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Chat log from R6 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R6 of 2019

BigChief: Lets go C Neale. 150+ please.
feralmong: I looped Gawn. Can relax all weekend now lol
OhSoRozee: have a feeling miller will go to neale
OhSoRozee: afl is a joke standing by anzac day umpiring calls
Lawls: Please send Miller to Neale
OhSoRozee: wonder wat the weather will b like for cripps c tomoz
Yelse: Taking duursma loop hole. But who from Collins schrimshaw
circle52: Bowes could get the run with role as he has had with Fyfe and Sloane
OhSoRozee: yeh i had to field duursma coz my p7,8 were outs
OhSoRozee: id go collins
circle52: Same feralmong
OhSoRozee: could b wet and windy at tas weather is always risk own there
OhSoRozee: yeh i think bowes played in defence a bit last week no idea why vs crows
Lawls: i’m looping collins and if he scored shit i’ll put scrimshaw on field
Lawls: think i’d take 60+ from collins to use him
circle52: Miller and Zorko together at Centre bounce
Gelly: collins was plump so i traded him
BigChief: It will be wet down here tomorrow @Rozee
Apachecats: same Gelly went Collins to TStewart.
circle52: Bowes with Neale
BigChief: Miller on Zorko andBowes on Neale.
Raspel31: A Neale got the tag circle? Sigh, to be expected.
OhSoRozee: @bigchief yeh cripps will get 25+ CP in the wet just hopefully not 30 hballs and kicks to territory
Pokerface: wet shouldnt matter except for talls. same amount of sc points on offer
Umpirespet: Neale going low to Swallow
Pokerface: oh sorry you meant for cripps. thought you meant for scrimshaw
Apachecats: Now that I’ve traded him Collins will pull out a 90.
OhSoRozee: did check the weather 14 with sun but clouds so idk
Pokerface: yeah cripps will thrive
Gotigres: Burgers is my C
Raspel31: Sexton got his eye on Berry.
OhSoRozee: @poker nah wet weather usually brings in more ruck contests
Pokerface: true, guess i was thinking of the tall markers
Pokerface: eg jjk and darling sinking in the mud last week
Struda: fecking forgot to trade burgess to answerth now have to cop a donut fuckkkkkk
OhSoRozee: yeh WCE has no back up plan its all about the talls
GOOD: nice start collins
BigChief: Spud for Hanley.
Gelly: GC look flat
OhSoRozee: ballard is tonning up in a few games
Raspel31: Ah Mr Neale- there goes my draft and my loop option. Go Cripps.
Gelly: jynxd it
scrappers: how the hell is hanley on 16 sc?
BRAZZERS: I got no one is this game lol
circle52: Has had all the kick ins and played on for Hanley
OhSoRozee: probz shepherds
scrappers: and 2 clanger free kicks in front of goal
JockMcPie: get involved lachie
aces-high: Coniglio would be 3 sc points with neales stats
circle52: Miller has moved to Neale
BigChief: Hanley looks like a CD love and might be a SC must have.
OhSoRozee: yeh hanley needs to string a whole lot of games missed a few over last few yrs to find consistent form
Raspel31: Sexton- live up to your name- jeez.
Yelse: Neal seriously lift
smashedavo: i agree aces, Neale SC gets so inflated lol
Umpirespet: Lol who would pick Sexton?
OhSoRozee: id rather pay the xtra 30k for houli over hanley or the cheaper ballard option
Dredd: could have easily been 36-0 up… this could be a long day
Raspel31: Draft umpire- not SC- not that stupid.
sMiles: so wasteful – hard to watch
OhSoRozee: gold coast seem to have followed suit with zorko being the early year tag and were still winning then over last 2 weeks
OhSoRozee: neale gets the tag and they get spanked
circle52: Bad kicking keeping Suns in game
Umpirespet: Neale starting to warm up now
OnTheRocks: Lets go ‘Better Noah’
OhSoRozee: if only berry could produce a 120+ every 2nd week id pick him
gingjok: Witts needs to work on his fitness.. he could be a beast
BigChief: This is a terrible game. Time to watch the rain fall outside. Be more entertaining.
