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Chat log from R6 of 2019: St Kilda vs Adelaide

Chat log for St Kilda vs Adelaide, R6 of 2019

BestCoast: Crows by plenty
Trindacut: Adelaide look worse than last year, and last year they were shit
BestCoast: Ton up Laird
Sillybugga: crows comfortably
th3rio: you guys sound confident
kano: crows will win very very easily
Nigma97: How/Why do people rate Adelaide?
th3rio: just like they won easily v north?
Trindacut: There’s something wrong with that coach of theirs. Look at his head. It isn’t right.
bushranger: It’s a big test for Saints
Yelse: crows for me 30+
OhSoRozee: didnt think saints would go in fav tbh
teddyt: How/Why do people rate St Kilda?
Sillybugga: i hate crows but saints are pretenders
OhSoRozee: crows have their game back didnt early in year
frenzy: Longer better not star
Apachecats: Modesty almost prevents me on reporting the Nearest the pin on Neale.
th3rio: are you basing that on flogging the suns Rozee?
the worm: i think its just that bothof these teams can serve up some absolute scheisen, cant tip one ever with any confidence
OhSoRozee: thought eddie quit commentating after the sydney game?
OhSoRozee: nah they built it up b4 suns game
th3rio: lets agree its a 50 50. I changed my tip like 4 times. Saints are alright/
th3rio: no Rozee, he removed himself from commentating the following day.
DrSeuss: Let’s hope Longer is very average. Don’t need Marshall to now get dropped…would be just my luck in 2019 so far
hinsch: A lot of SC captains sitting on the bench this week
Trindacut: The next week there was a guy in a wheelchair doing the toss. I was waiting for Eddie to chime in with a joke about runn
OhSoRozee: backed eddie 6 walker 4 and himmelberg 3
BRAZZERS: lol ed never quit what u talking about
Ash777: the current saints pts list. josh, jack, jade, jack, jack, jack
BestCoast: Apache spot on son the chocolates are yours
Ash777: then there’s another 2 jacks and a josh
Apachecats: Thans BC you came in second and Vodka was third.
OhSoRozee: just call them J.kilda
Apachecats: Parker on now ,come on son need you to get Marshall 104 projected SC
OhSoRozee: cmon m.crouch proj 120 need 145 min
BRAZZERS: lol good luck with that
aces-high: Steele missed kick
yablettt: Why is Matt crouch’s legend a pocket lol?
OhSoRozee: wat a goal
th3rio: course parker does that when i trade him to telly lol
Gelly: traded in laird, sorry guys
th3rio: side note: crows by plenty eh ?
Manowar: B. Smith stinking it up today
Gelly: parker did something… nice
BigChief: How long before McGuire mentions Coll?
Ash777: why would trade in telly off 1 good game?
Nigma97: the more ST Kilda dominate the more Laird gets involved
th3rio: are you serious Ash? hes a gun. It’s not from 1 good game.
the worm: decided to go with parker over drew, hope it pans out
OhSoRozee: tkelly has score 4/5 tons?
wadaramus: Just don’t understand how the Crows can just look so damn incompetent.
OhSoRozee: its a gamble bringing him in this week tho if hutchings tag
Ash777: oops for some reason I was thinking of petruetelle
GOOD: nice sc laird
the worm: because they are that incompetant?
SteamHam1: Good start Laird!
OhSoRozee: m.crouch,smith,newnes in this vs bruce,smith,sloane,laird
th3rio: How do you confuse Tim Kelly with Petrucelle?
blonde0na: seems like adelaide are missing a consistent good key FWD
yablettt: Tex needs his mullet again
wadaramus: Tim Celle – Petru Kelly?
smashedavo: sloane you spud of a player
aces-high: Does b crouch get the Neale plus 10 goal assist treatment? Lol
Crowls: traded in marshall yesterday. still recovering from seeing longer playing
th3rio: steele is a decent tagger smashedavo
BestCoast: Side note trolling by plenty
OhSoRozee: happy with o’briens start $ ty
th3rio: go lions best coast 🙂
GOOD: R.O.B going to be nice little earner
BestCoast: 2000 comedians out of work and people trying to be one
wadaramus: Saddling up on someone who is already on the ground is not a push in the back!
