outs in 2nd half to equal the record?
Pokerface: who was ragging on heeney before
Breezey: Sam Reid can do good things when Buddy is not around
VodkaHawk: Rest up Whitfield, put the tracksuit on and come back next week
Manowar: Whitfield ya soft
OhSoRozee: thats the only bad thing about heeney most weeks gets 80+ pts in 2 qtrs then goes missing
OhSoRozee: taranto killing CP almost at b crouch’s score already
OhSoRozee: with lower DE
BigChief: Keep going Timmy my boy.
Dondeal: Geez, could have used Ray on Anzac Day…
the worm: shame on you for booing a champion
beerent11: Heeney’s a little overrated in sc
MercAm: Yay I will be able to get Whitfield for a much cheaper price now
Apfoxy: I’m not watching is wit
OhSoRozee: taranto/conigs is saving 1 of my opponents
smashedavo: conigs is a one quarter expert, fades off after that
jbjimmyjb: whitfield looks like he’s been put at FF
Hawks_13: is Whitfield on the ground anyone?
the worm: has anyone mentioned coniglio goes quiet after a big first quarter?
BigChief: Hewett went to Coniglio after 1/4 time.
DrSeuss: Cogs got the Hewett tag after the first quarter – that’s the difference
Apachecats: Mummy just passed Conig.
jbjimmyjb: williams showing everyone why he’s a keeper
Umpirespet: Anyone mentioned that worm is a troll?
BestCoast: Been out to dinner with the misses what happened to Whitfield
the worm: i dontt think you understand what trolling is
OhSoRozee: he got sniped from the stands
OhSoRozee: that is a troll
BigChief: Where are cameras on the post?
Pokerface: whats happened to conigs? he was doing well early
OhSoRozee: @best he got corked and is running at like 5km/hr
OhSoRozee: cmon williams still time to get 140
DrSeuss: Got the Hewett tag Poker
Pokerface: ok thanks seuss, was a bit surprised
BestCoast: @OhSoRozee cheers a million
Gotigres: nice effort Whitfield
jbjimmyjb: lift heeney you haven’t touched it for 15 minutes
OhSoRozee: any of u on macrae/libba dont look at the other game
Raspel31: Thank you Whitfield- kind of beeded that.
jbjimmyjb: rozee i think macrae owners would take a bit more issue than libbas
Pokerface: thats not really not being a spoiler rozee
Raspel31: Have both rozee- groan- and started so well.
pornhub: yes whit
duckky: Hate how Heeney loses a quarter
BigChief: Papley you sir a spud.
DrSeuss: Cogs TOG getting lower and lower as well as the game goes on
OhSoRozee: nah wasnt intention of not being a spoiler i was just telling u dont wanna know wat shade of shit they are
Ash777: Lance in the team helps Heeney play mid.
Umpirespet: Whitfield might pass Heeney at this rate
Yelse: is heeney playing mainly fwd again ?
Apachecats: Got TT in this ,easing the pain of Whitfield quite a bit.
VodkaHawk: Correct Ash
Yelse: geez tarrant please stop
the worm: maybe best not to report on other games just for the sake of it
Breezey: He is getting better and better is Taranto @Apache
OhSoRozee: horse heeney is a mid not a fwd no impact if ur gettin beat in the midfield ya door knob
OhSoRozee: yeh i get that but its not like im saying the score 2 players out of 22
BestCoast: the worm with his police hat on nothing wrong with OhSoRozee didn’t spoil shower
BigChief: I have a feeling Timmy is becoming a non POD
Umpirespet: Worm needs a spud icon 2
OhSoRozee: no acl for lonie
gotigers04: plz lift cogs
OhSoRozee: id say naming late ins and outs is more of a spoiler in an earlier game =)
duckky: Timmy is only in 10,001 teams
Umpirespet: Thought Tarranto would suffer with cogs and Kelly in the centre but am wrong
OhSoRozee: yeh timmy/brayshaw are a year or 2 early to get consistant big scores in sc just from the de they run at
Pokerface: rozee alerting to late out and ins so people can adjust is a community service
BestCoast: OhSoRozee don’t justify yourself you haven’t done anything wrong
the worm: i stand by the statement
OhSoRozee: still scrapes a ton in most games just no very big games and a few non tons brings him around 95 av
Pokerface: spoilers are still spoilers bestcoast. if people want to know how their players are going theyll look at the other game
BestCoast: Detective Sargent Worm of the Fantasy Football Association
OhSoRozee: cunnington got no weeks again my god thats 3 incidents now surely adds up
Luigi197: Z Williams absolutely showing up today. good lad.