BRAZZERS: lol 14-2 clearances
aces-high: Witts is the second best dream team ruck Pity his sc is average
Umpirespet: Send some over here Chef had stuff all this year
OhSoRozee: honestly martin needs a spell bring in archie smith will win 75% more hit outs
noobcoach: i ditch mccarthy and instantly gets his last week score in a quarter
MercAm: Collins would really like a 85+ score from you today!
Raspel31: Why folk already trading so much? Next week it begins in earnest.
Dredd: would be nice if we could completely dominate a game and not let the other team get back into it
circle52: Qclash true to previous clashes very scrappy eraly.
BestCoast: Q-cup standard footy not even close to AFL level need to merge these two clubs
OhSoRozee: @raspel more rookies played early = more cash earlier
jocka: Who did The Lions beat in Round One, BestCoast?
OhSoRozee: and the rookies have been peforming
BestCoast: Jocka hahahahahahahah
BigChief: Well said jocka. Maybe the WA clubs should merge.
Raspel31: My point exactly Rozee- more cash to splurge next week instead of going sideways.
BestCoast: BigChief hahahahahahahahahahahhanahahahaha
Dredd: dan mcstay…. cam rayner…. why are they still in this team
OhSoRozee: was shocked with rockys 52 pts after qtr time was looking like a good vc option 48 pts in qtr 1 =(
teddyt: lol how is that well said? Brisbane and goldcoast bottom4 is a lock
BestCoast: Raining Premiers boys Raining Premiers
Umpirespet: Yeah so Tasmanian’s can barrack for a reject Victorian side
StuL: Go away Neale, you’re supposed to get cheaper.
Dredd: this is hurting my brain…. can’t kick a goal 😐
teddyt: BuT BrIsBaNe BeAt WeStCoaSt So ThEey #1 hurrrrdurrr
Carnboys15: alright boys dont always need to comment what comes to mind
Apachecats: VC Neale looking a lot better after being slow out of the barriers.
the worm: reigning
OhSoRozee: @teddy i think brisbane will b 11th
Dredd: finally… oml
Raspel31: Same Apache.
Dredd: mcstay mcstay mcstay.. can we drop him already please
Apachecats: Cap lock playing up Teddy?
OhSoRozee: 3.3k people actually traded out constable
Umpirespet: Dredd dunno how Josh Walker still gets a game
th3rio: Great first goal
Raspel31: Probably the highest standard of play I’ve seen since I played in the under sevens.
teddyt: thats my special person typing
circle52: What is the issue with Martin TOG.
Zambo: McStay starting to remind me of Casboult. Can mark, but has issues kicking a goal
Dredd: missing goals 20m out… dropping chest marks… hello brisbane? wake up please
th3rio: Why is the big o rucking? I need him to kick one
OhSoRozee: no idea why but dreamt i brought in walters and got reported and copped 4 weeks idk why id never bring him in
Dredd: mcstay took a good mark 😮
Dredd: omfg
Umpirespet: Stop drinking cocoa before bed Rozee
Apachecats: That’ll be in the Dreamtime round rozee.
Raspel31: Football is the winner, yawn.
BestCoast: Is it reigning outside
Dredd: mcstay for wooller thanks
OhSoRozee: is corbett presenting well?
th3rio: Surely this gives us a reason to look at Corbett
Apachecats: Pooring bestcoast.
Dredd: how much do we suck hahahahahahaah lol
OhSoRozee: jenkins is gettin over the top goals from smalls in the sanfl doesnt deserve a game ever
Gelly: corbett has already kicked more goal than burgess
aces-high: Corbett straight in
teddyt: he looks really good Rozee
th3rio: Low possies but leading to the ball taking marks and good shot on goal
OhSoRozee: yeh after i asked he scored another
OhSoRozee: i think ill look at larkin and corbett for a few weeks
Gelly: apparently covering a lot of ground, always leading so a good sign
Apachecats: Collins gone back to normal tg.