teddyt: LOL wtf is going on seriously? BCrouch kick inside 50, walker marks, goal – 2 points. B.Crouch tackle – 1 point?????????
teddyt: if neale had b crouch stats he’d be on 40 by now
PowerBug: samashedavo clearly has high standards if Sloane is a spud player
Crave: Sloane still can’t handle a tag it seems
PowerBug: 110+ average not enough?
OhSoRozee: lonie done knee
Apachecats: loving this opponent way ahead but has Sloane.
OhSoRozee: hyperextension
th3rio: ouch looks similar to what seedsman did
teddyt: and after I say that he goes down another point for no reason. Got 0 points for a tackle.
BigChief: Looks like it Rozee
smashedavo: that did not look good at all. hopefully no acl
Sillybugga: ppl still complaining neal dominated when game was there to be won
noobcoach: someone needs to compare brouch to neale stats and score at the end of this game
OhSoRozee: thats the wing on marvel for u tho
Sillybugga: too busy looking at stats instead of impact on the game
teddyt: Sillybugga – Name checks out
yablettt: That was all lairds fault….
smashedavo: neale had 20 sc off 3 handballs and a FA, Brouch barely over that lol
Crave: that’s a lie smashedavo, he was on 8
MONEY TALK: can i trade laird out for what he did to lonie
Crave: play DT if you only want to look at stats
BigChief: Really yablett? Go back to sleep buddy.
Struda: Smashedavo neales were game breaking, crouches were not
th3rio: not bad brodie smith keep it going lad
wadaramus: CP’s and DE are significant multipliers in SC,if ya nail these you’re usually on the way to a good SC score.
smashedavo: well he wasnt lol, at the start of the game he was
aces-high: There is nothing more frustrating then watching my mids of conigs crouch x2 and Steele claw their way to 100’s each week
Umpirespet: Monty can u ban anyone that winges about SC scores this happens every game
th3rio: conigs gets 30+ touches most weeks. Sometimes butchers it but well deserving of tons
Sillybugga: pick better mids lol
wadaramus: Poor DEearlymakes it very hard for the rest of the game happens a lot.
Yelse: guys don’t complain about SC … just get the players that score well simple 😛
teddyt: lmfao so many helmet wearing droolers
OhSoRozee: on track for 20 tons this game
Sillybugga: domaging players score well in sc seagulls in fantasy
noobcoach: umpires just mind your business and fuck off
circle52: Can we just agreer that there are too many stats that CD use we are not privy to all and screws scoring
Umpirespet: Noob name checks out
blonde0na: it’s quite entertaining to watch people spout sc elitism then those same people complain about the scoring every game
wadaramus: Agree circle52, not enough columns on m0nty’s screen to show them all 🙂
Trindacut: I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these flogs whinging about sc scores are the same flogs who whined about essendon
Trindacut: booing
noobcoach: commentator calls Bcrouch best on ground so far – yet you believe no impact? my ass
BigChief: It was M. Crouch who he called BOG
Crave: commentator also said Sloane had a good 1st quarter
OhSoRozee: fox commentators just as flower as bt
Migz: even if some of the scores are wonky i dont think anybody can dispute SC is by far the most accurate scoring system
Migz: to represent the impact people do have on the game
th3rio: it was actually Brad BC
Sillybugga: whats with eddie and all these umpire compliments, feels forced
OhSoRozee: thanks parker intercept mark to smith
BestCoast: Agreed Migz
noobcoach: no it was Bcourch chief
teddyt: It is migz. But every single year theres certain players who are gifted scores and certain popular players who get donut
Gelly: if you want your player to get more sc points just ask monty
OhSoRozee: any1 got an anchor i can throw on bruce to remain at the bottom?