Sillybugga: worm lol
BestCoast: He never mentioned good or bad don’t see anything wrong with it. Maybe take his birthday of him
Raspel31: Oh dear Whitfiels- you are indeed struggling aren’t you.
beerent11: Easier to just not comment on other games at all I reckon.
lwillo: Don’t spoil the end game either worm
mace485: I knew there was a reason I didn’t get Whitfield 😉
duckky: Mummy – i you cant crack a ton against an injured useless ruck … youre a sasuage
Pokerface: there is a separate page for that game bestcoast, no need to mention it here
BestCoast: Carn Whitfield couple of late goals be nice poor crippled one
the worm: holy cow, dogs have kicked 6 in 8 minutes
Fatbar5tad: 88 ok for a 330k Ruckman.
Pokerface: lol ducky – the harshest thing you came up with was ‘you’re a sausage’?!
BestCoast: And if pigs could fly
jbjimmyjb: worm its not funny
Raspel31: No mentioning other games chaps- basic rule.
the worm: damn right its not funny
jbjimmyjb: heeney you spud
BestCoast: Naughty naughty very very naughty
m0nty: back on the game please
Fatbar5tad: Stay down Heeney, Mcrae pudding it.
lwillo: Mummy has hit the ton what a lad
DrSeuss: Williams need some junk young fella. And Cogs no need to completely stop
Fatbar5tad: We love our Mummy!
Pokerface: those who took mummy – what did you do for the first 2 rounds?
BestCoast: I have Heeney the ultimate downhill skier lift pretty please
gotigers04: had witts then traded to mummy
V@lks: @Pokerface, started with Martin. Figured I didnt want to trade ROB again to Gawn when Jacobs came back. Too many trades
OhSoRozee: i had martin and hoff went hoff to mummy
Apachecats: Just went with 21 PF ,wasn’t playing any one.
thommoae: I took Westhoff for a few rounds after his first 120 odd … then pfft. Happier now.
circle52: @poker dongraded Goldy to him.
beerent11: Surely you just take Whitfield off now .
Fatbar5tad: Had oldstein but downgraded to get Neale.
BigChief: I had Westhoff Poker and traded for Mummy when he was 1st named.
Pokerface: ok was just interested. wanted mummy but didnt want a donut
boges11: @Pokerface I had Jacobs. The extra $$ down to Mummy allowed me to get whitfield
lwillo: Goldy to mummy was my first trade of the year
Pokerface: so pretty much a downgrade from a 2nd tier prem
Apachecats: Want 140 from TT and 120 from Mummy.
Pokerface: thanks guys
BestCoast: Heater about to raise the bat
The39Steps: How many a-graders in the Swans today – Parker, Kennedy, Lloyd and perhaps Heeney?
Fatbar5tad: Fuck Greene is a good footballer.
BigChief: That would do me also Apache.
V@lks: Just Lloyd. The others aren’t a-grade anymore
V@lks: Sorry Heeney on the fringe
OhSoRozee: jones is more consistant nowdays
amigaman: Definitely Greene in this week
DrSeuss: Cogs and Williams just died in this quarter
lwillo: Lloyd is a seagulls, no way u list him as A grader
BigChief: Hewett does a job every single week. Rate him highly.
Breezey: Lloyd is an A Grade Fantasy footballer
beerent11: Lloyd’s a gun every side needs its seagulls
Yelse: why has cogs hardly done anything since Q1
yeah_nah: whoever said Conigs would only double his quarter time score by the end was close.
gdshifty: Whitfield done for the night i think. Been on the bench for quite a few minutes. Game is over
OhSoRozee: lloyd is 1 of those smart seagulls hide 1 leg to get sympathy chips
V@lks: lwillo, footy isn’t just a rolling brawl. He’s a v. intelligent footballer with elite skills. Can’t all be contested
beerent11: Brave to bring in Greene
Umpirespet: Lol Rozee
jbjimmyjb: stephen coniglio 🙂
good: cogs 55sc 1st qtr..
duckky: Heeney you spud
Raspel31: Iindeed beer- like Walters either injured or suspended- but does play the odd game.
lwillo: Just my opinion. He is a good footballer don’t get me wrong. But he isn’t an A grader. That’s all.
Apachecats: here come conig to pick up the junk ,done nothing for 2 quarters
OhSoRozee: coniglio lucky he kicked 4
beerent11: J Kelly is the one to target
DrSeuss: Ok a little junk for you now Mr Williams
jbjimmyjb: yup whitfield been on the bench for 10 minutes now
Apachecats: Heeney going to be buyable in a few weeks
BigChief: C’mon Timmy 14 more please.
BRAZZERS: Keep going Greene, good game mate
Raspel31: Ah Whitfield- many of us lst many points- is it serious?
BigChief: Corkie Raspel. Should be ok next week.
Apachecats: corkie I hear rasp ,I won’t be selling him
Raspel31: Cheersy week and in comes Lloyd. lads- upgrades begin nex
Raspel31: Cheers lads- and in comes Lloyd next week anyway- thanks.

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