Yelse: neal stopped?
OhSoRozee: no real defender on corbett 2day tho will see over the next couple against mcgovern,t.mcdonald
Raspel31: Where you be at Mr Neale- not feeling the love.
th3rio: Glad I didn’t field Collins
Apachecats: on the pine rasp
Gelly: neal on the bench for a bit now
Gelly: neale*
teddyt: you’d think those types of defenders would be on Wright or Lukosius. Corbett 190cm moves really well hard to match up on
zoomba23: Neale get out there and get that snout dirty you pissweak campaigner
OhSoRozee: gonna go unique in berry seems a nice run of games coming up
Raspel31: Is on the pine the same as on the turps Apache? Pine is cured by turpentine. A curious Pom?
Apachecats: No rasp ,we have on the turps though ,thats what i’ll be doing later.Pine= bench
Raspel31: Thanks Apache-burp.
BigChief: Did the game improve at all?
Dredd: nice brisbane… should be 10.4… not 6.8… learn to kick a goal please
Nigma97: Need Stef MArtin tio get going
Trindacut: I hope Neale gets knocked out
circle52: Still scrappy bigchief
the worm: thats a shit thing to say
Lawls: Adelaide over Saints?
OhSoRozee: brutal trinda i think u need a sprout instead of the full spud
NoneyaB: trindacut shut up
OhSoRozee: @lawls i reckon 60 pts adelaide slick movement under roof didnt have that game vs north but they gettin it back
Umpirespet: I’m not as confident Rozee
zoomba23: Who hurt you Trinda
cobrakai00: isnt it about time SC took precedence over DT on this site?
Yelse: i reckon adelaide will put saints in their p[lace
OhSoRozee: himmelberg will kick 3 walker 4 and betts 6 against saints defence
NoneyaB: Trindacut must have had his xbox taken off of him by his parents
cobrakai00: DT is irrelevant
wadaramus: We need a chip icon for when a full spud is not warranted.
the worm: isnt it about time dt too precedence over sc on this site. sc is irrelevant
OhSoRozee: yeh dt u can just look up on match centre afl
wadaramus: I play all three just for the fun of it, SC -> DT -> AF.
Umpirespet: Crinkle cut or thin Wads?
NoneyaB: R Marshell is out as is gibbs
BestCoast: Trinda hoping premium players get knocked out shower comments
wadaramus: Crinkle cut should give good effect!!
wadaramus: Agreed, shit comment, full spud required.
OhSoRozee: marshall gonna screw tons today being out
wadaramus: Marshall was always fools gold right?
NoneyaB: meh ill win by 200 hundred now instead of 300 pts
Umpirespet: Come Lachie big 2nd 1/2
OhSoRozee: marshall will always ton being solo ruck vs any1 but gawn/grundy
bones351: Not happy Marshall is out but it means i get Bakers score off the bench
OhSoRozee: my opp has bruce proj 65 so hopefully gets under 50
BigChief: Wher eis the info for Marshall beinmg out? I checked Saints and AFL websites.
Umpirespet: ROB should get a nice price rise with Marshall out
OhSoRozee: full teams @bigchief
NoneyaB: bigchief its legit go check the twitter out hes sick
OhSoRozee: @umpire nah longer been gettin 40+ hitouts since being back
OhSoRozee: he will still rise 60k with an 85 tho
the worm: Rowan Marshall (Illness), Jarryn Geary (Injured)
BigChief: Thanks guys. Just checked full teams.
the worm: check afl website teams again chief, its there
wadaramus: Carn Lachie Neale, flick the switch and go!