Sillybugga: i agree with teddyt there is a CD conspiracy against his players every year
jbjimmyjb: lonie done
smashedavo: Geez, adelaide are hopeless at kicking it forward this game
teddyt: lmao you are literally retarded Sillybugga Stop twisting words
teddyt: FYI I’m on target for 2467 and in the Top 1% but you can continue being a drop kick
GobChuck: “Parker started solid today”
th3rio: that aint cool teddyt
blonde0na: weird flex but ok teddyt
Umpirespet: Teddy is mega
Trindacut: spud on gelly
Migz: a goal and a nice intercept mark. and hes on 14. i see he has 2 clangers. wtf did parker do
GobChuck: yeah imagine if CD didn’t hate your players teddy, you’d be on track for 2700
wadaramus: Spud icon!
Sillybugga: sorry teddyt i must have misinterpreted what you were trying to say
LMartos: Parker would be on 35 right now if he’d slotted that goal instead of trying to pass it off
teddyt: He’s trying to say I’m saying theres a conspiracy around MY players. _MY_ players are fine
Struda: ker 2 frees against and 2 turns overs woweeee
BestCoast: Tickets Teddy
th3rio: crap efficiency migz
OhSoRozee: guy in my league on track for 2507 with a few low proj premos
th3rio: and 2 clangers
teddyt: yeah… Crouch should be on 250+
Lawls: fuck me laird is shit
BigChief: Who is Gelly Trinda?
GobChuck: Someone should tell laird that he can still play if Brodie is playing well
noobcoach: and how is sloane above brouch
th3rio: Laird is up there? what do you guys expect lol
BRAZZERS: this is why i neve rgot on laird, brodie would affect his scoring
teddyt: beCoZ Of IMpaKt nOoBCoAcH omg w0w. 0 impact
PowerBug: JB lets gooooooo
pornhub: brad crouch must have upset monty
Struda: sloane been on fire the last 5 minutes
Apachecats: Parker working his way back to zero.
Yelse: parker i really need a min of 60 please
BigChief: Lets go Steele man. I want more please.
OhSoRozee: o’brien -4 for the qtr cmon
Gelly: sloan copped it in the junk
OhSoRozee: and m.crouch shower all this qtr
colin wood: Good recovery queens of the Sloane age
ConVoid: shit fuck
Lawls: glad i shipped parker for baker
Trindacut: Just so you Steele owners know, I have him. All my PODs injured this year except him
Struda: shouldve had balta on field over parker…
GOOD: parker -9 for the qtr…..onya laird
Umpirespet: Apache our Parker cover for VC Neale not working lol
ConVoid: parker is SHlT
original: Atta boy parker
original: Cmon crouch bros
frenzy: plenty pods out there, trinda. pick some newbys
LMartos: should’ve got Baker lol
Gelly: trashcan laird is back
ConVoid: wow parker took a mark
th3rio: say what convoid?
Gotigres: nice mark Parker
gdshifty: nice reverse jinx ConVoid lol. Parker just took a screamer!!
LMartos: Parker looks like he’s wearing human skin boots
OhSoRozee: unusual routine from parker right hand over the shoulder b4 he runs in
Trindacut: oh fuck just watched the replay of lonie’s injury
original: Flower off Parker lol
smashedavo: good mark parker, but god he looks like a full time druggo lol
ConVoid: someone tell me what b crouch disp efficiency is
BRAZZERS: i just want parker to get his b/e’s in af and sc and im happy
Apachecats: Just redeemed himself a bit Umpires Pet.Hoping.
Lawls: Don’t you dare drop off again Laird
Schillaci: Parker = Gun Con Void haha
hinsch: Parker coming home like a train
pornhub: big fan of parker.. good for footy
softwhitee: 68 de for b.crouch
Gelly: just need parker to kick a torp and bump someone now for cult figure status
StuL: Dont worry. Parker will be back to 15 in no time.