Dredd: hey brisbane, concerned lions fan here, how long till we see brisbane actually be a good team? thank you
Nigma97: Come on Stef and Neale, kick into gear
amigaman: Haha Neale clanger & 0 points lost
HawkTalker: VCed Neale. Thought he’d go massive. No so.
ConVoid: i�m on ipad but can anyone tell me how to see t(e disposal efficiency of the players
OhSoRozee: andrews,adams,gardiner will b a nice combo soon for bris its just down to 2-3 more mids and a consistent tall fwd
Dredd: here we go boys!!!
circle52: @Dredd 2021 for me. 10th – 12th this year
Struda: gonna ton up before 3/4 time
BestCoast: Still time Hawktalker
wadaramus: Neale still a chance to score something VC worthy.
zoomba23: Neale just went up 20 pts in like 2 possies. I’m all for a bit of CD bias, but this is ridiculous
Drak: Neale just got 2 goal assists
jbjimmyjb: Neale is getting 130 easily
BOMBRBLITZ: Neale goes bang bang
jfitty: Reckon CD must have the VC on Neale
Apachecats: Just come back from having a shower and Marshall out? WTF.Has been eating the rabbit as well.
jwv92: Brisbane killing me till then. Bang bang bang much needed goals
Apachecats: Any way Neale has picked up the baton while I was away.
Raspel31: You were a bit on the nose Apache.
bones351: haha thanks for the clarification Apache
Struda: get back in the shower apache
Umpirespet: Afternoon Delight Apache?
original: Jfitty agree, never seen handballs earn so much
OhSoRozee: @convoid i think on some ipad systems it wont show it m0nty said people prefer TOG over DE
Apachecats: Yeah struda if it gets tight I might do that.
BigChief: Neale stopped since you came back Apache
Raspel31: Sexton not so bad now umpire-hmm, hmm?
jwv92: Jfitty. CD probably had the VC on Gawn and couldn’t Loophole Neale
Apachecats: Nah umpires covered in hay after feeding the cows.
Umpirespet: Get back on the pine Rappel.
zoomba23: Back to the shower plz Apache
jwv92: Wow Brisbane, talk about an ugly goal!
OhSoRozee: hodgey has 10 games left if that
Gelly: lol neale with a houdini effort
BOMBRBLITZ: Neale VC all good now?!?
original: Great after that he’ll be on 120
noobcoach: wow
HawkTalker: Remember when Hanley was awesome?
Gelly: neale gun
Nigma97: Neale to Stef back to NEale, more of that please
Struda: neale on fire
Apachecats: Lets do nearest the pin on Neale .I’ll go142.
zoomba23: Good Neale
Ash777: Is it because Hanley only scored well as a defender?
Lawls: Fuck off Neale haha
jwv92: Rozee, that is the plan, Hodgey has done a tremendous job with our backline.
OhSoRozee: sounds like 99% gone vc on neale
Umpirespet: 165 here
Apachecats: *and that could be a bit low actually.
frenzy: expensive handballs for Neale
Struda: 150 apache
BigChief: Go C Neale
StuL: This is more like what we expect of the Gold Coad Discards
Struda: i went gawn rozee so not that fussed
Raspel31: Well golly- Neale- from the jaws of the yawning abyss….
BestCoast: Apache 138
jwv92: I had C on Neale. VC Grundy.
Apachecats: wtiting them down
Umpirespet: To g t Neale’s VC I have to take Parker’s score
OhSoRozee: @struda yeh my opp took gawns vc
VodkaHawk: Apart from the 2 main rucks, Neale was the logical VC choice. Neale 148
Schillaci: Neale 156 prediction. Collins WTF, should’ve gone Duursma. Lift you tosser!
jwv92: Apache, 152 at this rate.
OhSoRozee: yeh i thought neale would get 100 with miller tag
Gelly: as long as neal plays before my non playing player, he will be my vc
Struda: im coppign a donut but still on track for 2300 somehow hahah
BigChief: Need Neale to cover Gawn as opp has max as VC loop
Apachecats: same here UPet
OhSoRozee: havent seen this big of differential in fantasy to sc for neale for long time
Apachecats: Schillaci cheers ,another good horse name.
Ash777: go big pls martin.
VodkaHawk: Just shows how dumb DT is
jwv92: Need Witherden to pick up here!
the worm: dt is the only comp that makes any sense
Danstar: Ty Neale. Was Regretting not putting Gawn Vc(hopefully I no jinx)
Ash777: Miller is tagging Zorko I heard
Jackwatt$: No I don’t have Neale and Yes I’m probably just salty. But 114 SC for this, excuse me guys I need to vomit!
Struda: afl fantasy really is the most stupid way of scoring
OhSoRozee: no idea wat mb even is
Raspel31: First qtr 35 mins- they’ll be some tired spuds out there.
wadaramus: 13 contested for Neale seems to be the significant stat to qualify his SC score.
Struda: neale has pretty much strapped the team on his shoulders this quater and single handedly changed the lead
Crave: he had 2 goal assists which boosted it big time, maybe because it was close he got extra? dunno
Raspel31: Well said wada.
OhSoRozee: yeh i dont like the ease of the scoring but easiest to understand
DragonLass: 13 contested posessions, 83% efficiency, 5 clearances, 22 disposals and a goal, his score is fine
aces-high: CD have their favs and in 2019 it’s Neale
Schillaci: The grey. Schillaci was a beast.
the worm: much better to have scores subjectively attributed to players by people like sc does
Apachecats: yeah rasp 27degrees as well.
aces-high: Dusty was the same in 2017 even meh games he scored insanely
jwv92: McCluggage 60% DR and 2 clangers – ouch!
BigChief: @Rozee Money Ball
Jackwatt$: No offense m0nty, you’re a top bloke but you seem to always have your fav players to give SC points to and it’s Neale no
Danstar: It also adds points if it is a score assist
Drak: It isnt subjective. They just score effective disposals, goal assists and take away for incorrect disp.
Apachecats: 62 Sc for the 1/4 Neale ,go you good thing.
BigChief: m0nty doesn’t do the scores
jbjimmyjb: jack m0nty doesnt do the scores, its champion data
BigChief: m0nty doesn’t do the scores Jack. Champion
Raspel31: I don’t think m0NTY controls stats Jack.
BigChief: m0nty doesn’t do the scores Jack. Champion D
BigChief: Champion
Kahunas: afl fantasy is a bit like following thru on a fart
BigChief: Champion Data does.
OhSoRozee: @jackwatts monty doesnt score this he just gives us the clean live scoring
original: Well there’s always some subjectivity
VodkaHawk: Watts had to be joking right?
m0nty: I can confirm that I personally allocate Supercoach points, and I hate all of your players.
Jackwatt$: Are you sure guys? I thought m0nty invented the scoring system. Tell them m0nty
Nigma97: pretty sure that justifies his score
frenzy: lol kahuna
BigChief: Stupid cat kept hitting enter while I typed.
OhSoRozee: and some repetitive dad jokes….
the worm: not sublective and no grey areas…riiight
pornhub: monty is the goat needs a goat emoji
cherries08: CD do have their favourites in my opinion. Doesn’t make a great deal difference imo though
Raspel31: Damn- 30 seconds and Neale hasn’t scored. Pick up your game lad.
BestCoast: m0nty throw a few
Pokerface: is it a tackle or is it high – its all subjective anyway. at least its sc is subjective to doing good things
Apachecats: My cat bought some shares one day.
Pokerface: Marshall a late out for those that have him
Gelly: monty can you give burgess some points
BestCoast: m0nty few more points for Neale please lol
Pokerface: thats quite a silly thing to say cherries
frenzy: #freekickhorforn
VodkaHawk: Any chance of Berry getting to 20 disposals?
Pokerface: in which company apache?
pornhub: dont give burgess points he’s my loop hole (C)
the worm: yeah cherries silly the cd people are all emotionless robots and can never be swayed by personal emotion
BigChief: Do any good Apache?