Schillaci: Laird O’clock next week.
original: Lol lol gelly
softwhitee: a 120+ from brodie would go alright
Trindacut: Laird back in next week. Smith out, Laird in.
jbjimmyjb: who is the higher priority next week, fyfe or laird? (SC)
BRAZZERS: lol not laird, he’ll be inconsistant all year
Lawls: probably fyfe
pornhub: @jbjimmyjb looking like laird now
Sillybugga: wilkie flying under the radar
OhSoRozee: yeh missed on wilkie =(
frenzy: fyfe while he’s cheap
OhSoRozee: alot did under 20k own him
pornhub: fair play if you started with wilkie.. he’s been great
Trindacut: Billings back to being shit
pornhub: trindacut.. no
OhSoRozee: laird will b last p6 upgrade when every1 elses is tired he will avg 38 in last 6 games
BRAZZERS: yeah i’ll get laird later in the year, still think he’ll loose money
Trindacut: Good time to put 20 on Saints for 40+
beerent11: Don’t get the rush to upgrade smith to laird. Smith be is 24 laird is 104 their prices will get closer together.
frenzy: any 1 got buddy, lol
beerent11: And only 1 point diff in their averages rush
Sillybugga: sideways trade
Umpirespet: Hope we persist with Himmelberg
OhSoRozee: i think trinda has just upgrading his chip to a full spud
beerent11: Go Parker you good thing
VodkaHawk: Himmelberg doing ok after leaving the Village of the Damned
OhSoRozee: @umpire yeh jenkins doesnt deserve games he had 2 over the top goals from small fwds
OhSoRozee: if they bring him in coach needs to b chopped
Lawls: franklin and davis out
Lawls: ronke and buntine in
blonde0na: laird demanding the ball but adelaide not giving
Manowar: E. Betts channelling is inner M. Parker
Lawls: still not quite sure why hately was dropped
OhSoRozee: gws by 100 then
pornhub: thats a very poor free kick
Manowar: This is the real St Kilda shithouse!
OhSoRozee: and happy hately can b a downgrade in a few more weeks get to not rush his trade
Pezza28: evening lads
th3rio: damn no hately
th3rio: hately was playing mid, prob need a defender
LMartos: Brad Crouch could have as many CP as he wanted his SC will never beat his DT
the worm: the 6 or 7 games hately gets this year will be very servicable
Lawls: i’ve had hately since the start lol
OhSoRozee: i dont think they need a defender tho got shaw,corr,haynes,williams,finlaysan and sam taylor
Lawls: so i was glad when he got named and played quite well, and then he gets dropped
beerent11: Yeah we need def and fwd rooks
Pokerface: why did you start with him Lawls with so many playing rooks available?
Pokerface: not knocking his talent, he was in my preseason team.. just didnt pick him due to the nonselection
beerent11: All the mid rooks have more money to make
Raspel31: My point exactly beer- can’t understand people cross trading so early.
th3rio: wow parker is exciting tbh
original: Flower off parker
Sillybugga: if you dont have walsh could be a good upgrade for bcrouch
Pezza28: How has parker kicked 3 but still on 29!?
OhSoRozee: i dont think many will get games other than bottom 6 sides most of them already gettin games and rising
jbjimmyjb: jack billings goes missing in a competitive match… who would’ve thought?
Pezza28: nevermind refreshed
Fatbar5tad: Fuckmis off Parker. Traded your useless arse Andy now you bob up with three goals? GRRR
BigChief: Duddy Franklin not playing.
OhSoRozee: they booing the tex thing wasnt even anything there
Fatbar5tad: Autocorrect swear filter gibberish lol
Raspel31: Thank you for your effort Parker given you are gawn next week= very loyal.
Struda: no free against steven for contact below the knees? textbook
OhSoRozee: cmon newnes always goes missing in the 3rd
Sillybugga: neale just got points for that smother on sloane
LMartos: How dare CD give that free kick against to Smith, wasn’t near him
the worm: lol
Trindacut: Walker is an example of players abusing (or trying to) the contact below the knees
Trindacut: Players are just running in to the contest and falling over like rag dolls
Trindacut: Umps made a great call to play on, that rule needs to be abolished
wadaramus: Long bombs are fucking useless!