Umpirespet: Monty only likes players with surnames Hook we r and Cox
BestCoast: frenzy commiserations to Noffs last night
Pokerface: all of them at each game all have the same emotion worm?
Apachecats: Greencross Ltd PF
frenzy: its raining at the cattery wet toast seagulls
Pokerface: they send a small army to each game and any discrepancies are analysed
the worm: yes thats right, they ar e infallible and its a perfect scoring system
Umpirespet: Worm still salty at Carlton’s last. 15years
BigChief: LOL m0nty. Junk time already.
the worm: human judges are perfect, just like in boxing and the olympics
Trindacut: Need Neale to either do a hammy, or score less than 137 so I can get him next week
BestCoast: We will get flogged tomorrow frenzy
Raspel31: I’ve got 11 Norff players in my team BestCoast- any helpful suggestions?
smashedavo: Neale SC a bit out of control haha. Surely shouldn’t be that high with mostly handballs
Pokerface: noone says its perfect – but it runs rings around fantasy scoring.
Nigma97: if he did a hammy you wouldn’t get him next week
Apachecats: About to make Setters captain and Walsh emerg.
frenzy: nah 1/2 chance still
pornhub: Neale gets +30 for running through the banner
Struda: set up3 and kicked 1 too, contested possies worth more smashed
the worm: but there is no subjectivity in fantasy, he either kicked it or he didnt, no need for imperfect judges
Raspel31: Ditto Apache- great minds.
Trindacut: That’s the point. Saves me having to get him
BigChief: Really Davo? It’s not all about disp in SC.
VodkaHawk: Sounds logical Trinda
Trindacut: haha pornhub
Pokerface: given AFL clubs use their stats, probably should let them know they are worthless worm.
BestCoast: Trindacut still shower comments on wishing premiums harm flog
pornhub: Spud for trindacut
Lawls: collins have made his BE woohoo
Lawls: as long as he doesn’t lose points now lol
BestCoast: Frenzy confidently say we will get pumped
Pokerface: its no more subjective than was it a tackle or was it high
the worm: not worthless, just not imperfect compared to fantasy
Pokerface: there are pretty clear criteria they use for their definitions.
OhSoRozee: need a grim reaper icon for trinda
Apachecats: Has mega got a new acc?
LuvIt74: Rich looks to be a moral in defense and a top 10 defender
italz: Cmon lachie hit 140 son
Pokerface: noone ever claimed its perfect. like most things it favours mids
pornhub: heart for hodgy
Pokerface: ‘moral’
BigChief: You might be right there Apache
Raspel31: Mega still partying from 2800 last week.
OhSoRozee: berry would b consistant 140 pointer if had 20-25 disposal avg
OhSoRozee: mega come in for the last comment the other night
BestCoast: Rasped it would take mega two weeks to amass that score he is out having lunch with GOD and RooBoystu
Apachecats: Yeah rozee ,he doesn’t like his spud at all.
Struda: every point answerth scores is one i dont have because i missed lockout by 2 minutes ffs
the worm: if neale kicks to a guy alone and he drops the mark, how is neale’s stat measured?
VodkaHawk: 10 minutes left, Berry and Bowes need 6 more disposals each, come onnn
BestCoast: Raspel sorry about the auto spelling
Raspel31: Lol BestCoast.
pornhub: eff kick worm
OhSoRozee: effective id say but the drop mark guy loses pts
OhSoRozee: as a clanger
BigChief: I believe it’s classed as ineffective
teddyt: because its neale it counts as a contested clearance goal assist kick @worm
Danstar: It’s a effective disposal of basically
Pokerface: dropped marks are clangers
zoomba23: Berry & McCluggage future SPs
Lawls: surely i should field scrimshaw and not take collins score?
pornhub: have to say i thought neale had a stinker last week againts the pies and scored 90 odd..