OhSoRozee: lynch is no longer the lynchpin just a hinderance on his side
Trindacut: And players that go limp and rag doll like Tex should be looked at for staging
OhSoRozee: nah that wasnt walkers intention he wanted to hurt the guy on ground
Trindacut: should be a good Q4
OhSoRozee: guy on ground was lucky he was flat walker was looking for the knees
Raspel31: First time been able to use the loop this year- hope I don’t stuff it up and get 80 points.
OhSoRozee: ty newnes a little pulse
Trindacut: Ha, yeah probably @ Rozee
jfitty: Yeah that free kick before was on M.Crouch not Smith..
Migz: i dont know why but i hate tex. He looks like a shit bloke.
Struda: the high was on himmelberg, smiht was behind the play by then
Trindacut: I feel like Sloane being made ‘co-captain’ was adelaides way of letting him down easy cos he’s a massive sook
Tig-Train: Yeh Tex has a Cunt of a face
OhSoRozee: yeh CD will correct itself scaling
Umpirespet: Migz slot say that about Ben cousins to
zoomba23: Tex is a fuckwit
smashedavo: regret starting with sloane in SC
Trindacut: Lol I got banned for less than what you blokes are saying
Pokerface: oh they switched the free from smith to himmelberg. who woulda thought they review things at the breaks?
Trindacut: Lot of precious flowers on the forums
Pokerface: did you want to be captain Trindacut?
Pokerface: co-captain
OhSoRozee: doesnt look like m.crouch will get his 120 after a promising start
gotigers04: go laird
Trindacut: Yes
Pokerface: lol
Migz: atleast cousins was an amazing player umpirespet 😉
OhSoRozee: opp has laird but also bruce/sloane
wadaramus: What is it iwth the Crows always kicking to a cast of thousands only to be caught on the fast break?!
OhSoRozee: @migz albeit fuel injected
TigersMan1: who tf has bruce in there team
Umpirespet: Glad Saints can’t kick straight
OhSoRozee: some1 who gambled on peter wright and bruce as pods
Trindacut: Lol
Gelly: tex is a gun
Manowar: B. Crouch time to trade you!
DrSeuss: My opponent has all of their unique players over 100 in AF except for Jack Ross on 92 – just not my week
TigersMan1: yeah my POD of hartigan, mackay, ellis yolmen and dean kent don’t seem to be working :'(
Gelly: bog
Pokerface: Keath heading for another ton. shift him up the order Pyke.
OhSoRozee: @drseuss sounds like me whos ur opp lol
jono71501: can someone explain why FF doesn’t show player prices anymore?
ConVoid: someone tell me what b crouch’s disp efficiency is because i’m on phone and can’t see it
BigChief: who TF has Hartigan, Mackay, CEY and Kent in their team?
Trindacut: Im trading walker in next week
jono71501: and breakevens*
Gelly: because monty does not pedal hard enough @jono
OhSoRozee: @jono was always wrong anyway
TigersMan1: Glad I put the C on josh battle!
Pokerface: jono guessing the same reason genie no longer exists. harder to scrape from the site
kano: where is the gronk whining about laird being shit earlier ??
Raspel31: I’m too emotional for this game. Hard watching Parker when he’s headed to the abbatoir next week- sob.
BigChief: @Con Crouch on 72%
Struda: fantasy is a joke
mattmac24: I’m not watching the game, is Brad Crouch’s sc score about right?
ConVoid: cheers @BigChief
pornhub: lol kano
HawkTalker: come on, saints
jono71501: What are peoples thoughts on DTLive? I’ve recently found it but always used FF..
original: Crouch bros please get to 100 ea
G.Soreness: Parker has almost done enough to field him over Petruccelle
OhSoRozee: @matt no real impact so yeh 67 de 2 tackles
GOOD: nice laird and r.o.b
Umpirespet: Petrol won’t get the same space as last. Week
HawkTalker: so Sloane still cant break a hard tag. good to know.