Danstar: Effective disposa if your team touches it first I’ve read
the worm: but if its a bad kick and he drops the mark still effective?
teddyt: and No it doesn’t count as effective. The guy needs to mark the ball
italz: Hahaha why is everyone complaining about neale, just get him in your team :)))
OhSoRozee: as long as it doesnt hit the ground effective or opponent
Pokerface: id field him lawls.. at most you cost yourself 20 points
teddyt: @pornhub Neale gets an extra 20-30 points and a BJ from champion data every week
BigChief: Teddy is right. Stupid I know as it’s not the kickers fault
Crave: do you work for cd teddy?
scrappers: because neale gets 9 sc for a point when the game is allready over and baker gets 5 points for a goal
Lawls: yeah feel like i will field scrimshaw
Umpirespet: My 165 for Neale won’t happen Now
Lawls: 133 points for 25 touches is a tad ridiculous
Raspel31: Hmm- missed the vc on Gawn – I think 130 plus on Neale safer than a gamble on Cripps.
OhSoRozee: id b worried if windy and wet down at tas for scrim
Pokerface: afl site links banned m0nty?
zoomba23: Neale…. hurry up and pig your way to 150
Ash777: if collins makes 70 take his score
Apachecats: Will put nearest the pin winner on next game.
Struda: lawls, contested possessions and score assists, tackles too
BestCoast: 138 prediction on Neale is teetering
the worm: contested is subjective and score assists are reliant on other players, its just silly
OhSoRozee: no point being risky for c this point of the year go 139 safe
OhSoRozee: as u saw with fyfe massive ko always 1 hit away
Raspel31: Absolutely rozee.
pornhub: daniel rich having a great year
smashedavo: i agree Lawls, Neales sc is about 20 pts too high for this game
Drak: Its not scored on hopes and dreams, its scored on actual plays. effective and none.
intergaze: compare Boak’s stats to Neale’s this weekend and explain how Neale could be scoring so much more
OhSoRozee: nah neales sc is fine he had score assists + 81 DE
Trindacut: Jeez you blokes sook up a lot about supercoach score
Pokerface: probably should dump assists from soccer and basketball stats too. relies on others.
the worm: its all scored on dreams
tron: Common Neale…
Pokerface: intergaze because relative to the other 43 players on the ground he is that much better
Pokerface: gold coast scores very low, hence higher brisbane scores
the worm: exactly right pokerface
tron: Neale. Still a minute or two to junk it up
Trindacut: Bring a reduced salt attitude to the game, or trade him in.
teddyt: gaurenteed the people defending Neales score isnt watching the game
teddyt: or are just completely bias because they are in your teams.
Crave: Yeah they should go to the DT way where u get points no matter where your disposal goes…
OhSoRozee: do not forget shepherds are like 4-5 pts aswell not shown on stats
BestCoast: Trinda
Drak: yes I am
Crave: teddyt, I’ve watched the whole game he went up the most when he broke the game open in the 3rd…
Raspel31: Neale just dropped to 141- I can’t use that score.
Migz: contested isnt subjective. A looseball get or a mark where an opposition player is in the contest is a CP.
OhSoRozee: boak is the 1 trying to avoid shepherds coz more speed where as neale is slow and does the shepherds
smashedavo: have been watching, still don’t see why his SC is so inflated, especially in a blow out game
Migz: a mark by your self or a handball receive are not CP
zoomba23: Non Neale owners…. happy now? Just got a mark and a kick, albeit ineffective, for -1
Trindacut: I’m watching it, and I don’t have him in my team. It’s killing me. But his score is fine. Get over it.
gotigers04: qualty
Ladbrokes_: @teddyt I don’t have Neale and even I can hear your tears
Pokerface: ive never heard boak and speed used together before
intergaze: @pokerface yeah generally you’re right but not in this game. Maybe it’s the goal assists
Sillybugga: wp Neal when game was there to be won was a standout

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