Gelly: b crouch is no neale
LMartos: @OhSoRozee how can you say it’s alright, he’s hhad 10 clearances lol, massive impact
OhSoRozee: @lmartos his disposals have had no impact
Wizz: @rozee onlu the most clearances by double and the most contested possessions
Fatbar5tad: Got Crouch x2 and Smith an no tons in a win. Ball burners!
OhSoRozee: SC Is just just CP/CL look at cripps score last week
TigerKid_A: b crouch robbed
DragonLass: still plenty of time for both crouches to ton up in SC
the worm: yeah sloane is like danger and coniglio, dissappears with a tag
OhSoRozee: his disposals are as good as 1/2 ineffective handballs
OhSoRozee: isnt*
Raspel31: My mum says the Demons are still going to win.
Trindacut: Sloane can’t handle his own shadow tagging him
MONEY TALK: take the game off, killed it for our self
Generalsor: G Soreness you the same mutt who stole my AFL fantasy name too?
Sillybugga: bcrouch possession goes to saints half the time
OhSoRozee: cmon newnes time to put the beak on and get gullin
MercAm: @rozee SC is about disposal effiencey
OhSoRozee: yeh i meant to say isnt just CP/CL
Fatbar5tad: No way Brouch tons up Dragonlass
G.Soreness: @Generalsor Aha no I don’t play AFL Fantasy. And haven’t used this one much for years either
hinsch: Parker has cash up hopefully does not go backwards from here
BestCoast: Laird you good thing
OhSoRozee: another 60k rise from o’brien ty
Umpirespet: Happy with ROB
Raspel31: Laird and Smith- yep, I can live with that.
wadaramus: ROB the quintessential cash cow!
Gelly: hey CD, take some points off b.crouch, he doesnt deserve them
Trindacut: Looks like Adelaide will be 1.10 premiership favourites again after this win.
wadaramus: B.Smith been fantastic today.
Umpirespet: No wonder u get. Banned Trina u Muppet
PowerBug: Sloane getting 75 despite being tagged is quite good considering I had him in 2017 when he’d get 30s
original: Go bcrouch
Fatbar5tad: Smith Ton and Fatty is happy
Stu7: Come on Mrs Sloane
OhSoRozee: that was a soft 50
beerent11: Who was that on the bench for st Kilda on crutches?
frenzy: brouch aint no neale
OhSoRozee: push was as he clunked
wadaramus: Laird helping soften the bow of BCrouch deficiency.
OhSoRozee: lonie hypered his knee
Umpirespet: U talking to yourself Roze?
beerent11: Cheers rozee
Trindacut: Ump pet, dont be a sook
G.Soreness: Is Laird impacted by Milera going down? If so could be time to get on
original: Get a goal bcrouch
Umpirespet: Well done boys
BRAZZERS: why is b.crouch sc so shit?
wadaramus: Smith gun.
frenzy: nothing for scaling here
OhSoRozee: nah beerent asked @umpirespet
Sillybugga: but saints were top of the ladder how could this happen, oh yeah the FIXture
Raspel31: Terrible week last week- rather a jolly score so far this week chaps- eh what?
TigerKid_A: b crouch robbed. Most cp/cl
jbjimmyjb: Love your work ROB
Trindacut: Yeah Gs I reckon time to get him
bones351: Got me beat Brazzers. Hard done by IMO
MONEY TALK: this is what happens when you are second to the footy, had the chance to put them away early
Kahunas: Saints copped one in the choc donut tonight
MONEY TALK: @sillybugga too be fair would u have guessed we beat essednoin and melbourne
bones351: 66 DE for B.Smith M.Crouch and B.Crouch but B.Crouch got ripped off
amigaman: How does Smith get more SC points than B. Crouch?
mace485: Dean Kent pumpkin
zoomba23: Brouch reamed by CD
Sillybugga: money talk true no i wouldnt but i think that was more essendon playing poor and melbourne just being melbourne
Sillybugga: still good wins though
Sillybugga: i put saints slightly above lions
G.Soreness: Yeah might want to see one more good score from Laird

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